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Chapter 422 – Shock

Murderous auras gushed out and blotted the skies outside of the Divine Spiritual Mountain, while the hearts and minds of the Elders of various places were filled with shock.

“Haha. Do you really think that our Demonic Dragon Palace’s scared of you, Tai Cang?!”

Upon hearing those words from Dean Tai Cang, the Black Dragon Sovereign started to heartily chuckle, while chilling intent surfaced within his eyes. Taking a step forward, he spoke up with a smile. “Do you really think that our Demonic Dragon Palace does not have one single bit guts after all these years? Even if your Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy doesn’t have the guts to start a war, our Demonic Dragon Palace will eliminate you!”

The hearts of countless experts were filled with shock. Even the Elders of the various peak influences in the Northern Heavens Continent had their faces slightly change. The Demonic Dragon Palace had always avoided any straight-up confrontation against the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. However, why did they suddenly respond in such a forceful manner today? Could it be that they’re really planning to wage a war? Once a fight of that level breaks out, there would even be the danger of Sovereigns falling.

Without a doubt, Sovereigns falling would be a life-threatening blow for both sides.

“Can it be that your Demonic Dragon Palace’s about to wage a war again? This time, our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy will make sure to do a clean job.” With a frosty expression on his face, Dean Tai Cang matched each hard word with one of his own. The Demonic Dragon Palace and the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy were sworn enemies to the death. That year, the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy had knocked the Demonic Dragon Palace from their position as the Overlord of the Northern Heavens Continent, causing the latter’s prestige to drop, and never to recover again. Similarly, while in concealment, only god knows how many Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy students were out for real world training and tempering. Therefore, Dean Tai Cang had more than ample killing intent towards the Demonic Dragon Palace. If they were to truly wage a war, he would be more than willing to pay some price to completely wipe the poisonous scum from the face of the Northern Heavens Continent!


The Black Dragon Sovereign chuckled heartily, with his smile appearing somewhat mysterious. With a furious wave of his sleeve ,a fierce voice howled out, reverberating across the heavens.

“Today, this Divine Spiritual Mountain will be your graveyard, Tai Cang!”


Just as the Black Dragon Sovereign’s roar resounded across the horizon, the space in the surrounding skies started to suddenly warp and distort. Five rays of light rushed towards the sky, encompassing the entire world with their glow. The vastness of the Spiritual Energies present appeared to be so substantial that everyone within a thousand kilometres were able to clearly see and notice it.

The faces of countless experts violently contorted as they turned their gazes towards the cores of the five rays of light. Five figures unexpectedly surfaced from within, with the might of Sovereigns gushing out in torrents.

“That’s the Five Great Sovereigns of the Demonic Dragon Palace!”

Shock filled the hearts of a few of the Elders. Indeed, the Demonic Dragon Palace had come here with preparation. All the Sovereigns of their inner palace had arrived in full force. Did they plan to massacre Dean Tai Cang here?

Swish! Whoosh!

Countless experts within this area retreated back in haste, deeply afraid of being swept up by the frightening shock waves created by this formation.

It was clear that the sole target of the Demonic Dragon Palace was Dean Tai Cang. Therefore, they simply didn’t care about other people retreating back.

Standing behind Dean Tai Cang, the lovable faces of Ling Xi and Luo Li slightly changed. In the next moment, grabbing onto Luo Li’s slender wrist, with a move of her lovable figure, Ling Xi retreated back. A conflict between people of that degree would pose extreme danger for Luo Li. Therefore, it’s imperative that she brought Luo Li away from Dean Tai Cang.

Looking at the imposing scene before him, Dean Tai Cang’s face sank like the rain. A chilling glint flashed within his eyes as he said, “So, your Demonic Dragon Palace has long prepared for this, huh? However, do you really think that I’ve descended to such a level?”

“Haha! Let me see you try!”

A shiver shook through the Black Dragon Sovereign’s body as rays of light thousands of kilometres long rushed towards the heavens. Vast and boundless Spiritual Energies, stirred the Spiritual Energy present in the heavens as six rays of light thousands of kilometres long appeared to form some kind of formation, surrounding Dean Tai Cang within in. Clearly, the Black Dragon Sovereign had gathered all the strength of the six great sovereigns of the Demonic Dragon Palace for the sake of killing Dean Tai Cang.

A chilling gaze shot out from Dean Tai Cang’s eyes. Being a Fifth Grade Sovereign, he was of the same cultivation realm as the Black Dragon Sovereign. As for the other five Sovereigns of the Demonic Dragon Palace, they were all First Grade Sovereigns. Indeed, this formation was extremely life-threatening to Dean Tai Cang. However, isn’t the Black Dragon Sovereign somewhat too naive to believe that their Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy would not have any experts present at this place?

Ling Xi brought Luo Li to a safe place in the far distance. Casting her beautiful eyes towards the region where the vast and powerful Spiritual Energy was surging out in torrent, her eyebrows wrinkled up and said, “Luo Li, wait here awhile. I’ll go and help Dean Tai Cang.”

Although Ling Xi wasn’t considered as a subordinate of Dean Tai Cang, holding the title of Elder, she truly did receive care and concern from him for the past few years. Furthermore, the most important point was that she had met Mu Chen here. Therefore, if the latter has any problems, she would definitely not take a back seat and be an observer.

“Okay. Please be careful, Elder Sister Ling Xi.” Luo Li nodded her head. Although the scene before her had overwhelmed her with shock, it was something which had happened to some of the Elders of the Northern Heavens Continent. Despite that, there was no presence of nervousness and loss of colour on her face. After all, she was the Princess of the Luo God Clan and their future ruler, which was one of the four great God Clans in the Eastern Heavens World. Such a background exceeded that of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy and the Demonic Dragon Palace. Although they had gradually declined over the years, the Sovereign-level experts within her clan had strength that the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy and the Demonic Dragon Palace absolutely couldn’t match.

Seeing Luo Li’s response, Ling Xi nodded her head, before shooting back to the region with rampaging Spiritual Energies.

However, just as she took a step forward, her lovable face suddenly turned cold. Chilling intent surfaced within her beautiful eyes as she looked towards the empty space, before speaking out with a frosty voice, “Which scoundrel is it that only knows how to hide his head in the ground?”

As her voice rang out, she extended her slender jade-like hands. Pointing towards the space before her, she gave a furious clench.

Boundless Spiritual Energy shot out, appearing akin to a ray of light, covering the earth and hiding the skies as it gushed out. Transforming into a Spiritual Energy whirlpool a 3000 metres wide, it violently shot towards the empty space in front of her.

“Haha. You really are violent lady.” The empty space suddenly turned jet-black as a figure surfaced from within. With a wave of his sleeve, uncountable shadows surfaced behind his body, completely defending himself against the Spiritual Energy rays of light shooting towards him.

That was a black middle-aged male, appearing well-built, a gloomy shadow in his eyes with black hair fluttering in the air. The aura he gave off was extraordinary, which clearly meant that his was no simple person.

“Who are you?” Looking at the middle-aged male, a frown appeared on Ling Xi’s face as she spoke out.

“Liu An,” replied the middle-aged male with a faint smile.

“The president of the Umbra Chamber of Commerce, Liu An?” Ling Xi’s face slightly sunk as she replied “Looks like your Umbra Chamber of Commerce and the Demonic Dragon Palace have hooked up together. Such big guts to actually attack our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Are you not afraid to stir up a huge disaster for yourself?”

“Haha. Such strong words from you, Miss Ling Xi. Our Umbra Chamber of Commerce isn’t planning to go against your Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. It’s just that the Demonic Dragon Palace had made an offer that had moved my heart. Therefore, the only thing I need to do is to hold you here, that’s all.” Liu An replied with a faint smile. “Please know that if you don’t make any moves, I’ll promise that I’ll absolutely not make any move on you, Miss Ling Xi.”

“Oh? Are you going to obstruct me?” asked Ling Xi in mocking fashion.

“Haha. I know that Miss Ling Xi is a Spiritual Array Grandmaster. However, please consider that I’m a Third Grade Sovereign. It shouldn’t be difficult for me to hold you down, you know?” replied Liu An with a smile.

Hearing that, Ling Xi replied with a sneer, “Are you certain that you haven’t smashed your head? If our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy’s Lord Northern Dragon knew about this matter, he’d immediately head down here, you know? Are you certain that you guys won’t be scared shitless when he arrives?”

Upon hearing the words ‘Lord Northern Dragon’, Liu An’s pupils clearly contracted. Within the Northern Heavens Continent, the Northern Dragon was known as an invincible existence. Due to this existence sitting within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, there was absolutely no influence or power that could shake their seat in the Northern Heavens Continent.

“Since the Demonic Dragon Palace dares to make a move, they’ll naturally have a way to deal with the Northern Dragon…” With a smile on his face, Liu An replied with a soft voice.

Ling Xi’s heart slightly shook as she heard those words. The Northern Dragon is a Ninth Grade Sovereign existence, and is invincible in the Northern Heavens Continent. The Demonic Dragon Palace actually has a way to deal with the Northern Dragon? Is it possible? Regardless of this, she didn’t sneer towards his last words. The Demonic Dragon Palace weren’t a bunch of morons. They clearly understood the gigantic threat the Northern Dragon represented to them. If they truly didn’t have a way, they’d absolutely not wage a war against the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

“I really want to see exactly what ability you have that can stop me.”

Suppressing the shock within her heart, Ling Xi turned her cold gaze towards Liu An as glowing currents started to circulate around her jade-like fingers.

“Sigh. Then I’ll have to offend you, Miss Ling Xi.”

As Liu An sighed, countless rays of darkness seemed to extend from his back, corroding the heavens and earth in contact with them.

WIthin the Divine Spiritual City

Punishment Hall hallmaster Mo You, as well as Elder Zhu TIan, didn’t head towards the Divine Spiritual Mountain. However, when those few thousand-plus metre long ray of lights rushed towards the sky, the faces of the two playing chess in a pavillion instantly changed. The chess piece Punishment Hall’s hallmaster Mo You’s hand fell on the chessboard as a shiver shook through his fingers, shattering the jade chessboard into dust.

Shooting a look at each other, both of them could see the shock present in each other’s eyes. In the next instant, a furious shiver shook through their bodies, wanting to rush towards the Divine Spiritual Mountain at full speed.

“Haha. Please… the two of you accompany me for a game of chess.”

As the two of them rose from their feet, a faint laughing voice rang out within the pavilion. Furiously turning their head around, both of them saw a male dressed in white robes slowly surfacing from within. At this moment, the latter was looking towards them with a faint smile present on his face.

“President of the Heavenly Yuan Chamber of Commerce…Dong Ming.”

Upon seeing the man, the faces of Punishment Hall’s hallmaster Mo You started to turn dark.

Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

Countless students were still focused on the glowing Spiritual Energy screen. While they were still sunken in an emotional state, a glowing blood-red pillar suddenly stopped towards the skies from a large hall within the academy. As it did so, a hasty ring reverberated across the entire region.

Boom! Boom!

The faces of countless students violently contorted as they looked towards the bloody pillar that had rushed towards the skies, hearts and minds overwhelmed with shock. Within the glowing blood-red pillar, a giant blood-red clock started to shake and ring.

“That’s the…Blood Soul Bell?!”

Overwhelming feelings of shock were present in the eyes of Shen Cangsheng and the rest. That’s the highest alert level of our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy! For all these years, this was the first time they had seen any activity from the blood red bell.

Chaos and disorder sprung up within the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy as all of the higher-ups rushed over in a hurry, faces overwhelmed with shock as they looked at the scene before them.

Swish! Whoosh!

The two remaining Heavenly Seated Elders that had remained within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy appeared in the sky. Looking gloomily towards the blood red bell, they shot a look towards each other before saying, “Something’s happened to the Dean!”

While the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy had sunk in chaos and disorder, the urgent bell ringing suddenly came to a stop. Turning their gazes up, everyone saw a weak and frail looking figure appearing by the side of the giant clock. With a wave of his sleeve, he sent it back into the giant hall.

The weak and frail-looking old man had sloppy robes slapped over his body, while his head appeared bald, not presenting any shred of a figure on the higher echelons. At this moment, a faint frown appeared on his forehead as he looked towards the chaotic Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, before shouting out, “Shut up!”

His voice sounded extremely old and ancient. However, it came along with an extremely powerful pressure. With a single roar, he had instantly quelled and suppressed all of the chaos and disorder present.

“Lord Northern Dragon!”

Upon spotting the bald-headed old man, the two Heavenly Seated Elders hastily paid their respects.

“Cao Xiu, I want the both of you to immediately activate the Academy’s Spiritual Array, before rushing back to the Divine Spiritual Mountains. As for the other higher-ups, defend the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Prevent anyone from entering or leaving!” said the bald old man with an indifferent tone. At this moment, he no longer appeared lazy and carefree, with faint traces of overbearingness appearing from his seeming uncultivated appearance.


Upon hearing him, the two Heavenly Seated elders speedily gave their replies.

Raising his head to look towards the direction of the Divine Spiritual Mountain, the bald old man snorted coldly, “Looks like it’s time to get rid of the Demonic Dragon Palace for good.”

As his voice rang out, a shiver shook through his body as he rushed to the skies. Rays of brilliance gushed out while the heavens and earth appeared to turn dark. Raising their heads, all of the students looked in shock as a pair of black-coloured wings hung down from the clouds, extending out across the horizon, expanding over thousands of kilometres.


The giant bird of unending size raised its head and gave a long howl. With a flap of its cloud-sized wings, space shattered apart as its incomparably gigantic figure disappeared into nihility.


Countless students stared dumbfoundedly, with incomparable emotions surging from within their eyes.

“That’s Lord Northern Dragon!”

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