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Chapter 414 – Intimidated


It's roar shaking the world, the gigantic azure dragon hovered within the starry skies as an astonishing pressure radiated from it. This spectacle appear as if a true Divine Dragon had descended from the heavens, causing the faces of countless people to change.

On the second highest step, the faces of Xia Youran and Dong Yuan had also froze up as thick feelings of dread flashed within their eyes. The power that radiated from Mu Chen's attack had actually caused them to feel threatened.

Mo Xingtian had also raised his head at this moment. Looking at the giant azure dragon hovering within the starry skies with narrowed eyes, a frown appeared from his forehead. The first ever presence of fluctuations flashed within those set of deadpan eyes as he muttered, " Such a formidable Divine Art…its actually able to mimic a sliver of the fluctuations that a genuine Divine Azure Dragon would give off…"

Liu Ying's face grew dark as he looked at the spectacle unfolding before him. The brat by the name of Mu Chen, truly was hard to deal with. He clearly appeared to possessed strength at the mere level of Heavenly Completion Stage Initial Phase. And yet, there was no end to his methods and abilities. At this moment, even Liu Ying was starting to get a threatening feeling from the former.

Such a feeling caused the killing intent in Liu Ying's heart to blossom even further. This Mu Chen's younger than us by a few years. If we're to truly allow him to train for one or two more years, the situation might really turn out in the way that Xia Youran had said. He might toss me far behind! Such a thing was something that the narrow-minded Liu Ying would never ever be able to accept.

Therefore, it's best to kill this genius here and now!

"Come and test out my attack, Liu Ying!"

Mu Chen gave a cold roar as he hovered in the air. Following that, the four giant beastial shadows started radiating with astonishing fluctuations from within the starry skies. Taking a step forward, Mu Chen joined his hands together to form a seal as a fierce roar rang out from him, " Four Divine Seals!"


Within the starry skies, the four beastial shadows roared towards the heavens as they stepped out from the starry skies. Transforming into four gigantic rays of light sparkling with different colours, they pierced through the air, bring about an imposing prestige that filled the world as they headed straight towards Liu Ying. The incomparably tyrannical Spiritual Energy fluctuations radiating out from them caused all of the faces of the experts standing on the third highest step like Qing Hu to violently contort.

They absolutely couldn't endure such a move!

They never imagined that Mu Chen would actually have such a move hidden within his arsenal. That's why he was able to climb all the way up to the second highest step and challenge the figures standing at the peak within the younger generation of the Northern Heavens Continent.

The imposing prestige coming from the four descending rays of light caused Liu Ying's face to grow increasingly dark. With a chilling smile, he sneered, "You're still too weak to push me over!"

As his voice rang out, Liu Ying gave a furious stomp of his feet, causing Spiritual Energy that blotted the skies to sweep out from him. In the next instant, an explosive roar resounded across the horizon, "Shadow Deity Tier Spiritual Art, Heavenly Binding Shadows!"


The Spiritual Energy that had diffused into the air started to condense together above Liu Ying, transforming into a gigantic grey-coloured glowing figure approximately 1000 metres long. Expanding in size, the heavens appeared to be masked as all of the rays of light in the surrounding areas were absorbed by this abnormally grey figure.


Like a demon god, the glowing grey figure spread its demon-like arms. With a swish, it rushed towards the heavens, before heavily smashing against the four astonishing rays of light heading straight towards Liu Ying.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Ear-shattering Spiritual Energy explosions resounded continuously across the horizon. As erratic Spiritual Energy rushed up time after time, the glowing grey figure continued to spin around, completely blocking and absorbing anything that headed its way akin to an endless shadow. Like a protective screen, none of the Spiritual Energy explosions were able to break through its defenses.

"Hmph! My Shadow Deity Tier Spiritual Art's able to absorb attacks. Do you think you can break it? Only idiots will dream of that!" sneered Liu Ying.

A chilling glint flashed within Mu Chen's eyes. Changing his hand seal, a low roar rang out from within his heart, "Explode!"


Just as this roar rang out within his heart, the four rays of light erupted with dazzling brilliance, radiating with intense light akin to scorching suns. As light exploded out, rampaging Spiritual Energy instantly surged and gushed out like a tsunami, covering the earth and hiding the skies as i rushed towards the gigantic glowing grey figure.

The glowing figure continued to crazily spin around as light radiated from it as it attempted to absorb the powerful impacts landing on it. However, it was clear that the rampaging Spiritual Energy had exceeded the limit that it could absorb. In the next moment, the glowing grey figure started to brighten up, no longer appearing like a mysterious shadow, like before.

Seeing this, Liu Ying's expression instantly turned ugly.


As the glowing grey figure brightened up to its extremities, a bang rang out as it instantly exploded apart, transforming into glowing grey spots that blotted the sky before descending down akin to snow.

As the countless glowing dots descended from the sky and blanketed the horizon, Liu Ying's expression had turned into one of extreme gloominess. This damnable brat! He'd actually broken my "Heavenly Binding Shadows"! One had to know that even people of the same caliber as himself would feel slightly troubled by such an attack. However, despite that, Mu Chen had broken that apart without the slightest hiccup.

"I want to see exactly how many times you can compete with me!"

A sinister glow appeared within Liu Ying's eyes as he thought about it. Regardless of how many moves Mu Chen pulled out, he only possessed the strength at the level of Heavenly Completion Stage Initial Phase. Compared to the former, he had already passed his Human Body Disaster. Therefore, he just had to used the overwhelming advantage of his Spiritual Energy density to squash the former to death!


As a dark expression appeared within Liu Ying's eyes, the glowing dots that blotted the skies instantly scattered apart as a spectre-like figure shot out from with. With bent fingers on both hands, they brought about chilling gales as they explosively thrust towards the former's throat.

"Go and die!" Seeing that Mu Chen had actually dared to rush towards him, a furious sneer rang out from Liu Ying's mouth as he sent a punch straight towards Mu Chen's fingers.

However, just as Liu Ying's fist was about to smash against Mu Chen's fingers, a chill suddenly shook through his entire body as his eyes furious contracted. He saw Mu Chen's finger turning black as ink as a surge or dangerous ripples were distributed out.

"That's not right!"

Being a person that had much experience in schemes and thoughts, a feeling of unease instantly flashed within Liu Ying's mind. In the next instant, with an explosive roar, he gave a fierce stomp on the ground. Furiously halting his motion of attack, he body shot back akin to a shadow as he retreated from his original path of motion.

"You're too naïve to play such a trick on me, brat!" Liu Ying sneered. It seemed as if Mu Chen's black finger was harboring some kind of highly toxic poison. However, not being as gullible as Wu Dong, it wasn't that easy for Mu Chen to drag Liu Ying into making such a mistake. Furthermore, from the looks of it, it seemed as though Mu Chen could only unleash this move of his in close-ranged proximity.

Staring at the figure of Liu Ying explosively retreating away from him, Mu Chen appeared to have seen through the former's thoughts as the corner of his mouth started to faintly curl up, while a ridiculing arc proceeded to appear.

"Black Lightning Poison Finger!"

Loading a flick, dense black fog instantly erupted in front of Mu Chen's finger. In the next instant, black rays of brilliance exploded from it, before a black finger-sized ray of light shot straight out as a tremble shook through Mu Chen's fingertip.

Chi! Chi!

Shooting across the sky, the black ray of light caused the air to explode into white mist, leaving behind light traces of black scars that appeared to corrode the very being of space.

Travelling at an extremely rapid speed, the black ray of light appeared before Liu Ying in a blink of an eye. At this moment, the face of the latter had already contorted as he sent a fist rumbling out with a fierce roar. Spiritual Energy gushed out from him, blotting the skies as Liu Ying attempted to defend against that unassuming ray of black light.

Chi! Chi!

However, despite his guarding attempts, the black ray of light smashed through his Spiritual Energy in a tyrannical fashion. As it pierced through, even the Spiritual Energy was corroded away, breaking apart in a short instant as the black ray of light violently shot towards Liu Ying's fist.

Pausing abruptly, Liu Ying stared horrorstruck at his fist, where the black ray of poison started to rapidly climb up his arm.

"What overbearing poison!"

Liu Ying's pupils furiously contracted as he clenched his hand, causing a jade bottle to appear within. Shoving a few pills into his mouth, a low roar rang out from his throat as Spiritual Energy gushed out from within his both, causing his entire arm to erupt with dazzling brilliance.

Under his all-out resistance, the extension of the black poison light was restrained, before slowly starting to retreat, bit by bit. After a span of a dozen breaths, the poison was forced back into his palm. At this moment, Spiritual Energy rushed forth, transforming into a protective screen, inhibiting the corrosion of the poison to the rest of his body. However, despite this, he was clearly unable to use that palm of his, basically being temporarily disabled.

Seeing the actions of Liu Ying, a faint frown appeared on Mu Chen's forehead as he thought, Indeed, this Liu Ying's formidable enough to restrain the Black Lightning Poison Finger. As long as he exits this place, the Umbra Chamber of Commerce will definitely send Sovereign-level experts to help him dispel the Black Lightning Poison.

What a pity! It's so hard to find a good chance to dispose of this fellow.

Looks like the Black Lightning Poison doesn't guarantee a complete success rate against people with a strength over a certain degree.

"Mu Chen!"

Having restrained the corrosion of the poison, Liu Ying's stared towards Mu Chen, his face already contorted up while immense fury filled his eyes. He never imagined that not only would Mu Chen be able to step onto the second highest step today, he was even poisoned by the latter, even after personally taking action. This had caused his palm to be temporarily disabled, which was something that would lead to quite a bit of loss to his combat capabilities.

In such a situation, if he was to continue vying for the Strength of Baptism, with his palm being disabled by Mu Chen, it would undoubtedly lead to him suffering heavy injuries. This caused the fury to erupt and blaze within his heart, wishing with all his might to smash and shred Mu Chen into a thousand pieces.

Seeing the anger and fury displayed on Liu Ying's face, Mu Chen replied with a faint smile as he said, "Do you think that I've the qualifications to stand here now?"

"I'll slaughter you!"'

Liu Ying angrily roared in response, completely being unable to restrain himself from holding himself back from wanting to massacre Mu Chen.

Seeing Liu Ying's actions, a sneer appeared on Mu Chen's face as his finger started to turn jet-black once again.

Liu Ying immediately came to a halt, clenching his teeth as he looked towards the jet-black finger on Mu Chen's hand, eyes brimming with thick feelings of dread. That poison's too overbearing! I can't even force it out off my body! The only thing I can do is to suppress it! If I'm hit by it again, it'll definitely make things worse!

As of now, he clearly couldn't go all-out to take action against Mu Chen without any care as he still needed to contend for the Strength of Baptism that was about to arrive.

Fluctuating with indecision, Liu Ying finally clenched his teeth and sent an incomparably poisonous glare at Mu Chen, before slowly retreating back.

"Thank you very much."

Seeing that, Mu Chen was faintly smiling, which almost caused Liu Ying to rush up once again.

As this scene continued to play out, the countless experts who had observed this spectacle from below sucked in a cold breath of air. Looking towards the handsome youth, their eyes were filled with incredulous feelings. This fellow had actually forced Liu Ying to retreat?!

Relying on his strength at the Heavenly Completion Stage Initial Phase to force an expert that had passed his Human Body Disaster to retreat…

.This brat's too frightening!

Completely ignoring the gazes heading towards him, Mu Chen slowly walked towards Xia Youran's side as those gazes gradually turned from doubt to amazement and complication, sending a faint smile towards her.

Looking at the youth before her with amazement gushing out from her beautiful eyes, Xia Youran was about to reply to him before a sensation suddenly struck her. As a shiver shook through her body, she raised her head, only to see the gigantic clump of light floating in the sky suddenly erupting in a dazzling brilliance. Under the envelop of its brilliance, it appeared as if some kind of mysterious energy was about to descend.

Seeing this spectacle, happiness instantly welled up within Xia Youran.

"The Strength of Baptism's about to descend!"

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