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Chapter 413 – Battling Liu Ying


Traveling across like a whip, Mu Chen’s leg carried along boundless Spiritual Energy as it flung violently towards Liu Ying. Upon seeing this, shock and amazement instantly flashed within the eyes of the other people at this step. They never imagined that Mu Chen would actually not waste a single breath and immediately decide to take action.

“An interesting brat.”

Dong Yuan muttered with a faint smile as he looked at the two people in the midst of smashing their hands and feet together with excitement bubbling in his eyes. He truly wanted to see exactly where this youth, whose strength was only at the Heavenly Completion Stage Initial Phase, get the courage to actually enter a confrontation against Liu Ying.

Tightly clenching her hands, a shadow of worry appeared within the beautiful eyes of Xia Youran. Although Mu Chen had stunned everyone at the previous step due to the imposing manner in which he had defeated Qing Hu, Liu Ying was absolutely not Qing Hu. Although the former had irked her all along, he had genuinely crossed his Human Body Disaster, and was absolutely on a level neither Wu Dong nor Qing Hu could compare to.

However, the only thing she could do was to worry for him. At this moment, she was unable to do anything or interfere in this matter. If Mu Chen wanted to firmly plant his feet here, he would need to prove his qualifications to contend against other people for the Strength of Baptism. That meant that he would need to display a level of strength that would cause genuine fear and dread in the rest of the people present here. If she had insisted on sheltering and protecting him, he would the sole target from all sides. That way wouldn’t be any help for Mu Chen.

This time, you can only rely on yourself, Mu Chen, said Xia Youran in her heart as she bit her lip.

There were similar gazes being casted from various places below this step, since Mu Chen had clearly left a deep impression in the hearts of quite a few people when he had rushed all the way up to the second highest step. Nevertheless, all of them understood that whether Mu Chen could stand firmly on the second highest step would all be determined by the result of the following confrontation.

If he was able to intimidate Liu Ying to back off, that would mean that he possessed the qualifications to share the Strength of Baptism with the other experts present on the second highest step. If not, the only thing that he could do was to back off from the second highest step.

Under the attentive gazes casted from the surrounding crowd, the smile present at the corner of Liu Ying’s mouth grew increasingly malevolent. Sending a sinister smile towards Mu Chen, he said, “I’ve heard that you’re quite strong, right?”

As his voice rang out, his gaze suddenly turned cold and dark. The arm that had blocked against Mu Chen’s leg rotated downwards in a furious matter, while his hand appeared akin to a the claws of an eagle. His fingers sparkled in a chilling glow, bringing about sharp gales as he gave a furious stab towards Mu Chen’s leg.


As Liu Ying’s claw shot over, sharp whooshing sounds rang out, while faint scars seemed to appeared in the surrounding space as if the fabric of space had been ripped apart by the sharp winds caused by his claws.

A chilling glow faintly appeared in the eyes of Mu Chen as he gave an abrupt jump. Giving a pat towards the air with his palm, his body furiously rotated as he rose into the air, while swift and fierce leg shadows containing power to shatter and split apart mountains brought about boundless gales as they violently kicked towards Liu Ying at lightning speed.

Bang! Bang!

Howls roared out from Liu Ying’s claws as not even the slightest intent of evading or retreating was shown by him. Shooting forward in a completely rampant fashion, it completely blocked all of the leg shadows heading its way. Transforming into a fist, it violently slammed into the centre of the leg shadows.


An energy shock wave visible to the naked-eye rippled out from the point of impact, while a tremor shook through Mu Chen’s figure as he flew back tens of metres.

However, just as his body had touched the ground, Mu Chen gave a heavy stomp, causing the ground below him to shatter apart as he transformed into a remnant shadow, shooting forward with explosive speed.


At the very instant where he had shot out, black lightning sparks furiously blossomed from his chest, as two lightning runes appeared within. At this moment, the muscles throughout his body appeared to have been lit ablaze as boundless Spiritual Energy erupted from within his body akin to an avalanche.

Not displaying any fanciful moves, he sent a single punch rumbling out. Boundless jet-black Spiritual Energy gushed out like a tsunami. Coupled with the surge of his blood within his body, tyrannical power was sent towards his fist.

As the fist headed forward, the air before it exploded apart, while deep fissures appeared on the ground below him.

At the sight of that might, the heart of Qing Hu standing on the third highest step to skip a beat. Compared to before, this punch coming from Mu Chen was clearly much more ferocious and powerful. That fellow actually wanted to enter a head-on confrontation with Liu Ying? He had already passed his Human Body Disaster, you know?! The body the latter possessed would already be extremely hard for people who had frequently cultivated in a Body Refinement Divine Art to match and compare with.

“You don’t know the immensity heavens and earth! Now, I’ll let you see exactly how strong of a body a person that has crossed over the Human Body Disaster has!” Liu Ying gave a sneer as he furiously clenched his fists. Dark, sinister brilliance instantly erupted from his entire body, causing him to appear as if he had been casted from steel. Taking a step forward, his hands trembling like spears, he sent a fist piercing straight out. Akin to a bolt of lighting, it smashed head-on against the Mu Chen’s incoming fist.


The two fists collided, while ripples spread out from the ground below the two, causing the rock-hard stone platform to instantly turn into dust.

Incomparably erratic Spiritual Energy fluctuations swept out as a tremor shook through Mu Chen’s figure, causing him to get shoved back for tens of steps. Every single step that he took would cause the ground to be grinded into dust. After tens of steps, Mu Chen finally managed to forcefully regain control and stabilised himself. At this moment, his handsome face had an exceedingly serious expression appearing on it.

Compared to Mu Chen, who had retreated tens of steps, Liu Ying’s condition appeared much better, only retreating a couple of steps. However, not a single shred of happiness was displayed on his face, with a spread of darkness hanging there instead. That’s because he knew that although his fist had appeared to have sent Mu Chen in retreat, he wasn’t able to injure the latter. His fist, which was more than sufficient to smash and sunder the bones of people of Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase…

The latter’s fleshy body truly was rather tyrannical, being able to contend against his body, which had passed through the Human Body Disaster. Looks like the Body Refinement Divine Art that this fellow cultivates in is rather extraordinary…

Rubbing the fist that he had sent out previously, Mu Chen gave a cold glare towards Liu Ying. So, people that have passed their Human Body Disaster possess bodies of such level. This is comparable to my Diplo Rune Lightning Physique. No wonder why people say that ordinary Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phases would absolutely not be the match of people who passed their Human Body Disaster. Strength of such a degree was more than sufficient to suppress them.

If not for his Thunder God Physique achieving a breakthrough, Mu Chen might’ve even gotten suppressed in this head-on confrontation.

“You truly have some places that are worth commending. You should have relied on such a superiority to smash Qing Hu away, am I right?” Shooting a cold and detached gaze towards Mu Chen, Liu Ying gave a sneer. “However, do you think that I’ll only use my physical strength when fighting with people?”


Powerful Spiritual Energy that blotted the skies suddenly erupted from Liu Ying’s body, spreading out across the horizon. Grandiose and majestic, the tyrannical Spiritual Energy pressed down from above, causing faint changes to appear on the faces of quite a few people. This is the strength of someone that has passed his Human Body Disaster? Even his Spiritual Energy is much more tyrannical than people of ordinary Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase!


Spiritual Energy the blotted the skies rushed out. Not wanting to give Mu Chen too much time to react, Liu Ying explosively shot forward. Giving a ferocious grab in the air, greyish-black Spiritual Energy appearing akin to countless shadows lengthened out and was violently thrust towards Mu Chen’s entire body.


A dragon shadow flitted below Mu Chen’s feet as his figure disappeared from his original position in a swish.


The greyish-black shadows brimming with exceedingly tyrannical Spiritual Energy violently pierced towards the place Mu Chen had previously stood at, leaving deep holes whose bottoms could not be seen.

Seeing that his attacks had only struck thin air, there was no change in Liu Ying’s expression as he waved his sleeve, sending out countless greyish-black glowing figures that hid the skies and covered the earth as they rushed across the horizon, appearing akin to a rain of arrows that blotted the skies.

“Let me see how fast you can move!”

A cold sneer rang out from Liu Ying as he pointed with his finger. In the next instant, the greyish-black glowing figures that blotted the skies enveloped Mu Chen, hiding the skies and covering the earth as they attacked from all directions,

Now, Liu Ying had used his genuine strength, displaying the tyrannical strength possessed by a person that had passed the Human Body Disaster. This caused Mu Chen to feel some pressure, since such an opponent was extremely hard to deal with.

As the greyish-black glowing shadows that blotted the skies came enveloping over, each of the shadows were exceedingly sharp, radiating with a sword-like aura, although they appeared somewhat gloomier, causing no one to dare to underestimate their power.

Taking a deep breath, Mu Chen clapped his hands together, while Spiritual Energy burning with black flames rushed to the sky. In the next moment, as the ring of a bell resounded, it transformed into a gigantic black pagoda, encasing and protecting Mu Chen within it.

Ding! Ding!

The glowing shadows that blotted the skies hammered the black-glowing pagoda from all angles, causing it to slightly shake, leaving behind white scratch marks on its surface. However, the glowing pagoda’s defense was exceedingly astonishing, showing not of single sign of collapse, even after enduring such attacks of this degree.

This caused quite a few of the experts observing this confrontation to feel shock and amazement within their hearts. Clearly, none of them had expected Mu Chen to completely defend against all of Liu Ying’s attacks. Let’s not mention about Heavenly Completion Stage Initial Phase, even people at the Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase would not be able to accomplish such a feat.

Indeed, this youth from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy is somewhat extraordinary.

Seeing that all of his attacks had been blocked, the expression on Liu Ying’s face grew increasingly dark, while killing intent blossomed and erupted from his eyes. Time and time again, his attacks had failed to eliminate Mu Chen, something which clearly caused him to be unable to hold his usual countenance.

In the sky, the black-glowing pagoda slowly dissipated, revealing Mu Chen’s figure once again, Looking down on Liu Ying from above, chilling intent erupted from within his black pupils.

“I’m afraid that you’ll not get the recognition from the rest just by showing off some speed and turtle-like defense.” Liu Ying’s dark voice rang out.

Replying with a sneer, Mu Chen didn’t waste any time talking back to Liu Ying. Clapping his hands furiously together, Spiritual Energy erupted from within his body without the slightest restraint. As he formed seals with his hands, a gigantic stretch of starry sky surfaced behind his back.


As the stretch of starry sky appeared, stepping out, riding the waves and igniting the skies, three beastial shadows, a white tiger, a black tortoise and a vermillion bird appeared in the sky, radiating with astonishing Spiritual Energy fluctuations.

“Oh? You’ve finally decided to launch your attack?”

Seeing the spectacle unfolding before him, Liu Ying raised his eyebrows as a cold and detached smile appeared on his face, “However, if you’re only at this level, I’ll advice you to not throw your face away in front of everyone.”

“Oh really?”

A smile appeared on Mu Chen’s face, one that appeared exceedingly cold and frosty. Pressing his hands together to form a mysterious hand seal, a cold voice rang, “What about this?!”


A dragon roar that shook the heavens and earth resounded all of a sudden from the starry skies as boundless Spiritual Energy crazily rushed out and condensed together. In the next moment, the crowd looked in shock as a giant azure dragon composed of Spiritual Energy snaked around in the air, while an indescribable feeling of pressure radiated across the entire stretch of the world.

This was akin to the descent of a true Divine Dragon!

Four Gods Constellations Scripture, Divine Seal of the Azure Dragon!

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