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Chapter 403 – Wu Dong

Wu! Wu!

As the black tornado wreaked havoc across the world, low and deep sounds, akin to the roars of a giant dragon, rang out, causing the earth the vibrate and tremble under the destruction caused by the tornado.

After observing the miserable endings to the first batch of people, the people hiding in the various spots of darkness didn’t dare to recklessly take action and head out. Eyes sparkling, they quietly waited for the weakening of the spatial gales, since that would be the only time that they could safely take action.

As everyone hid and waited for that opportune moment, Mu Chen had already obtained the Wind Resistance Spiritual Pearl from Xia Youran. Placing it within his sleeve, he raised his head, looking straight at the rampaging tornado that’s wreaking havoc everywhere. Taking a deep breath, he said, “I’m moving out now. Senior Sis Xia. If I’m able to obtain it, you should make a move first, before meeting up again later.”

If he was truly able to obtain that Spiritual Treasure, he would immediately become the common enemy of everyone here. At that time, he might bring some trouble for Xia Youran, if she was to stayed with him. Although she might not mind, Mu Chen didn’t want to bring about trouble for others, due to his actions.

Hearing his words, Xia Youran had understood Mu Chen’s intent. However, she was also extremely clear that although the age of the youth in front of her was less than her own, he had extremely strong personal opinions. Therefore, not saying anything more about it, she nodded her head, before warning him again, “Be careful, alright?”

With a smile, Mu Chen nodded his head. Without any more hesitation, Spiritual Energy burning with black flames rose from him, enveloping his entire body. Under his skin, black lightning seemed to arc and spark about. Faced against those frightening spatial gales, Mu Chen clearly didn’t have the guts to hold any of his strength back, and activated all of the defenses he could muster.


After doing that, a fierce glint gradually appeared within Mu Chen’s eyes. With a shift, he shot out akin to a black bolt of lightning, and explosively headed towards the tornado.

Due to the earlier scene that unfolded, there was already no one that dared to recklessly take action. However, the sudden movement of Mu Chen immediately attracted all of the gazes over.

“There’s other people that are taking action!”

“Heavenly Completion Stage Initial Phase? Where did this pile of waste come from? He’s simply seeking his own death.”

“He truly doesn’t know the immensity of the heavens. Only those that are blessed would have the fortune to enjoy such a Spiritual Treasure.”

Various whispering voices rang out from the darkness, with the majority of them being ones of mockery or contempt. Even for experts at the Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase, the tornado formed by the spatial gales was extremely difficult to be dealt with. Seemingly all of the people at the Heavenly Completion Stage Initial Phase were unable to even escape from it.

Standing within the crevice in the mountain, Liu Ying and Dong Yuan were currently staring at the figure shooting across the skies with slightly narrowed eyes, with doubt and suspicion flickering within their gazes.

“He actually dared to snatch the treasure all by himself?” Dong Yuan exclaimed with a slight bit of shock. He had assumed that Xia Youran would accompany Mu Chen as he advanced towards the tornado. However, he never imagined that that fellow would have the nerve to attempt it by himself. Nevertheless, with the latter’s strength, would he be able to pierce into that tornado?

A cold sneer appeared on the face of Liu Ying as he stared at the figure quickly shooting across the sky, while saying, “That’s truly interesting. I really wanna see, exactly, what capability that recently famous brat has.”

However, although he had said those words, he had also sent a signal towards a certain direction, were a black figure seemed to be present. He was radiating with a chilling aura, which caused the experts in its vicinity to immediately run far away, their eyes filled with dread and terror.

“Oh? It’s that fellow,” said Dong Yuan, after narrowing his eyes to take a look. With a smile, he said, “Look’s like you don’t play to personally take action, huh?”

“Wu Dong’s the City Lord of the Heavenly Python City, and has some fame within the Northern Heavens Continent. He owes me a favor, and today’s just the right day to return it…regardless of how many tricks he has up his sleeves, a Heavenly Completion Stage Initial Phase brat isn’t worthy of me to personally take action,” replied Liu Ying with an indifferent snort, one which contained unconcealable arrogance.

Shrugging his shoulders, Dong Yuan thought, This fella’s truly cautious.

As the two people continued chatting, Mu Chen’s figure explosively shot across the sky. On the contrary to people’s expectations, the fierce rampaging spatial gales were unexpectedly unable to deal much obstruction to him. With Spiritual Energy burning with black flames surrounding his body, the occasion swipe of the black spatial wind blades were simply unable to pierce through his Spiritual Energy defenses.

This spectacle immediately caused quite a ruckus from the surrounding crowd, with quite a few people having shock and doubt on their faces. They were somewhat unable to believe that those incomparably ferocious spatial wind blades appeared to be as light as feathers, striking Mu Chen’s body without too much strength at all.

“There’s a possibility that the brat’s got a Spiritual Artifact that defends against wind storms,” said Dong Yuan with a slight frown. Being the Young Master of the Heavenly Yuan Chamber of Commerce, his eyesight wasn’t ordinary, since he was able to spot the underlying reason with a single look. Mu Chen should have some special Spiritual Artifact to protect his body, if not, he would not be able to travel in such an unimpeded fashion within the spatial gales.

“It should’ve been given to him by Xia Youran,” replied Liu Ying within an increasingly dark expression. , Xia Youran truly did put in some effort for the sake of protecting that Mu Chen!


As Mu Chen’s figure shot explosively across the horizon, he reached the vicinity of the gigantic tornado within the short span of a dozen breaths. As he did so, his entire body grew increasingly tense, since he knew that he was now in a truly dangerous region. The previous batch of people had all been utterly massacred at this place, suffering disastrous losses.

Humm! Humm!

Just as Mu Chen was getting vigilant, the tornado seemed to have discovered his presence nearby, instantly sending humming sounds ringing out. Black-coloured spatial wind blades that hid the skies and covered the earth swept out, appearing akin to a wind dragon covered in blades, and were heading straight towards Mu Chen.

With a swift wave of his hand, a green-coloured halo expanded from the Wind Resistance Spiritual Pearl within his palm.

Chi! Chi!

The wind dragon composed of spatial wind blades rushed towards the halo, causing its fierce brilliance to instantly turn dim by quite a bit. As this happened, the degree of sharpness of the wind dragon was reduced. Nevertheless, this attack was too strong. Even after being greatly weakened by the Wind Resistance Spiritual Pearl, it didn’t scatter apart, and the spatial wind blades violently struck against Mu Chen’s body, one after another.

Cold sneers over the impending misfortune instantly rang out from below. This brat is going to suffer death by a thousand cuts…


However, as the cold sneers rang out, all of a sudden, the eyes of a few people furiously sprang apart. In the sky, after being struck by numerous spatial wind blades, Mu Chen had actually been knocked back by a dozen metres. As he stabilised himself, not a single drop of blood was present on his body,

This fellow has actually endured all of the spatial wind blades that struck him!

This caused the expressions of those Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase experts to turn solemn. If they were to place themselves in Mu Chen’s shoes, they might not be able to escape unscathed from that many spatial wind blades. The youth in front of their eyes clearly had some abilities.

Travelling through the sky, Mu Chen didn’t bother about the gazes coming from below. Lowering his head to look as his body, he noticed that his clothes had already been shredded apart. White scratches covered his skin, faintly throbbing within pain. Nevertheless, such a bit of pain was completely ignored by Mu Chen.


Mu Chen quietly breathed a sigh of relief, feeling fortunate for the great rise in his strength. Coupled with the Lightning God’s Physique, as well as the assistance from the Wind Resistance Spiritual Pearl, those spatial wind blades weren’t able to do much harm to him.

Since this is the case, let’s rush straight into the tornado!

With a grin on his face, Mu Chen headed forward, planning to rush straight into the tornado to obtain the Spiritual Treasure within.

Within the mountain crevice, Liu Ying darkly stared towards the figure piercing through the obstruction of the spatial wind blades as though they were pieces of paper. Looking towards the black figure not far away from him, he gently nodded his head, then extended his hand to make a slicing action across his neck.

Kill him.


Within the darkness, the figure shrouded with a chilling aura gave a smile, revealing his pearly-white teeth. With a shift of his body, cracks appeared below his feet as his figure shot towards the sky like a vicious eagle.

Immediately, the figure that had suddenly rushed towards the sky attracted the attention of everyone in the vicinity. The expressions of some people slightly changed as they cried out, “That’s…the City Lord of the Heavenly Python City, Wu Dong?”

“That fellow…has already been at the Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase for a long time. I don’t know if he has crossed the Human Body Disaster as of now…”

“It’s said that Wu Dong once tried to cross the Human Body Disaster, but failed. This fella’s also formidable, being fortunate enough to survive with his life. However, his current strength has exceeded a normal Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase, and is simply not someone that the other fellow can match.”

“Since he has taken action, I’m afraid that misfortune’s heading that brat’s way.”

As whispers rang about from the surroundings, the figure that had explosively dashed up grew increasingly clear within people’s view. The figure wore a green armor, with a faint green glow sparkling around it. Clearly, this was also a defensive Spiritual Artifact. As the surrounding spatial wind blades slashed against the armor, they left behind lines of scratch marks, but were unable to penetrate through it.

Clearly, this Wu Dong had come prepared.

On the lower ground, Xia Youran had also spotted Wu Dong, who was heading towards Mu Chen, causing her lovable face to slightly sink. With a cold snort, she sent a flick out with a finger, sending boundless Spiritual Energy shooting out. Like a whip, she swung it straight towards the latter.

Sensing the swift and fierce attack heading towards him, Wu Dong didn’t slow down the slightest bit, with no signs of showing any care for it too.

However, as the Spiritual Energy whip shot straight towards Wu Dong, suddenly, a grey-coloured streak of light explosively shot out from below. Smashing into the Spiritual Energy whip, it obstructed it from its intended target.

A slightly frosty expression appeared on Xia Youran’s face as she turned her head over, only to see a figure faintly smiling from the mountain crevice, it was Liu Ying.

“Liu Ying! What are you doing?!” A frosty roar rang out from Xia Youran. It’s this loathsome fellow again!

With a faint smile, a cold and indifferent voice rang out like the wind from Liu Ying.

“Heaven-born Spiritual Treasures are for the capable to obtain, Youran. There’s no need to obstruct other people. If that brat’s powerless, he should just obediently return to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy to train. This Spiritual Treasure isn’t something that he should lay his finger on.”

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