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Chapter 402 – Seizing the Treasure in the Tornado

Hum. Hum.

Mu Chen could feel that the mysterious black paper was starting to grow increasingly impatient. At this moment, the expression displayed on his face grew increasingly solemn. Over these past few years, this was the first time he had seen such activity from the mysterious black paper. And, it should be related to the thing located within the tornado in the far distance.

Xia Youran had also sensed the brief instance of brilliance that had just occurred. Casting her beautiful eyes over, she looked towards the clump of light located within the tornado, while shock and astonishment instantly appeared on her lovable face. After pondering for a slight instant, she spoke out, "That should be some kind of heaven-born Spiritual Treasure. Never imagined that one would actually be located within that tornado, huh?"

As she said those words, some pity was extruded within her voice. From the look of the situation before, wanting to obtain that heaven-born Spiritual Treasure before their eyes wasn't going to be easily. However, it was also a pity that such an item was hidden within that tornado. Going close to it in the current situation was clearly an extremely dangerous thing to do. After all, once one gets blown to high altitudes by the storm created by the tornado, and sucked into the spatial currents present there, one would truly be hard to escape the disaster that had befallen on them.

Staring tightly towards the storm before him, Mu Chen proceeded to furiously stand up.

Seeing that, Xia Youran was instantly scared by Mu Chen's actions. Looking straight at his face, she instantly exclaimed, "Don't be impulsive, Mu Chen. It's too dangerous over there. That kind of heaven-born Spiritual Treasure isn't easy to harvest."

Hearing her words, Mu Chen gave a bitter laugh. Naturally, he had also understood the dangers if he got close to that place. Nevertheless, the mysterious black paper within his body was held in extreme regard by him. This thing was even able suppress the Great Meru Demonic Pillar, clearly showing how extraordinary it was. Although, till now, Mu Chen still wasn't able to have an exact grasp of its origins, there was always a feeling within that this mysterious black paper might be rather formidable and powerful.

For the sake of getting a better understanding of the mystery behind that black paper, there were some dangers that Mu Chen felt he needed to risk and undergo.

Therefore, faced with Xia Youran's reminder, he could only shake his head gently and reply, "Senior Sister Xia, the Spiritual Treasure before us is rather important to me. I have to see if I can get it into my hands."

Looking at Mu Chen and seeing that he had already made up his mind, Xia Youran couldn't help stomping her feet in indignation. This fella's really acting too recklessly!

"Haha. Please relax, Senior Sister Xia. I know my limits. If I'm unable to obtain it, I'll immediately fall back. Just wait here for me." Mu Chen spoke out with a smile, before preparing to move his body.

Gently clenching her teeth, Xia Youran extended her jade-like arm to bar his movement, while replying, "I'm scared for you. Let's go together. There's only one way about this. If something happens to you here, how am I going to explain to Elder Sister Ling Xi?"

Feeling touched by her words, Mu Chen didn't obstruct her. Instead, he only replied in a soft voice, "Thank you very much, Senior Sister Xia."

Heroically waving her jade-like hand, Xia Youran extended her arm, before a dragon eye-sized green-coloured pearl appeared before their eyes. The surface of the green pearl was covered with mysterious patterns, while powerful fluctuations could be faintly discerned radiating from it. Mu Chen was able to sense that when the green pearl had appeared, the windy noises from the surroundings had instantly quietened down.

Looking curiously at the green pearl, Mu Chen could clearly sense that this item shouldn't be any ordinary Spiritual Artifact.

"This is a Wind Resistance Spiritual Pearl. Although it’s a High-grade Spiritual Artifact, its offensive attributes aren't especially strong. However, it has an extremely strong effect against wind attacks. With it, we'll be able to get close to the region occupied by those spatial gales." Grasping the green pearl in her hand, Xia Youran started to explain with a grin.

Hearing that, elation instantly surfaced within Mu Chen's heart, while a mouth of praise rang uncontrollably out of his mouth. Truly worthy of the big Young Mistress of the Nine Summers Chambers of Commerce. Such a difference in family and status. Such a special High-grade Spiritual Artifact that was countless times stronger than what he could find, and yet she was able to bring it here just like that.

Having trained and cultivated for so many years, Mu Chen had yet to even obtain a single one of those extremely rare High-grade Spiritual Artifacts. Although the Great Meru Demonic Pillar was formidable, he wasn't able to use it with ease. Therefore, compared to Xia Youran, he truly was extremely poor.

Raising her jade-like hand, Xia Youran dispelled her glowing Spiritual Energy film that had covered the little hillside depression.


When the glowing spiritual film was dispelled, the spatial gales that hid the skies and covered the earth came howling over. Nevertheless, when they were within a few feet of Mu Chen and Xia Youran, they abruptly turned weaker. With such a reduction in destructiveness, they were no longer able to break the Spiritual Energy defenses that covered their bodies.

The feeling he got was as if there was an invisible barrier protecting their entire bodies, giving him an extremely weird sensation.

"Let's go."

Looking at this, Xia Youran gave a smile, before shoot swiftly into the air. This time, they clearly didn't dare to fly too high into the sky. Even with a treasure like the Wind Resistance Spiritual Pearl with them, it was still wise to be careful about matters like that.

Mu Chen followed closely behind Xia Youran by a step, while the two of them shot towards the rampaging spatial gales akin to two minute glowing figures. As they did so, some gazes coming from the hillside concealments along the way discovered the two of them piercing through the spatial gales. Upon spotting them, their gazes turned somewhat vacant. At such a time, people should be avoiding those spatial gales. And yet, those two fellows had actually dared to travel with such fanfare in such destructive winds. They truly were extremely reckless and daring.

However, Mu Chen and Xia Youran didn't give a care about those gazes coming from the darkness. Increasing their speed, they shot straight towards the area devastated by the tornado.

Relying on the protection of the Wind Resistance Spiritual Pearl, the two of them were able to travel through the rampaging spatial gales with extreme ease. Shooting up a high cliff, they raised their heads, looking towards the rampaging tornado not far in the distance. At this moment, the storm appeared in a jet-black colour, with spatial blades that hid the skies and covered the earth as they swept out of it, slicing hundreds and thousands of holes and gashes into the earth.

Within the depths of the storm, the clump of light grew increasingly bright and radiant.

Looking at the clump of brilliance, Mu Chen's eyes grew increasingly red-hot. As he got closer, he could feel the increasingly impatient tremors coming from the mysterious black paper within his body.

Taking a step out, he couldn't resist anymore, wanting to get it into his hands.

"Wait," said Xia Youran as she grabbed his hand, her beautiful eyes looking at a dark place not far away from them. There, she could faintly discern some figures present. At this moment, those people were also stared at the tornado. Clearly, they had also discovered the Spiritual Treasure faintly hidden within the tornado.

"Looks like there's quite a few people staring at that thing," said Xia Youran while a slight frown appeared on her forehead. Being able to arrive at this place under the spatial gales to harvest the Spiritual Treasure clearly showed that they weren't just any random ordinary figures. From the looks of it now, it wouldn't be easy to obtain this Spiritual Treasure today.

Nevertheless, not much unexpected feelings appeared within Mu Chen's eyes. The Spiritual Treasure within the tornado shouldn't be ordinary, so being able to attract some people to try to obtain it wasn't something that was unexpected. However, the current situation appeared quite pressing.

"If they wish to obtain it, let them take the lead and try, while we take a back seat and observe them," said Mu Chen in a soft voice.

Hearing his words, Xia Youran breathed a sigh of relief. She was somewhat afraid of Mu Chen being unable to endure the lure of the Spiritual Treasure and rushing to take action. At that time, not only would they have to endure the attacks coming from the spatial gales, they might also lure quite a few hidden blades and arrows along the way. At this moment, one must absolutely not lose their calm and cool.

When the both of them came, they had clearly attracted the attention of some people. Instantly, some of them could not endure any longer. The amount of people that was attracted by the Spiritual Treasure were increasing in numbers as time past. If they were to wait any longer, the chances they that would have would probably be less and less.


In the darkness, the eyes of some people sparkled, before furiously clenching their teeth and explosively shooting forward. Boundless Spiritual Energy erupted out, causing the spatial gales to be smashed apart in an instant as dozens of figures shot straight towards the tornado, all in their attempts to snatch and obtain the Spiritual Treasure located within the tornado.

Chi! Chi!

However, just as they neared the tornado, gales that blotted the skies howled over, with countless black spatial wind blades hiding the skies and covering the earth as they shot over. With such a number, they would truly be rather terrifying for anyone.

Ah! Ah!

As the black spatial wind blades howled past, miserable shrieks instantly rang out, while the boundless Spiritual Energy surrounding those people were unexpectedly sliced apart by those spatial wind blades. As their bodies were cut into pieces, blood and flesh started to spurt throughout the skies.

The only fellows with a protective Spiritual Weapon was able to miserably retreat at the instant when using them to block those spatial wind blades. However, they had still paid a rather terrible price. After landing in an appalling fashion on the ground, their blood-soaked figures appeared extremely miserable and hideous.

In the darkness, quite a few people sucked in a breath of cold air at the scene that had unfolded before them as they thought, Those spatial gales are truly terrifying. The people that had just taken action all had strength on the level of Heavenly Completion Stage, with one of them even reaching Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase, but was still sent flying back in a miserable fashion. However, compared to the unfortunate fellows who were cut and sliced apart, they were already extremely lucky.

Seeing the first batch of people paying such a miserably heavy price, those people that had turned bloodshot by the Spiritual Treasure started to gradually calm down. Their foreheads brimming within cold sweat, they didn't dare to recklessly take action again.

While they did so, the spatial gales were still rampaging and wreaking about havoc. Like an incomparably large black-coloured giant dragon, the tornado twisted and turned about, exhibiting its astonishing power.

"When do we take action?" asked Xia Youran as she looked towards Mu Chen. "I suggest that we wait till this tornado weakens before taking action. Would that be alright?"

An expression of pondering flashed within Mu Chen's head. With a shake of his head, he replied, "Senior Sister Xia. Right now, everyone else also has the same line of thought as you. That's why, once the tornado truly weakens, I'm afraid that everyone would also take action at the same time as us. Under that chaos, wanting to obtain that Spiritual Treasure might be even more difficult than now."

"So, what's your plan?"asked Xia Youran with a slight frown appearing on her forehead.

"Senior Sister Xia, could you possibly lend me your Wind Resistance Spiritual Pearl for a moment?"

"You want to head in there alone?" Xia Youran was shocked, while a faint change of expression appeared on her lovable face. Even a Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase person would be quite hard-pressed to resist against those spatial gales. With Mu Chen's strength at the Heavenly Completion Stage Initial Phase, everything pointed to disaster for him if he was to head into the tornado.

With a smile, Mu Chen replied, "Senior Sister Xia. There're still a few people eyeing covetously at that Spiritual Treasure. I can feel a few fierce and rather formidable fluctuations coming from around us. Look's like there's some difficult characters in this area. Therefore, I hope that you can help me obstruct them at this place. As for the matter about obtaining that Spiritual Treasure, you can leave it to me."

Hearing his reply, Xia Youran's frown persisted, appearing as if she wanting to advise against such action. However, in the end, she was stopped by the smile hanging on the face of the youth in front of her. Sighing in helplessness, she gently nodded her head in acknowledgement.

While Mu Chen was discussing with Xia Youran in a soft voice, there were two figures shooting cold and detached gazes towards them from a mountain crevice not far away from them. Their appearances were the Young Masters of the Umbra and Heavenly Yuan Chambers of Commerce, Liu Ying and Dong Yuan.

"Haha. This truly is the inevitable clash between enemies," said Dong Yuan as he looked towards the male and female not far away from him. With a smile, he continued speaking, "Looks like they have their eyes on that Spiritual Treasure, too. Any thoughts?"

Pressing his palm against the hard mountain wall, his five fingers appeared like knifes, carving five deep grooves into the rock. Patting his hands together with indifference, he stared towards Mu Chen's figure, while shadows of darkness flashed within his eyes.

"Relax, that brat doesn't have the luck and fortune to enjoy such a Spiritual Treasure."

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