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Chapter 398 – Mo Xingtian

The ordinary-looking male dressed in hemp robes stood right in front of Mu Chen and the group. His deadpan-eyes showing not a single fluctuation within them, causing people to feel a chill up their spines.

Mu Chen's gaze locked straight on towards the male before him, while his entire body entered into a tense state, Spiritual Energy started to vigorously circulate within his body. He had sensed an extremely dangerous flavor from the man before him. That feeling had already far exceeded the feeling he got from Mo Longzi!

Staring coldly at the man harboring ill-intent towards him, a faint guess of the man's identity started to appear within Mu Chen's mind.

Beside Mu Chen, Luo Li's slender hands were already placed on the hilt of her sword. Once the man made a single move, she would take action without the slightest bit of hesitation.

"What the hell do you think you're doing, Mo Xingtian?!" The one that took the lead to speak out was Xia Youran, who roared towards the male, while looking at him with a vigilant gaze.

Mo Xingtian.

Even though that person's name had already rang out within the pavilion upon his appearance, the mention of him by Xia Youran still caused shocked expressions to appear on the faces of some people. People like Xia Youran and Liu Ying were capable of being placed within the top-most level of elites within the younger generations of the Northern Heavens Continent. However, everyone knew that the person that caused people to feel the most dread and terror would be the Demonic Dragon Palace's Mo Xingtian.

Although the times that Mo Xingtian had shown his face in the Northern Heavens Continent were far less than Mo Longzi, his existence still caused the hearts of many young geniuses to sink. That's due to the well-known fact that there was not the slightest rumor of Mo Xingtian ever losing in a fight for the past few years. Naturally, the prerequisite was that the fight was between people of similar cultivation realms.

Therefore, when looked from a certain perspective, Mo Xingtian could be well-considered as the number one figure within the younger generations in the Northern Heavens Continent. Although such a rumor wasn't spread around, yardsticks were present within everyone's minds, since there were things that one could weigh and measure with one's own judgement.

Although the geniuses from various places, like Xia Youran, Liu Ying and Su Buxiu, also possessed extremely outstanding talent, if one was to ask who they feared and dreaded the most within the younger generations, their unanimous answer might as well be Mo Xingtian.

Faced against Xia Youran's roar, not the slightest bit of fluctuation appeared within Mo Xingtian's gaze. Continuing to stare at Mu Chen with those deadpan-eyes that contained not one bit of movement, he spoke out, "My current mission is to kill you."

Hearing those words, chilling intent abruptly flashed across Luo Li's beautiful eyes. With a tremble of her jade-like hand, a sword roar howled out, while a slash of Sword Aura shot ruthlessly straight towards Mo Xingtian.

Just as the slash of Sword Aura appeared before Mo Xingtian, a glowing halo of Spiritual Energy surfaced around him, instantly blocking the incoming Sword Aura. Shaking his head, he proceeded to say, "That's a bit weak."

"Oh, really?" A chilling glint flashed within Luo Li's beautiful eyes. Clenching her sword with her jade-like hands, she was just about to launch another attack, before her hands were grasped by Mu Chen. Tilting her head over, the latter shook his head towards her, before raising his head to look at the male, who had caused everyone's hearts to palpitate. With a smile, Mu Chen spoke out, "If you're trying to killing me here, I really feel that your brain's gone wacko."

As he said those words, Mu Chen's gaze turned cold and fierce in an instant, before words as sharp as a blade's edge rang out from his mouth. "Scram off."


Low clamoring voices instantly rang out within the pavilion, since quite a few people looked towards Mu Chen with inconceivable emotions present within their gazes. Clearly, none of them had expected Mu Chen to actually use such a tone against Mo Xingtian.

A faint sparkle immediately appeared in some of the gazes shooting out from the darkness, with whispers of interest ringing out from them.

As he heard Mu Chen's reply, Mo Xingtian's deadpanned gaze fluctuated for a bit, while he considered about the percentage of success if he toook action now to kill Mu Chen.


Finally, Mo Xingtian took a step forward. However, just as his foot was about to touch the ground, his eye faintly contracted as a dangerous fluctuation suddenly erupted from the beautiful girl radiating with a cold and detached aura standing beside Mu Chen.

Halting his foot, a serious expression appeared on his emotionless face.

"He told you to scram off. Are you deaf?" The beautiful girl in the snow-white dress slowly raised her lovable face, only to show an icy-cold frostiness permeating throughout her beautiful eyes.

Mo Xingtian's pupils instantly contracted, before a shiver shook through his face. At this very moment, the beautiful girl had already taken action.

It wasn't any gorgeous or magnificent move. Extending her slender and jade-like hand, the beautiful girl gave a sudden clench of her hand.

As she did so, the space around Mo Xingtian started to furiously collapse. Rays of light shot out from space, forming a glowing net, enveloping all over Mo Xingtian's body. As the rays of light shot around, black scars started to appear in the surrounding space.

An incomparable feeling of danger gushed out from Mo Xingtian's heart and mind as his body started to make a furious retreat. In that moment, his body appeared to have turned illusionary for an instant. In the next second, before those rays of light that were shattering space apart could encase his entire body, he had already appeared in a location a dozen metres from where he once stood.

Seeing the scene that had unfolded before his eyes, Mu Chen's eyes faintly narrowed as he thought, That movement skill of Mo Xingtian's is rather strange and peculiar. In the previous instant, his body appeared to have turned illusionary, truly a formidable fellow. He's actually able to avoid a strike from Elder Sis Ling Xi! Although Ling Xi had yet to unleash her true strength, she had undoubtedly possessed more than sufficient strength to suppress Mo Xingtian with ease.


Seeing that her attack wasn't able to deal with Mo Xingtian, a faint wrinkle appeared on Ling Xi's lovable face as a bout of dissatisfaction surfaced within her. In the next instant, patting her jade-like hand on the table's surface, everyone immediately felt the Spiritual Energy in their surroundings starting to fluctuate and rampage about. The space surrounding Mo Xingtian proceeded to turn abnormally warped and distorted, appearing akin to a spatial prison, completely sealing Mo Xingtian within it.

"Spatial Prison? Sovereign Realm expert?!"

Furious roars of astonishment rang out within the pavilion as everyone looked towards Ling Xi with dread and terror gushing out of their eyes, while inconceivable expressions surfaced on their faces. Clearly, none of them was able to believe that such a young girl actually possessed the strength of a Sovereign. When did such a terrifying student appear in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy?

Ignoring the cries of astonishment ringing around her, Ling Xi gave a flick, sending a ray of jade-like brilliance shooting out of her finger. Piercing through space, it shot straight towards the forehead of Mo Xingtian, clearly aiming to directly take away his life.

Shock and astonishment filled the hearts of everyone yet again, while everyone was utterly intimidated by the ruthlessness of Ling Xi's action.

Being locked within the warped space and unable to free his body, a frown appeared on Mo Xingtian's face as he looked towards the frightening ray of brilliance shooting explosively towards him. However, despite the impending threat of death, not a single trace of terror or dread appeared on his face.

"Hmph! You've such nerve to actually dare to send an act towards the people of our Demonic Dragon Palace?!"

Just as the glowing crystal-like pillar was about to strike Mo Xingtian, a faint, cold snort suddenly rang out. In the next instant, the surrounding space shattered, while an ancient and withered palm patted out from within. With a single pat, it shattered the warped space surrounding Mo Xingtian, while sending a flick out, striking and shattering the glowing crystal-like pillar apart.

In the next moment, fluctuations started to ripple out in the surrounding space, while a black-robed male appeared beside Mo Xingtian. That was the Demonic Dragon Palace's Black Dragon Sovereign. At this moment, a chilling expression hung on his face as he glared at Ling Xi, sending the frightening pressure of a Sovereign radiating outwards. This caused the expressions of quite a few of the young experts present in this pavilion to change as they hastily retreated away.

Taking a step forward, Ling Xi blocked the incoming pressure from reaching Mu Chen and the group. A frosty shadow started to fluctuate within her beautiful eyes, while rays of spiritual brilliance sparkled under her slender fingers. At this moment, the surrounding air appeared to turn frozen solid, while exceedingly powerful fluctuations started to faintly converge within the pavilion.

"So, you're that Elder of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy that specializes in Spiritual Arrays?" Looking towards the air flaring up around Ling Xi, the unique fluctuations radiating out of her caused his eyes to narrow as he spoke out in a cold and detached tone.

"So she's an Elder of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy…"

"However, she doesn't seem to be much older than us…"

"It shouldn't be hard for an expert with that level of strength to change their outer appearance."

'Hmm, I still feel that something's not right…"

The words coming from the Black Dragon Sovereign caused quite a few people within the pavilion to quietly breathe a sigh of relief. However, all of them could faintly feel that something was not quite right. Did such a young Sovereign cause too much of an impact to us?

"If you're an Elder of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, I'm afraid that you've broken the rules today!" said the Black Dragon Sovereign with a dark expression.

"Haha. I've already warned that guy over there. However, he still chose to attack us…" replied Mu Chen with a gentle smile, though a shadow of pity hung on his face. He had warned Mo Xingtian earlier that if he was to take action, they would similarly have an open reason to retaliate. If that was to happen, it wouldn't break any rules if Mo Xingtian was to instantly die. However, that Mo Xingtian truly was hard to be dealt with. The previous step forward by him was similarly his way of testing their capabilities.

However, the only thing that had exceeded his expectation would be the actual strength of Ling Xi.

"As if this is the place for you to talk, brat!" The Black Dragon Sovereign replied in a frosty voice. He clearly possessed extreme loathing and dislike towards Mu Chen, since the latter still controlled the treasure of their Demonic Dragon Palace!

"Haha! The Black Dragon Sovereign truly is very impressive to the point of even being able to fight with the students of our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy." Faint laughter rang out as a voice suddenly resounded in the pavilion. Spatial fluctuations rippled around Mu Chen's body as Dean Tai Cang appeared out from within, looking towards the Black Dragon Sovereign with a faint smile on his face.

Staring coldly towards Dean Tai Cang, the Black Dragon Sovereign sneered, "I've never imagined that your Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy would actually dare to participate in the Divine Spiritual Mountain, Tai Cang. What's the matter? Weren't the deaths of those elite students that year sufficient of a lesson for you guys?"

Shooting an apathetic look at the Black Dragon Sovereign, Dean Tai Cang replied, "This year's Divine Spiritual Mountain has yet to start. If you're too proud of yourself now, you'll not be able to retract your words in the future."

"Oh really? I truly anticipate that day to come."

The Black Dragon Sovereign replied in a ridiculing tone. Sweeping his gaze towards Mu Chen, he shook his head and said, "Do you truly think that you're some sort of rare genius just because you've defeated Mo Longzi? Looks like your Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy have been getting more and more useless during the recent years. Don't worry. Since you've come here, our Demonic Dragon Palace will let you taste the same feeling that you've felt in that year once again."

As his voice rang out, he shot out a sneer, before turning around and walking away, with no one daring to block his path.

As Mo Xingtian turned around, he shot a look over towards Mu Chen, before giving something akin to a smile, accept that the smile contained not one tiny bit of warmth. Those deadpan-eyes of his appeared to be looking at a corpse, before turning around and walking away.

Looking at the back figure of Mo Xingtian, a chilling shadow flashed with Mu Chen's eyes as he thought, That Mo Xingtian is truly worthy of being the number of super ruthless figure on the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy's Bounty List. The feeling of danger that he gave to Mu Chen was far more ruthless that Mo Longzi.

Looks like there would be twists and turns in this Divine Spiritual Mountain.

Chapter 399 – Preparations

During the next three days, the Divine Spiritual City grew increasingly lively and noisy, since more and more people were streaming in from all directions, before congregating in the somewhat ancient city in the middle. Within a moment's time, like rising clouds and scudding clouds, this place had truly become the most eye-catching place within the entire Northern Heavens Continent.

Within the tall pavilion located in the city, Mu Chen looking at the figures hiding the skies and covering the earth as they streaked across the city skies akin to rays of light. Unable to help it, he started to smack his lips. During the span of these three days, he had finally recognized the lure and enticement of the "Divine Spiritual Mountain". According his estimates, all of the small and and big influences within the Northern Heavens Continent should have rushed over to get their share of this liveliness.

"There's really a great amount of people here!" said Mu Chen with a smile. Compared to the events he had experienced in the White Dragon City, Western Desolated City and others, they were truly dwarfed by the scale of the occasion caused by the Divine Spiritual Mountain. As for the Northern Spiritual Realm, there simply wasn't any possibility of such things happening. Within that place, even a person with the strength of an ordinary Heavenly Fusion would already be deemed as an Overlord. However, at this place, a person of that strength would only be considered as an 'average' person.

This kind of disparity caused Mu Chen to give a helpless laugh in response; after all, the Northern Spiritual Realm was just a small place. As for the aspect of cultivation, the requirement for recourse was rather severe and harsh. Therefore, in this small place, where a rank 3 Spiritual Array wasn't even able to be arranged, even if one was to try their utmost, they might not have that many accomplishments and achievements in it. Naturally, that small place was the birthplace of Mu Chen, with the feelings he had for it were something that couldn't be replicated.

There were times where Mu Chen had thoughts of him returning the the Northern Spiritual Realm with his current strength. If he did, his dad, Uncle Zhou, and the rest might be scared shitless of his Heavenly Completion Stage strength. Let's not talk about the small and tiny Northern Spiritual Realm. Even within the Northern Heavens Continent, he could be considered as a First-class expert. Wanting to be the ruler of a city was something that absolutely couldn't be anymore simpler.

Of course, this was just some of his whimsical thoughts, since he knew that his path to being an unrivalled expert had just started. He had promised his dad to bring his mom home, and, as of now, he was way too far from that step. Nonetheless, regardless of the difficulties he faced along the way, he would always work hard to achieve his goal. He wasn't being conceited about his strength and growth when he said those words when he left. To his dad, this might just be a promise. However, Mu Chen knew that his dad, who had painstakingly brought him up, really missed his mum to the point where his figure appeared somewhat lonely and desolate. This was especially present when he had left his dad. Nevertheless, his dad knew that he, himself, didn't have such strength to bring his wife back. Thus, he had placed all of his hopes and the painstaking effort on his son, someone that he could feel pride from.

Therefore, Mu Chen didn't want his dad to feel any disappointment in him anymore.

Facing the sun, Mu Chen gave a faint smile. Old man, the current me's working hard. Let me help you accomplishment the matter you can't do, alright?

"Tomorrow's the opening day for the Divine Spiritual Mountain."

All of the sudden, a beautiful-sounding girl's voice rang out from behind. Panning his head around, he spotted Luo Li present behind him. Sending a faint smile over, he nodded his head in agreement, before turning to look in the far distance past the city. At that place, the Spiritual Qi of the world was growing increasingly erratic as waves of it started to radiate out. Like waves on a sea, crashing sounds resounded from their movements.

At this moment, the lofty and majestic mountain that was radiating with hair-raisingly rampaging Spiritual Energy seemed to gradually started to become clearer and clearer.

This was the sign of the impending opening of the Divine Spiritual Mountain.

"For the past two days, I've sought out Senior Sister Xia about the Divine Spiritual Mountain happening this time. There might be six people that you'll have to pay attention to. These six can be considered as elites at the highest peak within the younger generations of the Northern Heavens Continent. All of them are extremely strong, and I'm afraid that even Mo Longzi might not be able to match up to them," said Luo Li with a slight frown.

'Oh? Which six?"

"The first one's, naturally, the Demonic Dragon Palace's Mo Xingtian. He can be said to be your greatest enemy this time. Since the Demonic Dragon Palace's treasure is in your hands, they'll definitely attempt to snatch it back from you. Within the Divine Spiritual Mountain, there's no way to investigate and blame anyone for any injury or death. Therefore, Mo Xingtian will definitely take action towards you in there," said Luo Li with a solemn expression on her face. "Also, according to Senior Sister Xia's reports, it's estimated that Mo Xingtian's strength should be after the First Tribulation of the "Three Sovereign Disasters", the Human Body Disaster."

"He has passed the Human Body Disaster, huh…?"

Faintly nodding his head, Mu Chen's gaze started to grow slightly sharp and astute at this moment.

"The next few ones are the young masters of the Umbra Chamber and Commerce, Liu Ying, Heavenly Yuan Chamber of Commerce, Dong Yuan and the Mysterious Yin Mountain's Zhou Xuan. As for the Western Extreme Palace's Xi Qinghai, we've already met that person once, when we were at the Western Desolated City. He was observing us and Mo Longzi for the entire duration of our fight. In addition, there's also the Heavenly Cauldron's Divine Sect's Su Buxiu."

"I'm afraid that all of these people might already possess the strength of one who has passed the First Tribulation. Each of them are top-level geniuses raised painstakingly with unlimited resources and time by those peak influences of the Northern Heavens Continent. You can consider them as future in-charges of Chambers of Commerce and sects. If you are to bump into them in the Divine Spiritual Mountain, you can consider them as your enemies."

With a faint laugh, Luo Li continued talking, "Naturally, Senior Sister Xia's not weaker than them. However, compared to other people, the chances of her targeting you are slim."

"All of them are vicious characters, huh?" said Mu Chen while nodding his head. So, these are the strengths of the highest elites in the younger generations of the Northern Heavens Continent, huh? Look's like I can't underestimate them.

"There shouldn't be a problem, right?" asked Luo Li, while shooting a look at Mu Chen. Slightly wrinkling her forehead, Luo Li said, "They should have allowed me to participate, hmph."

Clearly, those earlier little scuffles and conflicts weren't comparable to the fights that were about to happen within the Divine Spiritual Mountain. Furthermore, there wouldn't be any mercy shown by the participants inside it. If one let's down one's guard for just the slightest moment, there would be a high possibility for one to not walk out from the Divine Spiritual Mountain alive. Luo Li was clearly feeling worried about this, regardless of her trust in Mu Chen.

"There's only one quota! I can't bear to let you face those cruel and vicious fellows by yourself!" replied Mu Chen with a smile. "Rest assured. Although the opponents are very strong, I'm not that weak. Later, let me see exactly what that Divine Spiritual Mountain has. If I'm able to bring it out, I'll make sure to get one for you."

Hearing those words from Mu Chen, Luo Li rolled her eyes towards Mu Chen, before saying, "I've heard from Senior Sister Xia that there's only an extremely small number of people that can receive the Divine Spiritual Baptism every time, due to the handful of people that can enter within the area of baptism. If you still dare to bring it out, I think that you'll get assaulted by the masses then."

A smile surfaced on Mu Chen's face as he heard her reply, with no refute coming from him.

"Oh, that's right."

As though thinking about something, with a wave of her jade-like arm, numerous clumps of fire surfaced around Luo Li, before floating before her. What appeared were five clear palm-sized transparent jade bottles. Within those bottles were burning flames that were filled to the brim. Those flames were scarlet-red in colour, while radiating with high temperatures. Clearly those jade bottles were made of some special material, since no matter how high those flames burnt, they were unable to shatter their containers apart.

"These are the things that you've asked Senior Sister Xia to obtain for you. It's said that the flames within these bottles are the product of a Raging Flame Sparrow devouring the geocentric lava, and possess quite strong destructive powers. The flames within these five small jade bottles required seemingly hundreds of Raging Flame Sparrows just to fill them up," said Luo Li while shooting a doubtful look at Mu Chen. Clearly, she didn't understand the goal of him suddenly wanting to collect them. Although these things might be able have an effect of catching an opponent off-guard during a fight, they weren't particularly strong.

"I have a wonderful use for them."

Looking at the five jade bottles, a flash of happiness appeared within Mu Chen's eyes. Carefully storing them, he said, "Look's like I owe Senior Sister Xia a favor now."

These things were clearly not cheap, and were extremely difficult to collect. It was all thanks to Xia Youran being the eldest Young Mistress of the Nine Summers Chamber of Commerce. If not, he would really have no way of obtaining them within such a short amount of time.

"It should be due to Elder Sister Ling Xi," said Luo Li with a faint smile. Xia Youran was extremely close to Elder Sister Ling Xi. After seeing the latter's attitude to Mu Chen, she had clearly held Mu Chen with much more regard. Due to that, Mu Chen's request was able to be ranked so highly within her mind.

Mu Chen nodded his head, not caring anymore about the relationship between Xia Youran and Ling Xi. With these things, he had now one more hidden card up his sleeves. When the moment comes, it should be quite a handful for even Mo Xingtian to deal with them.

"Since everything's set, what's next…"

Giving a lazy stretch, Mu Chen gazed towards the mountainous silhouette faintly discernable within the blowing Spiritual Energy in the far distance, before giving a faint smile.

"…Is to wait for the opening of the Divine Spiritual Mountain."

The next day, as the early morning came, the atmosphere of the Divine Spiritual City had completely erupted, with countless shadows shooting towards the skies like a swarm of locusts. From the mountain peaks and plains surrounding the city, one could see figures endlessly taking for the skies, transforming into streaks of light, howling across the horizon.

The enticement of the Divine Spiritual Baptism was too strong, with countless people already having bloodshot eyes towards it's lure. Therefore, even those peak influences and powers weren't able to dominate over the entirety of the Divine Spiritual Mountain by themselves, since they would truly become the enemy of the masses. This was something that even the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy and the always overbearing Demonic Dragon Palace weren't able to bear, since the price of that would be too high for them to endure.

Therefore, as long as one had the strength and didn't exceed the limits, anyone within the Northern Heavens Continent possessed the qualifications to participate in the Divine Spiritual Mountain. Hence, it had led to the spectacular appearance and attendance of this occasion.

Mu Chen's group had also made their move. Under the lead of Dean Tai Cang, they arrived at the front of the vast and boundless Spiritual Energy waves. At this moment, the earth and the skies were already covered by a sea of humans. Nevertheless, only those peak influences of the Northern Heavens Continent possessed the qualifications to vie for the positions right at the very front of the human crowd.

The arrival of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy had attracted the attention of the masses. After all, within the Northern Heavens Continent, there was no one that would dare to show contempt for such a true leviathan.

Sending a smile only towards some of the people familiar to him, Dean Tai Cang proceeded to place his hands behind his back, sending a deep gaze towards the lofty and majestic mountainous form present behind those Spiritual Energy waves that isolated in another space.

At this moment, Mu Chen had his eyes towards a place not far away, where those from the Demonic Dragon Palace were. With the Black Dragon Sovereign standing at the front, presently behind him was the hemp-clothed, extremely ordinary-looking Mo Xingtian. If not for that deadpanned gaze that gave everyone a profound impression, it would be extremely hard to recognise him if he was placed within a crowd of people. However, this ordinary-looking fellow was genuinely the most vicious person within the younger generations in the Northern Heavens Continent.

Sensing Mu Chen's gaze, Mo Xingtian panned his head over, sending a cold and detached smile back towards Mu Chen. Although there wasn't any killing intent present within his smile, Mu Chen knew that this Mo Xingtian might have already included him within his 'Must Kill' list.

"The second place on the bounty list has already been dealt with. All that's left is you."

Mu Chen muttered to himself, before raising his head up. Looking towards the vast and boundless Spiritual Energy waves before him, intense fluctuations started to appear within them. At this moment, the lofty and majestic mountainous form hidden in the depths grew increasingly clear and distinct, while ripples started to undulate from the space before everyone's eyes.

Everyone's gaze started to churn and flare up.

The Divine Spiritual Mountain was about to start!

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