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Chapter 388 – Stealing Spirituality

Within the large hall, all was quiet as Dean Tai Cang and the Elders looked at the glowing Spiritual Energy screen, where the scene happening in the Freshman region was displayed. Obviously, the commotion that happened there had caught their eyes.

“That little fella…”

Focusing on the figure of Mu Chen displayed within the glowing Spiritual Energy screen, Dean Tai Cang finally gave a soft laugh with the feeling of a heavy weight having been lifted off his shoulders.

Ever since he gave Mu Chen the condition of breaking through to Heavenly Completion Stage within a month, he had been secretly observing the former. With Mu Chen’s strength then, breaking through to Heavenly Completion Stage within a month was a rather difficult task to accomplish.

This would also make him feel extremely pressed.

Dean Tai Cang wanted to see the decisions that Mu Chen would make when he was forced into such a pressing situation. When Mu Chen had sought Ling Xi’s help, he and the other Elders were slightly astonished. However, the cultivation method that he had used afterwards had caused their hearts to sink down a little.

The path that led to one becoming a true expert was filled with too many thorns and torments. However, of the people that were able to finally walk out of this path, every single one of them were tenacious in spirit. Regardless of any situation they were in, they weren’t people that would give up so easily.

The the Dao of cultivation, practising by oneself was the righteous path. As for those that were similar to how Mu Chen was relying on Ling Xi’s Spiritual Energy to cultivate, they had diverged to the wrong fork in the road. Perhaps, it was able to allow for his strength to rapidly increase in a short period of time. However, in the distant future, this malpractice would become a heart demon in Mu Chen’s path towards becoming a true expert.

If he continued cultivating using such a method, it would have an extremely huge impact on his future accomplishments.

During the past few days, even Hall Master Mo You and the other Heavenly Seated Elders were unable to endure Mu Chen’s continuation with this cultivation method so much so that they thought of forcefully intervening. However, they were restrained by Dean Tai Cang. In such a matter, if Mu Chen was able to comprehend the consequences by himself, it would have a beneficial effect of greatly increasing his mental state. If others were to butt in and interfere, it would not lead to such a perfect ending.

However, even Dean Tai Cang was unsure if Mu Chen was capable of giving up on the lure of drastically increasing his strength that this way of cultivation provided.

As they quietly watched, time went on, continuing for half a month. However, during the half a month, as Mu Chen’s strength rapidly increased, the disappointment within their eyes slowly piled up and up.

If Mu Chen was any other ordinary student, they might not have cared so much about him. However, the current Mu Chen could be considered to have exceeded Shen Cangsheng and become the most outstanding student in their Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. There were only an extreme few in the earlier batches that were able to compare to him. In fact, he might have even walked much farther than them on the path towards becoming an expert.

Therefore, they had extremely high anticipation and expectations towards Mu Chen. Nevertheless, those expectations started to dissipate, little by little…

All of these feelings lasted till Mu Chen suddenly stopped that cultivation method two days ago…

“That’s a hard decision to make. I’ve even assumed that he would sink deeper and deeper…” Hall Master Mo You exhaled a breath, before sighing in admiration as he spoke out. In accordance to the rate Mu Chen was progressing in that cultivation technique, he might’ve been able to break through to Heavenly Completion Stage in a few more days. However, who would have expected that Mu Chen would actually put it to a halt at the most critical moment.

“However, Ling Xi is really reckless…she had actually used such a method. Exactly what relationship does she have with Mu Chen?” Frowning, Elder Zhu Tian asked.

Ling Xi’s method had eliminated some of the negative influences that might affect Mu Chen on his walk along the path of cultivation, and was completely on the level of hurting herself to benefit others. Such a thing was obviously exceedingly inconceivable to the Heavenly Seated Elders. Furthermore, with Ling Xi and her famous cold and detached personality, she had never once interfered with any matter of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Only when the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy needed to construct Spiritual Arrays and under the behest of Dean Tai Cang would she give a little bit of face and take action. However, now…

With regards to this, Dean Tai Cang could only shake his head. Ling Xi’s history was already extremely mysterious. However, all in all, this was of no harm to their Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Speaking out, he said, “Ling Xi’s too young. Although she’s extremely strong, she’s lacking in experience, compared to you guys. She’s not to blame for this matter. As of now, let’s allow Mu Chen to continue cultivating at her place. I think that the previous matter should not happen again.”

“Then, if Mu Chen really breaks through to Heavenly Completion Stage, would you still allow him to participate in the Divine Spiritual Mountain?” asked Hall Master Mo You.

“Compared to the most elite of the younger generation in the Northern Heavens Continent, a Heavenly Completion Stage Initial Phase still has quite a bit of disparity. Although Mu Chen cannot be judged by the book, this is still an extremely important and yet dangerous occasion to participate in,” added Elder Zhu Tian in a deep voice.

“There’s still half a year left before the start of the Great Academy Competition…If something happens to Mu Chen before that, it would be too great of a loss for us.”

With a bitter laugh, Elder Zhu Tian continued speaking, “Furthermore, the elimination rate of our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy in the past two Great Academy Competitions had exceeded 80%. According to the rules, this doesn’t meet the standards. If this was to happen again in this upcoming one, there might be people that would take advantage of this to snatch away our title as one of the Five Great Academies. After all, the Saint Spirit Academy has always disliked us. Furthermore, there’re quite a few strong and powerful academies that are eying us covetously…”

This caused a few Elders to turn quiet. Within the Five Great Academies, their Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was ranked last, and had comparatively weaker backgrounds than the other four. The absolute majority of the reason why the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was able to become one of the Five Great Academies was due to the strength of Lord Northern Sea Dragon. However, if they weren’t able to produce adequate results, their title would be stripped. Even Lord Northern Sea Dragon wasn’t able to do anything about that. Furthermore, they didn’t have the face to use that as a point to threaten others…

With a single statement of saying that their students were being deficient and that their academy was being incapable, it was already enough to stuff their mouths full.

“Hmph! For the sake of recruiting students with special and distinguished talent, the Saint Spiritual Academy had relied on some unscrupulous methods. They have even interfered with the Spiritual Road. At that time, when they had settled on Ji Xuan, they had secretly provided help, letting Luo Li face some life-threatening situations. They had also forced Mu Chen to turn into that Blood Calamity of the Spiritual Road, causing a massacre which resulted in him being kicked of out there…” said Hall Master Mo You with a cold snort, appearing exceedingly discontent with the Saint Spiritual Academy.

“There’s still…Shen Cangsheng, Li Xuantong and the rest of those on the Heavenly Rankings. They are good seedlings, and the matter with Mo Longzi this time had quite a big impact on them…”

Slightly narrowing his eyes, Dean Tai Cang gentle dispelled that thought with his hands as he said, “The matter of the Divine Spiritual Mountain would have to see if Mu Chen is able to break through to Heavenly Completion Stage within the remaining time. As for Shen Cangsheng and the rest, I’ve my own plans for them. For those children, if we give them some time, what would the most elite in the younger generation of the Saint Spiritual Academy be compared to them?”

Upon hearing Dean Tai Cang’s words, Mo You, Elder Zhu Tian and the other Elder didn’t continue speaking and nodded their heads in approval.

The next day, Mu Chen appeared once again on the quiet and secluded mountain peak where Ling Xi lived. At that place, Ling Xi was already waiting for him. Upon seeing his figure, a smile surfaced on Ling Xi’s beautiful face.

“I assumed that you’d not come.”

Mu Chen tilted his head in slight displeasure.

“I’m sorry. I’ve not considered much for this matter.” Looking at Mu Chen, Ling Xi spoke out in a soft voice. Although her experience and wisdom truly was not comparable the Heavenly Seated Elders of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, whom have cultivated for many, many years, being a person on the same level as them, she had sensed the malpractice her method would bring to Mu Chen after calming down and thinking it over after the scene that happened yesterday.

“I’m the one who put forth the request, so I’m the one that needs to apologize,” said Mu Chen while shaking his head. Although this matter had narrowly caused a great deal of trouble for him, it was still a good matter, all in all. His cultivation since coming to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy had increased too quickly, with his mental state of mind having some fluctuations after achieving victory. This time could be considered as a method to temper his mental state, and allowed him to control his true heart.

A faint smile appeared on Ling Xi’s face as she replied, “For the sake of compensation, I’ll do my best to help you. Naturally, I’ll not use that method again.”

Looking at Ling Xi’s beautiful smile, Mu Chen’s finally relaxed his heart. With a smile, he said, “As long as it’s not the fusion of Spiritual Energy, I quite like any other method similar to that.”

Ling Xi immediately gawked, before a faint shade of red appeared on her beautiful face. Gently pursing her lips, she replied him with a smile, “Are you trying to take liberties with your Elder Sister?”

“My mistake, my mistake. Let’s start.” Giving a dry cough, Mu Chen hastily changed the topic.

Ling Xi shot a displeased glare at Mu Chen, before walking towards the back of the mountain, with Mu Chen rapidly in tow. After nearly ten minutes, they stopped at a spacious clearing behind the mountain.

Upon arriving here, Mu Chen shot an astonished look at the sky, noticing the faint feelings of distortion happening there. Faintly, he was seemingly able to see the complicated intertwinement of countless glowing threads, as well as the presence of Spiritual Array fluctuations.

Furthermore, Mu Chen was able to feel that the Spiritual Aura of the world seemed to be exceedingly thick and dense in this place. In fact, there were condensations of Spiritual Energy found on the tree leaves in the vicinity, while a dense fog covered their surroundings.

“The Spiritual Aura here…” Mu Chen spoke out as he looked towards Ling Xi in astonishment.

“You should know that the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy has an 8th grade Congregation Spiritual Array, right?” replied Ling Xi with a faint smile.

Knowing about that, Mu Chen nodded his head. 8th grade Spirit Convergence Array. That was an extremely frightening thing. Within the entire Northern Heavens Continent, it might be the only one of its kind. However, since entering the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, Mu Chen had yet to see that Spiritual Array. It’s said that the 8th grade Spirit Convergence Array wasn’t open to students, and was hidden within the deepest part of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

Could it be that the 8th grade Spiritual Array was at this place?

“The Spiritual Aura of the world present in the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy is supplied by the 8th grade Spirit Convergence Array. Therefore, it can be said that it is the lifeblood of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, and can be considered as the academy’s most important thing. Other than special circumstances, it will absolutely not be opened up.” Ling Xi started her explanation.

Mu Chen got a flash of understand. That’s why he had never heard of anyone truly being able to enter the rumoured 8th grade Spirit Convergence Array.

“This place is…” said Mu Chen as he looked doubtfully at Ling Xi. Since the 8th grade Spirit Convergence Array won’t open up, why did Ling Xi explain all this to him?

“Indeed, the 8th grade Spirit Convergence Array cannot be opened. However…I’m able to use some methods to steal some of the Spiritual Aura from inside it,” replied Ling Xi with a sweet smile.

“Steal some?” Now Mu Chen’s eyes had sprung wide open. How was she able to do that?

“After staying in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy for so long, the only thing that has some interest to me is that 8th grade Spirit Convergence Array. After researching for some time, although I’m unable to completely control it, I can feel and tweak some of its principles and functions. Therefore, stealing some Spiritual Aura from it isn’t considered too difficult for me.”

Placing her hands behind her back, Ling Xi tilted her head as she looked at Mu Chen. As she did so, her black hair slipped off her shoulder like a waterfall, accentuating her beauty to soul-stirring levels. At this moment, while looking at Mu Chen with her beautiful eyes, a sweet smile appeared on her face.

“This way, can it be considered as genuine cultivation? You won’t reject this, right?”

Chapter 389 – Pride of the Upperclassman

Looking towards the sky, he saw an extremely complicated glowing pattern made of the intertwinement of countless glowing threads. The degree of complication present caused even his eyes turn spirally, while a dizzy feeling erupted within his mind. In the next instant, he quickly turned his vision away as shock and amazement filled his heart. As of now, with his accomplishments in the area of Spiritual Arrays, he was still unable to completely see the rotation of this Spiritual Array! Exactly how strong and complicated was this Spiritual Array?!

Indeed, Ling Xi was undoubtedly a Spiritual Array Grandmaster. On the accomplishments of Spiritual Arrays, he had quite a big disparity when compared to her.

“I naturally have no qualms about this method,” said Mu Chen while rubbing his temples and giving a smile. Regardless of the density and power of the Spiritual Energy, those were just external factors. However, if he was able to absorb and refine them, he would be completely relying on himself. This was completely different from the previous method, where he was able to obtain a rapidly increasing strength without doing any work.

“Let’s begin today. You’ll enter it and start cultivating, while I activate the Spiritual Array. After tearing a hole into the 8th grade Spiritual Array, I’ll siphon some Spiritual Aura out from there.”

Faintly nodding her head, Ling Xi turned her beautiful eyes towards Mu Chen while saying, “However, whether or not you can break through to Heavenly Completion Stage in the remaining time would have to depend on your hard work.”

“Yes. I’ll have to trouble you then, Elder Sister Ling Xi.”

Nodding his head, Mu Chen’s eyes were brimming with resolution and firmness. If he was unable to even force his way into the Heavenly Completion Stage, how could he say to Luo Li that he would be an unrivaled expert, overcoming all obstacles and protecting her with all his might?

“Let’s begin.”

Not continuing to delay with any words, Ling Xi extended her jade-like hands, clapping them together. Activating her hand seal, streaks of light shot from within, rushing towards the countless intertwined glowing threads in the sky.


As a low and deep rumbling sound seemed to ring out across the horizon, dazzling rays of brilliance erupted from the countless glowing threads. In the next instant, the glowing threads converged, transforming into an approximately hundred foot wide glowing vortex in the sky.

The centre of the vortex headed straight towards nihility, connecting to an unknown place. Extremely vast and boundless Spiritual Energy seemed to be faintly discernable as it spewed out from within like an erupting volcano.

Taking a deep breath, Mu Chen shot straight towards the mountain peak situated below the vortex before taking a seat.

With a wave of her jade-like hand, the glowing vortex started to furiously revolve about. Amidst the howl resounding about, the worldly Spiritual Aura present within the boundaries of the mountain peak suddenly increased drastically as a spiritual mist rose into the air.


Gorgeous-looking boundless Spiritual Energy appeared within the vortex, pouring down in torrents like a tsunami. Worldly Spiritual Aura fluctuations covered the entire mountain peak, completely shrouding Mu Chen’s body within it.

Looking at this scene unfurl before her eyes, Ling Xi nodded her head in satisfaction. Turning her lovable face around, she shot a vigilant glance towards the distance. After sensing nothing present there, she gracefully turned around and headed away.

On a mountain peak in the far distance, Dean Tai Cang and the other Elders could only give a bitter laugh as they observed the commotion happening in their view.

“This Ling Xi is actually able to siphon some of the Spiritual Aura from within that 8th grade Spiritual Array…” said Hall Master Mo You in shock and astonishment as he smacked his lips. This 8th grade Spiritual Array was the lifeblood of their Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. During the creation of the academy, their Lord Northern Sea Dragon had paid an enormous price to hire an extremely powerful and mysterious influence from the Great Thousand World to create it. However, he never imagined that a Spiritual Array of such a degree would have a slit ripped open by Ling Xi. She’s truly formidable.

“It’s alright.”

Dean Tai Cang said with a hearty chuckle. Not caring that Ling Xi had her attention set on their most important 8th grade Spiritual Array of their Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, he stared at the glowing Spiritual Energy pillar pouring down like a waterfall with his hands crossed behind his back. “Next up, let me truly see, exactly, if Mu Chen’s able to rely on himself to completely break through in the last half a month…” he muttered.

If Mu Chen was truly able to accomplish that, then their Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy had truly produced a rarely seen monstrous talent.

The commotion that Ling Xi caused wasn’t small, since the boundless glowing Spiritual Energy pillar descending from the sky appeared was exceedingly eye-catching within the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Therefore, for the next few periods of time, there were quite a few students who paid attention to this strange phenomena, causing unavoidable shock and amazement within the student body.

However, their shock and astonishment didn’t last long, since the reason behind this matter gradually surfaced. As that news was spread around, amazed and astonishment filled the eyes of many as they thought, Mu Chen actually wanted to rely on this to rush to Heavenly Completion Stage?

That fellow was truly abnormal!

Countless students exclaimed in astonishment as they heard the news. Mu Chen had arrived in their Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy only a year ago. However, his progress was sufficient to cause those senior students to feel inferior and ashamed at their own progress. Nevertheless, after recapping that even a vicious person like Mo Longzi had suffered a beating in Mu Chen’s hands, they knew that this fellow simply couldn’t be seen through a normal perspective. Why would they need to compare with such an abnormal human? Thinking along this path, they felt much more relieved within their hearts.

In this world, there’s always some people that were out of the ordinary.

At a mountain peak within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, Li Xuantong was staring at the gigantic glowing Spiritual Energy pillar in the far distance. After a long while, he turned his vision towards the Freshman region. At that area was a girl that he was completely unable to remove from his mind. Nevertheless, he knew that he might never, ever be able to see the lovable appearance that naturally came out of her heart that she revealed in front of Mu Chen, for his sake…

A sliver of complicated emotions flashed across Li Xuantong’s handsome face. The youth that he had doubted and questioned at the beginning had progressed at such a rapid pace, even exceeding him now. All of this proved the keenness and accuracy of the girl’s vision. No matter how extraordinary and outstanding she was, even after everyone had doubted and questioned her choice of liking that person, she still stuck to her beliefs.

Li Xuantong was undeniably arrogant and proud of himself. There was no need to question his talent. On a certain perspective, Mu Chen could be considered his love rival. However, this didn’t stop Li Xuantong from denying the recognition Mu Chen had achieved from his accomplishments. Indeed, this youth possessed the potential to make Luo Li fall in love with him. Nevertheless, the feeling of being surpassed and overtaken was truly hard to stomach.

“Haha, looks like we, the two Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy brothers of the same boat, are about to be overtaken.” A laughing voice suddenly rang out from behind him. Turning around, Li Xuantong noticed Shen Cangsheng sitting on a large cliff behind his back. On the sole aspect of appearance, Shen Cangsheng might not be as dashing as Li Xuantong, and not as handsome as Mu Chen. However, he possessed a bearing that was solely his. That tall and straight posture appeared akin to a divine spear that could pierce through the confines of heavens, forever unable to be bent. The disdainful look present on his face wasn’t brash or insolent, making people feel an enchanting and imposing aura radiating from him.

Shen Cangsheng possessed extremely strong prestige and popularity within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Even with Mu Chen’s strong awe and fame rushing throughout the entire academy due him defeating Mo Longzi, it wasn’t able to suppress the prestige of the Heavenly Rankings’ Overlord. This wasn’t due to the reason of people, but that Shen Cangsheng was an extremely charismatic person.

Heading towards the stone cliff and sitting down, Li Xuantong faintly spoke out, “What’s the matter? Is the Overlord of our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy’s Heavenly Rankings feeling dispirited? That’s not like you.”

“Mu Chen truly is an extremely formidable fellow.”

Looking at the glowing Spiritual Energy pillar in the far distance, Shen Cangsheng replied, “From the establishment of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy till now, people who were able to achieve such accomplishments within the first year of entering the academy would not exceed more than the number of our fingers. After thinking, the most recent person seemed to exist a hundred years ago. I still remember his name, Qin Zhantian. During the Great Spiritual Academy Competition that year, countless geniuses from various great spiritual academies were overshadowed under his feet. Even the Divine Sons of the Saint Spiritual Academy that year had suffered defeat in his hands. Under his spear, he swept away anyone in his path, being undefeatable and invincible!”

“That time can be considered as the most uplifting and proud moment within the past hundred years of our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy’s history!”

“Senior Brother Qin Zhantian, huh?” Li Xuantong said in a soft voice, “I’ve heard that he seems to be a regional Overlord in the Great Thousand Worlds, possessing heaven-transcending power.”

Fanaticism was faintly present within Shen Cangsheng’s eyes as he spoke out with a smile, “He’s my goal. When I’ve entered the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, I’ve already said that I want to be the same as him!”

“Therefore,” looking towards Li Xuantong, a grin cracked open from Shen Cangsheng’s mouth, while a disdainful and haughty look erupted from his eyes once again.

“I’ll send my application to the Dean to let me enter the Door of the Northern Depths to train and cultivate!”

Faint shock immediately shook through Li Xuantong’s heart. Looking towards Shen Cangsheng, he spoke out, “The Door of the Northern Depths? Isn’t that the place that turned students crazy due to being unable to handle the pressure from within?”

That place could be considered as a terrifying place that would cause the faces of the people in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy to change when mentioned. That year, there were outstanding students who had entered it. However, in the end, due to being unable to handle the pressure within that place, they suffered mental damage, resulting in them turning crazy, leading to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy to shut it down. After that, it was rarely ever opened again. However, seemingly due to this reason, the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was hard pressed to achieve any good results in the following Great Spiritual Academy Competitions.

Now, Shen Cangsheng actually wanted to go in there to train and cultivate?

With a smile, Shen Cangsheng smiled and continued talking. “If I’m scared and afraid by just this, how can I even talk about something like surpassing Senior Brother Qin Zhantian? Li Xuantong, I really want to participate in the Great Spiritual Academy Competition, and compete with those geniuses and monstrous talents from the various great spiritual academies. What about you? Are you going to continue in this lukewarm state, and wait for Mu Chen to overtake you?”

Instantly, Li Xuantong turned quiet. After a while, placing his hand behind his head, he looked towards the glowing Spiritual Energy pillar in the far distance, while the gaze within his eyes slowly grew swift and fierce.

“Door of the Northern Depths? Very well! I also really want to see exactly how frightening that place is! Since you dare to enter that place, why can’t I do the same? You still don’t have the ability to force me to be your number two for eternity, Shen Cangsheng! What’s more, how can I let Mu Chen show his might alone at the Great Spiritual Academy Competition?”

“Haha! Well said!”

Standing up, Shen Cangsheng gave a heroic and hearty laugh.

“When we leave the Door of the Northern Depths, let’s dish a beating out to that little brat Mu Chen. Although he had saved us, we’ve to let him know that surpassing your Seniors isn’t an easy task!”

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