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Chapter 380 – Three Great Sovereigns

"Dean Tai Cang?!"

"That's the Dean of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, Tai Cang?"

"I never imagined that even this person would appear…"

When the words of indifference rang out from the Black Dragon Sovereign and resounded across this stretch of the world, a shock went through the hearts of countless experts within the Western Desolated City.

The Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was like a leviathan within the Northern Heavens Continent. Being its Dean, Tai Cang was a peak-level expert standing at the extreme top of this continent. No one ever imagined that there would actually be two Sovereign Stage existences appearing within the Western Desolated City. This was a rather inconceivable matter.

After all, Sovereign Stage experts possessed the qualifications to be an overlord of a region, and were usually extremely rare to be spotted. Ordinary people would be difficult to catch a glimpse of them, let alone the leaders of the gigantic powers like the Black Dragon Sovereign and Dean Tai Cang…

The turmoil happening within Mu Chen's body gradually returned to normalcy due to the large and board hand on his shoulder. Exhaling deeply, he raised his head to look at the imposing figure in front of him, while happiness uncontrollably erupted from his mind. Since Dean Tai Cang had revealed himself, it looked like he wouldn't need to worry about today's matters anymore.

"Thank's a lot Dean Tai Cang." Mu Chen spoke out in gratitude. If not for Dean Tai Cang taking action, the Great Meru Demonic Pillar within his body would be snatched away by the Black Dragon Sovereign. As of now, he had a headache dealing with the cruel and untamed nature of it. However, he knew that when the day came that he was truly able to tame this Great Meru Demonic Pillar, it would definitely provide an extremely powerful strength to him. Therefore, he wasn't willing to hand it over.

Dean Tai Cang wave his hand in reply. Turning his head over, he cast his deep and wise gaze towards Mu Chen and said with a smile, "I truly never expected that you, little fellow, would concealed it so deeply."

Mu Chen gave an awkward laugh in reply. Looks like Dean Tai Cang knew about the matter of the Great Meru Demonic Pillar within my body.

"Let it be. Since you're able to obtain it, you have a predestined affinity with it. However, that thing's too ominous. If you continue leaving it within you, I'm not exactly sure if it will be a greatness or a disaster."

Dean Tai Cang didn't say much about this, before shooting a look at Shen Cangsheng, Li Xuantong and the rest in the distance and said, "However, for this matter, I really have to thank you. If not, the face of our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy would not be too good right now."

"You're making it sound too serious, Dean. I'm also a student of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Helping the academy is also something I should do." Mu Chen replied with a smile.

With a faint smile, Dean Tai Cang nodded his head, before turning his gaze towards the cold and dark-looking Black Dragon Sovereign below. Stars seemed to appear within his deep and abstruse eyes as he spoke out, "Black Dragon Sovereign, your actions here seem somewhat overboard."

Staring at Dean Tai Cang, the Spiritual Qi flowing within the world seemed to have frozen solid under the interlocking gazes between the two, while a pressure that was hard to discribe started to permeate throughout the world.

Under this pressure, countless experts felt their bodies becoming seemingly heavy, while the Spiritual Energy within their bodies showed signs of freezing up. Instantly, shock and terror filled their hearts. Sovereign Stage experts were actually that frightening? They were able to create a pressure that was more terrifying that what was generated by Mu Chen's fight before even taking action!

With a wave of his sleeve, the Black Dragon Sovereign gave a faint smile, finally breaking the frightening pressure and heaviness permeating in the air, before replying, "You're making this sound too serious, Dean Tai Cang. For that item, our Demonic Dragon Palace will use all methods and ways to get it back. Therefore, I hope that Dean Tai Cang will be able to let that little friend follow me back to the Demonic Dragon Palace. In that way, our Demonic Dragon Palace will remember this favor from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy."

Hearing those words, countless people quietly grinned. The Demonic Dragon Palace seemingly had an irreconcilable hatred with the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. How was this favor of any use?

Within the sky, Dean Tai Cang gave a smile, before shaking his head and replying, "It's Mu Chen's predestined affinity to obtain it. I've no right to let him hand it over."

He had also heard of the prestige of the Great Meru Demonic Pillar before. If not for the White Dragon Sovereign betraying the Demonic Dragon Palace and bringing it away from them, the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy might have had to fight with the Demonic Dragon Palace for a much longer time before they achieved victory. Therefore, he was extremely clear of the formidability of that ancient, ominous weapon. As of now, since it had landed in Mu Chen's hands, the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy would obviously not let it fall in the hands of the Demonic Dragon Palace.

Vortexes seemed to surface within the black hole-like eyes of the Black Dragon Sovereign, before speaking out with a deeper voice, "Does that mean that the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy really plans to start a war with our Demonic Dragon Palace?"

The entire city turned deathly silent, while shock surfaced within the heart of the green-robed male floating in the distant sky. If the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy were to start a battle with the Demonic Dragon Palace, it would definitely become an astonishing war that would shake the entire Northern Heavens Continent.

"Black Dragon Sovereign, are you threatening our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy?" However, facing the Black Sovereign’s words, which seemed to be filled with the flames of war, a sharp and incisive glare erupted from Dean Tai Cang's eyes as he gave a slow reply.

"Dean Tai Cang, do you really think that we're truly afraid of your Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy after defeating us that year?!"

Not backing down any one bit, the Black Dragon Sovereign took a step forward, immediately appearing in the sky. In the next instant, a gigantic thousand foot wide Spiritual Energy vortex condensed behind his back. The Spiritual Energy of the world crazily surged and erupted, before forming a black figure thousands of feet tall that seemingly towered across the world.

Standing tall within the world, a giant dragon seemed to sit within each of the eyes of the black figure. In a breath of time, storms started howling out, while clouded layers filled the sky as an indescribable power of frightening proportions radiated from it, causing the world to mourn and shudder.


Looking at the black figure thousands of feet long, Mu Chen could not help sucking in a breath of cold air, while shock and terror filled his heart. Before the black figure, he was akin to an ant facing a human. Without the slightest bit of doubt, if the black figure was to send a hand patting out, he would be hard pressed to escape with his life intact.

This was the power of a Sovereign Stage expert? No wonder they could be considered as the standard of a regional overlord. Compared to the Heavenly Completion Stage, they were as seemingly different as the mud on the ground to the clouds in the sky!

"Sovereign Celestial Body? Black Dragon Sovereign, are you really going to fight with me today?" Dean Tai Cang's deep and abstruse eyes gazed towards the thousand plus foot long black figure towering over the world. An indifference was still present within his gaze, without any fluctuations as an indifferent sounding voice resounded out.

Standing before his Sovereign Celestial Body, chilling intent erupted from within the eyes of the Black Dragon Sovereign. However, he didn't immediately take action, as he was extremely clear of how tyrannical Dean Tai Cang was. Even he wasn't able to guarantee a victory against the latter.

Furthermore, once he took action, it might lead to a great war between the two sides. As of now, their Demonic Dragon Palace still wasn't completely prepared to tear off all the faces against the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

However, retreating without obtain a single thing and letting the Great Meru Demonic Pillar fall in the hands of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was something that he was extremely unwilling to do.

Therefore, the Black Dragon Sovereign remained quiet for a moment, with his Sovereign Celestial body yet to dissipate away. Its gigantic shadow shrouded the city, causing countless people to feel a chill running through their bodies. All of them knew their city was completely unable to endure a fight between two people of their level.

"Haha, these two sirs, our Western Extreme Palace is small, and can't endure the turmoil of you two."

Just as the Black Dragon Sovereign was hesitating on whether to take action, a laughing voice resounded across the world. In the next instant, everyone noticed spatial distortions forming across the horizon. Turning into a pathway, a figure stepped out from within.

The figure that appeared was a middle-aged man in green robes. The attitude of this male was extraordinary, capable of causing an overbearing aura to appear with every single move he took. With a glance, anyone could tell that he was an absolutely extraordinary being.

As this person appeared, astonishment and shock was present in the clamoring that immediately broke out within the Western Desolated City.

"That's the Palace Master of the Western Extreme Palace, the Western Extreme Sovereign?!"

Countless people felt shocked as they thought, Today's truly lively! Ordinarily, towering over others in lofty positions, commanding and directing over the Northern Heavens Continent, there was, unexpected, three of those Sovereign Stage experts that have appeared before them.

Upon seeing this person, the green-robed male in the distance felt extremely elated. Rushing over, he greeted in a respectful voice, "Father."

This green-robed male was impressively the Young Palace Master of the Western Extreme Palace, Xi Qinghai. At the same time, he was one of the outstanding people within the younger generation of the Northern Heavens Continent.

Waving his hand towards Xi Qinghai, the Western Extreme Sovereign looked towards the Black Dragon Sovereign and Dean Tai Cang, who were in a confrontation with each other. He had immediately sensed it when the latter two had shown themselves, causing him to immediately rush over. This was, after all, the domain of their Western Extreme Palace. If he was to allow the two of them to duke it out here, it would result in losses for their Western Extreme Palace, something that he was not willing to see.

He was not willing to offend either of the two. Regardless of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy or the Demonic Dragon Palace, both were genuine leviathans of the Northern Heavens Continent. Offending either of them would result in an unhappy matter.

"Haha, so it’s the Western Extreme Sovereign." Looking at the Western Extreme Sovereign that had appeared, Dean Tai Cang gave a laugh, before saying, "Thanks for the hospitality shown towards us for coming here without any invitation."

With a smile, the Western Extreme Sovereign cupped his hands in reply, appearing rather courteous. Although they were both Sovereigns, he knew that he, being a 3rd Grade Sovereign, was much weaker that Dean Tai Cang.

"These two sirs, please look on the face of our Western Extreme Palace and not fight at this place," said the Western Extreme Sovereign whist cupping his hands. If it was anyone else that dared to fight here, they might be immediately sent flying with a pat of his hand. However, the two people in front of him, were figures at the peak of the Northern Heavens Continent.

A faint glow flashed within the eyes of the Black Dragon Sovereign. In the end, he didn't say anything with regards to this. With a wave of his sleeve, the thousand plus foot glowing figure behind him started to slowly dissipate, causing the terrifying pressure that radiated from it to follow suit.

He knew that with Dean Tai Cang protecting Mu Chen, he was absolutely unable to retreive the Great Meru Demonic Pillar. The only way for that to happen would be for him to summon all the other Sovereigns from their Demonic Dragon Palace. However, if that were to happen, it would mean that they had completely gone to war against the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. On the aspect of strength, they were truly not afraid of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. However, they had extreme dread for the old smelly bird bastard within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Before their plans were completely perfect, they could only patiently wait and bide their time.

"Tai Cang, your Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy should be proud of ourselves! Very soon, when our Demonic Dragon Palace has completed our preparations, we'll definitely flatten and decimate your Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy!" Dark and chilling intent flashed within the eyes of the Black Dragon Sovereign, with a smirk ringing out within his heart. In the next moment, with a wave of his sleeve, a ray of light enveloped the heavily injured Mo Longzi below.

"Tai Cang, the fight of the younger generations below can't be considered your victory. If your students are truly capable, you should send them to participate in the 'Divine Spiritual Mountain' this time and let them test it out. That's the greatest occasion for the younger generation of our Northern Heavens Continent. Your Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was absent for many many years already. This doesn't suit the fame and reputation of your Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, right? Or is that you're afraid to lose face over there?" said the Black Dragon Sovereign with a faint laugh, while amusement and mockery brimmed within his voice.

Not a single fluctuation was present within Dean Tai Cang's expression as he replied in an indifferent tone. "There's no need for you to get worried over this. If our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy wishes to, we will naturally participate in it."

"Haha, I'll have to look forward to the grand arrival of your Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, then. I hope that you'll not disappoint us. That's the greatest occasion for the younger generations of our Northern Heavens Continent. Without the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, it would be much less spectacular and wonderful, you know?"

The Black Dragon Sovereign gave a hearty laugh, while delight blossomed within his heart. He knew about the heart pains of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. This was caused when their strongest students on their Heavenly Rankings were killed by the peak geniuses of their Demonic Dragon Palace during the Divine Spiritual Mountain that year, resulting in them no longer participating in such an occasion again. If they dared to participate in this occasion again, it would be the best chance for their Demonic Dragon Palace to demonstrate their prestige.

As his laughter resounded out, he grabbed the heavily-injured Mo Longzi in his hand. In the next instant, spatial ripples started to fluctuated around his body as his figure slowly assimilated into it, before completely disappearing from this stretch of the world.

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