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Chapter 379 – Might of the Demonic Pillar

The demonic energies that blotted the skies swept out across the sky at this moment. Hiding the skies and covering the earth, even the scorching sun in the sky was completely covered by them. In an instant, this entire stretch of the world was submerged in a dusky shadow.

Countless people looked in shock towards the gigantic demonic pillar that had appeared behind Mu Chen. That was a demonic pillar approximately a thousand feet long. It appeared akin to a pillar that stood tall, hoisting up the heavens, while radiating with frightening fluctuations.

Faced against this gigantic demonic pillar, even the face of the green-robed male within the large hall had started to uncontrollably contort, while shock and terror flashed within his eyes.

Exactly where did that demonic pillar come from?! It's actually terrifying to such a degree!

Across the horizon, Mu Chen had completely disregarded the countless shocked and terrified gazes directed at him. Fiendish energies were accumulating crazily within his scarlet eyes. Since Mo Longzi had bet his all, why couldn't he do the same?

If he were to lose, not only would it cause everyone from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy present here to fall into a dire predicament, it would also cause the academy to suffer a blow to her face in the Northern Heavens Continent. Obviously, this was a situation that he was not willing to see.

As a scarlet shadow erupted within Mu Chen's eyes, a low roar rang out from his mouth. Doing a empty hug in front of him, the gigantic thousand foot long demonic pillar unexpectedly trembled, before starting to swing forward.

Bang! Bang!

Unexpectedly, the Spiritual Aura within the heavens and earth turned into a gigantic Spiritual Aura vortex due the the swing of the demonic pillar. Tens of thousands of Spiritual Energies between the heavens and earth started to crazily condense together into the vortex.

Although this demonic pillar wasn't the actual body of the Great Meru Demonic Pillar, and was merely a projection. The might and intimidation it possessed had clearly exceeded Mu Chen's expectations by a large, large margin.

This immemorial weapon truly lived up to its name. Although Mu Chen had yet to truly see the might of this divine weapon, he was certainly positive that this Great Meru Demonic Pillar would not be weaker than the so-called 'Divine Weapons'. The only downside was that thing was too fearful. If he were to lose control of it, it would devour him instead, before being corroded by the fiendish energies within it.

If not for the mysterious black paper within Mu Chen's body, he might have been affected by this Great Meru Demonic Pillar to a situation that was worse than death.


The Spiritual Aura vortex continued to crazily revolve as the scarlet shadow in Mu Chen's eyes increased in great density. With an explosive cry, countless people stared in shock at him, who was still hugging air. At this instant, the thousand foot long demonic pillar had shot out, heavily smashing against the heavy sword encased by a blood-red giant dragon.

The sky seemed to explode apart under the wave of the demonic pillar. In the city beneath, all structures within a thousand foot radius had completely collapsed, with even the ground having sunken down. Those few people who were unable to evade in time spurted blood from their mouths as they were sent flying back.


Appearing akin to an irresistible force, the black demonic pillar violently swung down, before smashing head-on against the black heavy sword.


A metallic sound resounded out akin to a clap of thunder, while the blood-red giant dragon wrapping around the heavy sword started to erupt with mournful cries. Cracks started to extend from its surface, and with a bang, it exploded apart.

As the blood-red dragon exploded, boundless Spiritual Energies erupted from the heavy sword in a defensive attempt. However, when the demonic pillar came pressing down, the heavy sword instantly started to intensely vibrate. The Spiritual light coming from the body of the sword seemingly turned dim in an instant and with a bang, it rapidly descended from the sky before shooting to the earth below.

That all-out strike of Mo Longzi's. Under the demonic pillar, he was closed to being squashed by it.

In the far distance, upon seeing this, a cold and chilling sensation instantly swept across within his body. My strongest attack was broken with such ease. Exactly what is that damnable black pillar?!

He was unable to answer this question of his. While he was still stunned in shock, he quickly saw, in terror, that the black demonic pillar had, unexpectedly, not shown any signs of dissipation after smashing and sending his heavy sword flying back. Instead, while bringing along a gigantic Spiritual Energy vortex, it had enveloped over him.

The space in his surroundings had seemingly froze up at this instant.

Terror finally erupted out from Mo Longzi's eyes. With a hasty shake of his sleeve, a palm-sized black scale flew out. Rapidly expanding in size upon appearing, it transformed into a scaled shield, standing guard in front of him. This was the strongest defense he was able to muster.


The gigantic shadow came enveloping over. Upon making contact with the demonic pillar, the black-scaled shield was smashed by the irresistible fiendish energies that overflowed from it till cracks started appearing. With a muffled sound ringing out, it shattered and exploded right before Mo Longzi's terrified and despairing eyes.

Unable to be blocked, the demonic pillar descended, before finally landing against Mo Longzi's body.


A deep muffled sound that caused people's skin to turn numb reverberated seemingly through the gigantic city. At this moment, everyone could see a black figure shooting down from the sky, before violently piercing straight towards the ground.

The ground shook and trembled as ripples visible to the naked-eye radiated from the epicentre of the crash site. A thousand foot long radius of earth was shattered apart and had collapsed…

Dust plumes rose into the sky.

About a thousand metres from the city, the black demonic pillar in the sky finally came to a stop, before slowly turning illusionary and dissipating away completely.

The demonic energies that blotted the sky had also dissipated, allowing warm sunlight to illuminate down once again. However, it was still unable to disperse the chilling cold everyone felt within their bodies. Staring blankly at the thin figure floating in the sky, cold sweat had covered their entire backs. If the black demonic pillar had continued its descent, how many people in this city would have been killed by it…?

In the sky, the scarlet shadow within Mu Chen's eyes rapidly subsided. Proceeding to cover his mouth, an intense bout of coughs shook through him as blood spewed out between the gaps of his hand. At this moment, his face had appeared exceedingly pale.

The demonic energies were truly extremely powerful. Although he had borrowed them and turned the entire situation around, it had clearly caused extremely serious injuries to him. If not for him having cultivated his Lightning God's Physique, allowing his fleshly body to become much stronger, he might have already perished due to his heavy injuries.

Wiping off the bloodstains at the corners of his mouth, his eyes continued their cold stare towards the place that was pervaded by dust plumes below. With a wave of his sleeve, a hurricane blew out, blowing away and scattering all the dust clouds present there.

As the dust clouds scattered, an incomparably large and deep pit appeared in the ground. Within the centre of the deep pit was Mo Longzi, his body was covered in blood while he was lying within. The bones throughout his entire body seemed to have been shattered, causing him to be unable to move.

The current Mo Longzi wasn't the domineering and flamboyant guy from before. His miserable appearance gave people a flavor of a stray dog.

Looking at the scene in the distance, the faces of Teng Long and the rest of his group were overwhelmed with shock and horror, while shivers ran throughout their bodies. This ending was clearly out of their expectations. Who would have thought that Mo Longzi, with his torrential baleful aura, would actually be defeated in the end?

Furthermore, he had suffered defeat in the hands of a Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy Freshman!

Mu Chen turned his gaze towards them, causing a wave of coldness to sweep through the bodies of Teng Long and the rest. Although they knew that the current condition of the former was extremely poor, the terror and dread within their hearts resulted in them not even daring to attempt any sort of confrontation against Mu Chen.

Giving no regards to them, Mu Chen waved his hands towards Su Xuan and the rest. The latter few people immediately rushed forward, heading straight towards the Eastern Desolated Terrace. Splitting apart the iron bars, they immediately rescued Lin Zheng and the other two from within.

Faced against their rescue, Teng Long and his group didn't dare to obstruct them anymore. The only thought running through their minds was the hope that the god of slaughter in front of them wouldn't come and find trouble with them. As of now, they clearly didn't have the guts and courage to have another confrontation with Mu Chen.

Seeing that Lin Zheng and the other two had been saved, Mu Chen breathed a sigh of relief, before sending a glare brimming with killing intent towards Mo Longzi. Although the latter was completely covered in serious injuries, this kind of enemy had to be completely eliminated, and cannot be allowed to stay alive!

A chilling glint sparkled in Mu Chen's eyes as he extended his finger. Tapping the space before him, Spiritual Energy burning with black flames instantly swept out. Akin to a bolt of lightning, it shot straight towards Mo Longzi's head.

He wanted kill Mo Longzi here!


Seeing Mu Chen launch such a vicious attack, people started to cry out in shock. This Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy Freshman truly wasn't merciful. At this moment, he still didn't have the intent to show any mercy.

Looking at the ray of Spiritual Energy shooting towards him, Mo Longzi's face instantly contorted. If he was at his prime condition, an attack of this degree would naturally not faze him at all. However, at this very moment, all the bones in his body had been broken and shattered, resulting in him being unable to dodge the incoming attack. If he was to get struck by it, he would definitely be hard pressed to escape death!

Mo Longzi tried to struggle, but was unable to even move an inch. At this moment, the only thing he could do was see the ray of Spiritual Energy shoot straight towards him as the terror of death erupted within the depths of his eyes.

The ray of Spiritual Energy shot instantly across the horizon. However, just as it was able to kill and destroy Mo Longzi, the space in his surroundings started to warp and distort. Turning to something akin to a spatial screen, it protected Mo Longzi within it.


As the ray of Spiritual Energy struck the spatial screen, there was not the slightest bit of movement on it, before it was completely annihilated.

Seeing this Mu Chen's expression immediately changed, before roaring out with a fierce cry, "Who?!"

The faces of Luo Li and Li Xuantong had also sank down, while vigilance appeared within their eyes. A person that was able to distort space at will was absolutely not someone that they could deal with.

"Haha. A pretty good seedling has sprouted out from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy this time." An indifferent laughing voice suddenly resounded across this stretch of the world. Although it wasn't resonant, it caused the entire city to turn deathly silent.

The expression of the green-robed male in the large hall had also changed, before shooting into the air. Looking gravely at the distorted space, fluctuations started radiating out from there, before a figure slowly condensed out from it akin to a liquid.

The figure was dressed in a black robe, with an approximate middle-aged appearance. His hair was partially white, while his eyes were akin to a pair of black holes, unable to see their depths. At this moment, his hands were crossed behind his back, while a faint smile hung on his face as he looked towards Mu Chen floating in the sky.

"Black Dragon Sovereign?!"

Upon seeing the figure, Li Xuantong's face violently contorted as he cried out in overwhelming shock.

Shock ran through Mu Chen's mind and heart. Black Dragon Sovereign? Exactly what does this Demonic Dragon Palace want to do? Even a Sovereign level existence has appeared!

The entire Western Desolated City was completely stirred up at this instant as they looked with shocked eyes at the black-robed figure. Although there wasn't any Spiritual Energy fluctuations coming from his body, one could faintly feel a pressure radiating from him, causing all the people in the city to not dare to make a single gasp.

That's a Sovereign, a terrifying existence that could erase this city from the face of the earth with a flip of his hand!

That was a super expert that could be considered at the peak of this entire Northern Heavens Continent!

"Indeed, I sense a faint flavor of an old friend from your body…"

The Black Dragon Sovereign smiled. From his appearance till now, he had yet to take a look at the heavily injured Mo Longzi, and only continued to stare at Mu Chen. Although his expression appeared rather warm and gentle, it caused people to feel a chill coming from their bones.

Mu Chen's face turned dark and sunken. Faced against an existence at the Sovereign Stage, he was simply unable to put up a shred of resistance.

"Haha. Looks like the Great Meru Demonic Pillar has landed in your hands from the White Dragon Sovereign, huh?" The Black Dragon Sovereign spoke out with a sigh. Extending his palm, he said in a warm and gentle voice, "That's the item of our Demonic Dragon Palace. If you hand it to me, I can let you all return safely."

Mu Chen's expression immediately changed. He hadn't used the true Great Meru Demonic Pillar. However, he never imagined that it would be discovered by the Black Dragon Sovereign.

"In your dreams!"

Mu Chen gnashed his teeth. Although the other party was a Sovereign Stage expert, it was not an easy matter to make him obediently hand over the Great Meru Demonic Pillar!

"Although taking action against a younger generation would be slightly overboard, I think people will understand that it’s for the sake of retrieving the treasure of our Demonic Dragon Palace," said the Black Dragon Sovereign with a warm and gentle smile. In the next instant, with a clench of his hand, Mu Chen discovered that the space surrounding him had frozen up. So much so that he couldn't even move a single inch of his body.

Mu Chen clenched his fists tightly. Is this the strength of a Sovereign? Such disparity! Regardless of the number of methods or trump cards he possessed, he was still unable to truly meet such a confrontation!

As the Black Demon Sovereign gave a tap towards the space before him, Mu Chen instantly felt the Great Meru Demonic Pillar within his body faintly tremble. It even started to show signs of wanting to leave his body. However, it was at this moment that the Mandala Flower started to radiate its mysterious purple light, fortunately locking it in place.


A shocked expression flashed across the face of the Black Dragon Sovereign, before shooting a deep look at Mu Chen and saying, "So, you have some treasures within you, huh? That's why you're able to endure the fiendish energies from the Great Meru Demonic Pillar…However, that's the treasure of our Demonic Dragon Palace, and I'll definitely take it back today."

As his voice rang out, black patterns seemed to extend out from his palm. Achieving something akin to a resonance to the Great Meru Demonic Pillar within Mu Chen's body, the trembling of the latter grew increasingly intense.

Mu Chen's face grew increasingly pale, since he could feel that he was quickly reaching the point of being unable to suppress the Great Meru Demonic Pillar within his body.

"It should come out now!"

The Black Dragon Sovereign gave a faint smile as he said that. At that instant, the Great Meru Demonic Pillar within Mu Chen's body violently shook. However, just as the Great Meru Demonic Pillar was about to break free from its seal, the space in front of Mu Chen started to violently warp and distort. An imposing figure surfaced from thin air, a broad hand landed on Mu Chen's shoulder. A boundless and expansive power radiated out from it, completely suppressing the shock and turmoil within Mu Chen's body.

With a wave of his sleeve, the frozen space around Mu Chen shattered. Turning his eyes that were as deep and abstruse as a starry sky, which were previously covered in indifference, he looked straight at the Black Demon Sovereign as the warm and gentle expression was slowly dissipating away.

"Black Dragon Sovereign, you're breaking the rules."

A monotone voice resounded across the sky as a terrifying pressure pervaded out. At this moment, the Spiritual Aura of the heavens and earth seemed to have stopped in their tracks.

The hearts of countless people started shivering and trembling. That kind of frightening strength yet again?

Staring at the majestic and imposing figure in the sky, the gaze coming from the Black Dragon Sovereign started to gradually turn cold and icy.

"Haha. I never imagined that Dean Tai Cang would actually show up personally…you truly caught me by surprise."

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