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Chapter 378 – Who's More Ferocious?


Boundless Spiritual Energy rippled out from Li Xuantong's body as fists of wind howled about. Bringing along surging Spiritual Energy, they violently rumbled towards the incoming Mo Longzi.

However, facing the former's attacks, Mo Longzi seemingly smashed straight through them. The blood-coloured scales on his body sparkled with a sinisterly cold luster. Sending a palm patting out, Spiritual Energy gushed out, smashing and shattering the numerous Spiritual Energy waves apart.

"Stupid fool!"

After smashing and shattering the Spiritual Energy rushing towards him, killing intent blossomed within Mo Longzi's eyes. Li Xuantong's entanglement caused unbearable irritation to him. Proceeding to take a step forward, his figure appeared right behind the latter akin to a spectre, before sending a palm patting towards the vital part of the latter's back.

Sensing the Spiritual Energy fluctuations radiating from his back, Li Xuantong's face immediately changed. However, he was no ordinary person. A chilling glint flashed within his eyes as a longsword appeared within his hand. Without the slightest intent to evade, swift and fierce Sword Aura was carried along with his longsword as it chopped straight towards Mo Longzi's throat.

He had unexpectedly wanted to trade his life for Mo Longzi's!


With a cold snort, Mo Longzi extended his other palm, making a grab towards the sword tip that was being thrust straight at him. Sharp Sword Aura slashed across the blood-coloured scales, causing ear-piercing screeches to ring out. Although it left a wound on Mo Longzi's palm, the sword was finally stopped by him.


Just as Mo Longzi had stopped Li Xuantong's Sword Aura, and was about to take the latter's life, extremely swift and fierce whooshing sounds furiously rang out behind him as a sword ray was thrust straight towards Mo Longzi's back like a falling star.

That ray caused the scales across Mo Longzi's body to tighten, as he could feel some threat from it. This threat was far from something Li Xuantong could create.

A flash appeared in Mo Longzi's eyes as he instantly proceeded to ignore Li Xuantong. After all, the attack heading towards his back possessed more threat than the latter.

However, as he was about to turn his body over, Li Xuantong took the opportunity to advance. Extending his hand, he locked up Mo Longzi's other hand, completely ignoring the extreme danger of his actions.


A cold glint flashed within Mo Longzi's eyes.This Li Xuantong truly is very ruthless and thorny. He actually intends to risk himself to allow her attack to land on me!

With a sneer, Mo Longzi's body suddenly shook as the blood-coloured scales around his entire body erupted with dazzling brilliance. In the next instant, a powerful energy erupted from him, appearing akin to waves of blood.


Li Xuantong was immediately sent flying back, spurting a mouthful of blood in the process. As for the sword ray that had launched at sneak attack on his back, it was also shattered by the blood waves. A shiver shook through Luo Li's body as she hastily retreated dozens of steps. The blood and Aura within her body churned and surged around, while paleness flashed across her beautiful face.

Across the horizon, Mo Longzi arrogantly stood in the sky. Looking towards the miserable-looking Li Xuantong and Luo Li, the expression radiating out from his eyes grew increasingly malevolent. Clenching his hands, the scales across his body turned dim, while the baleful aura radiating from him grew increasingly thick and dense.

"You two don't even possess the qualifications to fight with me to a draw!"

Li Xuantong's face was deathly pale, while the Spiritual Energy around his body was in total chaos. He had already suffered injuries from his previous life-or-death struggle against Gui Xiong. After engaging in another all-out fight, he had piled more injuries on his existing ones.

Compared to him, Luo Li was slightly better off, but not far away. Mu Chen was not willing for her to use some of her trump cards. Therefore, she could only rely on the swiftness and fierceness of her Luo Shen Sword to create a threat for Mo Longzi.

However, anyone could tell that if this continued, the two of them wouldn't be able to endure for much longer.

"Looks like I'll have to kill one of you for you all to get it!" Mo Longzi roared with a malevolent sneer, before locking on towards the wounded Li Xuantong. Taking a step forward, he headed straight towards the latter to take his life.


However, just as Mo Longzi was prepared to kill one of his enemies, a demonic Aura that blotted the skies rushed towards the heavens. Seemingly in an instant, it had pervaded across the entire stretch of the world.

This fiendishness was much, much more overbearing than the baleful aura radiating from Mo Longzi's body!

Frightened and terrified expressions appeared on the faces of countless people.

Even the expression of the green-robed male within the large hall faintly changed as he turned his gaze around. In the next instant, what they saw was Mu Chen standing tall in the distant sky.

At this moment, the youth opened his tightly shut eyes, showing off blood-red pupils, which had changed from their original black colour, and were now pervaded by murderous intent. However, within the depths of those eyes, clarity was still present. This showed that he had still retained his mind and reason, and was not being corroded by the frightening demonic energies radiating from him.

"Such overbearing demonic energies… it’s actually more formidable than the baleful aura radiating from Mo Longzi. Exactly where did this Mu Chen come from?" The green-robed male muttered as his expression turned grave. The demonic energies radiating from Mu Chen had caused even him to feel shocked and astonishment.

Mo Longzi's expression had also violently contorted at this moment. Looking at Mu Chen, whose entire body was radiating with blood-red demonic energies, a thick feeling of inconceivability erupted from his eyes

That was due to the little bit of familiar flavor within the demonic energies radiating out from Mu Chen. This was the demonic Aura that was cultivated by the people of their Demonic Dragon Palace. However, it was even more fierce and overbearing than what they could cultivate.

"Exactly what kind of person is this bastard?!" Huge waves of shock shook through Mo Longzi's heart. This demonic energy was absolutely not cultivated by that Mu Chen!

"Before you kill him, I'll finished you off first!"

The blood-red demonic energy wrapped around Mu Chen's body, causing his originally handsome face to appear rather terrifying, almost as if he would turn into a god of slaughter and carnage seemingly in the next instant, and unleash a bout of massacre.

"You talk big!" Mo Longzi growled as he gnashed his teeth. Mu Chen's change had caused him to feel great unease. However, he still hung a sneer on his mouth.

As Mu Chen stared at Mo Longzi with his blood-red eyes, demonic energy travelled back and forth under the skin of his entire body, flooding his limbs and bones. This completely different power caused his entire body to feel uncomfortable. Fortunately, being much, much stronger than he previously was when he had entered the grave of the White Dragon Sovereign, he wasn't being tortured by the same demonic energy to the point of wishing he was dead.

Mo Longzi had also tightly stared at Mu Chen. Their glares crossed paths in the air, while unconcealable cold and sinister killing intent erupted from their eyes.

"I'll slaughter you first!"

Mo Longzi's gazed finally turned into one of exception malevolence. Taking a step forward, the air in front of him exploded as he disappeared in an instant. Upon reappearing, he was already at Mu Chen's back. A sharp palm with fingers akin to dragon's claws violently patted down on Mu Chen's crown without the slightest bit of mercy.


Incomparably overbearing demonic energies erupted from Mu Chen's body. Clenching his five fingers tightly to form a fist, he sent a punch rumbling out. A wave of blood surged out, appearing as if a sea of blood was brought forth by it. Snatching the initiative from Mo Longzi, his fists of wind smashed straight against the latter's chest.

Frightening energies exploded under Mu Chen's fist, exploding under Mu Chen's punch, as visible fluctuations consisting of waves of blood extended from the point of impact.


A deep sound rang out. In the next instant, everyone's eyes shrunk as they saw Mo Longzi, who was seemingly unstoppable, unexpectedly being sent flying back hundreds of feet due to Mu Chen's punch. The blood-coloured scales on his chest were smashed and shattered apart, causing blood to flow out, dripping down along his scales.


Astonished clamoring noises instantly erupted throughout the entire city. The changes in the spectacle before them had really changed too quickly. Who would have thought that Mu Chen, who was suppressed by Mo Longzi to the point of not having a single ounce of contention left, would actually send Mo Longzi flying back in such an overwhelming fashion!

That was an expert at the Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase!

Looking at the spectacle before them in a daze, Su Xuan and the rest were unexpectedly unable to regain their minds for a moment. All of them didn't understand what they saw. Why would Mu Chen's strength suddenly rise to such a dramatic degree? Was it due to the demonic energies radiating from him?

Floating within the sky, Li Xuantong and Luo Li were gawking in shock. The latter was somewhat in a better condition, as she was filled with various kinds of confidence for Mu Chen that was unrelated to any reason. As for Li Xuantong, a slightly spectacular expression was currently displayed on his face, while the gaze he sent out towards Mu Chen appeared exceedingly complicated. This Freshman, who was previously someone that didn't even matter, had unknowingly grown to a step that had exceeded even him within a short span of a year…

In the distant sky, Mo Longzi's face turned extremely ugly as he stabilised his body. Looking towards the shattered scales on his chest, he instantly turned absentminded for a moment. I was actually injured by that Mu Chen?

I was injured to such a degree by a brat at the Heavenly Transformation Stage Late Phase?

Mo Longzi's face started to uncontrollably contort. In the next instant, with a raged-filled roar, the blood-coloured scales covering his body instantaneously erupted with a bloody light once again. Akin to a bolt of lightning, he explosively shot out, launching frightening attacks that instantly attempted to envelope Mu Chen.

He didn't believe that he would actually suffer defeat by the hands of a Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy's Freshman after activating the Dragon Transformation Blood Art!

Bang! Bang!

As the two of them smashed into each other, astonishing demonic energies swept out akin to tidal waves, while incomparably frightening Spiritual Energy shock waves continued to radiate out. The aftermath created by those Spiritual Energy shock waves caused the scalps of quite a few people to turn numb.

A cold and detached expression was hung on Mu Chen's face, while his eyes remained scarlet-red. As the two of them crossed paths, furious punches rumbled out akin to bolt of lightning striking out. Bringing along boundless demonic energies, they smashed head-on against Mo Longzi's fists of wind.


A gigantic wave of blood hundreds of feet wide rushed across the horizon, its momentum and power was shockingly dreadful and terrifying.

The bodies of the two them shook, before flying back over a thousand metres away. However, Mo Longzi's face grew increasingly ugly as his hands continuously trembled. The layers of scales on his hands were already shattered, while blood continued to flow out and drip down.

His baleful aura had fallen completely short of Mu Chen' fiendishness. In a head-on collision, his baleful aura was, instead, corroded by Mu Chen's demonic energy. Furthermore, when it had pour into his body, it caused his blood and Aura to churn and surge around.

Furthermore, he could faintly sense the energy within his body was gradually declining. This was the after effects of the Dragon Transformation Blood Art. If he didn't end the fight quickly, he might truly be killed by Mu Chen.

"I don't believe that I can't kill a Freshman of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy!"

Layer upon layer of rampaging emotions folded within Mo Longzi's eyes. In the next instant, a rage-filled roar rang out from his mouth as he clapped his hands together to form a seal. A ray of brilliance shot from his crown and rushed towards the sky. Transforming into a black heavy sword, it hummed and howled as Spiritual Energy swept out of it. As the heavy sword drastically expanded, it instantly grew to a size that was a hundred feet long. In the next instant, an extremely frightening Sword Aura swept from it.

The blood-coloured scales on Mo Longzi's body unexpectedly shot out explosively. Akin to waves of blood, they encased the heavy sword, transforming it into something akin to a blood-coloured demonic dragon, radiating with frightening fluctuations.

"Demonic Dragon Divine Art, Slash of the Broken Dragon!"

Mo Longzi gave a furious roar as he took a step forward as the black heavy sword explosively shot out. A long roar rang out of the blood-red dragon. As the sword flew out, it seemingly shattered the confines of the universe, enveloping directly over Mu Chen.

The might of that one sword could slash the heavens and earth apart!

This Mo Longzi was using his life to launch his attack!

"You're betting your life? Let me accompany you!"

"Let's see who will destroy who!"

Raising his head, Mu Chen stared at the frightening attack that was coming his way with scarlet-red eyes. A low and deep roar rang out from his throat, resounding across the world. At the same time, the dark purplish Mandala flower within his aurasea started to slowly blossom. As the petals started to blossom, the Great Meru Demonic Pillar that was sealed erupted with astonishing demonic energies as they explosively rushed out.


The fiendishness rushed from Mu Chen's crown towards the heavens, before transforming into a black demonic pillar that was approximately a thousand feet long that stood arrogantly in the sky!

At this instant, the heavens seemed to have turned dark and dim.

A Demonic Aura surged up as fiendish energies blotted the skies!

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