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Chapter 377 – Borrowing the Ominous

Within the Western Desolated City, countless gazes locked onto the confrontation happening in the sky. Although Mu Chen, Luo Li and Li Xuantong had the numerical advantage, anyone would be able to see that the side with the true superiority was still being held by Mo Longzi.

At this time, after displaying some sort of secret technique, the latter’s strength had clearly grown increasingly tyrannical. From the looks of it, even if Mu Chen and the other two were to collaborate, they still might not be able to endure against Mo Longzi.

Su Xuan, He Yao and the rest had also thought about this point, since a stretch of graveness was still present on their faces. Much joy and happiness from Luo Li and Li Xuantong defeating their opponents had dissipated away as a result.

Wanting to break and reverse the progress of this situation was truly too difficult.

Within the sky, pervaded by the attentive gazes of the myriad of people around, Mu Chen deeply frowned as he looked towards the distant Mo Longzi, The latter’s entire body was radiating with a baleful aura, and wanting to deal with him would be extremely thorny.

“That fellow’s strength has increased yet again.” said Li Xuantong as he deeply frowned, while an ugly expression appeared on his face. Naturally, he was able to feel that the current Mo Longzi had become stronger, compared to before.

“Are you still able to fight?’ asked Li Xuantong after looking at Mu Chen’s injuries.

With a smile, Mu Chen nodded his head. Clenching his fists, his black pupils faintly sparkled, almost as if he was thinking about something.

“Why not hand him to me?” Luo Li spoke out in a soft voice.

This gave a shock to both Mu Chen and Li Xuantong, causing Mu Chen to faintly wrinkle his eyebrows, while cold and frosty streams of light seemed to surface within his black eyes. Furiously clenching his hands tightly, he lightly shooking his head and replied, “It’s better for me to do it.”

“Can you?” asked Li Xuantong with slight doubt. He was clear about Luo Li’s background. Therefore, her daring to say that she was able to deal with Mo Longzi didn’t cause him to feel shocked and make a fuss. However, it was different for Mu Chen. After all, there was still some disparity between him and Luo Li. Being able to force Mo Longzi to such a step was already a rather outstanding matter in Li Xuantong’s eyes.

If he was to go a step further, Mu Chen might have to pay an extremely disastrous price.

Luo Li’s clear, big eyes stared towards Mu Chen. Looking at the wounds and injuries that covered the latter’s body, pain erupted in her heart once again, while bits of resentment and frustration started to rise within her heart. Although she knew that Mu Chen really wanted to to stand before her and protect her, could it really be that he loved for her to stand at the side while seeing him fighting till he was completely covered in cuts and bruises?

Didn’t he know that this would only make her feel even more pain within her heart?

Luo Li bit her lips with her pearly white teeth. She wasn’t willing to refute Mu Chen in front of people. Therefore, she only tilted her lovable face sideways, without saying any more words. However, her appearance and posture only had the effect of clearly showing her current feelings. She was angry.

Shrugging his shoulders, faint jealousy erupted within Li Xuantong’s heart as he was able to spot her emotions hidden under her actions. Being able to cause Luo Li, who was usually quiet and independent, without having any fondness for material objects, as well as showing any sadness and grief, to reveal such an angry emotion, it was already a matter that would cause jealousy and envy in people.

At least, she would only get angry when it involved people that truly held a place within her heart.

Looking at the beautiful face of Luo Li, which was as exquisite as porcelain, Mu Chen couldn’t help laughing out. This was the first time that he had seen her being angry towards him. Extending his hand to grasp the slender and jade-like hand of the young girl, the latter originally wanted to retreat her hand. However, seeing the wounds and injuries that covered all of Mu Chen’s body, she was unable to rouse this little temper of hers. Giving up, she allowed him to hold her hand. Through her little red mouth gently poured out in a fit of pique.

“I know that you’ve some hidden trump cards up your sleeves. And, once you use them, you’ll definitely be stronger than me…” Mu Chen spoke out softly and slowly. “However, I think that you should know the consequences that would result if you use those trump cards.”

Hearing his words, Luo Li faintly gawked, before proceeding to bite her lips as she thought, Mu Chen’s intuition is very sharp. Although there are some matters that I haven’t spoken to him about, he was able to sense them. Indeed, she had some strong and powerful trump cards. However, once they were used, her grandfather, Luo Tianshen, might be able to sense them.

After all, she was the next Empress of the Luo God Clan. The Luo God Clan couldn’t possibly let her leave the clan without having the slightest bit of self-protection. Furthermore, once she used some of those trump cards, that would indicate that she had met with danger. These kinds of matters weren’t things that Luo Tianshen was willing to see.

Therefore, if those trump cards were used, Luo Tianshen might be resorted to take action and bring Luo Li back to the Luo God Clan. If that happened, the time when Luo Li and Mu Chen would separate would be pushed forward.

Mu Chen really treasured the times that he was spending together with Luo Li. Unwilling to see such a scene, he had, therefore, resorted to use such a method to do his utmost to keep Luo Li out of harm’s way. Thus, he was willing to assume those so-called ‘dangers’ and the so-called ‘fighting’ all by himself.

“I just…want to spend more time with you. Therefore, please don’t blame for my selfish protection of you.” Mu Chen continued speaking as he slowly grasped Luo Li’s slender and jade-like hands. The voice ringing out from him slowly seeped into Luo Li’s heart, causing ripples to surface within, while completely dissipating the slight bit of anger and resentment that were present.

Luo Li gently nodded her head as a faint smile surfaced on her beautiful and jade-like face, appearing exceptionally soul-stirring.

“Relax. I won’t show off and try to be brave. If I’m truly unable to deal with him, you can take action then. What do you say?” said Mu Chen with a faint smile.

“Okay,” replied Luo Li and she obediently nodded her head.

“You truly have a way to deal with Mo Longzi?” After giving a sigh, Li Xuantong spoke out.

“I’ll try my best to attempt that.”

Mu Chen nodded his head as he gave his reply. Staring at Mo Longzi in the far distance, chilling intent erupted from his black pupils as he spoke out, “However, I also need you two to help fight for a little bit of time.”

“Okay!” Li Xuantong didn’t have any bit of hesitation as he immediately agreed.

“Please do.”

Taking a deep breath, Mu Chen didn’t continue talking as his eyes unexpectedly started to close, bit by bit. This caused countless people to feel shocked. Could this Mu Chen be attempting to prepare a powerful Spiritual Array once again? However, why don’t we feel any fluctuations of a Spiritual Array?

“Hmph! Still with those deceitful acts!”

Upon seeing this scene, the eyes of the distant Mo Longzi had also contracted. After being faced against Mu Chen’s methods on innumerable occasions, it had to be said that even he felt some fear and dread surfacing within his heart. Naturally, he wouldn’t give his enemies a chance to flip the situation around, since the current him also had the strength to overturn the situation, after all. However, even if he was to win, he already had to pay an extremely high price. Therefore, he would absolutely not let such a chance to reappear for his enemies.


Clenching his hands, boundless Spiritual Energy swept of from Mo Longzi before sweeping throughout the horizon. In the next instant, a shiver shook throughout his body as he explosively shot forward.

Seeing the reaction of the latter, Li Xuantong immediately rushed up. Spiritual Energy revolved to his maximum capability as it proceeded to envelop over the incoming Mo Longzi.

“Scram off!”

Faced against Li Xuantong’s obstruction, Mo Longzi gave a cold sneer as he sent a fist rumbling out. No fanciful moves were used, with only boundless and overbearing Spiritual Energy to his maximum capability, they were sweeping out along his fist.


Two boundless Spiritual Energies smashed head-on against each other, causing a loud bang to resound out. Li Xuantong’s body furiously shook as he was sent flying back seemingly in an instant. Blood surfaced and dripped down from the corners of his mouth. Only after personally crossing hands with Mo Longzi did he understand how tyrannical the latter was.


Just as Li Xuantong was sent flying back, a swift and fierce stream of Sword Aura descended once again from the sky, smashing heavily against Mo Longzi’s body.

Hoisting her longsword, Luo Li swiftly shot out, while displaying her swift and fierce attacks.

Using all of their methods, the two tried their utmost to tangle and hold Mo Longzi back. This spectacle caused countless people to hold their breaths, since the two fighting sides had already become rather desperate.

As Li Xuantong and Luo Li were trying their best to delay Mo Longzi, the Divine Soul sitting with Mu Chen’s aurasea opened its eyes. In the next instant, with a move, it flew straight towards the centre position of the aurasea.

Within was a dark purplish Mandala flower. A jet-black demonic pillar stood erect within the centre of the flower, while purple-coloured chains wrapped around its body, sealing it within.

This was the “Great Meru Demonic Pillar” that Mu Chen had previously obtained within the Spiritual Treasury of the White Dragon Sovereign. However, due to this pillar being too ominous, if not for the suppression by the mysterious black paper within Mu Chen’s body, his mind and reason might have already been corroded by the ominous and demonic energies radiating from it. Therefore, ever since obtaining it, Mu Chen did not dare to recklessly move and use it.

However, the current situation before him, he had to activate and use it. If not, it was simply too difficult for them to deal with Mo Longzi in his current state.

Raising his head, Mu Chen fiercely gazed at the “Great Meru Demonic Pillar” in front of him, before speaking out in a low and deep voice, “If you’re not willing to be sealed forever in this place, you better collaborate with me for a bit!”

Humm! Humm!

As Mu Chen’s voice rang out, black rays of brilliance unexpectedly erupted from the Great Meru Demonic Pillar. Fiendish and demonic energies started to radiate, appearing as if they wanted to sweep towards Mu Chen.

Chi! Chi!

However, before the demonic aura could scatter out, purple rays of brilliance erupted from the dark purplish Mandala flower. Upon coming into contact with the purple light, the demonic aura was akin to remnant snow coming into contact with lava, rapidly dissolving away.

This Great Meru Demonic Pillar truly was worthy of being called a lethal weapon. It’s so hard to subdue and tame it.

“Let’s see if you have the ability to corrode me!”

A low and deep roar rang out of Mu Chen as his Divine Soul took a step forward. Heading straight for the Mandala flower, it extended its small hands, and came in direct contact with the surface of the Great Meru Demonic Pillar.


At the very instant when the hands of Mu Chen’s Divine Soul made contact with the Great Meru Demonic Pillar, an indescribable demonic energy suddenly pervaded out. Staining the hands of Mu Chen’s Divine Soul, it started to crazily corrode away. Within a short span of a few breath, Mu Chen’s Divine Soul had unexpected turned into a blood-red colour. Appearing akin to a child covered in blood, one would feel intimidated upon seeing it.

Mu Chen’s eyes started to continuously fluctuate between a blood-red and a jet-black colour. As the incomparably overbearing demonic energy rushed within his body, it furiously started to sweep outwards.

That was an extremely powerful energy!

However, it was able to corrode the mind and reasoning of people, and transform them into murderous wild beasts!

Tightly clenching his teeth, Mu Chen resisted this corrosion. He knew that if he wanted to control this demonic energy, he needed to resist this corrosion!

Murderous intent to slaughter and murder rushed erraticly towards Mu Chen’s mind and spirit, causing a brutal and tyrannical killing intent to erupt from his heart.

His eyes were nearing a scarlet-red colour.

Humm! Humm!

However, at that moment, the mysterious black paper beneath the Mandala flower started to sparkled with a strange and peculiar luster. In the next instant, the beautiful petals of the Mandala flower started to extend out, before wrapping up Mu Chen’s Divine Soul within it.

A clear and refreshing feeling transmitted over, causing the brutal killing intent within Mu Chen’s heart to be slowly suppressed.

Mu Chen’s eyes suddenly snapped wide open. The outer rim of his eyes appeared in a blood-red colour, while his pupils still remained jet-black with clarity!

As Mu Chen slowly spread open his fists, blood-red energies that blotted the skies hid the skies and covered the earth as they swept out of him akin to a tsunami, before gushing towards Mu Chen’s limbs and bones.

Within the skies of the Western Desolated City, Mu Chen’s tightly shut eyes abruptly sprung open at this moment.

At this moment, everyone was able to feel that the temperature of the world had seemingly dropped down in an instant.

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