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Chapter 376 – Dragon Transformation Blood Art

The ball of blood floated in the sky as traces of a blood-red baleful Aura radiated from it. Following its minute up and down movements, it appeared akin to a hair-raising clump of meat from the distance.

This mysterious scene had undoubtedly caused the expressions of countless people to change as a chilling sensation rose within their hearts.

“This is…” faintly wrinkling his eyebrows, while looking at the scene in the sky, the green-robed male muttered to himself before continuing after a while later, “Could it be the secret skill of the Demonic Dragon Palace, the Dragon Transformation Blood Art?”

“Dragon Transformation Blood Art?” A figure spoke out in doubt behind the green-robed male.

“That’s a high-level secret skill within the Demonic Dragon Palace. Only some of their disciples with extremely high statuses would be able to learn and cultivate it. This skill is mysterious and cruel, as it’s said to requires one to dig out some of one’s flesh before implanting the flesh and blood of a demonic dragon within one’s body. After nourishing the demonic dragon’s flesh and blood with one’s own blood, one could activate it during desperate times, causing one’s strength to drastically increase.”

At this moment, the expression of the green-robed male grew solemn as his continued with his explanation. “However, the price to pay for this mysterious skill is very high. From what Mo Longzi has displayed, it would be hard for him to recover within half a year.”

“Never thought that a brat whose strength was only at the Heavenly Transformation Late Stage would be able to force Mo Longzi to such a degree. He’s truly surprising,” replied the person at the back with a sigh of admiration.

Feeling the same way too, the green-robed male faintly nodded his head. This Freshman by the name of Mu Chen had truly caused people to be overwhelmed with shock and admiration for his abilities. However…forcing Mo Longzi to such a degree, it truly couldn’t be said if this was exactly a fortunate or an unfortunate thing…

The faces of Su Xuan, He Yao and the rest also turned ugly at this moment. Although they didn’t know exactly what that ball of blood was, it was clearly not any good news for them.

Beside them, Shen Cangsheng had managed to stabilise his breathing, with his deathly-pale face regaining slight normalcy. However, upon seeing the wriggling ball of blood in the sky, his eyes had also furiously contracted.

“Dragon Transformation Blood Art…” Shen Cangsheng forced the words out from his clenched mouth as his blood-soaked hands tightly gripped his long spear. After exhaling a long breath of air, his expression turned grave as he prepared to take action at any moment. Although his situation wasn’t too good, he knew that the upcoming situation was not something that Mu Chen could deal with by himself.

Mu Chen forcing Mo Longzi to such a stage had clearly exceeded his expectations.

Within the peculiar atmosphere that had filled the entire city, Mu Chen was also tightly staring at the ball of blood that was slightly squirming and wriggling, while a chillingly dark expression fluctuated on his face. He never imagined that he was still unable to defeat Mo Longzi after displaying his hidden trump card. That Heavenly Refining Divine Cauldron array that he had arranged was sufficient to deal heavy damage towards experts of Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase.

That fellow’s too thorny.


As Mu Chen’s expression changed, the ball of blood floating in the distant sky started to quietly vibrate. Its surface started to squirm and wriggle, almost as if something was seemingly trying to break out of the ball.

A chilling glint flashed within Mu Chen’s eyes. Clenching his fingers, he sent a fist rumbling out. Boundless Spiritual Energy surged and swept out, before violently slamming against the surface of the ball of blood.


A low and deep voice rang out as blood blossomed in the sky. However, not a single jolt shook through the ball of blood. Instead, the wriggling and squirming grew increasingly rapid. At that moment, a crack started to quietly extend on its surface.

Mu Chen’s pupils furiously contracted.


The ball of blood violently squirmed and wriggled. With a pop, an arm covered entirely by blood-red scales furiously pierced out from within. The arm wasn’t the shape of a human’s arm, the fingers were sharp and pointed, akin to the claws of a wild beast. As it pierced out, an indescribable aura of slaughter and massacre radiated, causing the faces of countless people to faintly change.

As the arm extended out, it shattered the ball of blood apart, causing flakes of blood to spread out as a blood-red figure slowly walked out from within.

As everyone’s line-of-sight converged together, countless people sucked in a breath of cold air.

Mo Longzi had reappeared, standing in the air. However, at this moment, his body had appeared to have grown much taller. Blood-red scales covered his entire body, while a blood-red dragon tail, approximately a few feet long, continuously wagged to and fro from his back. Akin to two dragon claws, his arms and palms radiated with a chilling glint.

At this time, Mo Longzi appeared just like a terrifying beast of slaughter and carnage. The gaze and aura coming from him were exceedingly dreadful and terrifying.


Mo Longzi faced the sky and gave a long roar, sounding extremely sharp and ear-piercing, causing the faces of countless people to turn pale. The surrounding air shook due to the roar as shock waves radiated towards the distance, appearing exceedingly spectacular.

“Jie. Jie.”

As his long roar rang out, Mo Longzi’s blood-red eyes locked onto distant Mu Chen. An extremely cruel and sinister smile surfaced from the corner of his mouth as a scarlet-red tongue licked his lips, appearing extremely terrifying.

Mu Chen’s eyes were filled with caution and vigilance as boundless Spiritual Energy radiated from his body. At this moment, he could feel an extremely dangerous flavor from Mo Longzi. The latter was now much more frightening than before.

“Being able to force to this step… Mu Chen…I have to congratulate you.”

Mo Longzi smiled malevolently, while the baleful aura and killing intent within his eyes were seemingly about to turn corporeal. In the next instant, he took a furious step forward. With a wave of his blood-red dragon tall, his body disappeared from everyone’s view.

Mu Chen’s face instant changed as a dragon’s shadow surfaced around his body. Pushing his speed to his utmost limit, he instantly retreated explosively thousands of feet back.


However, just as he had appeared thousands of feet away, the air behind him exploded apart as a blurry blood-red figure appeared behind him. As it did, a malevolent and cruel laughing voice followed the wind as it rang out.

“Isn’t your speed very fast, Mu Chen? Why are you unable to bear it now, huh?!”


As the malevolent laughter rang out, sharp and incisive whooshing sounds resounded behind Mu Chen’s body. The gales created, were swift and sharp to the point of wanting to shatter his body.

Black lightning coursed and arced across his body, turning around while his arms crossed in front, defending his body.


The dragon fist covered by blood-red scales, violently slammed against Mu Chen’s arms. A low and deep sound rang out, and a sweet taste erupting in Mu Chen’s throat as he immediately spurted a mouthful of blood. Miserably shooting back, intense pain racked his arms, almost as if they were broken and shattered apart.

The strength of the current Mo Longzi had already reached a rather frightening stage.

“Tsk! tsk! Relax, I’ll make sure to break every single bone within your body!” The smile on Mo Longzi’s face grew increasingly malevolent and sinister as he uttered those words. With a flick of his dragon tail, his figure disappeared, reappearing right behind Mu Chen. The blood-red scales on his arm turned increasingly radiant and brightly coloured, almost as if blood was about to drip from them.


A fist rumbled out, causing the surrounding air to immediately explode apart.

With a clench of his hand, a black pagoda appeared. Expanding outwards, it protected Mu Chen from the front.


Mo Longzi’s punch slammed violently on the surface of the black pagoda, causing a clear metallic sound to reverberate out. Sparks blossomed as the black pagoda was sent flying back, with Mu Chen also being sent shooting back for quite a distance.

“Truly an interesting fellow. You’re actually still able to resist.” A malevolent and sinister laugh rang out from Mo Longzi as he rapidly shot forward akin to a red bolt of lightning.

“However, let me see how long more you can continue to endure!”

Whoosh! Whoosh!

In the sky, Mo Longzi’s speed had reached an astonishing level, appearing akin to a red bolt of lightning that was piercing through the air. At this moment, Mu Chen was completely on the disadvantageous side. If not for the black pagoda protecting his body, he would have already suffered heavy injuries from the fierce and cruel attacks of the former.

However, even with the black pagoda, his situation was extremely dire. Blood continued to flow out throughout his body. From the looks of it, it was clear that he was unable to endure for much longer.

Fear and trepidation shook the hearts of Su Xuan and the rest, since it was clear that Mu Chen and Mo Longzi were already not on the same level of strength. Regardless of how many methods and trump cards Mu Chen pulled out, he could no longer turn the situation around.

“I’ll go and help him.”

Clenching and gnashing his teeth, regardless of his injuries, Shen Cangsheng wanted to take action. With the current progress of the situation, Mu Chen would be stuck in an extremely undesirable position very soon. How could he sit and watch as Mu Chen gets killed by Mo Longzi?!

Su Xuan and the rest instantly felt anxious and worried. With his current state, if Shen Cangsheng were to offer his help, he wouldn’t be able to provide much help for Mu Chen.


In the sky, Mo Longzi’s fist fiercely landed once again on the surface of the black pagoda. Intensely vibrating, the black pagoda grew dim at this instant, before transforming into a black light that rushed into Mu Chen’s body.

Clearly, after enduring the numerous rampaging attacks unleashed by Mo Longzi, the pagoda had already reached its limit.

“Tsk. tsk. Do you have any more things left to show?”

A strange laugh rang out from Mo Longzi as his malevolent and sinister gaze appeared extremely frightening. “If not, you can go and die now!”

With a step, he appeared right in front of Mu Chen. The sharp-pointed blood-red claws were thrust straight towards the latter’s chest akin to a bolt of red lightning.

Mu Chen’s eyes had turned blood shot as he prepared to crazily fight with all he had against this Mo Longzi.


However, just at this instant, a sword ring that shook the skies furiously reverberated across the horizon! Turning their heads towards the sound, countless people saw a river of Sword Aura rush forth and violently slammed against Mo Longzi’s body.


As the Sword Aura swept across Mo Longzi’s body, sparks instantly blossomed and shot out, while he was sent flying back.


Clamoring sounds rang out from countless people as their gazes turned towards the sky in the far distance, where a young girl with a black longsword in her hand stood in the sky. Her eyes were as calm and cold as an icy lake, while chilling intent erupted from them as they locked onto Mo Longzi.

Behind her, a figure covered in blood dropped down from the sky, his aura depressed. Impressively, that was the Rank 3 on the Bounty Board, Mu Gu!

“Luo Li defeated Mu Gu!”

Upon seeing this, astonishment and joyous voices of surprise rang out from Su Xuan and the rest. Luo Li had truly arrived at too good a timing!

Unrestrainable cries of shock and astonishment rang out from within the city as everyone thought, This batch of Freshmen from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy are too formidable! Firstly, there was Mu Chen, who was able to force Mo Longzi to use his final trump card. Now, there was this young girl, whose beauty was stunning and breathtaking, who was able to use such swift and fierce attacks to deal with Mu Gu, whose strength was at the Heavenly Completion Stage Middle Phase.


While everyone was overwhelmed with shock and astonishment, rampaging Spiritual Energy swept out from another area of the horizon. As countless people turned their heads over, a chill shook through their minds and hearts.

Over there, Li Xuantong stood in the air, the longsword in his hand pierced right through Gui Xiong’s throat. At the same time, the giant axe in the latter’s hand had landed on the former’s shoulder, causing blood to flow out.

A situation of taking a life while risking one’s own.

However, it was clear that Li Xuantong had managed to gain a sliver of superiority in the end.

Having his throat pierced through, Gui Xiong opened his mouth, causing blood to gush out from within. He was still in shock and disbelief as he stared at the Li Xuantong before him, whose chest was slightly heaving. He appeared as if he wanted to say something, but the gushing blood prevented the words from coming out. After slumping slightly forward, he dropped down from the sky like a brick in water.

Pulling out the axe stuck in his shoulder, Li Xuantong casually stemmed to flow of blood from the wound. Holding his sword in one hand, he shot straight towards the location where Mu Chen was. Looking at the blood and wounds that covered the latter before looking at the malevolent looking Mo Longzi, he spoke out in a soft voice, “Thanks for your hard work.”

At this moment, Luo Li had also hurriedly arrived beside him. Supporting him by his side, she looked towards the blood and wounds that covered his entire body. Feeling pain within her heart, she asked, “Are you alright?”

Shaking his head, Mu Chen continued to stare at Mo Longzi, who was similarly staring back at them with an incomparably cold and and dark look on his face. At this moment, of the three of them, other that Luo Li, whose condition was much better off, both Mu Chen and Li Xuantong had suffered quite some serious injuries. In such conditions, would they be able to deal with Mo Longzi, whose strength had explosively increased?

Sending a venomous gaze towards the three, the malevolent smile at the corner of Mo Longzi’s mouth grew even wider. Gentling wagging the blood-coloured dragon tail behind his back, a voice drenched with killing intent slowly rang out across the sky.

“Those two fellows truly are wastes. They can’t even do the job of holding people back. However…since everyone has gathered, I’ll just have to deal with all of you together.”

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