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Chapter 375 – Divine Furnace Heavenly Array

Boundless Spiritual Energy blossomed across the sky akin to a tidal wave. As the countless glowing threads intertwined, an incomparably giant furnace started to faintly form within the sky.

Enveloping the ground below, the furnace started radiating with astonishing fluctuations.

A slight change happened to the expressions of countless people as they stared at the glowing furnace. If one took a closer look, one would be able to discover that it was a gigantic Spiritual Array. As for those complicated-looking glowing lines, they were what comprised of the array’s formation.

This Spiritual Array seemed to be even stronger than the double lotus Spiritual Array from before!

Shock and astonishment erupted once again in the hearts of quite a few experts, while the gazes they sent towards Mu Chen had changed. This fellow was actually acting weak on purpose! Furthermore, he had even fused his Spiritual Seals within the air from god knows when! Only after completing the arrangement of the array’s formation did he break his character and reveal such a powerful Spiritual Array.

Previously, he was being forced to such a miserable state. However, no one had expected that the sorry figure he appeared to be was just a method used by him to mask his arrangement of his Spiritual Array.

Furthermore, everyone had to admit that his concealment was extremely good, as even Mo Longzi was unable to discover and sense it.

This youth seemed to be quite young. Yet, not the slightest bit of the usual shallowness in one’s mind was present with his thinking. He was able to still remain calm and unflustered even in such a life-or-death situation, while relying on Mo Longzi’s carelessness to arrange a Spiritual Array in secret.

“This new batch of Freshmen of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy appears to be slightly formidable,” said the green-robed male with some shock and astonishment present within his eyes. Even he was only able to sense Mu Chen’s spiritual Array right before he started to activate it. Before that, he was similarly unable to sense how Mu Chen had fused his Spiritual Seals into the air.

Obviously, this Freshman by the name of Mu Chen had rather high attainments on the aspects of Spiritual Arrays. If not, he wouldn’t be able to fuse his Spiritual Seals so perfectly with the air to the point of not creating the slightest bit of visible presence, not allowing anyone to sense any of his intent.

“This Spiritual Array is powerful.”

Looking at the incomparably gigantic furnace in the air, the green-robed man faintly narrowed his eyes. He was able to sense that this Spiritual Array possessed extremely powerful might. This power might be sufficient to truly pose a threat towards Mo Longzi.

Now, Mo Longzi might have to pay the price for his earlier carelessness.

Across the horizon, under the attention of countless gazes, Mo Longzi’s expression had turned incomparably cold and dark as he looked towards the gigantic furnace that had enveloped him. Sending a dark and sunken look towards Mu Chen at the distance, a faint twitch could be seen within his eyes, causing him to appear exceedingly malevolent.

“This is unexpected. I’ve truly underestimated you.” Mo Longzi spoke out with a slight growl with some teeth clenching and gnashing present within his words. He never expected that he would actually get a fast one pulled onto him by Mu Chen under the attentive gazes of so many people.

Previously, it seemed as if he had completely gained the advantage. However, he had simply not discovered the moment when Mu Chen had arranged his Spiritual Array. It wasn’t to say that he was lacking in his sensory capabilities. However, he truly was overly careless. He didn’t believe that Mu Chen could pull off anything between the gaps of his teeth. Therefore, the gigantic furnace was akin to a violent slap to his face, causing rage and fury to erupt within his heart.

A faint expression of indifference hung on Mu Chen’s handsome face, while blood still remained at the corner of his mouth. The Spiritual Array that he had arranged was naturally the one given to him by Ling Xi when he left Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Although it was within the same boundaries of a Rank 5 Spiritual Array, like the Demonic Butchering Lotus Spiritual Array, it possessed might comparable to a Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase. If it was before, Mu Chen would naturally not have the capability to arrange it. However, after opening his Heart’s eye, he finally possessed the capability to do so.

Naturally, arranging this Spiritual Array would require some time. If he were to arrange such a Spiritual Array right in Mo Longzi’s face, he would definitely be interfered with and stopped by the latter. Therefore, he chose to use a method that no one had expected. When Mo Longzi’s attacks were at their craziest, while his body appeared to be in an extremely miserable state, relying on the concealment by those rampaging Spiritual Energy fluctuations, he had fused the Spiritual Seals, one after another, within the air.

Therefore, it had led to the scene of Mu Chen’s reversal.

Shooting a look at Mo Longzi, Mu Chen didn’t continue saying any useless words as he proceeded to cross his legs and sit down in the air. A hand seal was formed, causing the gigantic furnace Spiritual Array to rumble as it revolved. As it did so, the space surrounding the furnace started to seemingly churn and flare up.

“Do you really think that I’ll allow the situation to turn around?!”

A sinister and cold roar rang out of Mo Longzi as he took a step forward. Boundless greyish-black Spiritual Energy swept out from him. At this moment, anyone could see that this furnace Spiritual Array had caused some dread to surface within him.

“You love to spew quite a bit of nonsense.”

Mu Chen replied with a faint smile. Changing his hand seal, the air within the furnace turned scarlet-red, almost as if it was about to ignite and burn.


Upon making contact the with boundless Spiritual Energy radiating out from Mo Longzi, Spiritual Energy started to fluctuate and radiate from the scarlet-red air. Traces of evaporation started to appear as a terrifying temperature started to radiate and spread out from within the furnace Spiritual Array.

“Divine Furnace Heavenly Array!”

A serene expression seemed to appear on Mu Chen’s face as a low and deep roar brought about some chilliness that slowly rang out from his mouth.


Following Mu Chen’s roar, the furnace Spiritual Array completely detonated. In the next instant, countless people saw scarlet-red flames forming within the furnace Spiritual Array. Akin to flaming clouds, they hid the skies and covered the earth as they swept straight at Mo Longzi.

The scale of the flaming clouds was simply unavoidable, it was impossible to escape!

Mo Longzi’s expression started to turn somewhat ugly at this moment. From the scarlet-red flames that blotted the skies as they headed over, he could feel a feeling of danger from them.

“I don’t believe that your Rank 5 Spiritual Array will be able to cope with me!”

Clenching and gnashing his teeth, Mo Longzi formed a hand seal, causing the boundless Spiritual Energy around his body to howl and surge. As Spiritual Energy condensed, it transformed into a glowing Spiritual Energy screen as it enveloped him within.

A black demonic dragon swam around the surface of the light screen, while powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuations radiated from it. From the looks of it, this appeared to be the strongest fortified defense Mo Longzi could put up.

Boom! Boom!

Scarlet-red flames continued on their path as they spread out. As they extended out, the boundless greyish-black Spiritual Energy that made contact with it rapidly evaporated away. Within the entire boundary of the furnace Spiritual Array, the defensive boundary created by Mo Longzi continued to be endlessly suppressed and burned away.


Within a short span of a dozen breaths, the scarlet-red flames finally burnt all the greyish-black Spiritual Energy to nihility. As the sea of flames surged, they surrounded Mo Longzi’s glowing Spiritual Energy screen, the terrifying temperature coming from them caused ripples to its surface.

Looking coldly at Mo Longzi and his defensive attempt, Mu Chen’s hand seal suddenly changed.


An ear-piercingly clear screech seemed to ring from within the scarlet-red sea of flames. In the next instant, as the flames surged, they transformed into the shape of a gigantic flaming bird.

Sitting within the sea of flames, the fiery bird flapped his fiery wings as it raised its head to give a long roar towards to sky. Hiding the sky and covering the earth, it violently smashed against the demonic dragon swimming on the surface of the glowing Spiritual Energy screen .

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Low and deep exploding sounds continued to ring out across the sky as the giant fiery bird burning with flames rushed forward. At this moment, the furious ripples started to surface on the seemingly indestructible glowing Spiritual Energy screen.

At this moment, the demonic dragon on the surface of the light screen was roaring as it defended against the attacks coming one after another.

Sitting within the light screen, Mo Longzi’s face had turned ashen as Spiritual Energy continued to erupt from his body to strengthen his defenses. He knew that this Spiritual Array should be Mu Chen’s final method. As long as he could endure it, he could pinch the latter to death at any time!

After being played and led around the nose by Mu Chen, he wished he could shatter all of his bones and split apart the latter into thousands of pieces!

Sensing the venomous gaze coming from Mo Longzi, Mu Chen gave a faint smile before proceeding to ignore him. Continuing to revolve his Spiritual Array, he wanted it to erupt with its most powerful strength, heavily damaging and refining the latter to death!

Bang! Bang!

Under the rampage of the fiery bird, the ripples spreading out from the glowing Spiritual Energy screen grew increasingly frequent. Furthermore, the demonic dragon swimming on it was much more incorporeal than before.

The scarlet-red sea of flames in his surroundings seized the opportunity to surge forward. Under the corrosion of the high temperature, even Mo Longzi, who was protected within, had beads of perspiration falling off of him like rain.

As time continued to slowly pass by, the glowing Spiritual Energy screen became increasingly thinner as the demonic dragon grew exceedingly close towards turning illusionary. This caused the hearts of quite a few people to skip a beat. This Spiritual Array was truly formidable. Even Mo longzi wasn’t able to completely defend against it.

“Break for me!”

A chilling glint flashed within Mu Chen’s black eyes. With a change of his hand seal, a furious roar akin to the clap of thunder rang out from him.


The furnace Spiritual Array furiously revolved, causing rumbling sounds to ring out. In response, the scarlet-red sea of flames started to rampage and grow erratic. Violently sweeping out, it smashed right against the glowing Spiritual Energy screen that was getting thinner as each second went by.


Under the all-out pounding, the glowing Spiritual Energy screen finally reached it limit. With a faint sound resounding out, cracks started to extend on the surface of the light screen.

At this moment, inside, the face of Mo Longzi started to violently contort.

On the contrary, expressions of ecstasy and joy erupted on the faces of Su Xuan, He Yao and the rest standing in the distance.


Under the attentive gazes of the countless people in the city, the glowing Spiritual Energy screen completely collapsed. Sensing this opportunity, the scarlet-red sea of flames swept in, instanting surrounding Mo Longzi, who now had nowhere else to evade or hide in.

At this moment, everyone could see that Mo Longzi’s expression had turned incomparably ugly.

Chi. Chi.

As the scorchingly high temperatures swept out, Mo Longzi’s clothes were instantly burnt into ashes, with even his skin turning scarlet-red. Under the intense temperatures from the scarlet-red sea of flames, even the latter’s eyes had turned blood shot.

Puff. Spurt.

As the terrifying sea of flames advanced towards Mo Longzi, he violently spurted a mouthful of blood. Those pair of incomparably venomous eyes locked on towards Mu Chen in the far distance, before he was completely engulfed by the surging sea of flames.

Intense shock shook through the hearts of countless people.

Mo Longzi, had lost?

The entire city turned deathly silent at this moment as everyone’s gazes were tightly locked at the area pervaded by the sea of flames. At this very instant, the atmosphere in that entire stretch of the world, seemed to have completely frozen solid.

The flames were still rising and flaring up.

After quite a while, due to the exhaustion of Spiritual Energy, the gigantic furnace Spiritual Array started to gradually dissipate. Simultaneously, the sea of flames that had pervaded that stretch of the sky started to slowly withdraw.

After completely withdrawing away from the area, Mo Longzi’s figure had disappeared from within. However, cries of astonishment quickly rang out as people saw a strange object appearing in the sky as the flames disappeared.

Mu Chen’s eyes furiously contracted upon seeing the scene as he tightly stared at the area.

Present within the sky was a ball of blood that was approximately a few feet in diameter. Appearing akin to a clump of meat dripping with blood, it floated mysteriously in the sky.

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