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Chapter 372 – Heart's Eye Breaks Spiritual Array

There was a mysterious eye that seemed to have opened from the depths of Mu Chen's spirit. Looking illusionary, and yet wasn't, looking real, and yet wasn't, while seemingly able to see through all the mist that veiled the world.

At this moment, Mu Chen's eyes slowly sprung open. However, at this moment, those jet-black pupils had transformed into transparent crystal-like appearances. Under those crystal-like eyes, everything in this world seemed to be able to be seen through.

Every change within the world in front of him was no longer that clear and distinct. The boundless Spiritual Energy was dissected as it appeared within his eyes, returning back into its most basic form as Spiritual Energy of the heavens and earth.

Looking at the nine divine mountains that were hidden within the eye-dazzling golden light world, the golden light present could no long mask Mu Chen's vision. Under his crystalline eyes, every single one of the nine divine mountains became transparent, with only the leftmost one still remaining clear and bright. Furthermore, countless glowing Spiritual Energy threads extended from it. These glowing threads were locked on to the other eight divine mountains, while mysterious fluctuations radiated from them.

This divine mountain was clearly different from the other eight.

"I've finally found you."

A faint smile curled from the corner of Mu Chen's mouth.

In the distance, sensing the change that happened to Mu Chen, Wu Jia shot a look over. Upon seeing the eyes of the former, which had turned crystalline, an intense shiver shook through his body as an incredulous expression broke apart the darkness present on his face. In the end, he involuntarily cried out, "Heart's Eye?!"

Shock and horror filled Wu Jia's heart. Regardless of anything, he never imagined that the Mu Chen in front of him was actually able to comprehend the Heart's Eye State! That was a rather high and deep status, and was the yearning dreams of countless Spiritual Array Masters, which naturally included him.

However, as if the Heart's Eye State was that easy to comprehend. Countless Spiritual Array Masters have tried their utmost and exhausted all efforts only to fail and be unable to open that mysterious Heart's Eye. However, this state had somehow appeared on the body of the youth in front of him.

The shock and mental blow from this revelation caused Wu Jia's face to turn exceedingly ugly. He had flaunted himself as having absolute talent on the cultivation of Spiritual Arrays. However, he was totally refuted by the Mu Chen present before his eyes.


While Wu Jia was reeling with shock in his heart, Mu Chen had already furiously shot out, rushing straight towards the genuine divine mountain.

As long as he could destroy that divine mountain, this giant array would naturally break apart!


Seeing Mu Chen's action, the expression on Wu Jia's face contorted. Changing his hand seal, he hastily urged the other eight divine mountains to rush and suppress Mu Chen.

Clenching his hand, black light erupted from Mu Chen as a black pagoda surfaced. In the next instant, gales whipped up as it dramatically swelled, becoming over a thousand feet long as it sat within the sky.


The Nine-Layered Pagoda shot forward and violently collided against the eight divine mountains. As it did so, four golden dragons roar out of its body, myriads of golden rays were radiating from them.

As the Nine-Layered Pagoda blocked the assault from the eight divine mountains, a dragon's shadow surfaced on Mu Chen's body. This dragon's shadow appeared much more corporeal than before. In a supportive state, it carried Mu Chen as he instantly passed through the air, appearing right below the ninth divine mountain.

Stomping his feet, Mu Chen rushed upwards akin to a great roc. Black lightning crazily arced and danced across his body as he clenched his hand and formed a fist. At this moment, endless brilliance flashed within his crystalline eyes.


His fist, encased with black lightning and boundless Spiritual Energy, violently rumbled out, before smashing directly against the bottom of the divine mountain.


A furious roar resounded across the world akin to a clap of thunder as black lightning spewed out. Gigantic cracks instantly extended out from the location where Mu Chen's fist struck as intense vibrations shook the majestic divine mountain. As the cracks extended, they finally covered the entire mountain.

At this moment, Wu Jia's face violently contorted.


The malevolent and sinister demonic dragon sat within the sky across the horizon. The fiendish aura radiating from it made it appear as if it was a genuine demonic dragon from the ancient antiquity, causing the world the tremble from its presence.

The faces of countless experts within the Western Desolated City changed as a result as they thought, This Mo Longzi is actually strong to such a degree.

At this moment, the eyes of the green-robed male in the large hall faintly contracted as a result.

"Shen Cangsheng, this farce will end right here!"

Standing arrogantly below the demonic dragon, Mo Longzi looked down towards Shen Cangsheng, while a cruel sneer surfaced at the corner of his mouth. Extending his finger out, he gave a tap towards towards Shen Cangsheng in the distance below.


Raising its head to give a long roar, the demonic dragon turned into a black bolt of lightning as it swooped down in a flash. Under the terrifying rush, the space around it started to distort, with the air also exploding apart due to its force, while the Spiritual Energy of the world all scattered away.

This rushing force was sufficient to crush a Heavenly Completion Stage Middle Phase expert into dust!

At this moment, the faces of Su Xuan, He Yao and the rest, who were observing the fight happening in the sky, all turned pale. Obviously, all of them had sensed the terrifying degree of Mo Longzi's attack.

Raising his head, Shen Cangsheng looked towards the scene of the demonic dragon diving towards him. As the hands that held his Golden Lotus War God Spear faintly shivered, rampant and fanatical fighting intent erupted from his eyes.

Taking a step forward, a low roar seemed to ring out from his throat as bright and resplendent golden light erupted from his body, causing him to appear incomparably dazzling. With a shake of his golden spear, it pierced forward in an extremely slow manner.


Creases seemed to appear in the space before it as a shadow of a golden spear hundreds of feet long surfaced behind Shen Cangsheng.

"Punishment Enforcer Deity Tier Spiritual Art, Punishment Enforcer's Spear!"

A low and deep voice resounded as indescribable awe and might erupted from the golden spear's shadow. The feeling one got from it was akin to a divine enforcer appearing in the sky, causing everyone's hearts to tremble in fear.


The gigantic golden spear's shadow shot forward, shattering the horizon apart. Under the tight gazes of countless people, it brazenly collided head-on against the swooping demonic dragon!


An astonishing clap of thunder reverberated across the entire stretch of the world as gigantic gold and black Spiritual Energy storms instantly swept out The bright sky instantly turned dim and dark as furious gales howled about, wreaking havoc and devastation.

Countless people tightly stared at the gigantic Spiritual Energy storms to were kicked up, while wondering, Is that Shen Cangsheng able to resist against that terrifying attack from Mo Longzi?

Within the large hall, the green-robed male faintly narrowed his eyes, while his gaze remained frozen at the spectacle before him.


Just as his gaze was fluctuating with uncertainty, countless people looked with overwhelming shock and astonishment in their eyes as the Spiritual Energy storms before their eyes were split apart. At this moment, the gigantic spear's shadow was being violently grasped in the claws of the demonic dragon, which proceeded to give a ferocious clench.


Under the overbearing grip of the demonic dragon, the golden spear's shadow shattered and broke into pieces. Shooting through the Spiritual Energy storms, the malevolent demonic dragon brought along its frightening shadow as it enveloped over Shen Cangsheng.

Boundless Spiritual Energy erupted from Shen Cangsheng's body as a last desperate attempt to protect himself. This was the only thing he could do at this moment.


As Mo Longzi rushed forward, Shen Cangsheng appeared to have suffered a serious injury as blood instantly spewed out from his mouth. Due to the attack from the former, his chest appeared to have somewhat caved in. Rapidly shooting back, he appeared akin to a bird with broken wings, rapidly dropping out of the sky, before violently shooting straight into the ground below.

The entire earth instantly collapsed at this moment as the surrounding structures instantly crumbled into pieces while gigantic cracks extended from the location of his fall.

Due to the spectacle unfolding before their eyes, the entire city become much, much quieter at this moment.

Countless people shot into the sky to look at the area that had collapsed, with dense plumes of dust rising from the location.

In the distance, the faces of Su Xuan, He Yao and the rest had all been drained of blood as a chill shook through their bodies. This Mo Longzi was that terrifying? Even Shen Cangsheng wasn't able to stand against him.

Standing across the horizon, Mo Longzi stared with indifference at the collapsed ground. With a wave of his sleeve, gales whipped up, completely scattering the plumes of dust present.

As the dust scattered away, everyone could finally see the scene present within. A deep depression had formed on the ground, with Shen Cangsheng, now covered in blood, with his clothes in tatters, swaying and stumbling as he stood within it.

The long spear was still being grasped in his hands. However, its body appeared dim and dull at this moment, having clearly suffered serious damage.

Although Shen Cangsheng was still standing, anyone could tell that he shouldn't have the strength to continue fighting.

Without Shen Cangsheng restricting him, wouldn't Mo Longzi be able to immediately control the entire situation?

"Shen Cangsheng, is there anything left that you want to say?" As he stood in the air, Mo Longzi gave a faint smile, a flavor of victory hanging within. Although Shen Cangsheng was formidable, he hadn't truly reached the Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase, after all. Therefore, in a head-to-head confrontation with him, the latter simply didn't have the slightest bit of advantage.

Tightly staring at Mo Longzi, Shen Cangsheng attempted to revolve his Spiritual Energy, only to result in him spurting more blood out as he staggered and stumbled.

"Look's like this fight will ultimately end in the victory for our Demonic Dragon Palace. The Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy is nothing more than this." Mo Longzi spoke out while shaking his head in pity. Clenching his hand, boundless Spiritual Energy condensed within, while killing intent surfaced within his eyes. Obviously, he had already intended to truly finish Shen Cangsheng at this place. With the latter's talent, as well as his growth-rate, even he was somewhat dreadful.

"In your next life, don't go to such a useless place like the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy again."

A ridiculing smile appeared on Mo Longzi's face as the boundless Spiritual Energy within his hand carried forth his killing intent and rushed out.


However, right at that instant, the sky in the distance, which was covered by the gigantic Spiritual Array, suddenly emitted an astonishingly loud sound, causing countless people to look over in astonishment. Even Mo Longzi was no exception, since a shiver shook through his body.

The gigantic Spiritual Energy was intensely vibrating at this moment. With a final loud bang, it completely exploded and shattered apart.

Glowing dots that blotted the sky scattered and descended.

Countless gazes turned towards the place that had the densest quantity of glowing dots. At that place, the blurry figures of two people were faintly discernable as they came into view.

Within the giant hall, expression of the green-robed male started to change. Thick feelings of shock and astonishment erupted from his eyes as he muttered, "How is this possible?"

As the glowing dots gradually dissipated, the two figures finally appeared. However, as they appeared, the entire city turned deathly silent as everyone's eyes were filled with shock and amazement.

At this moment, the two figures were in close range of each other. However, one of them had a palm gripping around the throat of the other. At this moment, the latter's face was deathly pale, while not even daring to make the slightest movement.

Unable to contain their emotions, Su Xuan covered her mouth, while shocked expressions flooded the face of He Yao and the rest.

That was because, the one standing there was Mu Chen, while the one being grabbed by the throat, was Wu Jia.

They had won their fight over there, with the victor being Mu Chen!

Chapter 373 – The Powerful Mo Longzi

The atmosphere across the entire Western Desolated City seemed to have frozen solid.

Bringing along thick feelings of shock, stupefied gazes looked towards the scene across the horizon. In the next moment, the corners of their mouths started to open uncontrollably. This ending was clearly something that was totally outside of their expectations.

Across the horizon, Mu Chen stood in the air, his clothes in tatters, with a few wounds showing on his body. Black lightning arced and danced around his body, while an exceptionally chilly expression was displayed on his face. With a gaze as sharp as knives, he stared towards Wu Jia, who was right in front of him, whose face was now flushed red.

Like a steel vice, his hand locked around the throat of the latter, while Spiritual Energy erupted from his palm. With just the slightest bit of movement, he would be able to instantly shatter Wu Jia's throat.

An ashen colour started to appear on Wu Jia's face.Within his eyes, the remnant of an incredulous expression was present, showing him having yet to return back to reality after Mu Chen barbarically smashed his array and caused him to suffer a complete collapse.

Wu Jia's current strength had already reached Heavenly Completion Stage Initial Phase. However, he never imagined that he would lose in such a short amount of time after his Spiritual Array was broken apart by Mu Chen.

The combat prowess displayed by Mu Chen had clearly far, far surpassed the strength perceived by his outer appearance.

Astonished clamouring noises erupted out, quickly breaking apart the silence within the city. The current commotion was even being more intense than when Shen Cangsheng was defeated, since the scene that unfurled before them had far exceeded everyone's expectations.

Who would have thought that Wu Jia, a Rank 5 Spiritual Array Master, would actually suffer defeat in the hands of Mu Chen, whose strength was merely at Heavenly Transformation Stage Late Phase?

"He's truly interesting," muttered the green-robed male with a faint smile, while shooting a peculiar look at Mu Chen. This youth appeared to also have some hidden methods and tricks up his sleeves. It's no wonder why he dared to take action under such circumstances.

"However, even though Wu Jia's defeat. They have still not considered to have obtained victory." He proceeded to mutter. As of now, Shen Cangsheng had already been defeated, with Mo Longzi about to take action elsewhere. Facing against the super-fierce figure that even Shen Cangsheng couldn't stop, there seemed to be nobody from the side of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy that could come out to contend.

In this current situation, the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was already on the disadvantageous side. Even with Mu Chen's victory, it was hard to shake and reverse the situation. After all, Mo Longzi was someone that couldn't be compared to Wu Jia.

Due to Mu Chen's victory, Su Xuan, He Yao and the rest of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy people were pleasantly surprised for an instant, before quickly reverting to grave expressions, which was accredited from the present dire situation. If Shen Cangsheng still had the strength to fight, with Mu Chen collaborating within him, the two of them would be able to contend with Mo Longzi. However, as of now, Shen Cangsheng had already suffered heavy injuries… As for the sides of Li Xuantong and Luo Li, although they had gotten the upper hand, both of them were in a life-or-death entanglement, causing them to be unable to extricate themselves for the time being.

Within this time, Mo Longzi might be able to crush and defeat Mu Chen.

Across the horizon, Mu Chen sent an apathetic look towards Wu Jia, who he had already subdued. Turning his head around, he looked towards the distance. Upon seeing Shen Cangsheng, who was completely covered in blood, with a depressed aura, his heart instantly sank. Shen Cangsheng truly was not Mo Longzi's match.

"Haha, you're truly surprising." Mo Longzi's faintly astonished gaze rested on Mu Chen's body, before proceeding to show a faint smile as he continued his statement. "However, you still late by a bit."


From the distance, Su Xuan, He Yao and the rest had shot over, descending before Shen Cangsheng, protecting him from the front as they vigilantly stared at Mo Longzi.

Mu Chen looked at the battlefields of Luo Li and Li Xuantong. At this moment, the two of them had already sensed the progress of the situation over at Mu Chen's side, and their attacks suddenly became fierce and violent in an attempt to rapidly end their battle to assist him.

However, Mu Gu and Gui Xiong weren't ordinary people, after all. At this moment, they had also become more vicious, sending attack after attack of all-out blows sweeping out, risking their lives to bring Luo Li and Li Xuantong down.

A faint flash spackled within Mu Chen's eyes, before sending a palm patting heavily down on Wu Jia's chest. Blood immediately spurted out from the latter as the Spiritual Energy surrounding his body instantly became dispirited, clear indications of having suffered a serious blow.

After maiming the combat capabilities of this Wu Jia, Mu Chen flung him towards Su Xuan and the rest. He raised his head, and coldly stared at Mo Longzi as boundless Spiritual Energy fluctuations gushed out of him once again.

"You're not my match." Facing the gaze coming from Mu Chen, Mo Longzi just gave a faint smile as he spoke out.

Not a single expression hung on Mu Chen's face, the same with his words, with only the glare coming from him still remaining chilly and cold.

"Truly, a detestable fellow." Mo Longzi muttered under his breath, while malevolent killing intent surged and erupted from the depths of his eyes. For this entire matter, the youth in front of him had caused much divergence in his well-prepared plans, causing him to feel extreme ire and detestment towards Mu Chen.

"I really, really want to kill you right here, right now…"

Baleful and ominous aura that blotted the skies, accompanied by his boundless and tyrannical Spiritual Energy, hid the skies and covered the earth as they swept out from Mo Longzi, enveloping over Mu Chen. In the next instant, a tremble shook through his body as he explosively shot out.

'"Mu Chen, be careful!"' Su Xuan and the rest hastily cried out. That Mo Longzi's was truly extremely vicious. He had immediately taken action.


Mo Longzi's speed was extremely fast, appearing before Mu Chen in a flash. Sending out a vicious pat, he noticed a dragon's shadow that was unexpectedly surfacing around the latter's body. As rays of brilliance flashed out, the latter explosively retreated, escaping Mo Longzi's attack range.

"This is…the Dragon Soaring Art?"

Looking at the dragon shadow that appeared around Mu Chen's body in a flash, shock and astonishment erupted from Mo Longzi's eyes, before instantly being filled with a dark shadow as he spoke out, "Looks like you've gotten quite a good deal of benefits from the Spiritual Treasure room of the White Dragon Sovereign, huh? Even his Dragon Soaring Art was learnt by you."

The White Dragon Sovereign was once one of the highest ranking members of the Demonic Dragon Palace of the past. Therefore, Mo Longzi also knew about this consummate skill of his. This Dragon Soaring Art was a part of a rather formidable Deity Tier Spiritual Art. Once it was mastered to a great degree, one could seemingly transform into a divine dragon, while being able to pierce through space to evade and escape. Even a Sovereign Realm expert would find it difficult obstruct such a cultivator. During that year, when the White Dragon Sovereign had betrayed the Demonic Dragon Palace, the Demonic Dragon Palace had tried their best to contain him, but to no avail, since he escaped at the end. What he relied on was this Dragon Soaring Art.

Although the Dragon Soaring Art that Mu Chen had cultivated was still at the most elementary "dragon shadow" level, the increase in speed was already extremely quickly, making Mu Chen exceptionally hard to deal with.

As the dragon's shadow surfaced around Mu Chen's body, it made him appear as if he was a green wisp of smoke. Vigilance filled his heart as he glared at Mo Longzi. At this very moment, what he needed to do was to buy the most amount of time for Li Xuantong and Luo Li.

If he was able to drag his fight till Li Xuantong and Luo Li finished theirs, it would become much easier for him.

Nevertheless, Mo Longzi had clearly seen through his intent. He sneered as he said, "Although the Dragon Soaring Art is formidable, you're only mastered to such a small level. Do you really think that I can't deal with you?"

Taking a step forward, surging Spiritual Energy gushed out from him, seemingly blocking the sky, causing this entire stretch of the world to instantly turn dim.

"Demonic Dragon's Shadow!"

Greyish-black Spiritual Energy hid the skies and covered the earth as it rushed towards him. Akin to a gigantic light screen, it enveloped an area of approximately thousands of feet long, with Mu Chen being unable to escape as he was covered by it.

Roar! Roar!

As the light screen came enveloping over, a malevolent dragon roar, filled with a strange demonic energy, rang out, causing Mu Chen to feel his body becoming heavy.

Intense chilling intent erupted from Mo Longzi's eyes as he extended his hands. Furiously giving a pat down, a chillingly cold roar resounded across the world, "Demonic Dragon's Claw!"


Boundless Spiritual Energy condensed across the horizon, immediately transforming into a gigantic palm a hundred feet wide. Black dragon scales densely filled the surface of the giant hand. Sparkling with a chilling glow, it appeared to be able to shatter and collapse mountains.

The giant hundred foot-wide hand patted furiously down towards Mu Chen, as ear-piercing sounds of the air exploding rang out.

Looking at the shadow that came enveloping over him, Spiritual Energy erupted from Mu Chen, before transforming into a starry sky behind him. Three gigantic figures condensed and formed within it, before carrying along boundless rays of starlight as they swept out.

Four Divine Constellations Scripture, Divine Seal of the White Tiger! Divine Seal of the Black Tortoise! Divine Seal of the Vermillion Bird!

Beastial roars resounded acrossed the horizon! Three giant beasts howled as they shot out, immediately smashing head-on against the incoming greyish-black giant hand!


Astonishing explosions resounded across the sky as incomparably erratic and rampaging Spiritual Energy waves swept out. Even Mu Chen was sent flying back thousands of feet, with the Spiritual Energy and blood within his body faintly churning around as a grave expression filled his face. Only after crossing hands with Mo Longzi was he truly able to understand how tyrannical the latter was. No wonder why even Shen Cangsheng was unable to resist his attacks.

Raising his head, Mu Chen looked towards the Spiritual Energy waves sweeping out in the distance. Over there, Mo Longzi had his feet treading on the Spiritual Energy Waves, with his hands crossed behind his back. An expression of indifference covered his face as if the previous confrontation did not have the slightest bit of effect towards him.

"To block my strike while being at the Heavenly Transformation Stage Late Phase, you truly have some ability." Shooting a look at Mu Chen, whose chest was now heaving slightly, Mo Longzi spoke out with an apathetic tone.

Hearing those words by Mo Longzi, not a change happened to Mu Chen's expression. Instead, the palms hidden within his sleeves started to faintly tremble, and the surrounding space started to fluctuation.

"The White Dragon Sovereign was, after all, a person from our Demonic Dragon Palace. Since you've learnt the Dragon Soaring Art, you can be considered to have some connection to our Demonic Dragon Palace. If you're able to kill Shen Cangsheng and the rest, I might be able to allow you to join our Demonic Dragon Palace. Compared to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, your future there might be much, much greater." Mo Longzi suddenly made an offer to Mu Chen with a smile. If he was able to drag Mu Chen into the Demonic Dragon Palace, the face of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy might completely go down the drain. To him, this was an extremely good way to deal a blow to his enemies.

"A power that was ousted like a stray dog by the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy dares to speak such words?" Mu Chen replied with a mocking smile.

"Since you don't want to accept my good graces, you can follow all of them and die in this Western Desolated City!"

Chilling intent flashed within Mo Longzi eyes as he clenched his hands. Surging Spiritual Energy gushed forth and condensed, forming two gigantic dragons around his body. With a roar, they swept straight towards Mu Chen.

A dragon's shadow surfaced around Mu Chen as he explosively retreated. His black pupils started to turn crystalline once against as his hands came together to form a seal.


At the instant when Mu Chen's hands came together, the entire stretch of the world shook and trembled. In the next instant, countless people noticed rays of brilliance blossoming in the sky as boundless Spiritual Energy hid the skies and covered the earth as they condensed together.

Within a short span of a few breaths, a gigantic Spiritual Array surfaced. Two incomparably gigantic black lotuses slowly revolved within its centre, while frightening Spiritual Energy fluctuations that caused people's expressions to change radiated out.

"Demonic Butchering Lotus Spiritual Array!"

A low roar resounded within Mu Chen's heart as his eyes turned frosty. Sending a palm patting out, under the countless shocked gazes below, the gigantic Spiritual Array started to revolve in the air.

At this moment, an expression of shock and astonishment was also present on the face of the green-robed male within the large hall. The degree of Spiritual Array arranged by Mu Chen had already reached the realm of a Rank 5 Spiritual Array. Could it be that this youth was actually a Rank 5 Spiritual Array Master?

A Rank 5 Spiritual Array Master at such an age…

His eyes started to slightly narrow as he thought, This youth is slightly unusual. However, exactly till what point will he be able hold on against Mo Longzi…?

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