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Chapter 363 – Rescue

As Chi Yu’s arms slid off from his shoulders, a miserable shriek instantly rang out. His body rapidly dropped down, violently smashing against a mountain peak. This fall caused him to crazily spurt yet another mouthful of blood out, his aura was decreasing rapidly.

Fluttering as she descended, a chilling intent surfaced within Luo Li’s beautiful eyes. Pressing the edge of her sword against Chi Yu’s throat, a Sword Aura that was bone chillingly cold radiated from it, which caused the latter’s face to instantly turn deathly pale, not daring to move a single inch.

Not far away, upon seeing this spectacle, Mu Chen gave a faint smile. With a clench of his hand, he pulled Mao Jiang towards him, before tossing him beside Chi Yu. The two vicious people from the Bounty Board that were previously showing off their awe-inspiring presence had now been turned exceedingly miserable, and that awe-inspiring presence was no longer present.

“This ending seems to have exceeded the expectations of the two of you…right?” said Mu Chen with a faint smile as he looked towards the two men, both showing deathly-pale faces while looking extremely dejected and depressed.

With his arms chopped off, Chi Yu was now glaring venomously at Mu Chen. Next to him, Mao Jiang clenched his teeth while growling, “ Don’t get cocky, you two! This time, none of you will be able to escape!”

Hearing his threat, Mu Chen continued to smile, before asking, “Please tell me about your plans, the two of you.”

“In your dreams!” Chi Yu sneered back.

With a flick of his finger, a ray of Spiritual Energy shot out from Mu Chen. When it violently smashed against Chi Yu’s chest, the latter was shot hundreds of metres back. Totally ignoring the latter’s fate, Mu Chen turned and look towards Mao Jiang and said, “ If you wish to become like him, I will grant it to you.”

Looking at the handsome youth, whose eyes were filled with a chilling indifference, a shiver shook through Mao Jiang’s heart. The former’s actions caused even him to feel fearful and apprehensive. How could something like that be done by a student from an ivory tower like the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy?

“You guys have no hope. Mo Longzi isn’t someone you can contend against.”

Clenching his teeth, Mao Jiang growled, “Release us now, and you’ll still be able to leave this place. Once you fall into Mo Longzi’s hands, none of you will live to tell the tale!”

“What is he planning to do?” asked Mu Chen as his forehead started to slightly wrinkle up.

“Do? Hehe. He, naturally, wants to eat every last one of you guys up. This way, the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy would receive a very heavy blow. At that time, his status within the Demonic Dragon Palace would rise as a result,” replied Mao Jiang with a sneer.

“Can he even digest us? All of the Punishment Hall’s three Great Generals have taken action this time. Is Mo Longzi’s appetite that big?” Mu Chen spoke out with a sneer. Lin Zheng and the other two were all at Heavenly Completion Stage Middle Phase, and weren’t weaker than Shen Cangsheng. Although Mo Longzi and his lineup was strong, this didn’t mean that they could eat them up. Furthermore, once they successfully rescued Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong, their strength would be able to immediately suppress their enemies.

“You guy are underestimating Mo Longzi too much,” replied Mao Jiang in ridiculement. “As of now, he should’ve already found Lin Zheng. If I’m correct, Lin Zheng has already been defeated.”

“As for the other two of the Great Generals, Gu Tianyan and Zhou Aurangshan, they’ll get restrained by Mu Gu and Gui Xiong. After getting his hands free, Mo Longzi would naturally deal with them, too. At that point, what else can the other people do?”

Mu Chen’s eyes faintly contracted as he heard Mao Jiang’s words. Unexpectedly, Mo Longzi was strong to such a level? He could even deal with Lin Zheng?

“Don’t assume that your strength will greatly increase once you rescue Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong. The two of them have been poisoned by Mo Longzi’s Demonic Dragon Poison. As of now, they are helpless. Even if you save them, they’ll be close to useless.” Mao Jiang continued to rain verbal blows towards Mu Chen, while his face was filled with a ridiculing smile. Those fellows still wanted to fight with Mo Longzi? They were truly looking to die.

A chilling glint flashed within Mu Chen’s eyes. Mo Longzi was truly worthy of his title as a super vicious person that was ranked second on the Bounty Board. He was actually that formidable.

“What do we do now?”asked Luo Li in a soft voice and she walked towards Mu Chen. The current situation was indeed rather reassuring to them. Their enemies had split them up and were attempting to defeat them one by one. At that time, once Lin Zheng and the other two great generals were dealt with, it would be extremely difficult for them to confront their enemies anymore.

Mu Chen’s eyes sparkled as he pondered about it. After a while, he looked towards Mao Jiang and asked, “ You should know the locations of Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong, right?”

“You’re still trying to rescue them? They’re poisoned! There’s no use even if you save them” Mao Jiang replied with a sneer.

“There’s no need for you to care about that. You just need to lead the way.” replied Mu Chen with a faint smile. Since their enemies wanted to deal with them one by one, he could also rely on this time to find Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong. At that time, he could think of a way to dispel the poison in their bodies, allowing their strength to drastically rise. With that, doing a roundabout intercept and killing their enemies, they might be able to reverse this entire situation.

Naturally, he would need to seize the opportunity and rescue Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong and recover their fighting strength before everyone of them gets captured.

“I’ll find Chi Yu and ask him also for the way. If I discover that your route is wrong, don’t blame be for skinning you alive before throwing you here.” added Mu Chen as he sent a faint smile towards Mao Jiang. Merely, that smile appeared exceedingly cold and apathetic.

Looking at the smile on Mu Chen’s face, Mao Jiang started to tremble as a chill spread over his body. Mu Chen’s cruelty and viciousness was without a doubt. This youth in front of him was more cruel and vicious then even them.

“You show me the way, and you’ll spare my life.” Mao Jiang was also a decisive person. At this moment, he clearly didn’t have much choices left. Thus he could only clench his teeth and reply to Mu Chen’s demand.

“That will depend on your performance.”

Mu Chen did not express his opinion, before shooting out and retrieving that Chi Yu back. From a distance, it seemed as though their exchange took quite a while. Finally, he retrieved Chi Yu, who was already sunk into unconsciousness back.

“Let’s go.”

Mu Chen looked towards Luo Li, who nodded her head.

Mu Chen lifted Mao Jiang up, who was seriously injured, before rushing rapidly towards the centre of the dense spiritual mist, sweeping across towards the direction that Mao Jiang had provided.

However, just as Mu Chen and his group had shot in the depths, at another Rank within the depths of the Western Desolated Territory, on a giant stone that appeared akin to a small hill, a figure sitting on it started to faintly wrinkle its forehead.

Raising its head to look towards the direction of Mu Chen and his group, it muttered, “That direction should be where Chi Yu and Mao Jiang had went, right? From the looks of it, they’ve actually been captured, and are heading towards the depths in an attempt to save Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong?”

This person had a normal appearance. However, his eyes appeared exceedingly dark and cold, akin to a venomous snake. He was precisely the only Rank 5 Spiritual Array Master within the Bounty Board, Wu Jia.

As his eyes flashed faintly, he looked towards his front. In the region before him was a gigantic Spiritual Array that was currently revolving around. Within the Spiritual Array were three figures trapped in it.

If one were to take a careful look, one would be able to precisely identify He Yao, Su Xuan and Xu Huang. The three of them didn’t get separated very far from one another. Thus, they had met up on the way, before meeting Wu Jia, who had come over to deal with them.

However, facing against a Rank 5 Spiritual Array Master that had long prepared against them, even with the three of them collaborating, they were still unable to gain the slightest bit of superiority. On the contrary, they were trapped by their enemy’s Spiritual Array, and were simply unable to break it.

Fortunately, by relying on their collaboration, they were barely able to protect their lives.

As Wu Jia stared at the three people within the Spiritual Array, his forehead started to faintly wrinkled, before suddenly standing up. Compared to Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong, these three students didn’t mean anything. Furthermore, it could be said that both sides were being impeded, and as of now, he couldn’t allow the people from that side get close to Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong.

“I’ll let you guys go first.”

Staring at He Yao and the other two, Wu Jia gave a sneer. In the next moment, with a move of his body, he disappeared into the spiritual mist.

With the lost of Wu Jia’s control, the Spiritual Array that had trapped He Yao and the other two started to slow its revolutions down. This allowed for He Yao and the other two to breath a sigh of relief. Before hurriedly using their full strength to break the Spiritual Array.


Within the dense spiritual mist, Mu Chen and Luo Li shot swiftly across. Spiritual Energy swept out from him, causing the spiritual mist to be unable to get close to him.

They had already traveled at full speed, as both of them knew that they were in a race against time. Once Mo Longzi successfully deals with Lin Zheng and the other two, they might truly have lost.

Mao Jiang who was being carried in Mu Chen’s hand, was continuously leading the way, while the depths of his eyes were quietly sparkling.


Their figures shot out explosively. However, just as they were about to rush into another stretch of spiritual mist, Mu Chen’s eyes furiously contracted. With a grab, he held onto Luo Li’s slender waist before explosively retreating.


The spiritual mist in front of them shattered apart, as countless streaks of gigantic Spiritual Energy swept out. Like a furious dragon, they rumbling explosively towards Mu Chen and Luo Li.

Luo Li’s beautiful eyes grew faintly chilly, as her jade like hand grasped her long sword tightly. In the next instant, boundless Sword Aura shot out, slashing apart the incoming streaks of Spiritual Energy.

“Never would I have imagined that Chi Yu and Mao Jiang would actually fall into the hands of two students…”a strang voice rang out from within the spiritual mist. As the spiritual mist fluctuated, a figure surfaced from within. It was precisely Wu Jia.

At the back of Wu Jia was a gigantic Spiritual Array that was currently revolving slowly, ready to launch attacks out at anytime.

“That’s Wu Jia, Rank 5 on the Bounty Board?” looking at the person that appeared, Mu Chen spoke out while faintly wrinkling his forehead.

“Please stop here first, the two of you. Don’t continue moving forward. I will stop you two.” said Wu Jia while sending a faint smile towards Mu Chen and Luo Li.

Staring chillingly at Wu Jia, killing intent erupted within Mu Chen’s eyes.

However, just as he had planned to take action, Luo Li gracefully walked forward. Sending a gentle smile towards Mu Chen, she said, “Let me stop him. Go and rescue the two first.”

Upon seeing this, Mu Chen was instantly startled for a bit, while slightly hesitating.

“Have a bit of confidence in me, okay?” said Luo Li in an annoyed tone. Mu Chen had always wanted to stand the front and protect her. However, wasn’t he seriously underestimating this future queen of the Luo God Clan?

Hearing her tone, Mu Chen gave a helpless smile, before gently nodding his head while replying, “Please be careful.”

He wasn’t especially worried about her, as Luo Li’s hidden cards were something that even he was not clear about. The only reason why Mu Chen hesitated was due to her extremely little times of truly fighting with people. Mu Chen didn’t belief that Luo Tianshen would let Luo Li leave the Luo God Clan and come to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy without the slightest bit of trump card

As his voice rang out, he didn’t continue wasting any more time. With a move of his body, he shot forward into the spiritual mist.

“Where are you going?”

Upon seeing his, Wu Jia’s gaze instantly turned frosty. As the Spiritual Array behind revolved, a stream came gushing out, sweeping towards Mu Chen.


A stream of Sword Aura had also swept out, colliding against the Spiritual Energy stream heading towards Mu Chen. In the next moment, Sword Aura prevaded out, rumbling towards that Wu Jia and enveloping him within.

Taking advantage of this, Mu Chen’s figure had rushed into the spiritual mist, disappearing within in a blink of an eye. As of now, he needed to rescue Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong before Mo Longzi successfully dealt with Lin Zheng and the rest.

If not, their situation would become extremely disadvantageous.

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