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Chapter 353 – The Mysterious Ling Xi

In the following days to come, Mu Chen came almost every day to undergo Ling Xi's demonic training. Upon completion, he would leave, completely covered in wounds. His tattered and miserable appearance gave Luo Li a fright. However, after knowing the entirety of the matter, she could only shake her head in helplessness. This Elder Ling Xi was truly vicious in her actions.

However, although Mu Chen had paid an extremely disastrous price to undergo this demonic training, it had to be said that the results were truly not small. Within a short span of a few days, Mu Chen's rate of improvement was quite good. On the first day of this demonic training, when he had broken the three Fourth Grade Spiritual Arrays, he was already totally consumed. Furthermore, it had led to him ending up in an extremely miserable state.

However, at the end of the tenth day, he had already increased the number of superimposing Spiritual Arrays to a terrifying amount of 20…

20 Fourth Grade Spiritual Arrays activated simultaneously. The threat coming from them would even cause a Heavenly Completion Stage expert to feel his skin crawl. However, it was fortunate that those Spiritual Arrays weren't used for slaughter; thus, could not be compared to the ones that were used in real fights. Therefore, relying on his Thunder God Physique, coupled with the increasing familiarity in his training, he was barely able to scrape past it every time. Naturally, the price he had to pay was even more disastrous. After completing the training every day, he wouldn't be able to move the next day, and could only take the day off to rest.

As this cycle of rest for a day and break arrays for a day, Mu Chen could feel that the rate of the appearance of the fantastic feeling was becoming higher and higher. This made Mu Chen extremely elated.

Although this fantastic feeling did not mean that he had already come into true contact with the Heart's Eye State, it was able to tell him that he was getting closer and closer to it.

As long as he continued this, he would finally be able to brush aside the mysterious fog and truly comprehend the Heart's Eye State!


Spiritual Energy that blotted the skies erupted from within the depths of the bamboo forest as Spiritual Arrays started to envelope the surrounding sky. With their numerous amount, they formed layer after layer. With their revolutions, Spiritual Energy that hid the skies and covered the earth gushed and erupted out, roaring with terrifying prestige.

At this moment, within the dense layers of Spiritual Arrays and countless howling light beams, a figure sparkled as it dashed around at lightning speed. Black lightning bolts sparked on its body, resisting the attacks from those Spiritual Energy light beams that couldn't be evaded.

Bang! Bang!

While dodging, the figure rapidly launched its furious attacks as vigorous exploding fists swept out, descending towards the numerous layers of Spiritual Arrays.

Every time it launched an attack, a Spiritual Array layer would shudder, before emitting faint cracking sounds. A moment after that, the Spiritual Array would collapse, before transforming into dots of light that blotted the skies, before dissipating away.

On the outskirts of the bamboo forest, Su'er exclaimed in astonishment at the spectacle before her. In a short span of time that hadn't even reached half a month, Mu Chen had already broken away from the miserable state he was in during the beginning of the training. Obviously, he had also managed to grasp some concepts and understandings. Furthermore, even Su'er could see that Mu Chen's ability to find and identify the Array Cores was getting increasingly formidable.

Although Ling Xi did not use any methods to conceal the Spiritual Arrays' Array Cores, wanting to find and identify them in such a situation was, by itself, an extremely difficult task. Let's not mention a Fourth Grade Spiritual Array Master, even a Fifth Grade Spiritual Array Master would be hard pressed to accomplish that feat. However, Mu Chen was able to improve to such a level in a short span of ten plus days; this was already an extremely difficult feat to pull off.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

While Su'er was gasping in astonishment, following the howls of exploding fists, the layers of Spiritual Arrays within the depths of the bamboo forest were completely broken. As the dots of light that blotted the skies surfaced, they presented an exceptionally spectacular scene.


As the final Spiritual Array shattered apart, a figure swept out and landed beside Su'er. As the brilliance faded, it revealed the naked upper torso of Mu Chen, with some blood stains present.

"Here, Big Brother Mu Chen," said Su'er as she intimately handed him a set of clothes. The little lady was no longer embarrassed, since she had seen too much for the past few days, thus becoming used to it.

Putting on the new set of clothes, Mu Chen wiped away the few blood stains on his body. Although intense pain still radiated from his body, he had already gotten used to it after a few days. Therefore, Mu Chen didn't end up in the same unbearable state as the first day, where he had almost collapsed due to a depletion of mental and physical strength.

"Big Brother Mu Chen, how's your comprehension on your Heart's Eye State?" asked Su'er curiously .

"I'm still lacking a bit," replied Mu Chen helplessly with a smile. He had felt that fantastic feeling once again just now. However, he didn't know why he felt as thought there was something slightly lacking. This feeling was akin to a little bird trapped within an egg and was trying to break the shell and escape, only to find that the shell was too hard. Unable to escape even after struggling, it appeared extremely distorted.

However, Mu chen was not overly greedy. Having such an improvement over these past few days was already considered a pretty good result. Although he was very confident of his talent, the Heart's Eye State was, after all, one that was much deeper and profound. It wasn't that easy to control it.

"Then, Big Brother Mu Chen, you have to work harder. Yesterday, Elder Sister Ling Xi said that your improvement is too slow. If she was impatient, she would immediately chase you away," said Su'er.

Mu Chen immediately became speechless. After interacting for ten days, it could be considered that he managed to gain some understanding about Ling Xi. This lady truly had a strong character, and would do anything she wanted to do. Although Mu Chen believed that he did not dare to offend her, there truly was a possibility that, someday, she would become unhappy, and drive him out for no apparent reason.

"Su'er, do you know exactly how old she is?"

Taking a stealthy look at his surroundings, Mu Chen quietly posed this question to Su'er. He was extremely anxious and curious about this question. Within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, it was the first time he had seen such a youthful Elder. Her age seemed to be not much older than his own. However, he did not dare to say this definitively, the possibility existed for some experts with unfathomable strength to change their appearances, just like Elder Zhu Tian with his youthful appearance. However, with a single look, Mu Chen was able to see that his youthful appearance was just a façade. The ancient aura filled with vicissitude was unable to be concealed.

However, Mu Chen was unable to sense such an aura coming from Ling Xi. Although the latter was cold and indifferent, she did not have an ancient aura coming from her.

"Hmm, Elder Sister Ling Xi never talked about this before. However, she only allows me to call her Elder Sister. I think that her age shouldn't be big…" Hearing Mu Chen's question, Su'er immediately suppressed her voice. Her big eyes were now filled with excitement. From the looks of it, her gossipy heart was no weaker than Mu Chen's.

Mu Chen nodded his head in agreement. If the disparity between their ages was truly large, there shouldn't be the matter of her asking Su'er to call her Elder Sister…

However, if that was truly the case. This truly would be a bit frightening. Just how old was she? She actually possessed such terrifying strength. This would simply cause Shen Cangsheng and the rest of the elite students to die of a heart attack.

"In fact, I think that even Elder Sister Ling Xi isn't too clear about her age, since she seems to have forgotten a lot of things…" said Su'er as she tilted her head from side-to-side, looking somewhat puzzled.

Mu Chen immediately gawked. Forgotten? His brows started to faintly wrinkle up. The feeling this Ling Xi gave people was that she was slightly too mysterious, with no one knowing exactly where she came from. This world truly had lots of mysterious and unfathomable things.

Just as he wanted to probe further, a familiar figure dressed in white appeared in the distance, causing him to hastily shut his mouth. Similarly, Su'er stuck her little tongue out, while giving a pretentious act of helping Mu Chen with cleaning his blood stains.

As Ling Xi slowly walked over, her clear and icy pupils shot a look at Mu Chen as she said, "Looks like you've some spare energy left today."

One could hear the faint chilling intent within her voice.

Mu Chen gave a dry laugh.

"Since you're done with your training, why are you still here, instead of going back?"

Immediately following her question, Ling Xi gave her next order, "From tomorrow onwards, the number of Spiritual Arrays will increase to 30. After five days, you'll enter the Spiritual Array House. If you're still unable to open your Heart's Eye State, you can go fumble around by yourself. I won't teach such a stupid person."

In response, Mu Chen gave a smile, without any bitterness shown on his face. He was, in fact, extremely curious to the point of anxiousness towards the so-called 'Spiritual Array House'. From Su'er's words, it seemed to be a place that was quite frightening. However, from Ling Xi's words, didn't it seem as though that place had some use towards opening his Heart's Eye?

As this harbored this thought within his heart, he gave Su'er's little head a rub, before saying his goodbyes and leaving.

Upon seeing Mu Chen leave, Ling Xi glared at Su'er while saying, "Do you want to see what I'll do to you if you dare to say nonsense about me?"

"Su'er won't dare to do it anymore," replied Su'er hastily as she shook her head. Elder Sister Ling Xi is so scary. She really did hear us.

"Why are you not cleaning the bamboo forest?"

"Mhm Mhm…" Su'er nodded her head repeatedly, before hugging the large broom that was taller than her and proceeding to sweep the bamboo forest that had turned into a mess by Mu Chen.

As Ling Xi looked towards the little figure of Su'er, a faint smile surfaced at the corner of her mouth. In the next moment, she seemed to think about something as a somewhat blank expression presented itself slightly in her eyes. Giving a soft sigh, she turned around and headed back to the bamboo house, before entering its depths. Presently, there was a little bamboo house with tightly shut doors.

Opening the doors of the bamboo house, one could not see a single speck of dust within, with everything within being considerably simple and organised. A praying mat was present within the house, while a painting hung on the wall in front of it. The painting seemed to be of a black-coloured pagoda. A vague and indistinct figure of a lady sitting down was present on top of the pagoda. The figure was extremely blurry and indistinct. However, it gave people a feeling of peace and tranquility.

Ling Xi proceeded to kneel and sat down on the praying mat, before staring blankly at the painting. A blank and vacant expression fluctuated within her beautiful eyes, as if she was trying hard to remember something. However, after exhaling a breath of air with some pain, she clutched her forehead with her white hands as her black hair spilt all over the floor, causing her slender figure to appear exceedingly frail and miserable.

This was a desolated area of mountains and fields. On the summit of a lone peak stood a youth dressed in black with his hands behind his back. A black sword was carried on his back, while a black dragon mark sat within his forehead. An aura of extreme chill radiated from the dragon mark, giving people a terrifying feeling that would make them tremble in fear.

That familiar appearance was Mo Longzi.

Faintly panning his head, he looked at a distance far away in the north as a cruel and frosty smile surfaced at the corner of his mouth.

"Chasing me for so long… you two really have perseverance…However, this time, I'm afraid that you two won't be able to return…this is the grand feast that I've specially prepared for you two…"

"Ha ha…if I'm able to kill the 1st and 2nd place of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, would I be able to exceed him on their Bounty List?"

"I truly look forward to it…"

A soft and chilling laughter slowly rang out from the mountain peak as the figure dressed in black started to slowly dissipate in the air.

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