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Chapter 352 – Breaking the Array


At the very moment when Ling Xi left the bamboo forest, the three gigantic Spiritual Arrays immediately activated. The Spiritual Energy of the heavens and earth instantly boiled and churned as boundless radiance permeated out, enveloping this entire area.

Mu Chen's expression turned grave as Spiritual Energy burning with black flames rose from his body. Looking towards the complicated Spiritual Arrays radiating with brilliance that enveloped him, he could faintly make out traces of Spiritual Energy light chains that formed extremely complicated array diagrams.

Due to the extremely close proximity of the three Spiritual Arrays to one another, it caused the level of complexity to increase by quite a bit. When combined, three Fourth Grade Spiritual Arrays were able to erupt with the force of a Heavenly Transformation Stage Late Phrase. With Mu Chen's strength, if he used force with any qualm, he should be able to shatter and split these three Fourth Grade Spiritual Arrays apart and break out of them. However, the last words that Ling Xi said to him had firmly obstructed him from heading down this path.

Since he was unable to use the forceful way, the only thing he could do was to decipher the Array Cores. If not, that Ling Xi might immediately expel him.


Just as Mu Chen was carefully observing and studying the Spiritual Arrays, the latter started blossoming with radiance. In the next moment, three gigantic rays of light swept over. Carrying along churning Spiritual Energy, they slammed against Mu Chen's body at lightning speed.


As the rays of light shattered, Mu Chen was forced a step back. Spiritual Energy burning with black flames that curled around his body grew dimmer, before turning into a raging inferno again.

"It's painful," muttered Mu Chen as he rubbed his chest. Although, with Mu Chen's current tyrannical fleshly body, enduring three Heavenly Transformation Stage Late Phase attacks would not lead to any injuries, but the pain was still present.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

However, it was obvious that Elder Ling Xi would not let Mu Chen be so relaxed. Just as the three Spiritual Light beams had shot out, the three Spiritual Arrays started to rumble and revolve. In the next moment, as his face started to faintly change, beam after beam of lights hid the skies and covered the earth as they shot out, rumbling towards him before raining down like a storm.

Such a terrifying amount of attacks; even Mu Chen started to feel his scalp turning slightly numb. Not daring to rely on his fleshy body to endure them anymore, a dragon's shadow erupted from Mu Chen's body as he activated the Dragon Soaring Art and fled away.

A remnant shadow appeared where Mu Chen previously stood, before immediately being shattered into pieces by the incoming Spiritual Energy beams.

Bang! Bang!

Unfortunately, there wasn't much room within this region of space enveloped by the gigantic Spiritual Array, thus Mu Chen could not completely escape from it. Even relying on the Dragon Soaring Art, he was still struck dozens of times, causing tremors to shake within his body.

At that moment, Mu Chen's face had truly turned ugly. According to normal reasoning, the Fourth Grade Spiritual Arrays arranged by him would at most be able to erupt with a single barrage of attacks, before gradually dissipating away. However, the three before him had continued launching barrage after barrage, with no end to them.

"I have to hurry up and break these arrays," muttered Mu Chen as his gaze turned solemn. He did not dare to drag this on any longer, because if this continued, even with his small accomplishment in his Thunder God Physique, he might still be consumed to death in this place.

In the next instant, brilliance erupted from within his eyes as he locked onto the revolving Spiritual Arrays. The complicated array diagrams that were stretched by lines and lines of glowing Spiritual Energy line started to be continuously etched within his mind.


However, just as Mu Chen had managed to probe into a little bit of the locus of the array diagrams, a wave of rampaging attacks came heading his way, forcing him to retreat tens of steps. As his blood and Qi rolled and churned over, the locus of the array diagrams that he had just managed to obtain were changed by the revolving Spiritual Arrays.

A wasted effort.

This was akin to a person trying to fumble around a moving maze, and needed to follow those orbital tracks. However, once that probe was being disrupted and interfered with, the orbital tracks would be messed up by the revolutions. If one wanted to escape the maze using conventional means, the only thing one could do was to try again from the start.

Unable bear it, Mu Chen let out a curse. Only now did he truly understand how difficult it was to break an array using this method. Naturally, he also knew that if it was that easy to find the Array Core of a revolving Spiritual Array and destroy it in one fell swoop, then being a Spiritual Array Master would not be as popular as it was.

Clenching his teeth, Mu Chen told himself to not get flustered. Upon getting flustered and anxious, he would no longer be able to find those Array Cores, with the only way left being for him to force his way out. If not, he would truly be consumed to death.


As Mu Chen forcefully instructed himself to calm down, black lightning started to erupt on the surface of his body as the Lightning Rune on his chest grew brighter. He had already activated his Thunder God Physique. With that, he would be able to reduce the disturbance caused by the periodic attacks towards him.

Within the clearing in the bamboo forest, Mu Chen's figure continued to flutter about as he retreated, evading those Spiritual Arrays that hid the skies and covered the earth as they headed his way. From time-to-time, some of those Spiritual Energy light beams would sweep across him, causing a faint bout of trembling to spread within his body.

Standing outside of the Spiritual Arrays, Su'er covered her eyes with her hands, not daring to take a look at Mu Chen, who was now trapped in a spectacle that was too horrible to endure. If it was her that was within those Spiritual Arrays, she might have long lost her little life.

As time slowly elapsed, the boundless Spiritual Energy within the depths of the bamboo forest grew increasingly erratic. Ray after ray of Spiritual Energy light beams swept out, causing the sky to be suffused by a brilliant rainbow of colours.


Within the Spiritual Arrays, Mu Chen's body was struck by tens of Spiritual Energy light beams. Black lightning sparkled on the surface of his body, forcibly resisting the incoming impact, while a flash abruptly appeared within Mu Chen's gaze as he stared towards the revolving Spiritual Arrays.

He had already managed to get an approximate feel of the array diagram of one of the Spiritual Arrays. However, he was still unable to find its Array Core. The Spiritual Arrays arranged by that Ling Xi were extremely formidable. As the three Spiritual Arrays overlapped with each other, and jointly revolved, there was completely no pattern that they followed.

Due to the superimposition by the three Spiritual Arrays, wanting to find their Array Cores was too difficult a task.

And, the common way of dealing with them was completely unable to be used.

"Big Brother Mu Chen, half of the time has already past. You can do it." Su'er's slightly worried reminder rang out from the distance. She was very clear about Ling Xi's character. If Mu Chen truly was unable to break out of the arrays within the stipulated time, there would truly be nothing that could be said.

Taking a deep breath, Mu Chen clenched his fists tightly, before slowly closing his eyes.

As he did so, he immediately entered the Heart's Array State. Although the higher and more profound Heart's Eye State was something that he was still unable to control, the Heart's Array State was, after all, an elementary state. This, at his current level, he was able to exhibit a high level of control over it.

Within the darkness, points of brilliance started to light up, which seemed to be countless points of Spiritual Energy light. Those rays of light howling across were the attacks sent out by the Spiritual Arrays, The outside was a bright and intense radiance. Within that radiance should be the location of the Spiritual Arrays.

Upon seeing all of these, Mu Chen's state of mind grew increasingly concentrated and decisive. Extended his mind out, he slowly started to send a feedback of the orbital tracks of those Spiritual Arrays back into his mind, before slowly linking them and continuing this process…

The disturbance occurring in the outside world had seemingly been completely shut out at this moment.

The complete orbital track of the Spiritual Array started to gradually take form within Mu Chen's mind.


Within the Spiritual Arrays, the footsteps of Mu Chen, whose eyes were tightly shut, started to move much slower. On his body, the light from the black lightning sparked as dozens of rays of Spiritual Energy light beams surged over. Like a furious dragon, they violently impacted against his body.

The low and deep sounds that rang out caused a shiver in Su'er's little heart.

As the Spiritual Energy light beams exploded against Mu Chen's body, his body was forced back by about ten steps. The clothes on his body were tattered, while shallow traces of bloody wounds appeared. Mu Chen was the only person able to endure such attacks with his fleshly body. If it was any other person at the Heavenly Transformation Stage Late Phase, they might have long been smashed into pulp.

While Mu Chen was being forced back, his eyes still remained tightly shut. In the next instant, he sent a fist furiously rumbling out. Spiritual Energy burning with black flames swept out, before violently impacting a certain location within that bright and resplendent Spiritual Arrays.


Instantly, the Spiritual Arrays seemed to intensely tremble, before the Spiritual Array and the innermost location started to violently shudder. Cracks started to rapidly extend across the surface, before finally exploding with a bang.

The first Spiritual Array's Array Core was finally found by Mu Chen, before being easily destroyed by a fist from him.

"You did it!"

Cheers immediately rang out from Su'er as her big and vivid eyes were filled with worship. Big Brother Mu Chen's too awesome! He could actually find the Array Core just like that…

Even though he smashed an Array Core with his fist, Mu Chen's eyes still remained tightly shut. There were still two more Spiritual Arrays. Fortunately, it was much easier to find their Array Cores, compared to before. After all, one of the three superimposing Spiritual Arrays was broken. Therefore, it would not require the same amount of consumption and concentration as before.

Therefore, within a short span of a number of minutes, two more fists rumbled out from Mu Chen. Two streaks of glowing Spiritual Energy violently impacted a corner of those two Spiritual Arrays, causing them to instantly shudder. With a humm and a buzz, both of them completely came to a stop, before rapidly dissipating away.

The three Spiritual Arrays were all broken.

After breaking the three Spiritual Arrays, Mu Chen was still deep within his previous state. He seemed to be able to faintly feel something, as though a fantastic feeling had flashed with the depths of his spirit.

This feeling was extremely fantastic. However, even though he wished to capture it, he was unable to make contact with it. Regardless of that, he was able to feel that he had faintly started to make contact with the thing that he yearned for in his dreams.

As the Spiritual Arrays dissipated, Mu Chen stood erect at his original position for a long time, before slowly opening his eyes. Instantly, a weak feeling spread throughout his legs as intense pain started to ring out from his body. Lowering his head to take a look, he discovered that his entire body was filled with wounds. Although they weren't life threatening, they had brought along waves of intense pain.

Mu Chen sucked in a cold breath of air. It as fortunate that he had managed to reach a small accomplishment in his Thunder God Physique. If not, the current him would already have shattered meridians and broken bones, and pain that would far exceed the pain radiating from his muscles.

"Big Brother Mu Chen, you too awesome!" exclaimed Su'er in excitement as she rushed over. However, upon seeing Mu Chen's bare upper torso, caused by his tattered clothes, the little girl quickly started to blush as she turned her little red face away.

With difficulty, Mu Chen gave a smile, retrieving and wearing a new set of clothes. In the next moment, he felt the exhaustion radiating from within his body. That was the feeling of his mental energy being overly depleted. The earlier fight to break those Spiritual Arrays was simply even more tiring than his fight with Xue Shi.

"Elder Ling Xi."

Mu Chen spoke out as he raised his head to look at his surroundings, knowing that Ling Xi would definitely be paying attention to him.

"It's almost an hour. You're barely able to pass."

Ling Xi's clear and cold voice rang slowly in the air, "Go back, for now, and we'll continue tomorrow. It'll be the same as today, but there'll be one more Spiritual Array."

A faint shiver spread within Mu Chen's body. However, he did not let any sounds of anguish out. Contrary to that, a blazing fire seemed to erupt from within his eyes. Although Ling Xi's methods were cruel and barbaric, it had to be said that the results were extremely tempting. If the fantastic feeling that he had felt earlier continued to appear, he would definitely be able to give birth to the true Heart's Eye!

"Thank you very much, Elder Ling Xi."

Cupping his hands, Mu Chen gave a pat of Su'er's small head, before walking off by himself. This was Ling Xi's residence. Other than Su'er, he didn't see anyone else. Thus, it wasn't convenient for him to stay.

As Mu Chen disappeared into the distance, the lady dressed in white, Ling Xi, finally appeared beside Su'er as her beautiful eyes stared at the direction where Mu Chen had broken the Spiritual Arrays.

"Elder Sister Ling Xi, isn't Big Brother Mu Chen very awesome?" asked Su'er in satisfaction.

Extending her slender and jade-like finger, Ling Xi gave a soft tap on Su'er's bright and radiant forehead. However, she did not give a reply, with the only thing she did was look at the direction where Mu Chen had left, before giving a faint nod.

That Mu Chen's talent in Spiritual Arrays truly has some aspects that are worth commending.

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