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Chapter 347 – Blood God's Armor

As the aura reeked in blood pervaded out across the sky, everyone's gaze had converged in the air. There, as the flames shrunk and disappeared, a figure clad in a blood-coloured armor appeared before their eyes.

This blood-coloured armor appeared extremely malevolent and sinister, while its blood-like colour was extremely eye-catching, making it appear as though it was condensed from blood. The surface of the armor was covered with pointy spikes that were incomparably sharp. With a single look, one could tell that they contained astonishing killing power.

There were also many groups of mysterious runes glowing and sparkling, and permeating with traces of malevolence.

This armor was completely like an outstanding weapon for killing people.

It was malevolent and reeked of blood.

As Luo Li stared at the blood armor, her pupils started to contract. With a soft voice, she muttered out, "He's actually produced a Blood God’s Armor…"

"Blood God’s Armor?" Su Xuan and the rest voiced out in doubt. Obviously, this was foreign and unfamiliar to them. Although, they were similarly able to sense how frightening that blood armor was.

"It's a unique cultivation technique of the Blood God Clan. It's able to allow one to refine one's body and blood into the shape of armor. This would lead to a great increase to one's fighting strength. At the same time, both offense and defense would be strengthened."

Luo Li explained in a soft voice, "With Xue Shi's strength, once he activates that Blood God Armor, even if he was to face against a person at the Heavenly Completion Stage Middle Phase, he would still be able to put up a fight."

After hearing up to that point, Su Xuan and the rest's expressions faintly change. Indeed, to actually possess such skills and hidden cards, this Xue Shi was undeniably a member of the Blood God Clan.

"Then, Mu Chen…" Su Xuan voiced out with some worry.

Contrary to her, looking at the thin figure in the square, Luo Li gave a faint smile. Confidence that was even more than Mu Chen could muster was present within those clear, limpid pupils of her as she replied, "He will not lose."

Seeing Luo Li's response, Su Xuan did not continue asking anymore. Indeed, although this Xue Shi was not easy to deal with, was Mu Chen ever a simple person? Ever since he entered the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, there wasn’t a single person that could truly really suppress this ferocious tiger that was starting to reveal its towering and outstanding ability…

Although this Xue Shi was formidable, within the eyes of Su Xuan and the rest, this still might not be enough!

Within the square, where countless gazes had converged, Mu Chen was also staring at the blood armor-clad Xue Shi floating in the air, while a minute trace of astonishment flashed similarly within his eyes. Obviously, he had also detected the unusualness of that blood armor.

"This Blood God Clan… They truly do have some unique aspects…"

"Being able to force me to summon this Blood God’s Armor out, you're not considerably bad." Within the air, Xue Shi lowered his head while sending his cold and sinister gaze at Mu Chen. As his low and deep voice rang out, a stench that reeked of blood pervaded out.

"Once the Blood God’s Armor is summoned, it needs to be soak in the enemy's blood…" Saying that, Xue Shi slowly clenched his fist tightly. Waves of blood gushed out from his body, causing the sky to be incomparably stained in a bloody aura.

"Therefore, I'll use your blood to honor it!"


Just as Xue Shi's last word rang out, a chilling light erupted abruptly from within his blood-red eyes. Taking a step forward, a tearing sound rang out from his body as he shattered through space. In a flash, he appeared before Mu Chen as his fist went rumbling out.

Fresh blood seemed to wriggle and squirm on his malevolent fist, while a frightening fluctuation rippled as it was condensed.


However, in the instant when Xue Shi's fist rumbled out, a light erupted similarly out of Mu Chen's body, while the shadow of a dragon seemingly took form. As a dragon roar resounded, a remnant shadow had already appeared at his original position.


As Xue Shi's fist descended, a bloody light gushed out, smashing the remnant shadow directly into bits. The ground below it had also collapsed, causing gigantic fissures to rapidly branch out.

At this moment, Mu Chen's figure appeared tens of metres away. Looking at the rapidly extending fissures on the ground, his expression froze for an instant. After summoning that Blood God’s Armor, Xue Shi's power had truly risen by a notch.

"You think you can run away!"

As Xue Shi's fist landed on thin air, a ridiculing smile flashed within his eyes. Being bestowed with the Blood God’s Armor, not only did it increase his strength, his speed had similarly increased. Mu Chen was simply dreaming trying to escape using his movement technique.


A bloody light blossomed from Xue Shi's body. In the next instant, Xue Shi's figure disappeared from where he was at. Like a spectre, the next time he reappeared was right in front of Mu Chen. Bringing along a bloody light, an incomparably vicious fist if wind rumbled out once again.

A faint light flashed within Mu Chen's eyes. Continuing his decision to not confront the current Xue Shi head-on, he activated the "Dragon Soaring Art". As his speed explosively increased, he swiftly retreated, closely evading the gale that was sufficient to cause serious injuries to a person on the same level as He Yao.


However, just as he retreated, Xue Shi's figure followed suit and stuck to him. Fists of wind permeated by bloody lights smashed through the air, causing even space to be shaken to the point of slightly distorting.

Swish! Swish!

Within the expansive square, the two figures had seemingly pushed their speeds to the utmost limit, as remnant shadows appeared one after another. The speed that the two displayed caused countless students to feel dumbfounded.

"So fast." Su Xuan and the rest sighed in admiration. Following the high-speed evasion and pursuit by the two, even they were only able to faintly discern two indistinct figures. Their speed was too fast.

"However, Mu Chen's evading all the way…"

As Su Xuan and the rest focused their gazes towards the square, anyone would be able to tell that the current Mu Chen was being completely suppressed. After summoning the Blood God’s Armor, Xue Shi's strength had increased by quite a bit. With such sharp attacks coming from him, even Mu Chen did not dare to casually confront them, with the only thing he could do was to evade.

However, this was not a long term solution…

Furthermore, this would help ignite the flames within those fellows from the Ancient Cauldron Spiritual Academy. As of now, their eyes were already radiating with light, waiting for the instant Mu Chen would make a mistake.

Luo Li was also staring at the square tightly. However, she wasn't as anxious and worried as Su Xuan and the rest. Contrary to them, she was able to sense that although Mu Chen was continuously evading, his movement's weren't frantic and disordered. During his evasions, there was also quite a pause between them. Obviously, he should be planning something, instead of frantically evading at all directions after being suppressed by Xue Shi.

Although she wasn't too clear as to what Mu Chen was doing, since the latter had decided to do such a thing, naturally, there should be a reason. Being extremely familiar with Mu Chen, she knew that Mu Chen would never do anything that had absolutely no meaning.

At the northern square, countless students from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy were staring tightly at the middle of the square, while a cold sweat covered their palms. The escape and pursuit happening within the square was too astonishing, to the point of shaking their souls. As long as the two made the slightest bit of contact, the result might be earth-shattering.

Right now, everyone was looking at the two figures flashing and darting around like spectres with bated breath.


The moment Xue Shi's fist rumbled out, a bloody light smeared across Mu Chen's chest as it headed towards its target. Relying on the impact, the latter retreated explosively once again. However, Xue Shi was able to sense that the Spiritual Energy around Mu Chen had fluctuated for an instant. Obviously, it had been shaken by the aftermath of his blow.

This caused a sinister and cold shadow to flash within Xue Shi's eyes.


Boundless blood waves violently gushed out from within Xue Shi's body, before transforming into a pair illusionary blood wings that were faintly discernable. With a flap, his speed dramatically increased once again.


Seemingly transforming into a streak of blood-red light, he appeared before Mu Chen in a blink of an eye. From his speed, one could tell that it had risen much, much higher.

"Although your movement technique is mysterious, it's a pity that I've already seen through it!"

As the black pair of eyes interlocked with the blood-red ones, a malevolent smile rose from the corner of Xue Shi's mouth. Previously, although he managed to entangle Mu Chen, he discovered that the latter had learnt a mysterious movement technique. Therefore, he had restrained himself from going all out in an attempt to identify the underlying patterns and key points. After breaking all the mysteries, it was time for him to unleash an all out killing move.

It had to be said that Xue Shi's combat experience was extremely rich. It’s no wonder why he could become the person at the apex within the Ancient Cauldron Spiritual Academy.

A chillingly cold expression was present in Mu Chen's eyes as he looked towards Xue Shi, who had gotten very close to him. The latter's aura that reek of blood had already lunged forward. However, there wasn't any anxiousness or frantism expected to be present in the latter's eyes.

"How long are you going to keep up the act in front of me?"

A cold smile flashed within Xue Shi's heart, while a killing intent surged within his eyes. Without the slightest bit of hesitation, he tightly clenched his right hand. As a bloody light encased his fist, a clear and distinct spike that reeked of blood surfaced. It obviously looked like it had sufficient killing power.

The malevolence within Xue Shi's eyes became increasingly thick. With a low and sinister laugh, he sent his fist rumbling out. As the bloody light that's attached to it extended out, a blood seal could be faintly discerned as it formed, while a torrential bloody aura permeated from it.

"Blood God’s Armor, Blood God's Spiritual Seal of Destruction!"


As a bloody aura gushed out of it, a fist of wind covered in a bloody light that looked akin to a pillar of blood shattered through the air. Under the countless shocked gazes below, it violently rumbled down towards Mu Chen's head.

From the looks of it, it was sufficient to cause Mu Chen's head to explode.

"Our game has come to an end!" roared Xue Shi as a bloody light radiated from his eyes, while a malevolent and vicious expression covered his entire face.

This fist of his would definitely kill Mu Chen.

As the bloody light rapidly grew bigger in Mu Chen's vision, a cold and sinister arc started to climb at the corner of his mouth. In the next instant, Xue Shi seemed to see a black-coloured lightning bolt crazily flash within the former's eyes.

In fact, black-coloured lightning started to arc across the surface of Mu Chen's body, while seemingly radiating with a destructive flavor.

Bang! Rumble!

A peal of thunder suddenly resounded across the world as black lightning arcs appeared exceeding sudden around Mu Chen's body. Bolts of black lightning twined across his body, while the originally jet-black pair of eyes appeared even more deep and unfathomable.

At this moment, his body seemed to have expanded in size, causing his clothing to rip. Within the ripped seams of his clothing, one could slowly and faintly discern something akin to a lightning mark appearing…

"Your Blood God’s Armor… has also been seen through by me…"

"Therefore, it should end right now!"

As the mocking arc grew increasingly higher at the corner of his mouth, Mu Chen clenched his fingers tightly together. Without the slightest bit of hesitation, black lightning bolts arced and danced across his fist, before crazily condensing together. In the next instant, they formed a black-coloured lightning sun within Mu Chen's fist.


As Mu Chen's fist rumbled out, under the countless gazes and bated breaths of everyone, the black lightning sun rumbled violent towards the fist condensed with Xue Shi's full power.

At the next instant, the black lightning and the fist covered in blood smashed violently against each other!


An enormous sound resounded as the earth that both of them stood on instantly shattered and exploded.

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