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Chapter 346 – Divine Seal of the Vermillion Bird

Two boundless and tyrannical Spiritual Energies rippled and undulated across the air above the northern square. As the Spiritual Energies pressed against each other, a hurricane seemed to have formed, crazily blowing across this stretch of the world.

“Heavenly Transformation Stage Late Phase…”

A dark and chilling glow surfaced within Xue Shi’s blood-red eyes. Staring at Mu Chen, whose Spiritual Energy had completely erupted, the sinister arc on the corner of his mouth grew increasingly thick. His feelings were indeed correct. That fellow in front of him, Mu Chen, simply hadn’t broken into the Heavenly Completion Stage.

Where exactly did this fellow at the Heavenly Transformation Stage Late Phase get the courage to jump and hop around in front of him?

Xue Shi, who had never experienced Mu Chen’s astonishing road of combat results, wouldn’t know. Similarly, those students from the Ancient Cauldron Spiritual Academy would also not know…

However, the students from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy knew.


Without wasting any more time talking nonsense, Xue Shi did not care whether the person in front of him, Mu Chen, was truly formidable or just acting pretentiously. As long as he took action, he would naturally come to know. Therefore, taking a step out, he started to form a hand seal. In the next instant, a blood-red glowing Spiritual Energy that lingered across the horizon gushed out. Instantly, the smell of blood reeked out, before transforming into a gigantic hand print that descended from the sky.

Bang! Rumble!

As the blood waves gushed out, the bloody handprint howled as it descended, causing even the air to be pressed to the point of exploding, while a gigantic hand impression formed on the earth below Mu Chen.

This move by Xue Shi had made the expressions of quite a few people turn grave. Previously, against Luo Li, his attacks were too vicious, resulting in people simply unable to understand how strong he was in those brief glimpses. However, after truly revealing his extraordinary strength, everyone finally knew that his strength of being exceedingly close to Heavenly Completion Stage Middle Phase was not baseless.


Raising his head up, Mu Chen looked towards the bloody handprint that was about to press down on him. Spiritual Energy burning with black flames spread out like a sea of fire. In the next instant, a starry sky surfaced behind him, before a white tiger treaded the air and appeared.

Four Divine Constellations Scripture, White Tiger Divine Seal!

Mu Chen’s fist rumbled out as the White Tiger Divine Seal transformed into a black streaking fiery meteor. Splitting the horizon apart, it smashed head-on against the bloody handprint.


Incomparably erratic Spiritual Energies impacted one another, before surging out across the horizon. As the gigantic Spiritual Energy shock wave spread out, the earth instantly cracked and fissured. Despite this, the two figures within the square stood firmly and majestically, without moving a bit.

To them, this kind of shock wave didn’t create the slightest bit of sway.

As the Spiritual Energy fluctuations within the square slowly dissipated, everyone got a glimpse of the earth, which had already cracked and fissured into little pieces. Panning their gazes towards the two figures that had yet to move, their expressions turned grave.

A gentle breeze blew by, swirling up the broken pieces of rock, causing them to flutter in the air.

As the two figures within the square interlocked their gazes, black pupils and blood-red pupils, a chillingly cold shadow abruptly flashed from within.


The two of them seemingly moved at the same time, akin to two streaks of light shooting out. Heading towards the middle of the expansive square, they smashed head-on against each other.

Black flames and the bloody light rushed towards the sky, each filling their half of the horizon.

At the point of contact between the black flames and the bloody light were two figures sending their shadowed fists howling out. Carrying along churning Spiritual Energies, they smashed against one another.

Remnant shadows appeared as the two figures continued with their exchange. Akin to the collapse of mountains, low and deep sounds of fists and legs colliding rang out, bringing along with them extremely heavy sensations of strength. The two of them had unexpectedly chosen the most violent and vicious way of bare-handed combat.

This was an extremely eye-stimulating way of combat.

Everyone’s gazes were firmly locked onto the two indistinct figures within the square, as erratic Spiritual Energy continuously erupted from them like storms, before violently smashing into each other.

As the two figures continued their successive exchanges, wave after wave of Spiritual Energy shock waves extended out, smashing and splitting the earth apart.


In the earliest moments of this confrontation, the figure burning in black flames appeared to be somewhat suppressed, as the blood-red glowing Spiritual Energy eruptions were having the absolute superiority. This made many students from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy clench their fists tightly.

Fortunately, however, their worries did not last for very long. After being suppressed time after time, the figure clad in black flames grew increasingly brilliant, while his attacks gradually became more violent and vicious. At the end, the pressurising situation was completely broken.


The two figures continued their exchange as their fist winds violently slammed against each other, causing the ground they were standing on to collapse. This caused them to retreat, skidding on the earth as they drew back hundreds of metres, leaving behind long marks.

Countless people held their breaths in silence, not even daring to inhale loudly.

Those few students from the Ancient Cauldron Spiritual Academy were totally dumbfounded. This was the first time they’d ever seen someone who’s able to fight equally with Xue Shi in such an intense brawl. Furthermore… Xue Shi’s current opponent was only at the Heavenly Transformation Stage Late Phase. In the past, when he had faced opponents of that stage, he would seemingly dominate and achieve victory.

At the front ranks of the Ancient Cauldron Spiritual Academy students, a grave expression was present on Liu Zheng’s face. Looking at the figure of the youth in the distance, he thought, This 3rd Rank on the Heavenly Rankings is truly formidable…

Liu Zheng was not weak; therefore, he was naturally able to clearly see the entire process of this bout of an exchange. At the beginning, Xue Shi seemed to always be the one that initiated the offensive. Mu Chen was somewhat in the disadvantage with his initial defense. However, as time went by, this disadvantage became smaller and smaller. The latter had started to become increasingly proficient with the control over his strength. At the end, there was not much of a difference between the two, with neither one being able to even gain a bit of superiority.

At this moment, on the opposite side of Liu Zheng, Su Xuan and the rest quietly sighed in relief.

“He’s familiarising himself with the sudden increase in energy within his body.”

Luo Li explained in a soft voice. She was too familiar with Mu Chen, after all. Previously, he had clearly used Xue Shi to help himself break in the sudden increase in strength due to his closed up training. This was the reason why he was being suppressed at the beginning of the fight. However, once had managed to gain total control the strength in his body, the violent and vicious Mu Chen of the past was clearly back.

Su Xuan and the rest all nodded their heads. In any case, Mu Chen had dared to engage in a fierce fight with Gu Tianyan when his strength was at the Heavenly Transformation Stage Initial Phase. As if it would be easy for him to be suppressed by Xue Shi.

“You’ve some ability.”

On the expansive square, a dark and overcast shadow erupted on the handsome face of Xue Shi. Staring tightly at Mu Chen, he had finally understood why Mu Chen was able to become the 3rd Rank on the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy’s Heavenly Rankings. Although the latter was at the Heavenly Transformation Stage Late Phase, his Spiritual Energy was somewhat strange. Furthermore, his fleshly body seemed to also be very strong. No wonder why the latter had such confidence.

“However, even if you rely on those, I’m afraid that you’ll still be unable to safely walk away from here!”

A chilling intent erupted from within Xue Shi’s blood-red eyes. The true combat capability of this Mu Chen had truly exceeded the outward appearance of his strength. However, wanting to rely on that to defeat him would truly be too naive.

“Blood God’s Art, Blood River Piercing Heavens!”

Xue Shi’s body shot towards the sky. With a pat of his palm, a bloody light that blotted the skies converged over, before transforming into a churning river of blood. As the river of blood snaked around him, it appeared akin to a blood dragon, while an astonishing aura of blood radiated from it.


Xue Shi roared furiously, sending his palm patting out. Carrying along with an extremely astonishing and tyrannical power, the churning river of blood, condensed from the boundless Spiritual Energy, pressed straight towards Mu Chen.

Everyone was able to tell that Xue Shi had already planned to use his true strength to deal with Mu Chen once and for all.

However, Mu Chen wasn’t someone that he could suppress just like that. Although this Xue Shi might be stronger and even more overbearing that Gu Tianyan by a sliver, the current Mu Chen could be said to have grown more tyrannical by a number of times since the Hunting War.

“This time, it isn’t your turn to suppress others!”

Mu Chen’s figure explosively retreated, before forming a seal using his hands that caused people to feel dazzled. In the next instant, churning Spiritual Energy burning with black flames akin to flooding waters erupted from him.

A starry sky started to condense behind him, once again. As the black flames rippled, an extremely astonishing Spiritual Energy fluctuation rushed to the skies.


A clear and resonant cry resounded out. In the next moment, a giant fiery-red bird emerged from within the starry sky. The giant bird was clad in burning flames, making it appear like a Divine Beast living within fire. With a flap of its wings, the temperature of the entire stretch of the world instantly rose explosively. Even the surrounding space started to distort due to the heat radiating from it.

“That is…”

As Su Xuan and the rest looked towards the giant fiery-red bird that emerged from the starry sky, all of their expressions were in faint shock.

“Four Gods Constellation Scripture, Divine Seal of the Vermillion Bird!”

With an expressionless face, Mu Chen furiously sent his palm patting out. In the next instant, the starry sky behind him shattered and collapsed. Flapping its extremely magnificent flaming wings, the giant fiery-red bird brought forth a terrifying temperature that was sufficient to raze the heavens and earth. Under the countless gazes from the surroundings, it viciously slammed against the torrential river of blood heading towards him.

Following Mu Chen’s increase in strength, the Four Gods Constellation Scripture’s Divine Seal of the Vermillion Bird became increasingly tyrannical. The control he had over this Divine Art could be said to have increasingly neared perfection!

Chi! Chi!

As the two forces smashed head-on, the river of blood instantly erupted with a bloody mist that filled the skies. Unexpectedly, the river of blood that was condensed from the boundless Spiritual Energy was being dispelled at an astonishing rate.

At this moment, the expression on Xue Shi’s face finally had some changes. His river of blood was created from Spiritual Energy. Even if it was tossed within a sea of fire, nothing would happen to it. However, before his eyes, it was actually being burnt down and destroyed by his opponent’s giant bird.

Exactly what kind of Divine Art did his opponent use?


Regardless of that, Mu Chen did not give him much time to ponder and think. With a cold and frosty expression on his face, Mu Chen gave a backhanded slap. In the next instant, a blazing inferno erupted from the Vermillion Bird. Sweeping out, it immediately evaporated the river of blood away.


After evaporating the river of blood away, without dissipating, the Vermillion Bird transformed into a fiery-red streak of light and split the horizon apart. Finally, under Xue Shi’s rapidly contorting gaze, it violently impacted against his body.


Flames instantly erupted across the horizon, appearing extremely dazzling.

Countless students from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy started to loudly cheer. Mu Chen’s counterattack was so beautifully done that there’s not a single thing that people could fret about. In contrast, as for the students from the Ancient Cauldron Spiritual Academy, their faces were somewhat pale, while no longer having the provocative looks on their faces.

“Formidable…” Unable to resist, Su Xuan and the rest sighed out in admiration.

Contrary to them, Luo Li raised her lovable face and stared fixedly at the place where flames permeated its entirety, while her eyebrows started to knit.

Mu Chen had also raised his head. Black lightning flashed within his black eyes as he stared at the place where the flames were raging. At this moment, his indifferent voice resounded out.

“If you’re unable to even block this move, I think it’s best that you scram out of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.”

Hearing Mu Chen’s words, all of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy students were stunned. Unexpectedly, that Xue Shi hadn’t been defeated yet?

Countless gazes swept across the horizon towards the place burning with flames. As of now, the flames had truly started to dissipate, bit by bit. In the next moment, everyone was able to see a figure that was wrapped within a blood-red armor. Like a god of slaughter, it slowly appeared within the sky.

At this moment, the smell of blood within this stretch of the world seemed to become increasingly thick.

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