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Chapter 344 – Xue Shi

“Blood God Clan…”

When those three words rang out from Luo Li’s lips, the absolutely beautiful face of the girl had already turned ice-cold. Swift and fierce killing intent had even erupted from within her eyes. This kind of emotion and state of mind was rarely displayed by her.

The handsome youth gave a faint smile. Wearing a striking set of blood-red robes, an aura reeking of blood seemed to radiate from his entire body, while the pair of eyes that seemed to be coloured with fresh blood appeared extremely mysterious and strange.

“Look’s like the news that we’ve gotten out really is real. Being the next Empress of the Luo God Clan, you’ve not properly received the inheritance under the protection of Luo Tianshen, and have run all the way to this Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy…”

The handsome youth smiled and said, “Is this your escape?”

Luo Li’s jade-like hand slowly gripped the Luo Shen Sword tightly as her expression grew even more cold and frosty.

“That’s right, I’ve forgot to introduce myself. My name’s Xue Shi. A member of the Blood God’s Royal Clan,” the handsome youth faintly bowed forward, appearing modest and cultured. However, the unconcealable aura of blood radiating from him caused people to feel wary and vigilant.

Like the Luo God Clan, the Blood God Clan was one of the four God Clans in the Western Heaven World.

The person in front of them had unexpectedly come from the same place as Luo Li.

“Xue Shi? I’ve never heard of such a name within the Blood God’s Royal Clan. Looks like your status within the Blood God Clan isn’t high, right?” said Luo Li in a cold and detached voice as she stared at the handsome youth in front of her.

Hearing her reply, a cold glint flashed within the blood red eyes of the handsome youth. With an increasingly thick smile, he replied, “ If I’m able to capture you, my status would naturally be different.”

“By yourself?” gripping her long sword tightly, Luo Li slowly spoke out.

“Haha, being able to be crowned as the next ‘Luo Empress’ by Luo Tianshen, naturally, I dare not show any contempt towards you. However, your age is, after all, too young, and you’ve not even received a single inheritance…” replied Xue Shi has he licked his lip, while his blood-red pupils stared at Luo Li. At this moment, a thick bloody light erupted from his palms, radiating with bloodthirsty fluctuations.

“As for me, I’ve already received the inheritance once. Therefore… you have to be careful, and don’t get killed by me. Otherwise, you’re Luo God Clan will truly be finished.”

“You don’t have to worry about that,” replied Luo Li indifferently.

Xue Shi responded with a smile. However, there was not the slightest bit of laughing intent within his eyes. In the next instant, he took a step forward. Bloody Spiritual Energy that blotted the skies gushed out from him, and the originally bright skies were instantly dyed blood-red.

Thick auras of fresh blood rippled and undulated across the heavens and earth.

The fluctuations of that boundless Spiritual Energy was unexpectedly more tyrannical than Liu Zheng’s!

These fluctuations seemed to already be at the brink of reaching Heavenly Completion Stage Middle Phase!

This fellow was even more formidable than Liu Zheng.

The expressions of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy student masses had also violently contorted at this moment, while shock erupted from within their eyes. No one would have guessed that there would actually be a person within the Ancient Cauldron Spiritual Academy that was even stronger that Liu Zheng!

Graveness had also flooded the expressions of Su Xuan and the rest. This Ancient Cauldron Spiritual Academy truly had the intent to give their Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy a fierce kick to the face.

“When did the people of the Blood God Clan run into the Ancient Cauldron Spiritual Academy?” At the chief podium, Dean Tai Cang stared at Xue Shi, before casually asking this.

“Haha, isn’t your Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy the same? Nowadays, our Ancient Cauldron Spiritual Academy can be considered to have some fame and reputation. Even some of those strong clans are willing to let their members come to our spiritual academy to train and cultivate…” replied Fei Qingsong with a beaming smile.

Dean Tai Cang did not respond with any comment. However, he thought, For the sake of raising their fame and reputation, the Ancient Cauldron Spiritual Academy really did whatever they could…

The Hall Master of the Punishment Hall, Mo You had also wrinkled his forehead. This Ancient Cauldron Spiritual Academy truly was somewhat undiscriminating.
However, being the overlords of the north, there’s nothing they could say, but only hope that Luo Li would be able to stabilise the situation. However, dealing with that member of the Blood God Clan seemed to be easier said than done…

On the square, Luo Li’s eyes faintly narrowed. If this Xue Shi’s strength was to progress one step further, he would be able to break through to Heavenly Completion Stage Middle Phase. Furthermore, his Spiritual Energy was even stronger than Liu Zheng’s.

From the perspective of stages, he and Liu Zheng were both at the Heavenly Completion Stage Initial Phase. However, Luo Li knew that Liu Zhen was absolutely not Xue Shi’s match. After all, regardless of their appearance of strength, Xue Shi was a member of the Blood God’s Royal Clan…

Therefore, the latter was not someone that Liu Zheng could compare to.

“Luo Li, let me see exactly how formidable the next Empress of the Luo God Clan is,” said Xue Shi as he locked his blood-red eyes on Luo Li, while the smile at the corner of his mouth grew increasingly bloodthirsty.

Luo Li’s charming face grew increasingly frosty as the boundless quantity of swift and fierce Sword Aura rushed to the skies once again.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

As the Sword Aura that blotted the skies converged, the sword river condensed once again. Obviously, Luo Li did not have any intent to show any mercy. Upon launching her attack, she had used her killing move.

“Wanting to use a single sword to deal with me? Haha! Let us see, exactly who’s single move is superior!”

With a sinister smile, a chilling light erupted from the blood-red eyes of Xue Shi. In the next instant, his figure explosively shot forward as a Blood Aura that blotted the skies immediately surged forth. Akin to a sea of blood, they hid the skies and covered the earth as they swept towards Luo Li.

As Luo Li’s jade-like hand faintly trembled, her charming figure shot out similarly at the same time, while the sword river howled as it swept out. Seemingly merging together, a sword light that carried along a swift and fierce Sword Aura surged out, splitting the horizon apart.

This sword of hers appeared to contain a much thicker and colder killing intent than her previous one.

Seeing this spectacle unfolding before them, everyone opened their eyes wide. Both parties had no intention of warming up. Upon taking action, they had planned to use their killing moves to inflict serious injuries to one another!

“Sword of the Blood Sea!”

The sea of blood and the sword river seemingly collided together in an instant. As the two incomparably violent and explosive attacks collided, within the sea of blood, Xue Shi gave a sudden cold roar. With a clench of his palm, a longsword that seemed to be forged from fresh blood had condensed within. Bringing along a torrential Blood Aura, he thrusted his sword out.


As the sea of blood and the sword river pervaded out, the two longswords furiously collided against each other.

The earth below the two cracked and shattered, while distortions seemingly appeared in the air.

The two longswords vibrated intensely as their tips pressed against one another, with one side filled with boundless Spiritual Energy, while the other being filled with erratic bloodthirstiness. Two Sword Auras that were similarly filled with extremely strong destructiveness smashed against one another. The devastation brought forth instantly caused deep fissures to form on the earth around them.

As Xue Shi’s arm violently shook, his blood-red eyes sparkled, while a sinister smile rose from the corner of his mouth.

Suddenly, the sea of blood behind him churned and roll, before transforming into a screen of blood. Within the screen of blood, there seemed to be a pair of soldiers condensed from fresh blood as they howled and exited. At the back of the powerful current were gigantic cities. Those cities were sparkling with gigantic lightning flags, where a golden-coloured dazzling word was present.


As the current of blood surged forth, those cities were instantly destroyed. Countless people turned into bloody waters under the current, while mournful cries of despair rang out from within.

“Luo Li, take a look! As of now, the territories of your Luo God Clan are continuously being devoured. Those citizens that have worshipped your Luo God Clan are continuously being bathed by blood!” roared Xue Shi with a sinister smile. With a demonic sound, the laughter rushed toward Luo Li.

Seeing the images of bloody seas within the screen of blood, Luo Li’s mind violently shook, while a distressed mood rushed towards her mind, causing her Sword Aura to collapse.

At the moment when her Sword Aura collapsed, Luo Li was able to sense and understand that her opponent was disrupting her mind. This was the method that the Blood God Clan was the most adept at.

However, at this moment, she was already a step too late.

“Haha, you’re too tender, after all.”

Said Xue Shi with a sinister chuckle. At the instant where the Sword Aura that completely surrounded Luo Li faintly weakened, the blood sword in his hand instantly erupted with a Blood Aura that blotted the skies. As the sword light howled further, it pierced through Luo Li’s defenses, causing the blood light to impact against her delicate figure.


Luo Li’s delicate figure instantly flew out. However, at that very instant, with a raise of her jade-like hand, a ray of sword light pierced through Xue Shi’s shoulder at lightning speed.

As the Sword Aura devastated the surroundings, the two figures flew out.

Luo Li’s body landed directly out of the square. Descending, her charming face was filled with a slightly frosty expression, while blood flowed along her slender jade-like fingers before dripping onto the ground.

On the square, Xue Shi had stabilised his body. A sword slash was present on his shoulder, with fresh blood staining his robes. However, he did not give the slightest care about his injury. As a blood light erupted out, the blood around his shoulder completely retracted within his body. Even his injury was rapidly healing itself.

“Haha, Empress Luo is truly soft-hearted. Only such a scene is able to shake your mind and concentration. In the future, when you’re in charge of the Luo God Clan, how can that be a good thing?”

A smirk appeared on Xue Shi’s handsome face as he stared at Luo Li, who was sent flying off of the square with ridiculement in his eyes. Continuing his statement, he said, “ One cannot have such compassion if one wants to become the ruler of a clan.”

Luo Li’s charming face instantly turned cold as she gripped her longsword tightly. If not for Xue Shi’s method that had shook her mind and disrupted her concentration, it was absolutely not possible for him to force her off the square.

“Shameless!” Roars of fury and anger instantly erupted from the side of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy students. This Xue Shi was too despicable! He had actually used such an underhanded method!

However, facing their condemning roars, Xue Shi did not give the slightest bit of care. With a ridiculing smile, he said, “Victory and defeat has been decided for his match. If there are still students of your Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy that are not convinced, you can come up by all means. By then, you’ll be able to clearly understand whether I’ve only those few means and methods.”

The expressions of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy students turned ashen in anger as they thought, This Xue Shi is simply more repulsive and abominable than the previous one, Liu Zheng.

However, although they were angry and furious, at this time, almost all of the elite students of their Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy had already taken action. Even Luo Li, who had demonstrated her extraordinary skill and talent, had been forced off the square by Xue Shi. According to the rules, she had already lost the qualifications to continue fighting.

Therefore, aside from feeling angry and furious, there was no one that could step out from their Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. All of their faces appeared extremely sullen as they thought, If only one of the Top Three ranks on the Heavenly Rankings were here! We’d like to see if these fellows would be that rampant then!

“I know that the Top Three ranks on the so-called ‘Heavenly Rankings’ of your Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy aren’t here. Since that’s the case, I’ll give you all a chance. For three days, we’ll be right here. Within these three days, you guys can try all you want to call them back.”

A mocking arc rose from the corner of Xue Shi’s mouth as he said, “Naturally, as long as they truly dare to appear…”

Upon saying those words, he did not continue waiting. Turning around, he proceeded to leave the square.

However, just as Xue Shi had turned around, at the chief podium, a faint smile suddenly surfaced on the face of Dean Tai Cang. Standing by his side, Fei Qingsong also seemed to have sensed something, since he had knitted his brows together.

Humm. Humm.

The space above the northern square started to distort and warp, while peals of thunder seemed to ring out from within.

This sudden spectacle immediately attracted the attention of everyone as shocked and startled gazes panned over.

Xue Shi’s footsteps had also froze as his blood-red eyes faintly narrowed. Raising his head, he stared at the distorted space. From there, lightning lights sparkled around as a thin figure slowly walked out from within.

Following the appearance of the figure, peals of thunder seemingly resounded across the skies as familiar Spiritual Energy fluctuations radiated across the heavens and earth.

Feeling those Spiritual Energy fluctuations, countless Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy students furiously rose from their seats while unconcealable joy and surprise erupted from their eyes.

These fluctuations… they’re Mu Chen’s!

He had finally appeared!

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