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Chapter 340 – Accepting the Spiritual Light Empowerment

“Spiritual Light Empowerment…”

Hearing those three words, a trace of excitement flashed uncontrollably within Mu Chen’s heart. Although his harvest was abundant during this trip, it was clearly the Spiritual Light Empowerment that moved Mu Chen the most.

Compared to the Lightning God’s Physique, which required a long time of practice and training, the Spiritual Light Empowerment was able to cause his strength to advance and progress in the shortest amount of time without any side effects.

As of now, his strength was only at the Heavenly Transformation Stage Initial Phase. Compared with Shen Cangsheng, Li Xuantong and the rest, who were at the Heavenly Completion Stage, this disparity was too great. Within the Hunting War, after risking his life to fight, he had only managed to achieve a reluctant victory. Furthermore, it was only due to Gu Tianyan not being the slightest bit overbearing. Otherwise, if they had truly fought till the end, Mu Chen truly did not have the confidence to achieve victory.

After all, the disparity of the Heavenly Transformation Stage to the Heavenly Completion Stage was truly too large.

However, if his strength was able to progress by some lengths, he would not need to suffer that much when faced with a Heavenly Completion Stage opponent.

“Bring out your Spiritual Light.” said the bald old man with a grin. After receiving the Lightning God’s Pill, the bald old man’s mood was extremely good.

Nodding his head, Mu Chen flicked his finger, causing a bright and resplendent clump of light to shoot out, before transforming into a sparkling and transparent gem. Within the gem, boundless pure Spiritual Energy continuously radiated from it.

After taking this Spirit Crystal out, Mu Chen had also taken all the other Spirit Knight’s Spirit Crystals out. Although their effects weren’t as strong as this Spirit King’s Spirit Crystal, no matter how small they were, they were still meat.

However, the bald old man did not care about those Spirit Knight’s Spirit Crystals, and only extended his hand to grab the Spirit King’s Spirit Crystal. Nodding his head, he said, “The Spiritual Light World is somewhat miraculous. The Spiritual Aura that it condenses appear to be extremely pure. Using this for empowerment truly can’t be anymore suitable.”

Although the Spiritual Aura of the heavens and the earth were boundless and majestic, they would always be contaminated by other sources of energy. If one wanted to absorb them, one would have to do so after refining them. However, the Spiritual Light World was different. Although it was not a large space, the Spiritual Energy that was condensed by it was clearly much more pure, compared to the Spiritual Aura of the outside world.

“Take the Lightning God’s Lotus out. With the assistance of that thing, the results of your Spiritual Light Empowerment would improve by a notch,” said the bald old man.

Hearing that, Mu Chen felt some surprise and joy. Looks like the Lightning God’s Lotus truly was a treasure for training and cultivation.

With a wave of his sleeve, the Lightning God’s Lotus appeared and floated in the air. Black lightning liquid slowly circulated around like water. Nevertheless, it still maintained its lotus shape.

With a move, Mu Chen sat down of the top of the Lightning God’s Lotus. As he made contact with the Lightning God’s Lotus, he instantly felt waves of lightning energies quietly erupting out, before finally entering his body.

The energy of Divine Black Lightning was contained within these lightning energies. However, it was far from the erratic lightning bolts that struck him before. Slowly permeating Mu Chen’s body, bit by bit, they passed through his muscles, meridians, blood vessels and bones, leaving behind a feeling of numbness.

At this moment, the Lightning God’s Physique within Mu Chen’s body seemed to have activated on its own accord. His entire body was akin to a voracious wolf, greedily devouring those lightning energies. Relying on those energies, Mu Chen started to refine his body.

Unable to bear it, Mu Chen comfortably exhaled a clump of white qi. The white air even contained minute traces of lightning bolts sparkling around.This Lightning God’s Lotus was truly a good treasure! This kind of practice was truly countless times more comfortable than being struck by the previous lightning!

With the flick of his finger, the Spirit King’s Spirit Crystal instantly shot out of the bald old man’s hand, before finally floating above Mu Chen’s head. In the next moment, the Spiritual Lights adorned Mu Chen’s body were akin to the starry sky.

A wave of boundless pure Spiritual Aura spread out. Like a faint mist, it enveloped Mu Chen within.

“Prepare to start.”

With a wave of his sleeve, black chilling air erupted from within. Violently sweeping the Spiritual Lights together, rays of brilliance instantly started to grow brighter as the Spiritual Lights were completely connected to one another. Finally, they shot straight into the Spirit King’s Spirit Crystal.


Strong and powerful Spiritual Energy exploded from the Spirit Crystal. Due to its purity, they had seemingly formed drops of Spiritual Energy liquid on the surface of the Spirit Crystal, sparkling with dazzling brilliance.


As the bald old man’s withered finger gave a tap on space, a boundless ray of Spiritual Energy suddenly shot out. Finally, descending from the sky, it enveloped Mu Chen, who was sitting on the Lightning God’s Lotus, within it.

Boundless and pure Spiritual Energy gushed into Mu Chen’s body like flooded waters.

This Spiritual Energy was too pure. Absolutely not requiring any kind of refinement, it was completely sucked in by the wide open, small mouth of the Spirit sitting within Mu Chen’s aurasea.

A Spiritual Energy halo appeared around the Spirit’s body, while boundless Spiritual Energy rippled within every one of Mu Chen’s meridians and bones. However, following the influx of more and more Spiritual Energy, Mu Chen was able to feel that quite a bit of Spiritual Energy was starting to escape from his body.

This was a very common occurrence, as no one could completely absorb all of the Spiritual Energy provided by the Spiritual Light Empowerment. Seemingly half of all the Spiritual Energy entering Mu Chen’s body was escaping Mu Chen’s absorption.

Regarding the escaping Spiritual Energy, although Mu Chen felt pain in his heart, there was absolutely nothing he could do about it. This was obviously not something he could manage.

Naturally, although he could do nothing, that did not mean that the bald old man could not do so.

Upon seeing the Spiritual Energy that was escaping from Mu Chen’s body, the forehead of the bald old man started to wrinkle up. With him supporting Mu Chen’s Spiritual Light Empowerment, that Spiritual Energy still dared to be so disobedient. If he could allow Mu Chen to enjoy only half of the Spiritual Light Empowerment, that would truly make him lose face.

“All of you, go back in for me.”

Pointing his finger out, a cold black stream instantly shot towards Mu Chen’s body. In the next moment, a icy-black layer extended out, wrapping Mu Chen within.

As Mu Chen was being wrapped by the icy layer, the Spiritual Energy that had attempted to escape was being forced back once again into Mu Chen’s body.

This was the benefit of having stronger people to support one during one’s Spiritual Light Empowerment. With the bald old man’s powerful strength, he was able to easily use the most perfect method to help Mu Chen complete his Spiritual Light Empowerment. As for the other elders, they were obviously unable to achieve such a complete impenetrability.

Since the Spiritual Energy was being forced back into his body, Mu Chen was able sense them once again, causing him to involuntarily sigh in admiration. Truly worthy of the Northern Sea Dragon. He was actually able to force the Spiritual Energy back into Mu Chen’s body without harming him or losing any of the Spiritual Energy.

With the bald old man supporting his Spiritual Light Empowerment, Mu Chen was able to release all of his vigilance. Starting to focus, Mu Chen activated his Spirit, and completely absorbed all of the Spiritual Energy that was endlessly streaming in.

Upon seeing that Mu Chen, who was sitting on the Lightning God’s Lotus, had completely sank into a training state, the bald old man faintly nodded his head. He did not choose a barbaric method of empowerment. That kind of empowerment would be too disadvantageous, and with his status and seniority, he would naturally not opt for that method. Furthermore, it would disappoint Mu Chen too much. The latter was able to help him retrieve the Lightning God’s Pill, and this was something that still made him feel gratitude.

Therefore, the bald old man did not mind the increase in time and concentration needed from him. He had chosen to use the most perfect and most economical method; every Spiritual Energy pulse that entered Mu Chen’s body would be at the exact upper limit of what the latter could absorb. Next up, when Mu Chen completely absorbed the last pulse, another pulse of pure Spiritual Energy would enter his body. This was seemingly endless and would not show the slightest feeling of sluggishness. This way, it would allow Mu Chen to gradually enter a deep state of training. With that, the results of the empowerment would be even better.

Within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, the people with the capability of achieve such a perfect control weren’t many.

As for the Spiritual Light Empowerment of an ordinary student, they were the lowest end method. That method doesn’t even require anybody to take action. At the instant where they left the Spiritual Light World, the Spiritual Light would automatically radiate out and enter their bodies.

Naturally, the wastage of this method could be around 60 to 70%, with that percentage dissipating away.

As the bald old man sat in the air, his eyes tightly stared at Mu Chen, who was undergoing the Spiritual Light Empowerment. The method of empowerment he had employed was extremely wasteful of time. However, anybody would neglect such a small and unremarkable problem.

“Next up, let’s quietly wait for this Spiritual Light Empowerment to end.”

The bald old man gave a lazy stretch. Looks like for the time being, he had to momentarily guard this area.

Time quietly elapsed within this 9th level of the Lightning Territory. Unknowingly, an entire month had passed by.

Within this month, Mu Chen’s body had seemingly entered into a completely deep sleep, without the slightest bit of movement. Even his breathing had been reduced to the bare minimum, akin to a dying person.

However, although his breaths was getting weaker and weaker, anyone would be able to sense that the Spiritual Energy fluctuations radiating from within Mu Chen’s body was getting more vigorous and overbearing, day by day.

Obviously, he had received an extremely huge benefit in this Spiritual Light Empowerment.

From the side, the bald old man was casually sitting down. Feeling bored, he gave a lazy stretch. He had been taking care of Mu Chen for an entire month. However, from the looks of it, there seems to be no sign of this ending.

“This brat…”

The bald old man muttered, before shaking his head. With a spread of his palm, the Lightning God’s Pill appeared within in a flash. Grinning, he gently rubbed it around, while a drunk expression appeared on his face.

As long as he possessed this Lightning God’s Pill, even this kind of boring wait would become interesting.

As time continued to quietly lapse, it had been over a month. Due to the Spiritual Light Empowerment, Mu Chen had disappeared from within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. This caused doubt in a lot of students. After all, the past Spiritual Light Empowerments did not seem to need such a long period of time.

Naturally, the news of the Northern Sea Dragon personally helping Mu Chen with his Spiritual Light Empowerment did not spread. Therefore, this allowed for the many ordinary students a reason to be envious.

In this period of time, the shock brought along by the Hunting War gradually quietened down. The intense fluctuations that were initially brought about by the changes in the Heavenly Rankings had also started to become still. As various dark horses revealed themselves, the places on the Heavenly Rankings had also changed accordingly.

People wanting to cause a gigantic change in the Heavenly Rankings might have to wait for the next Hunting War to start. At that time, however, there might be another batch of dark horses that would appear.

However, even though the mass knew that dark horses might appear, for a dark horse like that monstrous talent, Mu Chen, to reappear, that might be rather difficult.

He had the strength of a Heavenly Transformation Stage Initial Phase, and yet he was able to defeat a Heavenly Completion Stage Initial Phase. From the view of many people, this was simply an inconceivable matter.

As the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy started to gradually turn peaceful, some other matters caused waves to surge within the spiritual academy once again.

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