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Chapter 338 – Infiltrating the Lightning Sea

Bang! Rumble!

Erratic peals of thunder rang out across the horizon as destructive energies, akin to wanting to destroy the heavens and earth, surged out, causing people to feel extreme terror upon seeing it.

Once it appeared, the Lightning Spirit had locked onto the person it was most familiar with, the Northern Sea Dragon. The boundless fluctuations radiating from the latter’s body caused it to feel extremely threatened.


The lightning sea crazily erupted out, causing ten kilometre high giant waves to form. As the Lightning Spirit furiously roared, the ten kilometre high lightning waves condensed as the lightning immediately surged out. Hiding the sky and covering the earth, they pressed onto the Northern Sea Dragon.

However, facing the incoming attacks, a chillingly cold glint flashed within the giant eyes of the Northern Sea Dragon. Opening its big mouth, jet-black waves gushed out. Those waves contained an unlimited amount of chilling air that seemed to be able to even freeze space.

Crack! Crack!

As the waves and the lightning waves smashed against each other, the lightning waves instantly froze. As the black icy layer rapidly extended out, it rushed towards the lightning sea at lightning speed.


Countless bolts of black lightning, akin to furious dragons, rushed out from within the lightning sea. As they violently colliding with the black icy layer, they caused it to shatter into pieces.

Mu Chen sat on the Lightning Refining Platform, his eyes filled with shock as he looked at the terrifying exchange happening before his eyes. This was genuine strength, one that could shatter space and cause the heavens and the earth to tremble by simply raising one’s hands.

This was a Sovereign.

A true expert of the Great Thousand World.

Scalding hot intent erupted within Mu Chen’s eyes. This was his goal in his pursuit of cultivation. One day, he would also be able to reach such heights!

Rapidly withdrawing his intentions, Mu Chen turned his gaze towards the churning black lightning sea. As of now, since the Northern Sea Dragon was already entangled the Lightning Spirit up, this was his best opportunity to enter the lightning sea.

Although the crazy and devastating black lightning bolts blotted the sky, Mu Chen did not feel much dread in his heart. Immediately after he stretched his body, he suddenly shot out, before quietly entering the lightning sea without a sound.

Upon seeing this, a glint flashed within the giant eyes of the Northern Sea Dragon, before its attacks suddenly became more erratic, forcing the Lightning Spirit to retreat, time after time. Obviously, he was trying to diverge the attention of the Lightning Spirit. If not, once Mu Chen was discovered, any casual lightning bolt it threw at the latter would cause him to immediately turn into ashes.

However, it was fortunate that Mu Chen’s strength was truly too weak. The little bit of Spiritual Energy fluctuations radiating from Mu Chen was masked by the terrifying exchange that was caused by the clashing parties. Therefore, when Mu Chen neared the lightning sea, he still wasn’t discovered by the Lightning Spirit.

Upon seeing that, Mu Chen quietly sighed in relief, before staring gravely at the unending black lightning sea before him. Standing there, he was akin to grain of sand within the ocean, completely unremarkable.

With such a large disparity between their sizes, it was extremely easy for terror and dread to surface within others.

Mu Chen tightly clenched his fists as his black pupils stared at the black lightning sea. Fiercely clenching his teeth, with a move, he transformed into a ray of light and shot straight in.


As a big wave formed on the surface of the black lightning sea, Mu Chen’s figure had already disappeared.

The instant Mu Chen entered the black lightning sea, he was able to feel the lightning energies that pervaded this ocean. Within this sea, there were even quite a few Divine Black Lightnings swimming around. Looking akin to giant black dragons in the sea, they wriggled around in a frightening manner.

As Mu Chen appeared, he had immediately attracted the attention of some Divine Black Lightning, causing them to swim over. Obviously, they had discovered energy fluctuations that were different from their own.

Seeing their reactions, Mu Chen hurriedly activated his Lightning God’s Physique, causing a faint black lightning bolt to surface around his body. At the same time, his middle finger also turned jet-black. As the fluctuations of the lightning poison radiated out, it masked the fluctuations of his Spiritual Energy.

Just as Mu Chen completed his actions, the Divine Black Lightning had already shot over. Swimming around Mu Chen’s body, they seemed to have detected something.

At this time, Mu Chen did not dare to make a single move. In this kind of place, as long as he was somewhat revealed to be different from the Divine Black Lightning, he would be instantaneously struck into ashes by them.

Fortunately, his luck wasn’t bad to such a point. The bald old man truly didn’t want him to turn into ashes. After circling around him awhile, the Divine Black Lightning proceeded to swim away. After all, they were only a part of the lightning energies, and didn’t have any intelligence. Therefore, it was natural that they were unable to differentiate Mu Chen apart from themselves.

Whew. Mu Chen wiped away the cold sweat that appeared on his forehead. With a move, he shot straight through the lightning sea. Pushing apart the lightning liquid, he shot into the depths of the lightning sea that was jet-black to the point of causing people’s hearts to palpitate.

This lightning sea was extremely expansive, and Mu Chen did not know which direction the Lightning God’s Pill was at. However, after thinking about it, that object should be born in a place where the lightning energies were at its thickest. Therefore, it was clear that the depths were the most probable place for the Lightning God’s Pill to be born.

However, saying and doing were two different things. Wanting to search for a Lightning God’s Pill in such an expansive lightning sea was still not an easy task. Mu Chen diligently searched around. However, even after ten minutes passed, he still had not the slightest bit of reward.

As he searched deeper and deeper into the depths of the lightning sea, the Divine Black Lightning bolts that he met grew increasingly terrifying. Their sizes were approximately hundreds and thousands of metres long. Looking from a great distance, they were akin to icy-cold black dragons sitting at the bottom of the ocean, causing people’s blood to run cold.

As time ticked by, Mu Chen couldn’t help getting somewhat anxious and impatient. Although he was relying on his Lightning God’s Physique, as well as the lightning poison to conceal himself, this was only a temporary measure. Also, it was clear that this state couldn’t last long. Once half an hour of time was reached, he would be unable to resist the corrosion caused by the lightning energies in the lightning sea. At that time, he might be instantly turned into ashes.

“I can’t continue staying in this blind state, if I do, there would simply be not enough time.”

Thoughts rapidly floated into Mu Chen’s mind as his eyes sparkled. Only after quite a long while later did clarity reappear within his eyes. While deeply pondering, he muttered, “Although the lightning energies within this lightning sea are frightening, the lightning sea is full of them. Some of them should definitely contain some information. Since the Lightning God’s Pill is the object that represents the source of the lightning sea, the lightning energies rippling within the lightning sea will definitely have some response!”

This idea of Mu Chen’s was rather gutsy. Within this lightning sea, his strength was obviously too weak. The slightest mistake would cause him to be destroyed hundreds and thousands of times. Originally, he should be avoiding the lightning energies that filled this lightning sea. However, as of now, he planned to take the initiative and acquire the information he wanted from them.

This was an extremely dangerous plan. However, Mu Chen seemed to never lack such guts.

After muttering to himself, Mu Chen finally made his decision. If something unfortunate truly popped up, he would immediately turn around and leave. Relying on the concealment provided by his Lightning God’s Physique and the lightning poison, he should be able to smoothly leave this place. However, if that happened, it be would considered that he had failed this task…

However, at this time, Mu Chen also had no other road left to walk on. Therefore, he could only take such a risk.

After making his decision, Mu Chen did not hesitate anymore. With a thought, the black lightning bolt around his body grew slightly dimmer. He did not dare to completely let it go, with the only thing he could do was to attract the attention of the lightning energies in this lightning sea, little by little, and search using such a method.

As the black lightning bolt around Mu Chen’s body gradually became dimmer, he instantly felt the tranquil lightning energies immediately starting to churn and surge. In fact, even the gigantic Divine Black Lightning in the far distance seemed to have sensed this change.

As a bolt of lightning energy came into contact with his body and went straight through him, Mu Chen immediately activated his Lightning God’s Physique. The lightning bolt blossomed, enveloping his enter body once again.

The Divine Black Lightning that had sensed the changes came to a stop once again, before slowly swimming around and becoming tranquil.

Enveloped by the lightning bolt, Mu Che’s body vigorously trembled. The lightning energy that entered his body obviously contained the power of black lightning, causing it to be extremely formidable. However, it was fortunate that he had already endured the strikes of several bolts of Divine Black Lightning; therefore, creating a little bit of resistance. After wasting some time, the lightning energy within his body was finally absorbed and refined by him.

After refining the lightning energy, a black lightning bolt flashed within Mu Chen’s eyes. Lowering his head, he looked towards a certain place within the jet-black lightning sea, while joy surfaced within his eyes.

Indeed, from that lightning energy, he was able to sense some unique fluctuations. The origin of those fluctuations were at the place he was looking at.

The Lightning God’s Pill was definitely at that place!

With a move, Mu Chen traveled through the lightning sea like a fish, increasing his speed as he swept towards that location.

Because of his increased speed, within a short span of a few minutes, Mu Chen had arrived at the deepest part of the lightning sea. There, the colour of the lightning sea was an increasingly mysterious black colour. The jet-blackness was akin to ink, while feeling slightly vicious.

Lightning arced within the liquid of the sea, radiating with destructive fluctuations. This caused Mu Chen’s scalp to slightly turn numb. A place like this was truly not somewhere that he, a little Heavenly Transformation Stage, should come to.

A lightning bolt erupted within Mu Chen’s eyes as he continuously scanned his surroundings. Piercing through the jet-black lightning liquid, he continued his search for his target.

At this time, less than half of the time he had remained. If Mu Chen did not increase his speed, he might not be able to continue and would have to escape from this lightning sea.

Cold sweat dripped from his face as Mu Chen’s heart rate increased. As of now, a sliver of anxiousness and impatience appeared within his eyes.


While his heart was as impatient as a roaring fire, suddenly, his eyes violently contracted. Rapidly shooting forward and traveling through the lightning liquid, his palm seemingly touched a membranous-like substance.

With a thought, a black lightning bolt erupted from his palm and enveloped his body as he slowly penetrated that surface.

Upon passing through it, he could immediately feel that the black lighting liquid, which contained destructive energies, had completely disappeared. At that moment, even the surrounding lightning sea had also disappeared.

“This is…”

As Mu Chen curiously looked around, he understood that he was in an isolated space that was independent from the surrounding depths of the lightning sea.

Obviously, this place… would only be used to hide the most precious of objects.

Mu Chen’s heart pumped increasingly fast before he looked at the centre-most position of this isolated space. Immediately, his breathing suddenly froze at this instant, while unconcealable joy and happiness erupted from his face.

At a distance within his sight, a metre wide black lotus stood floating in the dark space. The lotus seemed to be made of liquid that was continuously circulated within itself. Within the centre-most position of the lotus was a black pearl, approximately the size of an infant’s head, that was slowly rotating around.

Indescribable fluctuations radiated from within the pearl, as if it was the origin of the lightning energies of the heavens and earth.

Flames erupted from within Mu Chen’s eyes.

He had finally found the Lightning God’s Pill.

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