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Chapter 337 – Divine Black Lightning Poison Finger

Mu Chen’s mind sank into the exceedingly complicated Lightning God Physique training method. After a long while, he slowly opened his eyes, while a shocked glint flashed within.

According to the training method, the Lightning God Physique seemed to be differentiated into nine levels, which were simultaneously called the Ennea Rune Lightning Physique. That’s due the formation of a Lightning Rune every time the Lightning God Physique promoted to the next level. Once the number of Lightning Runes reaches nine, it would be considered as having a great accomplishment in it. When one reached that level, a single punch sent out purely from one’s fleshly body would be able to explode an ordinary Sovereign Stage expert.

“Ennea Rune Lightning Physique…”

A scalding-hot look erupted from within Mu Chen’s eyes. This Lightning God Physique was truly exceedingly extraordinary. Even within the body-refining Divine Arts category, it can be considered to be rather formidable.

“Hmm, how many runes is my Lightning God Physique at?” Mu Chen muttered to himself.

“Psh…” Unable to bear it, the bald old man snorted and sneered before saying, “As you are now, you’re not even at the first rune, and you’re still thinking of runes? Do you think that the Lightning God Physique is that easy to learn and master? Furthermore, as the level of your Lightning God Physique increases, the refining difficulty will also progressively increase. Once you can reach the third rune level of the Lightning God Physique, the Divine Black Lightning will possess no threat to you.”

“At that time, you’ll have to find a source of lightning that’s even more formidable than the Divine Black Lightning. Only then would you be able to refine your fleshly body and further promote your Lightning God Physique.”

“Lightning that is even more formidable than the Divine Black Lightning?” Hearing those words, Mu Chen’s expression faintly changed. As of now, just a weak bolt of Divine Black Lightning was able to send him to a near-death state. Exactly how terrifying would the lightning that’s more formidable than Divine Black Lightning be?

From the looks of it, although this Lightning God Physique was formidable, it also went along the path of being slightly oppressive to oneself. Finding terrifying lightning to get struck by, there should be quite a few people that practised the Lightning God Physique that were being split open while training, right?

“Those things are now too far from you. You should just focus on attempting to sense the Divine Black Lightning Poison within your body,” urged the bald old man while waving his hand.

Mu Chen nodded his head as his hands came together to form a mysterious seal. As the seal formed, peals of thunder could seemingly be heard as slivers of lightning bolts started sparkling out.

Within Mu Chen’s body, in his flesh and bones, little bits of black lightning seemingly started to surface. As these lightning bolts travelled back and forth within his body, they continuously refined his meridians, bones, flesh and blood.

As Mu Chen gradually sank into the slivers of numbness brought by the refinement, a slightly cold, chilling fluctuation suddenly appeared within his body.

This immediately roused Mu Chen from his training. With a sweep of his mind, he saw a drop of black liquid that silently appeared, without a sound, from an extremely well-hidden part of his body. In the next moment, it directly traveled through his blood and flesh. There were times that it even hid within his bones. However, as the black liquid passed through those places, minuscule and undetectable black imprints would be left on his blood, flesh, bones and meridians. These were the results of the corrosion caused by the lightning poison.

“This is the Divine Black Lightning Poison?”

Mu Chen felt a faint shock travelling through his mind. This thing was truly strange. If not for him practising the complete version of the Lightning God Physique, he would simply be unable to even detect its existence.

As Mu Chen discovered that drop of black liquid, several cold, chilling fluctuations started to appear at various parts of his body. These were the Divine Black Lightning Poisons that were hidden within his body.

Upon sense those lightning poisons, Mu Chen could not help feeling his head ache. These things truly made people feel extremely worried and troubled.

“Mu Chen, listen to what I say. Activate your Lightning God Physique and attract them towards the meridians in your right hand!” While Mu Chen was feeling a headache, the voice of the bald old man suddenly rang within his mind.

Hearing those words, Mu Chen slightly hesitated, before clenching his teeth and started to revolve the refining method. Activating his Lightning God Physique, peals of thunder instantly resounded within his body as a faint black lightning bolt passed through his flesh, before rushing towards the Divine Black Lightning Poison.

As the Divine Black Lightning Poison sensed the incoming black lightning bolt, it instantly tightened up, looking as if it would instantly jump up and flee.

Seeing that, Mu chen hurriedly relaxed his control. If this lightning poison started to recklessly scuttle around his body, it might create a huge problem for him. He did not assume that he would be able to prevent the eruption of the Divine Black Lightning poison within his Lightning God Physique, which was not even to the level of the first rune.

As Mu Chen relaxed his control, the drop of Divine Black Lightning Poison started to calm down once again. In the next moment, the drop seemed to sense a slightly familiar fluctuation coming from the black lightning bolt controlled by Mu Chen. After hesitating awhile, it finally approached it, bit by bit.

At the same time, Mu Chen hurriedly controlled the sliver of black lightning bolt as it slowly retreated, bit by bit, down the meridians of his arm.

Just like that, with one retreating and one advancing, after a number of minutes, the drop of lightning poison was attracted to the meridians of Mu Chen’s arm,

“Attract it to the meridian of your middle finger.” The voice of the bald old man resounded out once again.

Mu Chen nodded his head, and slowly attracted the drop of lightning poison into a small meridian within his middle finger. That meridian was only one of the many small branches within his middle finger. From a certain perspective, it was a wasted meridian, as it wasn’t broad and properly connected to other meridians. However, from the looks of it, it had become the best prison for locking the lightning poison up.

After attracting the lightning poison within that wasted meridian, Mu Chen proceeded to use the sliver of lightning bolt to seal of the entrance. After repeating this process laboriously for over an hour, he had attracted the lightning poisons present throughout his entire body into this wasted meridian.

Several drops of Divine Black Lightning Poison circulated within that meridian. At this moment, they seemed to have discovered that something was amiss. Suddenly erupting out, they violent surged towards the black lightning bolt that blocked the entrance of the meridian.

Sensing this, Mu Chen opened his eyes and stared gravely towards his right hand. As of now, his middle finger had already become a jet-black colour. Compared to his fair palm, it appeared exceedingly conspicuous, while giving people a mysterious and sinister feeling.

“They’re about to rush out!” Mu Chen exclaimed in a deep voice as his middle finger continued to tremble.

The bald old man nodded his head indifferently in response, as his withered finger suddenly shot out a drop of dull gold blood essence. Wriggling as they appeared, it descended straight onto Mu Chen’s palm, before rapidly submerging within.

A dull gold glow started to permeate from Mu Chen’s right arm, before slowly retracting. bit by bit, as it transformed into a golden rune. Sweeping across his palm, it finally entered Mu Chen’s middle finger. Transforming into something akin to a seal, the golden rune completely sealed the lightning poisons within Mu Chen’s middle finger, causing them to be unable to struggle free again.

As this happened, the jet-black colour of Mu Chen’s middle finger slowly started to recover its original colour, bit by bit. Nevertheless, he was still able to feel those Divine Black Lightning poisons hidden within his middle finger.

“That seal is able to seal up those lightning poisons. I’ve broken off my control over it, so you should be about to control that seal as you wish.” The bald old man said with a smile, “This can be considered as your second benefit. The Divine Black Lightning is a double-edged sword. Although it’s very dangerous for you, you too shouldn’t underestimate its uses.”

“In the future when you cross hands with others, you could secretly activate it and send your finger pointing out. Hehe, at that time, even an opponent at the Heavenly Completion Stage would instantly suffer serious injuries.”

“During the Hunting War, if you had this move, you wouldn’t have even needed to take such a risk in your fight with that brat, Gu Tianyan. With a single touch, your matter’s settled.”

Hearing those words, Mu Chen instantly felt exultation as he stared with sparkling eyes at his long and slender middle finger. He never imagined that the Divine Black Lightning Poison would have such great uses. Looks like he had truly gotten quite a bit of benefits.

“In the future, I’ll call it as Divine Black Lightning Poison Finger.” Mu Chen said with grin as he clenched his hand. He had casually given it the most closest and simplest name. However, even with such a simple name, it possessed a rather astonishing killing power.

“Senior, what do we do now?” After happily looking at his finger for a good while, Mu Chen finally raised his head and took the initiative to ask for the next instructions. After receiving so many benefits, he would truly feel a little guilty if he didn’t offer some contributions.

“I’ll take action in a while and lure the ‘Lightning Spirit’ out. When that happens, you’ll enter the lightning sea and search for the Lightning God’s Pill. Remember, with your strength, even if you’ve practised the complete version of the Lightning God Physique, you can only stay within the lightning sea for, at most, half an hour. Therefore, within this time limit, if you’re unable to find the Lightning God’s Pill, you have to immediately retreat out of there. If not, you’ll instantly turn into ashes,” the bald old man said solemnly.

With a grave expression on his face, Mu Chen nodded his head. Naturally, he wouldn’t play around with his little life.

Seeing Mu Chen’s nod, the bald old man didn’t continue to say any more words and let the former rest for another half an hour. After the former had completely recovered, he started to slowly rise into the air.

As the bald old man rose into the air, Mu Chen was suddenly able to feel the space intensely erupt. Lines started to extend crazily from the space surrounding the former, leading to something akin to a spatial storm to erupt, which caused the entire stretch of space to tremble.

An extremely frightening pressure extended out. Under the envelop of the pressure, even the space started to tremble.

This was the pressure of a Sovereign!

This pressure was even stronger than the White Dragon Sovereign!

A serene expression filled the face of the bald old man as a jet-black ocean tide seemed to erupt behind him. Within the waves, a unendingly giant fish-like creature seemed to shoot out from it.


As the roar awed and shook the heavens and earth, the giant fish-like creature split apart the endless waves, before unfurling a gigantic pair of draconic wings, which hid the skies and covered the earth. This scene, it was exceedingly terrifying.

“This is the Northern Sea Dragon?”

Mu Chen was extremely shocked, since the Northern Sea Dragon was too gigantic! It’s approximately ten thousand metres long. With a look, one would not be able to see its entire length. At the same time, the pressure radiating from it was so strong that even the space seemed to be unable to endure it.

Bang! Rumble!

Just as the Northern Sea Dragon appeared, the bald old man’s body disappeared, and extremely terrifying peals of thunder instantly erupted from within the black lightning sea.

As Mu Chen looked over, he saw countless thousand metre long black lightning pillars rushing towards the sky from within the lightning sea. After converging on the air above the lightning sea, they transformed into a indefinitely-shaped black lightning spirit. Lightning liquid transformed into lightning rivers as they dripped from it, while a pair of jet-black lightning bolts appeared, which looked akin to eyes that have formed out of black holes. As they appeared, they proceeded to stare at the Northern Sea Dragon in the far distance.


That indefinitely-shaped black lightning spirit gave a furious roar, causing black peals of thunder to wreak havoc as they resounded, enveloping around thousands of metres wide.

Mu Chen sucked in a breath of cold air once again as shock filled his eyes.

That spirit, should be the Lightning Spirit, right?

That perverted existence was truly too frightening.

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