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Chapter 335 – Lightning God Pill

“I want you to retrieve something for me from within this lightning sea.”

Upon hearing those words, the expression on Mu Chen’s face clearly froze for a while. Opening his eyes wide, he stared at the bald old man in front of him, while having some doubts as to whether he had heard something incorrectly.

“You want me to enter that?” Mu Chen said as he blinked his eyes, while pointing towards the unending sea of black lightning. If he didn’t hear incorrectly, it ought be that the bald old man had spoken incorrectly, right?

Nevertheless, facing his trembling gaze, the bald old man calmly nodded his head, dispelling all the hopes that Mu Chen had.

“Senior, are you joking with me?” Mu Chen felt as if his scalp was about to be fried. There’s Divine Black Lightning within that black lightning sea! Even a Sovereign would not casually set foot within that place. With his strength at the Heavenly Transformation Stage Initial Phase, there might not even be ashes left of him upon him just setting foot within there.

“I’m not asking you to directly rush in like that,” said the bald old man as he rolled his eyes.

Hearing those words, Mu Chen finally managed to slightly calm his nerves down. With a bitter laugh, he asked, “Exactly what thing do you want me to retrieve?”

“This Lightning Territory was created by me hundreds of years ago.”

While pointing towards the mysterious space, before pointing towards the black lightning sea, the bald old man continued with his introduction, “I initially discovered something unique about this space, as it was filled with lightning energies. After noticing that, I casually took all the lightning energies out of the space and condensed them here. After racking my brains and gathering Divine Black Lightning from all over the place, I threw them all into thisi place and let them grow unsupervised…”

Mu Chen tugged at this mouth awhile as he thought, As expected of the Northern Sea Dragon. The Divine Black Lightning that even Nine Nether was afraid of was, unexpectedly, gathered by him from all over the place. Naturally, this was due to Nine Nether being too young. According to her words, she was considered as just coming-of-age within the Nine Netherbird Clan. Furthermore, being able to endure the Divine Black Lightning Tribulation while being a Nine Netherbird that had just come-of-age, her talent, as well as her abilities, was truly stronger than Mu Chen and the rest.

After all, when Nine Nether wakes up, she would have successfully completed her transformation, and become a Nine Netherworld Bird. At that time, she should have the strength to contend against Sovereigns. Added with some training in the future, there would even be the chance for her to exceed this Northern Sea Dragon…

“However, as time passed, I discovered that some things had already left my scope of control. That’s because the strength of the lightning energy within was too terrifying, and condensed together to form a strange and unexpected living thing.” The bald old man continued his explanation while showing his somewhat helpless dilemma.

“Living thing?” Mu Chen gawked. In the lightning sea, which was completely devoid of life, it could condense to form an unexpected living thing?

“I name it as ‘Lightning Spirit’. This entire lightning sea can be considered its body.”

Mu Chen sucked in a breath of cold air as he looked towards the unending sea of lighting, while being overwhelmed with shock. Isn’t this so called “Lightning Spirit” too terrifying? No wonder even the Northern Sea Dragon was unable to deal with it. The myriad of living things in this world were truly incomparably mysterious and marvelous.

“It’s fortunate that this Lightning Spirit’s intelligence isn’t too high. However, if I were to get close to it, I’d have to endure its most violent and intense attacks,” said the bald old man as he tugged at his mouth. Staring at the black lightning sea, a chilling glint flashed within his murky eyes as he continued, “ If I were to use my strength and take action, I’d be able to destroy it. However, I’d also destroy the thing I want.”

“What does Senior want to retrieve?” slightly curious, Mu Chen asked the bald old man. The Northern Sea Dragon had prepared this space for hundreds of years, and even created this terrifying lightning sea. In the end, he had even created the Lightning Spirit. What exactly did he want to obtain from this?

As the murky eyes of the Northern Sea Dragon converged on the black lightning sea, he said in an indifferent tone, “Lightning God Pill.”

“Lightning God Pill?” Mu Chen blankly repeated those words, while a vacant expression filled his face. Obviously, he had never heard of that before.

“Although it’s called a pill, it isn’t something that people can refine. It’s something created by the heavens and earth,” explained the bald old man slowly, “Only when lightning energies are boundless enough to reach such a terrifying level would there be some chance for a Lightning God Pill to form. I’ve been searching and accumulating countless Divine Black Lightning for the past hundreds of years, all for the sake of a Lightning God Pill to be formed.”

“Fortunately, my luck’s not bad. However, I never knew that when the Lightning God Pill was born, it would also give birth to a Lightning Spirit that has been preventing me from acquiring the pill this whole time.”

“What use does that Lightning God Pill have?”

“With that Lightning God Pill, I’ll be able to rely on it to make a breakthrough and step into the realm of Earth Sovereign,” replied the bald old man.

“Earth Sovereign.” A shock went through Mu Chen’s mind. If that’s the case, the bald old man in front of him should be at the level of a 9th-Grade Sovereign? That’s truly terrifying! He was already considered to have reached the apex of the Sovereign Realm. One more step, and he would reach the legendary Earth Sovereign Realm. Even considering the entire Great Thousand World, an expert of that level would absolutely be sufficient to be called First Class.

With that kind of strength, even within those super strong clans, one would be able to be comparable to their clan leaders.

“Senior, why don’t you find Dean Tai Cang and the other Elders? If Dean Tai Cang were to help you, shouldn’t it be much more easier?” Mu Chen asked doubtfully. Within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, with the Northern Sea Dragon’s status, if he needed help, who would dare to not give their utmost to help?

“It’s no use. This Lightning Spirit’s very cautious. I’ve already spoke of this to Tai Cang. When he had just entered the other day, it caused the lightning sea to erupt. If the two of us were to appear at the same time, the Lightning Spirit would feel threatened. What if it felt that it was in a life-or-death struggle and destroyed the Lightning God Pill? Won’t that waste my hundreds of years of hard work?” replied the bald old man helplessly.

Hearing his explanation, Mu Chen gave a bitter laugh and looked at the black lightning sea. At this moment, there weren’t too many fluctuations radiating from it. However, under this unchanging peace, Mu Chen was able to feel his heart palpitate. “However…Senior, you should know that my strength’s inadequate…”

“Relax, I’ve already said that I won’t let you lose your life for nothing.”

The bald old man waved his hands and stared at Mu Chen while saying, “I’ve called for your help due to you absorbing a bolt of Divine Black Lightning before. Furthermore, you’ve let it erupt within your body. Although the strength of the Divine Black Lightning within your body have been completely used up, there’s still some remnants left…”

A sparkle flashed within Mu Chen’s eyes as he said, “Is Senior talking about the… Divine Black Lightning Poison?”

The bald old man nodded his head and replied, “The Divine Black Lightning Poison truly is a very frightening thing. However, from another perspective, it can be said to be a valuable treasure…”

Mu Chen’s forehead wrinkled up.

“The Divine Black Lightning Poison is something that even Sovereign Realm experts dare not to casually come into contact with. If you are able to control the Divine Black Lightning Poison, to you, it would become an extremely formidable trump card.”

“Control the Divine Black Lightning Poison?” Mu Chen replied with a dry laugh. He didn’t even have the ability to discover the Divine Black Lightning Poison that was hidden within his body, let alone control it.

“It isn’t difficult for you to sense the Divine Black Lightning. As long as I pass the complete version of the Lightning God Physique to you, you’ll naturally be able to sense them. Relying on the Lightning God Physique, you should be able to even control the Divine Black Lightning,” said the bald old man with a smile.

“The complete version of the Lightning God Physique?” Mu Chen repeated those words as his heart palpitated in eagerness. He had already seen how overbearing the Lightning God Physique was. If he didn’t learn this body-refining Divine Art, the eruption from the Divine Black Lightning’s strength would have ended very miserably for him. Furthermore, that was only the incomplete version of it. If he was able to learn the complete version of the Lightning God Physique, to what degree would his fleshly body become?

“How about it?” The bald old man asked with a grin. He believed that with this condition, Mu Chen would be unable to resist it. After knowing the formidability of the Lightning God Physique, Mu Chen would definitely not forsake it.

As expected, in an instant, Mu Chen fiercely nodded his head. Searching for riches and power through risks. For the sake of obtaining the complete version of the Lightning God Physique, Mu Chen dared to take the risk of running through extreme danger. Furthermore, he was, after all, a student of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, and the Northern Sea Dragon won’t send him to his death for nothing.

Seeing Mu Chen’s reacting, the smile on the bald old man’s wrinkled and dried-up face instantly grew thicker. Extending his withered palm to pat on the former’s shoulder, he said, “Since that’s the case, then let us do some necessary preparations.”

“Preparations?” Mu Chen gawked, before staring blankly at the bald old man? Was there anything else that needed to be prepared?


With a dry cough, the bald old man replied, “It’s like this. Although your body has some Divine Black Lightning Poison, it’s still too weak and sparse. That level isn’t enough to mask the fluctuations of your life force. If you were to enter the lightning sea like that, you’ll definitely be discovered by the Lightning Spirit.”

“Therefore?” Mu Chen suddenly felt thick uneasiness.

“Therefore… you need to get zapped by the Divine Black Lightning a few times. This would increase the density of the Divine Black Lightning Poison within your body to some extent, to the point that it can mask your life force,” replied the bald old man with a dry laugh.

Hearing those words, Mu Chen tugged at his mouth slightly as he thought, This damnable bald freak! Indeed, he didn’t have any good intentions! He had actually wanted him to get close to the Divine Black Lightning on his own initiative…During the previous time, it was fortunate that he was able to endure it. That was completely due to the Divine Black Lightning being only a remnant left behind by the Lightning Tribulation, with some luck added in. Only then was he able to endure it.

However, if this was to occur a few more times, could it be that he would have to always rely on his good luck?

Looking at Mu Chen’s progressively darkening face, the bald old man gave another dry laugh. Touching his bald head with his withered palm, he said, “Relax, I’ll reduce the Divine Black Lightning to a level that you’re able to endure. I’ll definitely make sure that nothing will befall you!”

Mu Chen’s expression wavered indecisively. Although he had a super powerful existence of a 9th-Grade Sovereign guarding his side, the Divine Black Lightning was truly too ferocious. If there were any unfortunate circumstances, even he might not be able to provide any aid in time.

This matter was obviously filled with danger.

Looking at the struggle Mu Chen was having, the bald old man hurriedly incited the former, “When this thing is complete, I’ll personally aid you in your Spiritual Light Empowerment, and will definitely give it my all. I dare to say that there’s absolutely no one in the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy that can exceed the results that I can help you achieve.”

Mu Chen was still stuck within his struggles.

“Hey, little fellow. Just treat it as me owing you a favor…I’ve also helped that little Nine Nether that has a bloodline bond with you successfully cross the Divine Black Lightning Tribulation. Not only did I give her some protection, I even stole a bolt of Divine Black Lightning. If not, that little Nine Nether would have already turned to ash during the Lightning Tribulation…” The bald old man hurriedly played the sympathetic guilty card, since he was afraid of Mu Chen retreating from this matter.

“There’s such a case?” Mu Chen was shocked and somewhat startled. This was something that even he did not know.

“Hehe. Although collecting the Divine Black Lightning was also my goal, it could be considered as me helping you. Furthermore, if not for the feather plume that I’d given that little Nine Nether, she would’ve been unable to grasp the time to recover.” The bald old man replied awkwardly.

Mu Chen shot a look at the bald old man. He actually did see a feather plume going to work when Nine Nether was undergoing the Tribulation. The energy that radiated from the feather plume had obviously not originated from Nine Nether.

“So, what’s your decision?” The bald old man hurriedly asked.

With a smile, the struggle within Mu Chen’s eyes slowly dissipated, bit by bit. He had always lived by the rule: An Eye for An Eye, A Tooth for A Tooth. Regardless of what motive the bald old man had, he truly did help Nine Nether a great deal. Furthermore, with the bloodline bond, by helping Nine Nether, it can be considered that he had also helped him.

Since that was the case, he would naturally not have any reason to reject this task.

Looking towards the bald old man, Mu Chen took a deep breath, before nodding his head.

“Alright, I accept.”

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