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Chapter 331 – Rest

In the air above the northern square.

Countless students raised their heads to look at the gradually dissipating gigantic light screen. Remnants of excitement and a myriad of emotions replayed in their minds as they stared at it. The fight between Mu Chen and Gu Tianyan had truly made people gasp in amazement.

In fact, the final result was something that everyone still found hard to imagine. With a status as a Freshman, unexpectedly, Mu Chen was able to achieve a victory, which directly resulted in the quick ending of the final battles.

Countless people were still sighing in admiration over this. For the past few years, it could be said that there were quite a few talents that had come out from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. However, there were extremely few people who were able to get a result similar to Mu Chen’s. Achieving such dazzling results with the status of a Freshman made everyone sigh in admiration. There was one thing that they knew; from now, Mu Chen’s prestige in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy might not be any weaker to Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong.

By relying on a single fight to reach the position of a peak influential figure, perhaps there might be no one that would dare to have a single shred of doubt against him anymore.

Swish! Swish!

While countless students were still sighing in admiration, the space in the sky suddenly distorted, before countless figures hid the skies and covered the earth as they shot out from within. They were covered by a thick layer of light, which was radiating with rather astonishing Spiritual Energy fluctuations.


As those figures appeared, not the slightest hint of stopping was discovered on them as they shot across the horizon akin to streaks of light, and flew in every direction. As of now, all of them needed to find a place to train, and absorb all of the vigorous Spiritual Energy that had flooded their bodies due to the Spiritual Light Empowerment.

Upon completing this stage, their strength would have greatly increased.

Envious gazes came shooting over towards the locust swarm-like figures from the many students present on the northern square. Naturally, everyone knew after these people had to completely refine the Spiritual Energy granted to them by the Spiritual Light Empowerment, so that their strength would have a substantial increase.

At this point, the total strength of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy might rise to a new level.

As figures continued to blot the skies as they shot out of the distorted space, four figures shot out without any rush or hurry. Stopping in the air, they immediately attracted the gazes of countless people.

“Its Mu Chen, Shen Cangsheng and the rest!”

“Huh? Why aren’t they covered by the Spiritual Light Empowerment?” Someone voiced out in doubt, as Mu Chen and the other three didn’t have any light radiating from their bodies, and their internal Spiritual Energy levels weren’t overly boundless.

“Are you stupid? The four of them are the most outstanding people in this hunt. How could they just obtain some normal Spiritual Light Empowerment?”

“There are Grades for the Spiritual Light Empowerment?” asked a Freshman in doubt.

“That’s for sure! Normal Spiritual Light Empowerment would happen the instant one leaves the Spiritual Light World. The Spiritual Light that one obtains would automatically transform into Spiritual Energy and enter their body. Although this kind of Spiritual Energy is pure, a large portion of it would be lost during the absorption process. In the end, isn’t the amount that would be refined and absorb be more than 50 to 60%?”

“However, the Spiritual Light Empowerment Mu Chen and the other three are going to receive is different. It’s said that the Elders of the academy would assist in their empowerment. This kind of treatment isn’t something a normal Spiritual Light Empowerment would be able to compare with.”

“I see…”

As he appeared in midair, Mu Chen looked towards the sea of humans that filled the sky. Upon seeing the northern square, he took another breath of relief. Truly, the air of the outside world made people feel more relaxed. Although the Spiritual Energy within the Spiritual Light Word was more vigorous, Mu Chen had truly felt that there was just something missing.

“The four of you should head back and rest. After three days, come to the Punishment Hall for your Spiritual Light Empowerment.” Also appearing in the sky, the two Elders turned towards Mu Chen and the other three before speaking out instructions.

“Yes.” Hearing those instructions, Mu Chen and the other three nodded their heads in acknowledgement.

“Mu Chen, you’re the only one that had a tough battle. Go take a rest before meeting up at the Punishment Hall three days from now,” said Shen Cangsheng while sending a smile towards Mu Chen. The latter’s fight had truly exceeded the expectations of the people. Originally, he had assumed that he and Li Xuantong would need to engage in an intense fight. However, who would have thought that the one that suffered the most was Mu Chen? As for the both of them, they had ended their fights by simply revealing their faces.

Replying to Shen Cangsheng, Mu Chen could only present a smile. As of now, his face was extremely pale, and he was truly exceptionally weak and frail. The acute pain radiating from within his body caused even difficulty for him to speak. Right now, his strongest wish was to head back and immediately take a rest.

“I’ll bring him back first.” Seeing Mu Chen’s miserable state, Luo Li felt some pain in her heart. Carrying Mu Chen, she said a soft word or two towards Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong, before rapidly streaking away in a ray of light.

Looking at the figures of the two as they head towards the distance, Li Xuantong fell somewhat into a daze with a complication expression displayed on his face.

“So, you like her, huh?” Beside him, Shen Cangsheng’s eyes had become slits as he grinned, while asking Li Xuantong. He was able to see that Li Xuantong was paying a lot of attention to Luo Li.

In response, Li Xuantong only gave a bitter laugh.

“However, from the lovey-dovey actions of those two, I think that you don’t stand a chance,” said Shen Cangsheng with a little sympathy. The girl by the name of Luo Li truly was very outstanding. However, her eyes had always been focused on Mu Chen. Even the two of them were able to see that Mu Chen and Luo Li had already fallen into the webs of love.

Li Xuantong shot a cold glare at Shen Cangsheng. This fellow, he just likes to do stuff that pours salt into other people’s wounds.

“Forget about it. Why bother hanging oneself to death on a tree? After receiving our Spiritual Light Empowerment, let’s give the bounty of killing Mo Longzi a try. This time, let’s collaborate and settle things with that guy once and for all.”

Shen Cangsheng patted on Li Xuantong’s shoulder, before a cold glint flashed within his eyes as he said, “I’m afraid that the number of our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy students that have died while going out for Outworld Training in the past two years by Mo Longzi’s hands has already reached the triple digits.”

Hearing his words, Li Xuantong’s forehead started to wrinkle. A cold glint also flashed within his eyes as he said in a soft voice, “It’s said that the Demonic Dragon Palace is getting more rampant in the Northern Heavens Continent…”

“Let the Deans and Elders care able those headache-inducing matters. Soldiers should be faced against soldiers. The Old Dog of the Demonic Dragon Palace should naturally be stared at by the higher levels of our academy. However, as for that thing called Mo Longzi, he should be dealt with by us. If not, people might say that we Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy students are useless,” replied Shen Cangsheng casually.

“How do we go about it? Form a team and hunt him?”

Muttering to himself, Li Xuantong faintly nodded his head and said, “Let’s collaborate for this time. That Mo Longzi should be killed…”

“Haha, that’s good.”

With a loud chuckle, Shen Cangsheng patted Li Xuantong’s shoulder. Without saying anything else, his figure shot towards the depths of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Upon seeing this, Li Xuantong started to head towards the mountain peak that he lived on.

As the crowd of people in the sky started to scatter, the countless students at the northern square started to leave with somewhat dissatisfied hearts. Looking towards the direction of the Heavenly Rankings, all of them knew that in a short couple of days, there might be a earth-shattering upheaval displayed on it.

At this time, Mu Chen and Luo Li had already reached their small building in the Freshman Area. Upon entering the house, Mu Chen’s already pale face grew even more white, while a mouth of blood spewed uncontrollably out of his mouth.

In this fight, the true injuries weren’t caused by Gu Tianyan, but the Divine Black Lightning’s overly terrifying energy wreaking havoc within his body. This kind of energy was something that Mu Chen’s current body was simply unable to control and leash.

Fortunately, he had learnt and practised the Lightning God’s Physique, causing his fleshly body to become stronger. If not, he might have had to deal with an exceedingly high cost to his life upon his usage of the Divine Black Lightning.

Looking at the seriousness of Mu Chen’s injuries, Luo Li’s beautiful face started to faintly change, as she hurriedly carried him into the room. Resting on the bed, Mu Chen weakly gestured to her.

“It’s alright. The energy’s already simmered down. I just have to rest and I will be alright.”

“You really pushed your luck too much,” said Luo Li, while getting slightly angry. To her, Mu Chen had simply caused all of these troubles for himself. The Divine Black Lightning was something that would bring dread to even a strong Spiritual Beast like the Nine Netherbird. She never expected that Mu Chen would actually dare to cause it to erupt within his body.

This kind of action was something that would instantly cause one’s death, without a doubt. It was still not convenient to say it while they were outside. However, after they returned, she was finally unable to control her concern and anger.

“Even without the Spiritual Light Empowerment, I won’t lose anything. Furthermore, I’ve not come all those thousands of miles to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy just to see you compensate me,” said Luo Li while biting her lip.

Looking at the girl who was truly feeling a little angry, Mu Chen could not help lowering his head. Extending his hand, he attempted to grab hold of Luo Li’s slender and jade-like hands. However, his hand was evaded by the girl, whose eyes had now turned slightly red.

With a smile, Mu Chen sent his palm out to grab again, and tightly held onto the girl’s little hand, without letting her go. With a pull, he sent the girl lunging into his bosom.

Faintly struggling in Mu Chen’s bosom, the gorgeous girl tried to get out. Unable to do so, she gave a soft snort, before tilting her lovable face away, indicating her intent of not wanting to easily forgive Mu Chen’s nonsensical behaviour.

With a grin, Mu Chen looked towards the gorgeously beautiful face that was now filled with a little anger and indignation. As Luo Li lowered her head amidst the panic she felt, without waiting for the girl to put up any resistance, her red lips were already in contact with his.

The girl used her little hands to gently pound on Mu Chen’s chest, before her lovable body finally turned soft like spring water. As she did so, her silvery hair spread out, covering the entire bed.

After kissing for a long time…

Mu Chen was still someone not willing to let go of those tender red lips. As he lowered his head to look at the blushing-red face of the girl, he said in a gentle voice with a faint smile, “I’m sorry for making you worry…”

“Yah, I’m not trying to compensate you in any way. I just feel that, if I’m unable to even clear this obstacle on my own, in the future… how should I protect you?”

A faint tremor shook through Luo Li’s body as she looked at Mu Chen’s eyes, which were brimming with gentle emotions for her, causing her emotions to slowly turn relaxed.

“I’ve risked my life to win back the Spiritual Light Empowerment, and you’re still angry with me. Shouldn’t you give me some kind of compensation?” asked Mu Chen with a grin.

“What kind of compensation?” noticing Mu Chen’s gaze, Luo Li felt somewhat unsafe, and wriggled her lower body.

With a smirk Mu Chen’s palm quietly slid down, passing through her soft clothing, touching the tender and delicate skin that was cool and akin to jade.

Luo Li’s lovable body instantly turned stiff as her beautiful face turned even redder. Shock and fuster akin to a skitter of a little deer could be seen within her clear and limpid eyes.

As Mu Chen’s hands slipped into Luo Li’s blouse, they grasped hold of that little waist. Unable to bear it anymore, Luo Li was about to shove him away; however, she discovered that Mu Chen’s actions had stopped. Faintly tilting her head over, she realised that Mu Chen had unknowingly pressed lightly on her body. As of now, his eyes were tightly closed, while his breathing was weak and feeble.

He had unexpectedly fallen asleep at this moment due to the stress and tiredness he had sustained earlier.

This made Luo Li feel like crying and smiling at the same time. After hesitating awhile, she extended her jade-like arms and wrapped Mu Chen into her embrace. Gentling kissing the youth’s lips, gentle feelings flooded her eyes as she looked at the youth’s handsome face.

While gentling rubbing Mu Chen’s forehead with her little hands, she muttered, “Mu Chen, rest assured. I won’t let anyone hurt you…I’ll protect you, too.”

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