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Chapter 326 – Twin Spiritual Array!

The gigantic light array slowly rotated in the air. The frightening Spiritual Energy fluctuations radiating out from it had condensed together, causing incomparable erratic Spiritual Energy hurricanes to billow out, and even caused some distortions to appear in the sky.

When the two Rank 5 Spiritual Arrays appeared at the same time, their might was considerably astonishing.

With a trace of shock, countless people looked at the spectacle before them. Although they were able to guess that Mu Chen had some hidden tricks up his sleeves, they never expected that he would actually conjure two Rank 5 Spiritual Arrays at once…

If these two Rank 5 Spiritual Arrays were to released, even Gu Tianyan might not dare to show the slightest bit of disdain, right?

The gazes of the countless students that participated in the hunt were turning scorching, but were not ignited with the flames of hope. Of the three fights, they were able to see that Mu Chen’s one was the most important, and was even the most critical one of them.

If Mu Chen was able to fight to a draw, Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong would definitely give their utmost to ensure that the final result would be a draw. That way, the students would still achieve the final victory.

At the other two giant peaks, both parties that were releasing their full might had also noticed this situation. Sensing this, Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong’s tensed bodies faintly relaxed by some degree. They were also worried about Mu Chen. However, seeing the spectacle before them, they knew that the latter really did leave some tricks up his sleeves.

As for Lin Zheng and Zhou Qingshan, both of them were slightly startled as they thought, No wonder why Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong were willing to allow a Freshman, whose strength was only at the Heavenly Transformation Stage Initial Phase, to come up and fight. So, this Freshman isn’t that simple after all.

Looks like the fight this time was truly interesting.

“Two Rank 5 Spiritual Arrays…”

Gu Tianyan had also raised his head and gazed towards the two enormous objects in the sky. The Spiritual Energy pressure sweeping out of them had made his clothes violently flap. His fiery-red hair fluttered about, and his expression finally turned dignified and grave.

“Being able to cause some much activity with your strength at the Heavenly Transformation Stage Initial Phase… You’re truly incredible.” said Gu Tianyan slowly.

“I just managed to pull a fast one. If this was a life or death battle, I might not have that long of a time to arrange my Spiritual Arrays.” replied Mu Chen while shaking his head. With his current strength, arranging a Rank 5 Spiritual Array was still, somewhat, difficult. Furthermore, his success rate was not a hundred percent. If he was unable to make contact with the Heart Eye state, he might not have been able to achieve this step.

As for the Spiritual Array Seed, that was completely relying on foreign objects. That treasure was something that Mu Chen had used to scare people. However, as of now, he had no choice but to use it.

After all, Mu Chen felt that he was not able to defeat Gu Tianyan using a single Rank 5 Spiritual Array.

“The result is more important than the process. The so-called ‘fast one’. That also depends on whether you’re capable of achieving it in the first place.” Gu Tianyan said with a faint smile. A scarlet shadow seemed to be erupting, bit by bit, from within his eyes. In the next instant, his hands started to slowly spread out. Akin to flames, scarlet-red Spiritual Energy furiously erupted from within his body.

At this instant, the temperature of this stretch of the world seemed to rise, while the ground he was standing on turned unusually dry and parched.

“Make your move. Let me see exactly how strong the might of your two Rank 5 Spiritual Arrays are!” as scarlet-red Spiritual Energy enveloped Gu Tianyan, akin to flames, his indifferent laughing voice resounded.

Taking a deep breath, Mu Chen gently nodded his head. Without saying any more nonsense, he raised his head and gazed towards the two gigantic Spiritual Arrays in the sky.

Other than the Demonic Lotus Spiritual Array, the Spiritual Array that was arranged by the Spiritual Array Seed was called the “Mysterious Yin Spiritual Array.” It was also a Rank 5 Spiritual Array. However, according to Mu Chen’s estimates, this “Mysterious Yin Spiritual Array” could only be considered as an Initial ranked one among the Rank 5 arrays. That meant that it could only achieve the prestige similar to a Heavenly Completion Initial Stage.

If the two Rank 5 Spiritual Arrays were to simultaneously erupt, they should be able to deal with Gu Tianyan, right?

As Mu Chen’s eyes sparkled, he no longer had any more hesitation. His hands instantly came together to form a hand seal, causing the two Spirit Arrays to be activated.

Boom! Rumble!

Following Mu Chen’s activation, the two gigantic Spiritual Arrays instantly started to revolve as astonishing Spiritual Energies radiated from them.

As the two gigantic black lotuses revolved, their black petals started to fold up. At their centre, a black light, which had been compressed and compressed to the extreme point where they took shape, gushed out. At the place where they collided, a glowing lotus, approximately 3 metres high, took shape and appeared. The size of this glowing lotus was not small. It pulsated akin to the beating of a heart. While it was pulsating, terrifying fluctuations started to radiate from it.

Crackle! Crackle!

At the other side, the “Mysterious Yin Spiritual Array” had also erupted, causing the chilling air from the world to condense. In the next instant, it formed a black-coloured stream in the middle of the Spiritual Array. The stream splashed as it flowed, causing an extremely chilling air to radiate out. At this moment, even the air was frozen solid by the flowing stream.

Due to the glowing lotus that was pulsing like a beating heart, and the black-coloured water stream, the world become cold and gloomy.


Flames erupted within Gu Tianyan as he slowly clenched his hands.

“Senior Brother Gu, please!”

In the sky, with a dignified expression on his face, Mu Chen extended his thin finger and gave the air a tap. As his fingertip descended, ripples seemed to spread out from the space.


At the place where the fingertip had tapped down, the pulsing glowing lotus shot over. Akin to a giant black python, the black-coloured stream also shot over, with the extremely cold air contained within causing even the air to get frozen.

Swish! Swish!

The two astonishing attacks streaked across the horizon, akin to lightning. Before the countless anxious gazes, they violently rushed towards Gu Tianyan down below.

The hearts of everyone watching skipped a beat.

Regardless of the surroundings of the Spiritual Light Mountain or the northern public square, everyone had opened their eyes wide and clenched their fists.

Under the attentive gazes of countless people, Gu Tianyan’s face had turned exceedingly grave. Looking at the two terrifying attacks sweeping towards him, he suddenly brought his hands together. Scarlet-red Spiritual Energy instantly erupted out, akin to an inferno.

“Heavenly Inflammation Divine Art – Flaming Dragon’s Protection!”

Following the deep voice that rang out from Gu Tianyan, boundless Spiritual Energy frantically condensed. As an astonishing dragon roar rang out, the Spiritual Energy transformed into a vivid and lifelike flaming dragon. Giving a long roar, it occupied the space below Gu Tianyan, its gigantic body sparkling with an indestructible radiance.

“He had actually used his strongest defense…”

Upon seeing this, the eyes of both Lin Zheng and Zhou Qingshan faintly contracted. They thought, Looks like even Gu Tianyan is feeling some pressure. He immediately utilized his strongest defense upon making a move.


As the flaming dragon took sat down, two streaks of light were already howling over. Without the slightest bit of hesitation, they violently impacted against it without a single shred of mercy.


At the instant of impact, a muffled sound that made everyone’s hearts tremble rang out. In the next instant, everyone saw a gigantic Spiritual shock wave, a thousand metres high, sweeping out as cracks rapidly extended from the point of impact.

Looking at the shock wave sweeping out, Mu Chen immediately exhibited the Soaring Dragon Technique that he had prepared beforehand. As the dragon’s shadow appeared, with a flash, he appeared thousands of metres away, evading the incoming blast.

After evading the shock wave, Mu Chen looked towards the giant peak with incomparable graveness showing in his eyes. He did not know exactly what result the attack that he had sent out would have.

He hoped that it would have some effect; after all, he was unable to arrange such an attack again. He was also not able to find the second Spiritual Array Seed for his use.

It was not only him who had such a thought. Countless gazes tightly locked onto the dust-filled area as everyone tightly clenched their fists. It was already not easy for Mu Chen to reach such a step. If this fight was able to end here, that would be a monumentally good thing for them.

On the other two giant peaks, both Shen Cangsheng, and Li Xuantong remained quiet without making any move. Clearly, they were all waiting for the result of Mu Chen’s fight.

If Mu Chen was able to achieve a draw, as everyone hoped, it would be infinitely easier for them. If he had carelessly gave up a lost, either one of them might need to be prepared to pay a very high price.

Obviously, that was not the scenario they wanted to see.

Under the convergence of countless gazes, the dust on the giant peak finally started to slowly clear away. Following the dissipation of the dust, a figure gradually become clearer and clearer.

Gu Tianyan was still standing on the giant peak.

The hearts of countless people had seemingly turned cold at this moment as they stared astringently at the male standing on the giant peak, whose scarlet-red hair was akin to flames dancing in the wind.

Gu Tianyan was actually successful in receiving the attacks from two Rank 5 Spiritual Arrays!

He was, unexpectedly, strong to such a level?

Sigh, it’s a pity.

A sigh resonated within the hearts of everyone.

While everywhere was deathly silent, Gu Tianyan faintly trembled as the sleeves around his hands instantly turned into dust. In the next instant, everyone saw fresh blood dripping from his left arm. As for the right arm, it faintly hanged down as though it had lost all of its strength.

An arm of Gu Tianyan seemed to have been temporarily crippled from the earlier collision.

Under everyone’s gazes, Gu Tian Yan revolved his Spiritual Energy, causing the blood stains on his arms to gradually evaporate away. Raising his head, one could clearly see extreme graveness present within his eyes.

“Fortunately, I didn’t let my guard down. If not, I might have already lost.” Gu Tianyan’s voice deeply rang out. If he had not cleverly utilised his strongest defense, the injuries he sustained as of now might’ve been even worse.

Upon hearing his words, Mu Chen gave a helpless laugh and thought, Gu Tianyan is undeniably one of the three Great Generals. He truly is not easy to deal with. Mu Chen had given his utmost; however, he could only temporarily cripple a single arm of the latter.

Gu Tianyan stared gravely at Mu Chen without speaking and even without making any moves. Everyone knew that’s because by losing the Rank 5 Spiritual Array, if Mu Chen did not have any other methods, it would already be needless to continue this fight.

Naturally, Gu Tianyan would not give Mu Chen a second chance to arrange any Spiritual Arrays.

Within the silence that blotted the skies, under the attentive gazes of everyone, Mu Chen’s eyes started to slowly close again.

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