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Chapter 324 – Three Great General

At the peak of Spiritual Light Mountain, covered with lingering clouds, the three giant peaks, akin to pillars that propped the sky up, pierced through the clouds. As of now, however, a dense and numerous amount of figures had surfaced in the air surrounding them. With a glance, one can almost not find an end to the present crowd.

All of the students that had participated in the hunt converged there, waiting for the incoming final fight.

At this moment, gazes were sent towards the summit of the three great peaks, where three figures were quietly sitting. While the mountain winds were blowing at their clothing, their eyes were open, without even the slightest trace of change, due to the gathering of countless students. Even their breathing was calm and tranquil, without the slightest bit of disturbance.

All of the students were staring at the three figures with thick respect shown within their eyes. The three people in their sights should be the final protectors of this hunt.

They were the previous top three ranks of the Heavenly Rankings, and were now the three Great Generals of the Punishment Hall.

In the surroundings of the mountain peak, the clouds fluttered around as the sea of humans pervaded the air. However, what's strange was that there wasn't any clamoring and arguing noises present. Everyone was able to feel a faint pressure radiating from the bodies of the three figures on the top of the mountain peak. Enveloping the entire stretch of the world, it caused them to feel as if their heads were being weighed down.

Within the silence that blotted the sky, three figures slowly walked out, before stopping in the air a thousands metres away from the 3 giant peaks.

Regardless of the surroundings of Spiritual Light Mountain or the northern public square, everyone's gazes had converged onto the bodies of those three figures. Within those gazes, there was anticipation, apprehension, doubt…

However, regardless of that, those three figures, as of now, had undoubtedly become the focus of everyone's attention.

At the instant when they walked out, the three figures that were sitting on the giant peaks slowly opened their tightly closed eyes.


The Spiritual Energy of the world seemed to have erupted and explosively swept out at this instant. Intense booming and rumbling sounds could be faintly discernable as they resounded across the world.

"Shen Cangsheng, you've finally arrived." at the middle giant peak, a male gave a faint smile as his tranquil voice slowly rang out. However, this made the hearts of countless people subsequently throb as a pressure enveloped over them.

"Haha, I've let Senior Brother Lin Zheng wait for a long time." Coming to a stop in front of the male. Shen Cangsheng cupped his hands and sent his greetings, while his eyes made a faint contraction that was unnoticable.

That's Lin Zheng of the three Great Generals? Mu Chen thought while sending his gaze over, only to see a male dressed in a black outfit. He had a head full of white hair. Instead of a pale white, it radiated with a silvery shadow, with light circulating through it, making it seem mysterious.

At this time, he had already acquired some information about the three Great Generals. This Lin Zheng was said to be the person with the highest strength amongst the three Great Generals.

"Undoubtedly the previous number one on the Heavenly Rankings."

Mu Chen's expression slowly turned dignified, as he was able to sense a strong pressure radiating from within Lin Zheng's body. That sort of feeling was akin to a mountain range appearing above someone's head, causing people to be unable to catch their breath.

This Lin Zheng must have already stepped into the Heavenly Completion Stage. Furthermore, he might not be only at the Heavenly Completion Initial Stage…

Heavenly Completion Stage, that's the final step before Sovereign Stage. If Sovereign Stage experts were able to become a Regional Lord in a continent, then Heavenly Completion Stage experts could be considered as Regional Tyrants.

Since Lin Zheng was able to achieve a strength of Heavenly Completion Stage at such an age, that was sufficient to indicate his possession of astonishing talent…

"There's nothing that could be said for the long wait. However, since it's the final fight, we'll not throw it." A voice rang out from the giant peak on the right of Lin Zheng. Looking over, Mu Chen spotted a male dressed in red. His hair was scarlet red, akin to a burning flame. Around him, the air showed faint traces of distortion, as if created by a high temperature.

"That's Gu Tianyan, your opponent this time," muttered Li Xuantong to Mu Chen in a low voice.

Upon hearing those words, Mu Chen's eyes instantly contracted as he gravely stared at the red-haired male. The Spiritual Energy of the world around the latter seemed to be exceedingly erratic, as if it was a patch of the burning sea of flames.

This pressure coming from Gu Tianyan was not as strong as Lin Zheng's; however, it still caused a dangerous flavor to coarse through Mu Chen's body. Mu Chen knew that there would not be a single one amongst the three Great Generals that were easy to be dealt with.

"Gu Tianyan's strength should be around Heavenly Completion Initial Stage. The divine art he trains in is called the Heavenly Inflammation Divine Art. This makes his Spiritual Energy akin to heavenly flames, which are overbearing and burn with a furious intensity. Any action he makes is enough to burn and incinerate cities and mountains." Li Xuantong tried his best to give more information to Mu Chen, in an effort to allow him to muster a better response.

Mu Chen nodded his head as he thought, Heavenly Completion Initial Stage is exceedingly strong. This was not something that He Yao, with his half-step into the Heavenly Completion Stage, could compare to. If He Yao was allowed to cross hands with Gu Tianyan, Mu Chen could definitely confirm that He Yao would be defeated extremely miserably within five rounds.

Furthermore, Gu Tianyan's Spiritual Energy was somewhat different from the norm. Mu Chen wondered, Compared to my Spiritual Energy that is fused with the Nine Nether Flames, exactly which one is more overbearing?

Mu Chen stared at Gu Tianyan for a while, before looking at the leftmost giant peak. Right there, similarly, was a sitting man. This person had a head full of black hair, with a rather handsome face. Faintly smiling at the crowd, he did not show any intent to speak.

Compared to Lin Zheng and Gu Tianyan, this person clearly appeared to not want to attract too much attention. However, Mu Chen knew that if anyone underestimated him, the only thing they could say was that their heads got muddled.

"Is that Senior Brother Zhou Qing? Who's also your opponent this time?" Mu Chen looked towards Li Xuantong and asked.

Li Xuantong turned his gaze towards the black-haired male, faintly nodded his head, then replied, "It's said that during that year, Senior Brother Zhou Qing had a nickname within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, he was called 'Undefeatable Mountain'…"

"Undefeatable Mountain?" Mu Chen muttered in startlement.

"The meaning is that when he fought with people, he would basically not lose." Li Xuantong replied with a smile.

"Then why did the 1st rank in the Heavenly Rankings still belong to Senior Brother Lin Zheng?" Mu Chen asked with some doubt.

"I never said that he won." Li Xuantong replied with a smile, as he abstrusely looked at the faintly smiling black-haired male sitting on the giant peak in the distance, before continuing, "A large majority of his fights resulted with no victories and no losses. The main reason was due to his special intentions; however, there were also other reasons."

"The divine art he trains in is named the Undefeatable Divine Art. It sounds absolutely overbearing; however, it is an extremely gentle divine art. There isn't any overly intense attacking moves within it, and the majority is focusing on dealing with people, before finally causing the opponent's Spiritual Energy to be completely wasted…"

"Therefore, within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, the large majority of the people he crossed hands with would end with a draw. Therefore, other people have given him the nickname of 'Undefeatable Mountain'."

Hearing the explanation, Mu Chen was astonished. This so-called 'Undefeatable Divine Art' was unexpectedly that special and unique. However, it was very clear that, at certain times, not being defeated and not having a victory was, from some sense, already a very frightening achievement.

Zhou Qingshan, naturally, could not be overly vicious when crossing hands with the people in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. However, if he were to truly have killing intent, even that gentle divine art might reveal its malevolent side.

These three Great Generals. None of them were simple…

While Mu Chen and Li Xuantong were talking in low voices, Shen Cangsheng cupped his hands and sent a smile towards Gu Tianyan, before saying, "A victory gained by the other's throwing is something that I also cannot stand to see. How should the later fight be fought?"

"Undeniably, you are the current 1st Rank on the Heavenly Rankings. Your courage isn't small." replied Gu Tianyan with a smile, while his scarlet hair appeared to be like burning flames. It could be seen that he treats Shen Cangsheng with extreme regard. The latter's strength was something that even made him feel dread. This made him unable to help secretly sighing in exclamation. This batch of students in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy this time seemed more formidable than theirs.

Lin Zheng made a gesture with his hands, before standing up and saying, "We've already waited here for so long. Shen Cangsheng, you three should already come up. Only by passing through us will all the students that have participated in the hunt be able to obtain the Spiritual Light Empowerment, if not…"

Before completing his words, the intent within was something everyone understood. In the next instant, Shen Cangsheng tightly clenched his fist as anticipation and nervousness erupted within his eyes.

"I invite Senior Brother Lin Zheng to bestow his guidance."

Shen Cangsheng spoke out with a large laugh, with the laughing voice filled with a powerful and free intent that showed his disdain. Clenching his palm, golden light condensed, transforming into a golden-coloured divine spear. The tip of the spear was akin to a folded lotus. Golden light circulated and radiated from it, showing off its boundless Spiritual Energy that was contained within.

Shen Cangsheng gripped the golden spear in his hands. With a move of his body, he appeared on the giant peak that Lin Zheng was on. Heavily impaling his golden spear onto the ground, a shock wave swept out, causing the surface of the summit of the mountain peak to be instantly swept clean.

The moment Shen Cangsheng moved out, he had intercepted the strongest of the three Great Generals, Lin Zheng. This did not exceed the expectations of the crowd. Being the previous 1st Rank of the Heavenly Rankings, only the current 1st Rank of the Heavenly Ranking could contend with him.

Upon seeing this, Li Xuantong patted Mu Chen's shoulders. In the next instant, his body moved, and appeared on the giant peak Zhou Qingshan was on. Cupping his hands and sending his greetings, he said, "Senior Brother Zhou Qingshan, this time, let me be your opponent. The Undefeatable Divine Art is something that I've also wanted to ask guidance from."

Zhou Qingshan continued to maintain his gentleness and gave a smile. Without saying any words, he only nodded his head. His hands faintly hung down from his body, while a warm and affable expression appeared on his handsome face.

Following the successive movements of Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong, all of the gazes in the stretch of the world instantly shot towards Mu Chen, who was still standing in the air. At this moment, faint startlement and surprise appeared within the eyes of Lin Zheng, Zhou Qingshan and Gu Tianyan.

"Don't tell me that you're letting him come up for the third slot?"

Gu Tianyan said while faintly wrinkling his forehead. Looking at Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong in the distance, he asked, "Your batch of students should not be weak to such an extent, right? Can a Heavenly Transformation Initial Stage be a representation of your strongest?"

He did not mean to look down on Mu Chen, but this was just an elaboration of the facts. After all, a youth at the Heavenly Transformation Stage Initial Phase had appeared here, and this was not something that was rational.

"Senior Gu Tianyan, he'll show you something unexpected." facing Gu Tianyan's doubts, Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong simultaneously smiled, by chance, before replying to him.

"Oh, really? That truly makes me want to see it." Gu Tianyan said while raising his eyebrows. He was, similarly, not an idiot. Since even Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong had spoken out, that meant to say that the Heavenly Transformation Stage Initial Phase youth in front of him should have some methods of his own. If not, those two would definitely not let the latter carry such an important burden.

Facing the doubtful gaze of Gu Tianyan, Mu Chen took a deep breath. The expression within his eyes gradually turned dignified and grave as his body slowly fluttered towards the giant peak the former was at.

Regardless of the surroundings at Spiritual Light Mountain or the northern public square, both had quietened down at this instant. Countless gazes anxiously stared at Mu Chen. Of the three fights, the one he would be in would be the most unbalanced.

Disregarding the gazes that hid the sky and covered the earth, Mu Chen tightly stared at Gu Tianyan. Slowly cupping his hands, a low and deep voice that contained not a single trace of fear resounded across the sky.

"Senior Brother Gu, Freshmen Mu Chen of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy seeks your guidance!"

Chapter 325 – Battling Gu Tianyan

"Freshman Mu Chen…"

When Mu Chen's deep and calm voice rang across the majestic mountain peak, the expressions on Lin Zheng, Zhou Qingshan and Gu Tianyan's faces all froze as a peculiar shadow appeared within their eyes. They never imagined that the youth in front of them was just a Freshman.

However, it was such a Freshman that had finally distinguished himself above the rest in this hunt, and had even become the representation of the strongest within the students. This kind of matter made Gu Tianyan feel truly incredulous. While the three Great Generals were still students, Freshmen didn't even have the qualifications of participating in the hunts, even so much so as becoming the representation of strength…

"Your batch of students are also truly interesting."

Lin Zheng shook his head, before staring at Shen Cangsheng in front of him, whose imposing manner was astonishing, and wasn't the slightest bit weaker than himself. Speaking to him, Lin Zheng said, " However, I hope he's truly something, If not, we'll presume that your batch of students are truly not worthy of respect."

"Haha!" Gripping the golden-coloured spear in his hands, Shen Cangsheng laughed heroically, before replying, "Senior brother Lin Zheng, please feel relaxed. Our batch of students will definitely win, no matter what!"

"Oh, really?"

Lin Zheng said with a smile, before taking a step forward. Boundless Spiritual Energy instantly swept out, bringing a surging pressure with it. At this instant, the clouds lingering in the sky were immediately scattered by the pressure wave that was sweeping out.

Heavenly Completion Stage Middle Phase.

Lin Zheng did not have the slightest intent of restraint. Taking a step forward, he had completely revealed his full strength.

Feeling the strong Spiritual Energy pressure radiating out, the faces of the countless students in the surroundings of the Spiritual Light Mountain had faintly changed as they thought, This Senior Brother Lin Zheng is too strong. If he was placed among us students, the only person who could chat and laugh in front of him might only be Shen Cangsheng.

"Heavenly Completion Stage Middle Phase. Undeniably, you're the previous 1st Rank on the Heavenly Rankings." a ripple seemed to spread out from within Shen Cangsheng's eyes as a scorching intent slowly erupted from within. Grabbing his golden spear tightly, he furiously stomped his feet.


At that very instant, the earth seemed to intensely quake, as a similar boundless Spiritual Energy furiously swept out with Shen Cangsheng in the centre.

Golden-coloured Spiritual Energy illuminated the horizon, completely resisting the Spiritual Energy pressure radiating from within Lin Zheng's body.

Shen Cangsheng's strength had similarly reached Heavenly Completion Middle Stage, it was not the slightest bit weaker than Lin Zheng!

"He's too awesome!" countless students exclaimed excitedly in admiration, as unconcealable worship showed within their eyes. Although the two were of a similar level, Shen Cangsheng was, after all, younger than Lin Zheng. However, his power was not weaker than Lin Zheng. In the competition, it was clear that Shen Cangsheng had gotten the upper hand. If he were to reach the same age as Lin Zheng, he would definitely far exceed the current Lin Zheng.

The Overlord of the Heavenly Rankings sure deserved his title.

"No bad."

Facing the Shen Cangsheng in front of him, even Lin Zheng had faintly nodded his head in approval, with admiration even showing in his eyes. He had a lot of sentiment towards the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Being able to see his Junior Brothers exceeding him, other than sighing in lamentation, he felt exceedingly gratified.

As of now, Shen Cangsheng's strength was worthy to be treated seriously.

While Lin Zheng and Shen Cangsheng were locked in a confrontation, Li Xuantong and Zhou Qingshan had also exhibited their strongest might. The degree of Spiritual Energy of the two was slightly inferior than the former two; however, it had also reached the degree of Heavenly Completion Initial Stage, When the two boundless Spiritual Energies radiating from the latter two collided, peals of thunder seemed to form and ring out.

The opponents for these two fights were exceptionally similar to each other. Furthermore, all of them clearly possessed abundant combat experience. Added with their various skills and techniques, wanting to quickly find the victor was clearly not an easy matter.

Therefore, countless gazes started to turn and landed on the giant peak where the third fight was. Over there were the two people with the greatest disparity in strength. Of the three fights, it was clearly the place where the difference was easiest to determine

"Looks like you've become the most critical key."

Gu Tianyan retracted his gaze from the other two fights in the distance and looked towards Mu Chen. With his capabilities, he was naturally able to see that the people in the two fights were of similar strength. If they continued like that, the result would most likely be a draw. And if they were both to draw, their fight over here would be the critical point to determine victory or defeat.

If Mu Chen won, all of the students would able able to smoothly pass through this hunt. If he were to lose, the result would be self-evident that everyone would leave with empty hands.

Mu Chen pursed his lips as the expression in his eyes turned dignified; however, he did not reply to Gu Tianyan.

"Although your strength doesn't seem to be strong, your courage isn’t small. This placement isn't something that ordinary people would dare to accept." Gu Tianyan said indifferently. He was once a student, and had also participated in the hunts, and was even the strongest student representative in that batch. Therefore, he was very clear of how much pressure that place gave. With that kind of strength, Mu Chen was still able to stand up. This kind of pressure was exceptional.

It was this point that made Mu Chen feel rather pleasing to Gu Tianyan's eyes.

"Although this place is very stressful, someone has to stand up." Mu Chen replied in a soft voice.

Hearing his reply, Gu Tianyan nodded his head before retreating two steps. Inserting his hands into his sleeves, his fiery-red hair was blown by the mountain winds till they resembled flames fluttering and dancing. He slowly spoke out, " Looking at your courage, I'll let you make the first move."

After all, Gu Tianyan had arrogance in his blood, with his strength far outclassing Mu Chen. He was also older; therefore, he felt it was not worth his dignity to get the first attack off.

"Then, I'll thank Senior Brother Gu."

Mu Chen was not stupid to let go of this kind of opportunity. As of now, he was the inferior side. If he was unable to guarantee even this kind of opportunity, even Gu Tianyan might shake his head towards him.

An unreasonable person was not worthy of high regards to him.

Gu Tianyan faintly nodded his head. Obviously, Mu Chen's decisiveness made him feel rather satisfied. If he continued to force his way in a fight, that would simply be taking everyone's hard work and making a joke out of it.

Mu Chen took a deep breath, Without saying any more words, his body fluttered back as he retreated. In the next instant, he sat down high in the air, as his eyes slowly started to close.

Upon seeing this, Gu Tianyan was faintly startled, before a peculiar expression erupted from his eyes. This was due to him noticing Spiritual Seals starting to condense around Mu Chen's body.

"So he's a Spiritual Array Master…" Gu Tianyan understood in a flash, before an interested expression erupted from his eyes.

Mu Chen's mental state had already calmed down. He blocked all of the disturbances coming from the outside world as his mental state sunk down, trying hard to find the miraculous feeling he had felt when he touched the "Heart Eye" state.

Facing an opponent on the level as Gu Tianyan, he simply did not the slightest chance of winning, as he did not have the qualifications to drag the fight on. He had to use his genuine method the moment he took action; if not, he would not have the slightest chance of success.

Arranging a Rank 5 Spiritual Array was obviously one of the strongest methods Mu Chen had in his arsenal.

As of now, Mu Chen was a Rank 4 Spiritual Array Master. Wanting to successfully arrange a Rank 5 Spiritual Array, he had to rely on the "Heart Eye" state. However, as of now, Mu Chen simply had no guarantees in entering this state, and could occasionally touch it. Thus, the current him could only work hard in order to feel that miraculous feeling once again, and rely on it to enter the "Heart Eye" State.

Mu Chen had completely calmed down as Spiritual Seals continued to condense around his body. However, he did not have the intention of bringing this a step higher. This pace that was not hurried or rush continued to spread out.

Countless gazes were already converged on Mu Chen's body. Even on the northern public square, everyone had trained their eyes tightly onto him. All of them wanted to know exactly what Mu Chen wanted to use to contend against Gu Tianyan, whose strength was at the Heavenly Completion Stage Initial Phase.

On the podium in the northern public square, a few elders started to narrow their eyes as they looked at the gigantic light screen in the sky that was showing the fights of the Heavenly Completion Stages. This was already enough to spark interest in them.


The eyes of Dean Tai Cang, which were as deep as the starry sky, suddenly had faint fluctuations as he looked with some astonishment at the figure of Mu Chen in the light screen. Beside him, a number of white-haired Elders started to make startled noises.

"These fluctuations…" the eyes of a white-haired Elder lit up a bit, before saying with a gentle smile, " Interesting. This Mu Chen seems to have a high talent in his training in Spiritual Arrays. He's actually able to reach the initial contact with the Heart Eye State. Not simple…"

As the voice of the white-haired Elder rang out, on the giant peak, the Spiritual Energy fluctuations around Mu Chen's body suddenly erupted out. The Spiritual Seals that were already formed shattered in an instant, before condensing again at an astonishing speed.

The number of Spiritual Seals had also explosively increased multiple times. In a short span of a number of breaths, it had exceeded over two hundred!

"Rank 5 Spiritual Array?" countless people involuntarily cried out in shock. Only when arranging a Rank 5 Spiritual Array would one need so many Spiritual Seals.

The expression on Gu Tianyan's face changed as he stared, with some astonishment, at Mu Chen. He never thought that the latter would actually be able to arrange a Rank 5 Spiritual Array. He thought, This Mu Chen truly has some capabilities. No wonder why he would be able to allocated the third strongest representative spot.


Around Mu Chen's body, hundreds of Spiritual Seals rushed towards the sky, before rapidly assimilating into the air. Instantly, the Spiritual Energy of the world erupted out. As Spiritual Energy swept out like gales, they took a form across the horizon.

Incomparably complicated rays of Spiritual Energy rapidly formed an outline. In the next moment, they had formed an incomparably large Spiritual Energy light array that was faintly discernable in the sky, while tyrannical Spiritual Energy fluctuations gushed out.

As the light array enveloped the horizon akin to two black lotuses, it slowly revolved, radiating with astonishing pressure.

At this moment, Mu Chen opened his eyes and looked at the formed Spiritual Array, before deeply exhaling in relief. Although the time he took was somewhat long, he was fortunately able to successfully arrange it.

"Not bad. Never would've imagined that you're capable of arranging a Rank 5 Spiritual Array…"

At this time, Gu Tianyan had slowly spoke. Raising his head to look at the incomparably large Spiritual Array, he faintly smiled while saying, "So, this is your method?"

Upon hearing his words, Mu Chen gave a faint smile. With a clench of his palm, a metallic ball, covered in rust spots, appeared in a flash. With a flick of his finger, the metallic ball shot out. Rays of Spiritual Energy that hid the skies and covered the earth erupted out. Under the shocked gazes of countless people, it rapidly took shape.

The Spiritual Energy fluctuations coming from it were not any weaker than the Rank 5 Spiritual Array that Mu Chen had just successfully arranged!

That means that this Spiritual Array was a Rank 5 Spiritual Array!

Mu Chen had, unexpectedly, thrown out two Rank 5 Spiritual Arrays at once!

As Gu Tianyan gazed at the gigantic objects in the sky, the tranquil expression on his face finally started to become grave, bit by bit.

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