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Chapter 317 – Spiritual Light Mountain

As time continued to pass till this point, the atmosphere of the hunting grounds had already completely erupted. Countless students went hunting berserkly for gathering points, while those that had some harvest would hurriedly rush to the deepest part of the hunting grounds. Everyone was very clear that regardless of how much they did their utmost in here, if they were unable to clear the final pass, their earlier hard work would be all for naught.
It was said that the final protectors were the three Great Generals of the Punishment Hall. They were the most influential people in the apex of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. At that time, Shen Cangsheng, and Li Xuantong were perhaps similar to Mu Chen back then when they were just freshmens, staring at the back of those peak existences.

The hunts in the past only had one protector; however, this year, the difficult had increased. Facing the obstruction by the three Great Generals, even if Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong were to collaborate, it would still be a hard thing for them to fight their way through.

This point was the worry within the hearts of many people. However, having reached such a point, there was absolutely no point in thinking and worrying at random about this. Everything had to depend on the start of that large battle before it could be reconsidered.

Mu Chen and the rest proceeded to head towards the depths of the hunting grounds. On the way, they did not stop once, even if they were to pass by any gathering points. They had already harvested to their maximum limit, and normal gathering points were already not enough to spark the slightest bit of interest.

Using their full-speed, they had already entered the depths of the hunting grounds after a day. As they entered this region, they were able to sense the fiery atmosphere that was only present there.

Whooshing sounds seemed to endlessly ring across the sky as everyone headed towards the same direction at full speed.

On the top of a lone peak, Mu Chen looked at the figures that blotted the skies, before narrowing his eyes while turning towards the deeper depths. A faint cold glint started to circulate within those pair of black pupils.

Along the way, the news that they had gathered grew more and more. Now, he had also started to understand why He Yao wanted to take action against Su Xuan. She had a gentle temperament, and did not have a particular love for combat. Although she was ranked 3rd on the Heavenly Rankings, she did not pay special attention to it. If any possessed ample strength and wanted to take it from her, she might've even taken the initiative to hand it over.

Therefore, He Yao sending out the challenge was clearly not because he was eyeing the 3rd rank on the Heavenly Rankings that Su Xuan held.

He wanted to rely on this action to force Mu Chen, who had disappeared for a day, out. The driving force for this was sufficient, as Mu Chen had destroyed the main headquarters of the Demon Gate, which caused He Yao to lose face. Added with the fact that Mu Chen had a Spirit King's Spirit Crystal with him now, these were already ample reasons for the former to take action.

"So, he did all of this to deal with me." Mu Chen said with a faint smile.

"That He Yao wants to challenge Senior Sister Su Xuan at the bottom of the Spiritual Light Mountain. I think that he did this to lure you out." Luo Li said in a soft voice, before continuing, "Looks like he's very worried that you'll find a place to arrange a large quantity of Spiritual Arrays for him to fall into."

Mu Chen nodded his head in approval. This He Yao truly was discreet, and was afraid of Mu Chen having plans against him while hiding this intent. Therefore, he was willing to take the initiative as an advantage instead of allowing the latter to secretly arrange Spiritual Arrays to deal with him. Using Su Xuan as bait, he wanted to force Mu Chen out. This way, Mu Chen would not be able to arrange his Spiritual Arrays beforehand.

"That fellow truly is deceitful." Wang Tong said with a grin. They had all faintly heard of the grudges between Mu Chen and He Yao, thus were slightly worried as he asked, "Do you want us three to scout the Spiritual Light Mountain first? As for Su Xuan, this is still in the Spiritual Light World; at most, she would suffer serious injuries and leave the hunt. Her life won't be threatened."

Hearing that, Mu Chen shook his head. Looking at the direction of the Spiritual Light Mountain, he replied, "There's no need. That's the end point. He Yao would wait for me there. Thus, the fight between him and me would be unavoidable."

Although he knew that He Yao was always concealing and suppressing his strength, Mu Chen had, similarly, increased his strength by quite a lot since the day of the confrontation at the Demon Gate's Main Headquarters. If He Yao wanted to suppress him, it might not be an easy task to accomplish.

"Let's go."

Without saying anything more, with a wave of his palm, Mu Chen took the lead and sped onwards, with Luo Li and the rest immediately following behind.

As Mu Chen and the group hurriedly rushed over, the depths of the hunting grounds were already filled with a vast crowd. Presently, there was a gigantic mountain, approximately 33 thousand metres tall whose peak rushed towards the heavens, rising straight into the clouds. Its peak was surrounded by a cloudy layer, causing people to be unable to view the scene present there.

This mountain, was Spiritual Light Mountain.

At the peak of this mountain, the three Great Generals of the Punishment Hall were holding guard.

At its base was an extremely spacious platform, which was now packed full with a sea of people. If one were to look across, one would be unable to see the end. Innumerable clamouring noises converged together, with even the cloudy layers in the horizon being seemingly scattered by it.

As of now, within the centre of the Spiritual Light platform was a gigantic stone platform standing erect. It was devoid of people, create an obvious contrast compared to the surrounding sea of people.

Everyone's gazes were seemingly converged on the top of the empty stone platform. On it sat two figures, a female and a male. The male had a head full of long green hair, with an alluring face. The female, wearing a white dress, had a beautiful face that appeared gentle and heart-moving.

These two were influential figures at the peak of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. With such a confrontation, it had naturally caused an abnormal amount of attention.

"He Yao, you've already waited for a day. Are you still not going to take action?" On the platform, Su Xuan spoke out while faintly wrinkling her slim eyebrows. Her eyes were filled with some chilliness as she stared at the green-haired figure in the distance. As her indifferent voice rang out, it carried a tinge of mockery. Being intelligent, she naturally understood the reason why He Yao had sought her.

He Yao gave a faint smile as he replied, "Su Xuan. You've protected that brat from the start to the end. As of now, when you're in trouble, he hides and doesn't dare to show himself. Looks like your eyesight isn't that good."

Su Xuan raised her long and beautiful pupils, the mockery in her eyes increased as she said, "He Yao, there's no need to proclaim so pompously. You're using me to force Mu Chen to appear. Aren't you just scared that he'll arrange some Spiritual Arrays beforehand to deal with you?"

A cold glint flashed past He Yao's face as he replied indifferently, 'You're looking too highly on him. When he appears, I'll naturally make you understand that the headquarters of my Demon's Gate isn't something that can be sliced apart by a waste like him."

"He's able to kill a Spirit King. Can you?" A disdainful arc appeared on Su Xuan's lips as she mocked him.

Hearing her mockery, He Yao tightly clenched his fists. However, his face still remained indifferent as he replied. "That was only just a newly-born Spirit King. He had only managed to get lucky. That isn't something worth mentioning."

The two people stared at each other on the platform; however, He Yao still had no intention to take action. This made the countless people who had cast their gazes over to feel speechless. However, they were faintly able to discern, and were also able to understand, the motive of the latter. No wonder, this fellow's goal wasn't Su Xuan, but Mu Chen…

If it wasn't for that shocking news about the Spirit King being killed, there might be people who would not understand why He Yao placed Mu Chen as his ultimate goal. However, now they no longer had such thoughts.

As of now, Mu Chen's fame within the hunting grounds might've been even more than He Yao's. This was due to him being the only person to ever kill a Spirit King in the past few years.

On the side of the stone platform, Su Ling'er watched the two people on the stone platform with concern. Beside her, Lin Qing and Guo Xiang were also resting their gazes on the stone platform.

"That fellow wants to force Mu Chen out, before snatching the Spiritual King's Spiritual Light from him." Guo Xiong said in a low voice.

"What should we do?" Upon hearing this, Su Ling'er instantly became slightly anxious. Previously, she had heard her elder sister say that the current He Yao was exceedingly strong, and even she wasn't his opponent. If Mu Chen was truly forced out, wouldn't that be unfortunate?

"We can only wait and see." Lin Qing and Guo Xiong both helplessly sighed. As of now, they did not have any other methods to deal with this situation.

Su Ling'er stomped her little feet and bit her lip as she stared at He Yao on the platform. For the first time, she felt that that fellow made her feel unexpectedly disgusted.

While everyone's gazes were converged on the Spiritual Light platform, on the cloud covered Spiritual Light Mountain, two figures had their hands crossed behind their backs as they stood under the giant trees that shot through the clouds. Their eyes pierced through the lingering clouds toward the sea of humans at the base of the mountain.

"He Yao's strength has greatly increased. Su Xuan isn't his opponent." said Li Xuantong indifferently as he stared at a figure on the Spiritual Light platform, before continuing, "I don't know whether Mu Chen will appear, since He Yao seems to be aiming directly for him."

Hearing this, Shen Cangsheng smiled. Raising his head, he looked towards the summit of the mountain peak. Curling his lips slightly, he said, " Those three fellows are really strong. It seems slightly impossible for only the two of us to deal with the three of them."

"The three Great Generals. Their boss should be Senior Lin Zheng. I can deal with him; however, it would only end in a draw." said Shen Cangsheng with a slightly regretful tone as he shrugged his shoulders.

Upon hearing this, Li Xuantong's eyes faintly contracted before shooting a look at Shen Cangsheng. This fellow can actually fight evenly with Senior Lin Zheng? He's the strongest person amongst the three Great Generals, and was the previous #1 on the Heavenly Rankings!

"I can also deal with one. Although a victory would be hard to say, I'll not lose." he said slowly.

"That means that we're short one person." said Shen Cangsheng as he wrinkled his brows, before continuing, "Even if we were to have three draws, it would be considered our win. However, it’s difficult to find another capable person again. This He Yao doesn't make the cut."

"There are still two people to choose from." Looking at the distance, Li Xuantong said slowly, "Mu Chen and Luo Li. However, in this kind of matter, there clearly needs to be a man to stand up and handle it."

"Mu Chen…"

Shen Cangsheng rubbed his chin and looked towards the the stone platform at the base of the mountain, before saying, "That will depend on whether or not he shows up. If he's able to defeat He Yao, the third slot will be his. I think by then, no other student will oppose that."

"However, if he loses to He Yao, then there's no other way, and the place can only be given to He Yao to try."

Li Xuantong faintly nodded his head in approval. This decision determined the interests of all the students. Therefore, even though he didn't like He Yao, if Mu Chen lost to him, the third slot would be given to the former.

Suddenly, he raised his head to look at the distance. Narrowing his eyes slightly, he said in a soft voice, "He's here."

Shen Cangsheng smiled and similarly nodded his head. Shooting his vision brimming with interest at the distance, he stared at the number of streaks of light sweeping over, before muttering, "Next up, we'll have to see, between him and He Yao, who exactly would be the one to earn the qualifications of the third slot…"

Chapter 318 – The Third Spot

At the bottom of the Spiritual Light Mountain, the clamoring of passionate voices rushed through the clouds were ringing clearly in a 100 kilometre radius.

Everyone's gazes converged on the figures of the two on the stone platform. Being the 3rd and 4th rank in the Heavenly Rankings, they could be considered influential people at the apex within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Facing such veteran experts, even the hordes of dark horses that had erupted in the hunting grounds would be unable to easily shake their status.

Thus, their confrontation was, obviously, a matter that would make people's blood boil exceedingly hot.

Under the attentive gazes from the crowd, Su Xuan suddenly stood up, her slender and fully alluring body created miraculous and bewitching curves. Her eyes were filled with chilling intent as she stared at He Yao. An arc started to raise from the corner of her mouth as she said, "He Yao, although your plan is not bad, I won't let you achieve your goal that easily."

"What can you do about it? Don't tell me that you want to defeat me?" asked He Yao with a cold smile.

"I'm clear about Mu Chen's character. Since you've arranged this match, he'll definitely come. Since that's the case, I'll just have you waste some Spiritual Energy." With a clench of her jade-like hand, a unadorned smooth and round jade pearl appeared in a flash, as the sounds of waves started to ripple out.

"I truly am unable to defeat you. However, making you waste energy isn't anything difficult!"

He Yao looked at Su Xuan, whose beautiful face was now frosty while strong Spiritual Energy erupted out from her body. His face started to turn slightly ugly, as he clearly never imagined that Su Xuan would do such an unexpectedly thing.

For the sake of letting Mu Chen obtain some advantage, she was willing to personally take action to waste his strength!

"I warned you!"

He Yao's eyes turned dark as he stood up. Slowly clenching his fists tightly, the expression on his face brought a chill to people's hearts when they saw it.

"You think too highly of that brat. Regardless of what you do for him, within my eyes, he's just a clown jumping on the bridge!" He Yao said with a dense chilling smile. In the next instant, he suddenly took a step forward, and boundless Spiritual Energy, akin to the sea, rushed through the sky. The jade-green Spiritual Energy had seemingly concealed the sky. Under the envelope of this frightening Spiritual Energy, the faces of countless people in the vicinity had intense changes.

"This Spiritual Energy pressure…"

"Did He Yao break through to Heavenly Completion Stage?!"

Startled voices escaped from the mouths of students as the faces of a few outstanding ones had deep shades of graveness, while looking at He Yao's figure, and were being overwhelmed with shock. This degree of Spiritual Energy pressure was absolutely not something that a Heavenly Transformation could possess.

At the edge of the stone platform, Su Ling’er's beautiful face turned slightly pale as she clenched her little hands tightly. No wonder why Elder Sis said that she wasn't He Yao's opponent! She had already discovered it that He Yao's strength had already reached such a degree!

Li Qing and Guo Xiong's faces turned extremely ugly as they thought, This He Yao had concealed this too deeply.

Su Xuan's beautiful eyes stared tightly at He Yao, whose imposing aura had blotted the sky. Her jade-like hand gripped the jade pearl that was sparkling with bright brilliance as she said slowly, "After concealing it for so long, you're still only half a step into Heavenly Completion. Just based on this, I'm afraid that you're unable to compare with Li Xuantong."

"You still dare act tough?!"

As a cold glint flashed within his eyes, He Yao sent a large palm patting out. The Spiritual Energy of the world started to turn tumultuous, before a jade-green streak of light, approximately 300 metres wide, violent smashed down onto Su Xuan without the slightest trace of mercy.


With her jade-like hand elevated, an azure water wave swept out from within the jade pearl in her hand, before transforming into a whirlpool that surrounded her.


The earth shook as the the water tide that blotted the sky was dispersed by the pat. Su Xuan's beautiful face turned slightly pale as she hurriedly retreated a number of steps. The gigantic whirlpool that surrounded her had been completely dissipated by the palm in an instant. As of now, her strength was at the peak of Heavenly Transformation Late Stage. This realm looked extremely close to He Yao's; however, there was quite a bit of disparity between the two.

"Let's see how many attacks you can receive from me!" roared He Yao as he took a step forward. With the intent of not showing the slightest trace of mercy, he sent another palm patting out. Boundless Spiritual Energy transformed into a giant Spiritual Energy palm before heavily patting down.

The jade pearl in Su Xuan's hand blossomed with dazzling brilliance as wave after wave of water erupted out. Akin to a waterfall, they enveloped her within.


The giant Spiritual Energy palm patted on the water barrier, causing ripples to instantly form and extend out. Although the water barrier did not dissipate, it started to gradually turn smaller.

Su Xuan's strength was, after all, weaker than He Yao's. If not for the "Dense Water Spiritual Pearl" in her hand, she might've been unable to continue resisting He Yao's merciless attack.

However, if this continued, being defeated was only a matter of time.

Within the water barrier, Su Xuan bit her lip tightly. Pouring the last of her Spiritual Energy within the "Dense Water Spiritual Pearl", she tried to maintain the water barrier to the longest amount of time possible.

Humm. Humm.

As the water barrier shook, the ripples became increasingly intermittent, and from the looks of it, it was about to break and shatter. Upon seeing this, Su Ling’er's eyes started to turn slightly red, and her lovable face was filled with anxiousness.


However, the instant when the water barrier was about to crack and and shatter, a Spiritual Energy ray shot over at lightning speed from a far distance. It violently smashed against the giant Spiritual Palm that was pressing down on the water barrier, shattering it in the process.

"He Yao, you're truly getting more and more incorrigible. The 4th rank of the Heavenly Rankings can be considered soiled by you."

During the time when the Spiritual Energy ray had suddenly swept out, a mockingly cold voice rumbled, becoming akin to thunder as it resounded out, as it rang across the entire region.

Everyone violently raised their heads, only to see a number of figures shoot over from the horizon from far away. After a few breaths, they appeared in the sky above everyone, with the leader, impressively, being Mu Chen!

"Mu Chen! He has arrived!"

"So he's the Mu Chen that killed the Spirit King?"

"Look's like there will be an interesting show to watch."

Following Mu Chen's arrival, the atmosphere within the area instantly flared up as the gazes of countless people turned fiery. As matters stand, Mu Chen had already become the most dazzling dark horse in this hunt, while He Yao was a veteran influential figure. All of them wondered, In the great fight where the new replaces the old that is about to erupt, how intense will it be?

"Mu Chen, so you've finally dared to show yourself?!" roared He Yao with a cold voice as he stared sinisterly at the youthful figure in the sky that made him feel exceedingly disgusted.

"Haha. I never thought that you'd dread me so much that you'd actually use this kind of method to make me rush here." replied Mu Chen with a faint smile, within his laughing voice, there were hints of unconcealable ridicule.

He Yao stared at Mu Chen. However, the awe-inspiring attitude shown on his face started to gradually turn indifferent. With an indifferent smile, he said, "You're indeed overestimating yourself. However, that's alright. Since you've came, that saves me some trouble. Hand the Spirit Crystal of the Spirit King over to me and scram out of the Spiritual Light World. If you do that, I'll overlook the matter of you destroying the headquarters of my Demon's Gate."

Upon hearing that, Mu Chen started to laugh. With the clench of his fist, the clear,sparkling Spirit Crystal appeared within his hand, its dazzling brilliance was akin to a clump of scorching suns.

As the Spirit Crystal floated within his palm, a mocking arc slowly appeared at the corner of his mouth as he said, "The Spirit Crystal truly is in my hands. However, hand it to you? Who are you considered to be?"

The clamoring noises ringing within this stretch of world had seemingly turned silent at this instant, as countless students were twitched their lips. They never imagined that Mu Chen would be impolite to that extent and completely not give the slightest bit of face towards He Yao.

Hearing Mu Chen's reply, He Yao did not say anything more, and only proceeded to stare at Mu Chen with a gaze that seemed like he wanted to devour the latter.

"When the time comes where I'm stepping on you, I hope that you're able to say those words."

As He Yao's cloudy and sinister voice slowly fluttered out, his fist suddenly clenched tightly. Boundless Spiritual Energy rushed towards the sky, as its jade-green colour filled the horizon, while frightening Spiritual Energy pressure started to pervade out.

He was already unable to endure himself from violently crushing Mu Chen beneath his feet!

Mu Chen's gaze had also started to turn cold and dark as he gestured gently towards Luo Li and the rest with his hands. Upon seeing that, all of them retreated back. Although they knew that He Yao was extremely strong, they were similarly confident when it came to Mu Chen.

Su Xuan had also retreated off the stone platform, and was hurriedly supported by Su Ling’er, who looked towards the two people on the stone platform with some anxiousness. Speaking out, she asked, " Elder Sister, do you think that Mu Chen can really deal with He Yao?"

As of now, He Yao's strength had clearly increased by a great amount, with even Su Xuan being unable to deal with him. Although Mu Chen cannot be judged by the strength shown on the outside, Su Ling’er still felt uneasy and worried.

Previously, at the Demon's Gate Headquarters, Mu Chen was only able to escape with his body intact and in good health due to ample preparation, added with the fact that He Yao did not want to reveal his strength. However, as of now, He Yao had obviously not allowed this apprehension happen again.

"Don't you understand enough of Mu Chen's character?"

Su Xuan said with a gentle smile. Looking at the youthful figure in the sky with her beautiful eyes, she continued speaking, "Since he had appeared here, it would not be that easy for He Yao to defeat him."

When Mu Chen was only at the Heavenly Fusion Stage, he was already able to kill that Bai Xuan, who was at the Heavenly Transformation Stage Late Phase. In addition, the former had already stepped into the Heavenly Transformation Stage, as of now.

Upon hearing this, Su Ling’er felt slightly less worried as she raised her head to look at the sky. The hostility and tension building up before the start of the great fight had caused people to be unable to catch their breaths.


However, just as this kind of hostile and tense atmosphere was about to reach its peak, two rays of light suddenly shot over from the bright and resplendent Spiritual Light Mountain, before appearing on the air above the stone platform.

"It's Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong!"

When the two figures appeared, the atmosphere at this stretch of the world instantly flared up, as each of the gazes looking at them was brimming with excitement and worship.

Within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, only these two people were undeniably the influential figures at the apex in their hearts!

"Haha! It truly is lively here."

Shen Cangsheng exclaimed as he stood in the air, while his long hair scattered around him. He had a firm and unswerving face, with slightly coarse eyebrows. A disdainful aura radiated out of his body, and within its appearance, it was undeniably unable to make people feel the slightest bit of arrogance, as only he had such qualifications.

Contrary to him, Li Xuantong, who stood beside him, did not have much fluctuations on his handsome face. With his hands placed behind his back, he appeared exceedingly free and unaffected.

"You guys, continue fighting your battle."

Shen Cangsheng said as he gestured towards Mu Chen and He Yao with his hand, before turning to look at the crowd. Pointing towards the peak of the mountain, he said, " Everyone should know that the three Great Generals are waiting up there. Previously, I and Li Xuantong had already done an investigation. It very unfortunate; however, I have to inform everyone that the two of us are unable to deal with them."

Upon hearing that, the entire region instantaneously turned silent as countless people looked at one another as they thought, The three Great Generals are actually strong to such a degree? Such that even the the collaboration between Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong is still unable to defeat them?

If this was true, won't that mean that they would fail and return empty-handed from the hunt this time?

The hard effort they had put in for nearly half a month would all be wasted effort?

Upon hearing that, Mu Chen's brows also started to slightly wrinkle. He thought that if even Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong were unable to deal with the three Great Generals and were to be defeated, won't that mean that the Spirit King-grade Spirit Crystal in his hands would lose its usefulness?

"However, there's no need to feel too much despair. According to the rules this time, we are able to have three quotas to break through the last pass."

Shen Cangsheng said with a smile, before continuing his speech, "Which is to say, other than the two of us, there's one more quota. Naturally, this quota would be left for the strongest person amongst you all."

Speaking until here, his gaze fluttered towards Mu Chen and He Yao.

"Is there any benefit in obtaining this quota?" asked Mu Chen with a smile.

Shen Cangsheng pointed towards the sea of students below as he replied, "If you obtain this quota, the hopes of all the people here would be placed on you, as you will become the saviour in their hearts."

"If you're able to pass through the final pass with this hope, you're status within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy would not be lower than either of us."

Hearing the reply, Mu Chen hopeless shrugged his shoulder without showing any interest.

"In addition, according to the rules, if we're able to pass through the last pass, the three of us are be able to obtain a genuine Spirit King's Spirit Crystal. Remember, it’s a genuine one, not the Spirit King-grade Spirit Crystal that's just born, like the one you have."

"Furthermore, our Spiritual Light Empowerment would be at an even higher degree."

After he finished speaking, Shen Cangsheng rubbed his chin while looking teasingly at Mu Chen and He Yao. At this instant, the eyes of the both of them instantly became brilliant and dazzling.

"This third slot… is mine!" Taking a step out, He Yao stared chillingly at Mu Chen.

With a smile, Mu Chen replied slowly, " Scram."

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