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Chapter 310 – Seizing of the Spirit Crystal

What appeared before Mu Chen’s eyes was an extremely vast and spacious underground world. Within this underground world was innumerable clumps of light floating around. These clumps of light were extremely eye-piercing, while astonishing Spiritual Energy fluctuations radiated from them.

“These are all Spiritual Lights?”

Mu Chen looked at those thousands upon thousands of light clumps with shock in his eyes. From the Spiritual Energy contained within those light clumps, he could tell that those were Spiritual Lights of at least Spiritual General grade. As of now, this number of Spiritual Lights were actually converged at this place.

This scene was indeed extremely spectacular.

Mu Chen’s vision followed the bright and resplendent Spiritual Lights. Within the most central area of this under ground world, he saw the most eye-piercing light clump. It was gorgeous and magnificent, with a faintly discernable crystal that was approximately 3.3 metres tall floating within it.

This crystal was limpid and sparkling, and there seemed to be a thick fluid flowing within it. A bright and dim light glow, looking akin to a beating heart, seemingly possessed a mysterious life energy.

Following the brilliant sparkle of that crystal, countless strands of Spiritual Lights, with Spiritual Energy streaks of light, were pouring out before pouring into that 3.3 metre tall crystal like an endless stream. This caused it to grow all the more brighter.

Indescribable Spiritual Energy fluctuations were undulated, akin to waves, causing even Mu Chen’s heart to hurriedly throb and pulse.

“No wonder, the Spiritual Knights in this Extremely Dangerous region had all turned into these Spiritual Lights.”

Mu Chen finally understood in a flash as to why he wasn’t able to spot a single Spiritual Knight since he entered this gathering point. They had all been turned into Spiritual Lights. These Spiritual Lights were obviously providing Spiritual Energy for that crystal.

“Could it be that this place was created by the Spiritual King?” thought Mu Chen while feeling some shock. From the look of the situation underground, it clearly wasn’t man-made. That meant that it was created by the Spiritual King. He would have never thought that an existence without intelligence would actually be able to understand how to construct an underground world.

This might be due to their abilities; however, this was sufficient to explain the mystery contained within this stretch of the world.

‘No wonder why this Spiritual King’s strength isn’t particularly strong.’ thought Mu Chen as he looked with fiery eyes at the bright and resplendent crystal. ‘The Spiritual Energy within is surging to an astonishing degree.’

According to Mu Chen’s estimates, the scene before him might be for the sake of helping the Spiritual King cross over from its newly born and weak condition. Only when the Spiritual King absorbed this crystal that had absorbed the Spiritual Energy from so many Spiritual Knights would the big fellow out there truly become a Spiritual King.

A faint sparkle flashed within Mu Chen’s eyes, before he explosively shot out. Within a number of breaths, he had crossed over the numerous Spiritual Energies and got close to the bright and resplendent crystal. When nearing the crystal, he could see the crystal the movement of the thick spiritual liquid within. It seemed to form an illusionary shade that was faintly discernable, which looked incomparably mysterious.

Mu Chen did not immediately take action against the crystal. His gaze swept below him, where he discovered a purple clump of light closest to the position of the crystal. Within that clump of light, there was a purple Spirit Crystal; however, it was far from the previous crystal that would make people shocked. However, the Spiritual Energy fluctuations erupting from it was still much more tyrannical when compared to those Spiritual Lights that Mu Chen and the rest had seen before.

“This is a Heavenly Transformation Stage Late Phase Spiritual Knight.”

A pleasantly surprised expression flashed past Mu Chen’s eyes. Without a single bit of hesitation, a fist rumbled out as a violent Spiritual Energy impacted the purple clump of light. When the light clump shattered, the purple Spirit Crystal hidden within flew out, which was grabbed by Mu Chen.

As the purple Spirit Crystal landed in Mu Chen’s hand, it instantly radiated an extremely astonishingly pure Spiritual Energy. Mu Chen revolved his Spiritual Energy to absorb it, and he felt the consumed Spiritual Energy within his body starting to gradually restore.

“Truly worthy of being the Spiritual Light transformed from a Spiritual Knight at the Heavenly Transformation Stage!”

Mu Chen laughed loudly. Without any trace of courtesy, he took action. Within a short span of a number of breaths, he had shattered over ten purple light clumps, gathering the purple Spirit Crystals in his hands.

These ten purple Spirit Crystals would, at the minimum, be equivalent to thousands upon thousands of normal Spiritual Pawns.

Humm. Humm.

However, as Mu Chen snatched those ten purple Spirit Crystals into his hands, the gigantic magnificent Spirit Crystal seemed to have sensed something and instantly started to hum and shake. Spiritual Energy immediately gushed out of it, transforming into Spiritual Energy waves that violent swept towards Mu Chen.

“Spiritual Energy without a single trace of attacking attribute, and you still want to cause harm to me?”

Upon seeing this, Mu Chen gave a laugh as he waved his sleeve. Spiritual Energy burning with black flames erupted out, easily resisting against the incoming Spiritual Energy waves. In the next moment, he turned his fiery gaze towards the Spirit Crystal. That was the genuine treasure!

With a clench of his hand, a long sword, sparkling with brilliance, appeared in a flash. Deep black Spiritual Energy covered it, as black flames surrounded it. With a step, he shot out, and appeared in front of that Spirit Crystal. The Spiritual Energy within his body fully erupted out as a gigantic lustrous black sword of a hundred feet howled out from his sword edge, and furiously chopped down on the Spirit Crystal.


A metallic sound rang out as the crystal bits flew everywhere. Acute pain radiated from Mu Chen’s palm, as the web between his thumb and forefinger was torn. The hardness of this Spirit Crystal had exceeded his expectations.


However, his full-powered slash had some effect. A crack appeared at a corner of the Spirit Crystal, causing a Spirit Crystal fragment, approximately the size of a fist, to break off, which was grabbed by Mu Chen.

Upon grabbing it, Mu Chen felt his hand sink, as if he had just grabbed a heavy rock that weighed a ton.

Astonishment flashed within Mu Chen’s eyes. He knew that this was due to the condensation of Spiritual Energy to a terrifying stage that brought along this weight. Looks like the Spiritual Energy contained within this Spirit Crystal was too frightening.

However, this made the fire burning within Mu Chen’s eyes to grow all the more bigger. However, he did not know that on the instant he had chopped down on the Spirit Crystal, the Spiritual King that was tangled up by Xu Huang, Zhao Qingshan and the rest had suddenly raised its head and roared furiously towards the skies.


The roar transformed into a Spiritual Energy storm which swept across, shaking and sending the unprepared Xu Huang and the rest flying backwards.

Stabilising their bodies not far away, they looked with suspicion at the Spiritual King, which had suddenly gone crazy. At this time the latter, had not cared about them. With a tight clench of its gigantic fists, it carried along frightening Spiritual Energies as they violent smashed into the earth below it.


The stretch of earth shook, akin to an earthquake happening, as gigantic fissures started to extend from under the Spiritual King’s feet. In the next moment, it started to explosively rush into the ground beneath at an astonishing speed.

At this moment, Mu Chen, who was underground had also discovered it. The expression on his face changed. Without daring to continue his stay, his figure explosively retreated.


Giant stones suddenly descended as sunlight illuminated the underground world from the shattered earth. The place where Mu Chen previously stood was smashed through by a frightening power, leaving behind a bottomless black hole.

This was the all-out strike of the crazy Spiritual King, which was extremely terrifying.

“What is that?!”

As the underground world was revealed under the sunlight, it was immediately discovered by Xu Huang and the rest, who were floating in the sky, causing them to cry out in surprise. Dumbfoundedly, they stared at the innumerable Spiritual Lights that were sparkling with eye-piercing brilliance.

However, very quickly, their gazes congealed on that gigantic sparkling and transparent Spirit Crystal, which was radiating a terrifying Spiritual Energy. Their gazes immediately turned sluggish, as the Spiritual Energy present was enough to cause them to gulp their saliva down.

“There is someone down there!”

There were some people with sharp eyesight, as they managed to spot Mu Chen, who was preparing to quietly sneak away. Instantly, they cried out in shock.


Everyone’s gazes instantly turned over and stared stubbornly at Mu Chen’s figure. When they had identified the figure, all of their gazes turned slightly sluggish.

‘How can Mu Chen be there?’ thought Mu Fengyang as the corner of his mouth twitched. Hurriedly, he turned his head towards the gigantic hole. The black pagoda suddenly disappeared at this instant, revealing a bottomless hole beneath it.

Upon being spotted, Mu Chen no longer continued hiding. Shooting out of the hole, he sent a smile towards everyone while saying, “Just now, I was mysteriously smashed underground, and discovered a slightly strange thing.”

Everyone stared at him suspiciously, as they obviously did not trust him. However, this was not the time to argue about that with him, as everyone stared with fiery gazes at the innumerable eye-piercing Spiritual Lights below. There were so many there. If they were able to snatch some for themselves, it was already sufficient to be a rewarding journey.


However, just as their greed was growing increasingly stronger, the Spiritual King started to roar, opening its big mouth as it sucked in the air. Everyone saw the innumerable Spiritual Lights immediately converging together, before completely being devoured into the Spiritual King’s body.

At the same time, the massive Spirit Crystal had also flown up. Upon seeing this, Mu Chen’s eyes sparkled as he explosively shot forward. In the next instant, his palm patted on the Spirit Crystal. His palm did not shatter the crystal. However, a black flame quietly shot into it, while Mu Chen explosively retreated away.

As for the Spirit Crystal, it shot up and was devoured by the Spiritual King into its body.

After a short span of a number of breaths, the underground world had become devoid and empty.

Everyone became stunned and stupefied.

However, when Mu Chen saw this, his heart jumped crazily. That Spiritual King had completely absorbed everything below. Would that mean that it would cross over its newborn state? Once its power dramatically increased, with their lineup, would they be able to defend against it?

He raised his head as his scalp tingled, only to see the eye-piercingly bright Spiritual King, akin to a scorching sun. The brilliance coming from it caused several people to be unable to look directly at it. In addition, its already gigantic body started to expand once again.

A strong Spiritual Energy started to radiate out, as if its entire body had summoned a storm.

“Wang Tong, quickly! Let’s go!”

Mu Chen fiercely shouted out, instantly dropping his head and shooting explosively out.

Upon seeing the entire spectacle, Wang Tong and his two brothers faintly hesitated, before clenching their teeth, and closely followed Mu Chen. Luo Li, An Ran and the other girls, who were not far away, immediately shot over and followed closely behind them.

As for Zhao Qingshan, Xu Huang and the rest, they were somewhat unwilling, their faces fluctuating indeterminately.


Just as they were hesitating, the Spiritual King roared, creating a thousand foot wave of Spiritual Energy. It violently impacted their bodies, causing numerous figures to spurt a mouthful of blood out as their faces turned pale.

“Let’s go!”

The faces of Zhao Qingshan and their group finally had an intense change as they looked with some palpitation in their hearts at Spiritual King who had already expanded to over three hundred feet. Clenching their teeth, they explosively retreated away.

Everyone was now retreating in distress, not daring to have half an idea of fighting that Spiritual King.

As they retreated, the Spiritual King stopped expanding in size. It furiously roar as its eyes, brimming with brilliance, locked onto Mu Chen, who was shooting of into the distance.

It could discover that the missing piece of its Spirit Crystal was on his body. As long as it could obtain that Spirit Crystal, it would be able to completely cross over from its weakest, newly-born stage!


While furiously roaring, it shook the earth and mountains as it moved, crazily chasing after him.

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