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Chapter 308 – Encircling the Spiritual King

Due to Zhao Qingshan and Xu Huang saying they would join hands, the dozen groups quickly agreed on a common consensus, with each and every person nodding their heads in agreement to join hands.

Seeing this happen, Zhao Qingshan immediately gave a faint smile, before turning his vision toward Mu Chen and his group, who had yet to make a single sound. Smiling, he asked, "Mu Chen, how do you feel about this?"

Mu Chen smiled and replied indifferently, "It's enough if all the seniors have agreed on it. I'm just a freshman, and I'm not strong. It will be alright if I put in effort with everyone."

A few people shot a weird glance at Mu Chen. Although the current him had indeed the status of a freshman, his reputation within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was something that even some outstanding seniors could not compare to. Naturally, matching with his reputation and his fame was a strength of the same degree. Regardless of the three bouts with Li Xuantong or rumors about destroying the general headquarters of the Demon's Gate in front of He Yao, both were sufficient to prove the strength that he possessed.

"Haha, junior brother Mu Chen sure is modest." said Zhao Qingshan beamingly, as he continued, "Although it's said that this Spiritual King is a newborn; no matter what, it's still an existence at the Heavenly Completion Stage. Therefore, we need people who possess the strength that reaches or is comparable to a Heavenly Completion Stage to be able to stall him head-on. I believe that junior brother Mu Chen is able to attack it with us."

Mu Chen's eyebrows faintly twitched. This Zhao Qingshan is actually holding him with such high regards? From the looks of it, he wished to probe exactly how high his capabilities were.

"Hmph, although that fellow has some ability, wanting to compete with a Heavenly Completion Stage isn't that easy!" standing behind Xu Huang, Xu Qingqing snorted in a low voice. She recognized that Mu Chen was somewhat formidable; however, she did not believe that he possessed the strength that was comparable to people of Xu Huang's level.

That day, outside the Demon's Gate, only by relying on his prior preparation of many Spiritual Arrays and the various grudges and grievances with He Yao, he was able to get the upper hand.

Xu Huang's expression did not change as he said indifferently, "Don't underestimate him. This Mu Chen is getting harder and harder to see through. If he truly was to take action, even I don't have absolute faith in defeating him."

Xu Qingqing curled her lips, obviously not believing those words.

Mu Chen sent a smile towards Zhao Qingshan and did not continue speaking, only nodded his head to express his approval. There were quite a few people that had converged over here, and were obviously slightly vigilant against him too. If they were to show their strength while he hid at the back, he would obviously meet with the expulsion by everyone.

"An Ran, you girls take action and attack. Wang Tong and you two follow me and attack." said Mu Chen is a soft voice.

An Ran and the two girls obediently nodded their heads. With their Heavenly Fusion strength, they really were unable to intervene here.

"What about me?" inquired Luo Li.

Mu Chen faintly shook his head and replied, "All along, I've felt that this place is slightly strange. Since they did not take the initiative to say your name, you should preserve your strength as much as possible so that you can use it when an unforeseen event appears."

Luo Li nodded her small head.

"Everyone, prepare to take action. Let us test exactly how formidable this Spiritual King is together. If we are able to kill it, we'll be the first students that are able to kill a Spiritual King in so many years!" seeing everyone appearing to be eager to give it a try, a fire was lit within Zhao Qingshan's eyes as he roared in a deep voice.

"Yes, let's attack together!" replied everyone simultaneously with soaring fighting intent. In the next instant, over a hundred figures explosively shot forward as vigorous amounts of Spiritual Energy rushed towards the heavens.

This few people's strength appeared to be at the Heavenly Transformation stage. With such a lineup, they could be considered as extremely tyrannical.

As their Spiritual Energies rushed towards the heavens, the 300 metre tall giant-like gem-encrusted Spiritual King that was towering over the vast depths suddenly opened its eyes. There wasn't any emotional fluctuation within those eyes, only an eye-piercing Spiritual Light. It’s cold and empty gaze swept across, locking onto those numerous insignificant figures in the distance, which was akin to looking at ants.


When it had discovered those intruding ants, it faced the heavens and roared loudly without any sense of courtesy. The roar was akin to a thunderous boom, rumbling as it resounded. Spiritual Energy fluctuations that could be seen with the naked-eye engulfed the skies as the earth seemed to simultaneously start vibrating.

Sensing this terrifying Spiritual Energy shockwave, regardless of Xu Huang, Zhao Qingshan and the rest, all of their expressions slightly changed, as the expression within their eyes turned extremely grave. Regardless of how much of a numerically advantage they were in or that the Spiritual King was newly-born, it truly possessed the strength of a Heavenly Completion Stage.


However, those present here were, after all, rather outstanding students of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Although they were shocked by the imposing aura radiating from the Spiritual King, they still did not retreat. With a fierce roar, Xu Huang, Zhao Qingshan, Mu Fengyang and the rest of the Heavenly Transformation Late Stage students explosively shot forward. Completely circulating their boundless Spiritual Energies, they transformed into numerous streaks of light, rushing towards the giant-like Spiritual King in the distance at lightning speed.

Mu Chen had also followed closely behind, with the three Wang brothers also following closely with grave expressions on their faces. The massive crescent moon blades had already appeared in a flash within their hands.

Xu Huang, Zhao Qingshan and Mu Fengyang's speed were the fastest. Within a few breaths, they had appeared before the gigantic Spiritual King. Without any hesitation, the three of them explosively roared, releasing powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuations in an explosive manner.

"Desolate God's Blade!"

"Hurricane Sword Art!"

"Rushing Thunder Palm!"

Facing an existence that's at a level like the Spiritual King, Xu Huang and the other two were not stupid enough to show any mercy. Therefore, the first attack they sent out was a powerful one.

A three hundred metre-long giant blade was formed, and furiously chopped down.

The sword's glow, akin to a hurricane, screamed out, piercing straight at the Spiritual King's throat with incomparable swiftness and ferocity.

A gigantic Spiritual Energy palm print violently pressed on the Spiritual King's chest, carrying with it the power of crazy lightning.

Xu Huang and the other two were at the Heavenly Transformation Stage Late Phase. Furthermore, they were obviously the elites amongst them. When they launched their attacks with full power, the prestige and power of those attacks caused fear and apprehension amongst the people that were watching from behind.

Facing the tyrannical attacks, there was not a single fluctuation present in the indifferent eyes of the Spiritual King that sparkled with an eye-piercing glow. Facing the full-powered attacks from three great Heavenly Transformation Stages, it only took a step forward. Leaning its body forward, it suddenly opened its mouth and roared explosively!


The roar was akin to thunder as sound waves, visible to the naked eye, brought along earth-shattering Spiritual Energy storms that wreaked havoc along its path. The space was shaken till distortions started forming.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Regardless of the blade's glow, sword glints or the palm print, upon contact with the spiritual energy storm and the sound waves, they instantly shattered and exploded.

Xu Huang and the other two made a stifled snort as their bodies faintly trembled. The graveness within their eyes promptly grew deeper. The combined attacks of the three of them were unexpectedly broken by a single roar from the Spiritual King. The strength of a Heavenly Completion Stage was terrifying to that degree?


However, just as the attacks of Xu Huang and the other two were destroyed, a hundred figures rose up from behind them. Ferocious Spiritual Energy attacks akin to a storm fell in torrents, smashing against the Spiritual King's body.

Ding! Ding!

The Spiritual Energy attacks exploded on the Spiritual King's body. However, not a single tremor ran throughout its body. The crystal armor sparkled, completely absorbing all of those attacks.


The numerous Spiritual Energy attacks were annihilated. A glow flashed past the Spiritual King's eyes as it sent a palm rumbling out. Instantly shattering space, it furiously patted down on the bodies of numerous figures who were unable to evade in time with lightning speed.


Those figures shot out, landing at a faraway place. Turning deathly pale, they spurted a mouthful of fresh blood, their auras turning weak and faint. Ray after ray of light descended from the skies, enveloping them. As the rays of light disappeared, their figures had also vanished.

These people had been sent directly out of the Spiritual Light World due to serious injuries.

The scene that played before them caused quite a few people to feel goosebumps rise on their skin. Just a single palm was enough to make those unlucky fellows lose the qualifications to continue staying in the Spiritual Light World. This Spiritual King's attack, isn't it too frightening?

Mu Chen's eyes turned grave as he looked at the scene before him. Was this the exact strength of a Heavenly Completion Stage? As it was born not too long ago, the Spiritual King had not completely stabilized its power in the Heavenly Competition Stage. However, its strength was already at such a terrifying level.

"Dammit! This fellow's defensive strength is too strong! We simply can't hurt it!" exclaimed the three Wang brothers as their faces turned slightly pale. Their swift and fierce blade glints that they had utilized all of their strength to unleash on the Spiritual King's body only left white scars. There was not even the slightest trace of them causing any effective damage to it.

Mu Chen stared closely at the gigantic body of the Spiritual King. At this time, everyone had already gone all-out and executed their attacks. Streaks of Spiritual Energy bombarded the Spiritual King's body in endless streams.

However, facing their attacks, the Spiritual King never even flinched a bit. Yet, every time it launched it's attack, a gigantic palm print would shatter space apart, causing serious injuries to numerous figures as it patted down. Shrieking and screaming, they would be sent out of the Spiritual Light World.

Within a few short minutes, they had lost tens of people. This made everyone feel slight fear and trepidation and became all the more careful, fearing that they would be slapped out of the Spiritual Light World. If that happened, they would have to say a premature goodbye to this hunt.

Mu Chen floated in the sky, having yet to launch any attacks as he continued to stare at the Spiritual King. Following his observation, he discovered that every time an attack was about to land on the back of its head, it would raise and block it with his hand. As for the attacks that landed on its body, it seemed to not give a single hint of care.

Mu Chen eyes faintly narrowed as his vision shifted towards the head of the Spiritual King. Its head was also sparkling with eye-piercing light, and those hollow and indifferent eyes had not a trace of emotion within them, making people's hair stand.

As his vision moved higher, Mu Chen saw that the brightness at a position on his forehead that was clearly more eye-piercing by a bit. Faintly, there seemed to be a special fluctuation radiating out from there.

Mu Chen's eyes faintly narrowed. Waving his sleeve, a streak of Spiritual Energy burning with black flames explosively shot out, directly striking the eye piercing glow on the Spiritual King's forehead.


However, just as Mu Chen's streak of Spiritual Energy closed in, a glow flashed past the Spiritual King's eyes. A palm slapped out, smashing the streak of Spiritual Energy into bits.

Mu Chen's eyes sparkled.


The gigantic Spiritual King suddenly lowered its head and locked onto Mu Chen floating in the air. Clenching its large hand, a fist akin to a small mountain pounded towards Mu Chen, carrying along its frightening power.

The air was shattered by this fist, as the earth below it started to cave in.

"Careful!" Seeing this, the beautiful faces of An Ran and the girls standing not far instantly changed and hurriedly screamed out. Luo Li's pupils turned stiff as her jade-like hand gripped her sword sheath tightly.


Mu Chen looked towards the incoming fist that had the pressure akin to a mountain. A glow surfaced in front of his body, while a sound akin to a dragon's roar resounded out. Within the glow, a dragon's shade surfaced, having the appearance akin to flying into the skies.

The dragon shade unfurled as Mu Chen's figure mysteriously vanished from his original position. The incomparably violent fist had completely struck air.

Discovering the same thing, the gazes of Xu Huang, Zhao Qingshan and the rest faintly sparkled, before their eyes turned stiff. A shade surfaced on the gigantic arm of the Spiritual King, before shooting up the arm with an extremely astonishing speed.

"Such a fast speed!"

Their hearts faintly trembled. Mu Chen's speed was fast to the point that they could only see a blurry shade of him.


While their hearts were in shock, Mu Chen's figure had already appeared on the gigantic forehead of the Spiritual King in lightning speed. A fist rumbled out from him as a white tiger formed behind him. While roaring, it carried a murderous aura as it rumbled towards the Spiritual King's forehead.


The fist rumbled out solidly, as violent and explosive Spiritual Energy fluctuations erupted out of the Spiritual King's forehead. The gigantic figure that had not moved a single inch unexpectedly started to tremble at this instant, before its large feet retreated a number of steps. The entire earth quaked and the mountains shook as it trampled backwards.

Upon seeing Mu Chen's fist smashing back the Spiritual King, the pupils of Zhao Qingshan, and Xu Huang fiercely narrowed. A few people even sucked in a breath of cold air. The Spiritual King that they were unable to stir even after joining hands was actually forced to retreat by Mu Chen's fist?

This fellow, he was that tyrannical?

One gaze after another stared at the lanky figure in the air, eyes sparkling indefinitely.

Chapter 309 – Underground

Floating in midair, Mu Chen discovered those gazes aiming towards him, sparkling with suspicion. Unable to help it, he faintly curled his lips and said, "The weakness of this Spiritual King is clearly on its forehead. Your messy attacks, even if you attack it for a day, might not even be able to cause damage to it."

Only upon hearing this did everyone gawk, before hurriedly turning their vision towards the Spiritual King. At this time, the eye-piercing glow on the latter's forehead was somewhat restrained. Faintly, one could seemingly see that on the position of its forehead was a gemstone that seemed to be the approximate size of a human head. That gemstone was sparkling with an eye-piercing glow, while frightening Spiritual Energy fluctuations continuously radiated from within it.

Everyone stared at the eye-piercing gemstone before realising in a flash. So that was the weak spot of the Spiritual King. This was why Mu Chen's strike was able to force it back.

From Zhao Qingshan's and Mu Fengyang's faces, one could clearly notice that they had taken a slight breath of relief. If Mu Chen truly possessed the strength to force the Spiritual King back head-on, exactly how frightening was the strength he possessed?

If Mu Chen truly possessed such strength, who was able to snatch the Spiritual King Spiritual Light from him?


While they were in the process of realisation, the gigantic body of the Spiritual King started to erupt in a bright and resplendent glow once again. The attack it had received to the gemstone on its forehead had seeming enraged it. While it roared, a gigantic streak of Spiritual Energy descended from the skies, akin to a light beam, violently rumbling towards Mu Chen.


Having made ample preparation, Mu Chen immediately exhibited the [Soaring Dragon Technique]. As the dragon shade rolled and unfurled, his figure had already appeared a thousand metres behind the Spiritual King, evading the light beam.


The light beam descended on the ground, smashing the earth apart, creating a gigantic pit. Faintly, there seemed to be some sparkling light.

Mu Chen shot a look at the gigantic pit, while slightly gawking. However, before he could process it clearly, a gigantic shadow had already enveloped him. The Spiritual King's gigantic hand and already ferociously patted over.

Space exploded as Mu Chen hurriedly exhibited the [Dragon Soaring Art], evading the gigantic palm the moment it made contact with him.

Mu Chen showed himself again, a grave expression all over his face, as his heartbeat sped up by a bit. The attack if this Spiritual King was too terrifying. He should definitely not let it near him. If not, the injury he would receive would not be light.

"Attack the gemstone on its forehead together!"

Fortunately, the other people had sobered up at this moment. With explosive roars, they shot and flashed over. Swift and fierce attacks started to rumble and shoot towards the gemstone on the Spiritual King's forehead that was sparkling with eye-piercing brilliance one after another.

Facing the group of attacks heading towards its weak point, the Spiritual King did not directly receive the attacks this time. Raising its gigantic hands, it completely blocked the incoming attacks.

However, the combined attacks of everyone had some crafty ones mixed in. Even though the Spiritual King had tried to block, there were still numerous attacks that violently smashed against the gemstone. The gigantic body of the Spiritual King was, once again, forced back.

However, as its body retreated, it, once again, resisted the many incoming attacks and stood back at its original position.


Enormous Spiritual Energies gushed out from its palm in the form of light beams, smashing a few unfortunate fellows till they vomited blood and were shot away. Their auras were instantly depressing, before a ray of light descended from the sky, sending them away.

Facing this kind of loss, everyone only shot a glance before violently attacking with rapt attention again. Blade lights and sword glints blotted the skies, screaming as they violently chopped and hacked at the eye-piercing gemstone on the Spiritual King's forehead.

This Spiritual King had indeed only been born not that long ago. Although it still possessed quite terrifying strength, it appeared rather sluggish, as if it had not yet reached the degree of fullness and smoothness.

Due to this, Zhao Qingshan and the rest dared to focus their attention to its forehead. If the Spiritual King had passed through this newly-born phase, its strength would violently increase. At that time, even they might not be able to escape through the gap of its teeth.

Everyone continued in their assault. At the same time, their losses had also continued. The original number of hundreds had now been left with only half of that. The rest had already been sent out of the Spiritual Light World with a pat from the Spiritual King.

This level of loss could be called disastrous.

However, although their losses were disastrous, the Spiritual King was forced to consume quite a bit of its energy. Its attacks were already not as wild and violent as the initial ones, with it only focusing tenaciously to defend the gemstone on its forehead.

"Haha, everyone increase your power! This Spiritual King is indeed a newborn! Its strength isn't as powerful as we've imagined! As long as we can evade its attacks, it's all good!" Floating in midair, Mu Fengyang looked towards that Spiritual King, whose attacks were gradually weakening, before shouting out with a big chuckle.

Upon hearing this, a shock went through everyone's mind as they sped up their assault.

Mu Chen had also sent a streak of Spiritual Energy rumbling out. However, his eyes were continuously sparkling. This Spiritual King's strength was, indeed, not as strong as he had expected. Was it truly due to it being just born?

Mu Chen's vision swept past the place where the Spiritual King stood as his brows faintly wrinkled. There was a huge pit on the ground that was caused by its step. However, regardless of how everyone attacked, the Spiritual King did not even leave that boundary.

"Exactly what's up?" murmured Mu Chen as he stared at the patch of ground, frowning faintly.


While Mu Chen was muttering to himself, the Spiritual King extended his gigantic hand. Ten thousand rays of light erupted out, violently smashing straight at Mu Fengyang, who was trying to boost everyone's morale.

Seeing that the Spiritual King had locked onto him, the face of Mu Fengyang faintly changed. Just as he had evaded the rays of light, his eyes caught a glimpse of Mu Chen, who was not far behind him. At this moment, a faint flash sparkled within his eyes.


His body suddenly flew sideways, appeared coincidentally in front of Mu Chen. At the same time, the Spiritual King's gigantic hand had already ferociously covered over them, enveloping the two of them.

Under the envelope of its shadow, Mu Chen sobered up from his slightly absentminded state. After seeing what's in front of him, his expression immediately changed.


A smile with ill intent surfaced from the corner of Mu Fengyang's mouth. Spiritual Light erupted from his body, as a thick suit of deep yellow Spiritual armor appeared on his body, tightly enveloping him within it.

This Spiritual armor was obviously a pretty good defensive Spiritual Artifact.

"Bye-bye." A cold laugh rang out as the Spiritual Armor enveloped Mu Fengyang's body within it.

Mu Chen's eyes turned frosty as he thought, 'This fellow is actually trying to lure trouble to me.' He wanted to take advantage of the Spiritual King's strength to shove Mu Chen out of the Spiritual Light World. However, this Mu Fengyang was too naive. Did he think that by doing this, he would be able to bind Mu Chen's hands such that he would be unable to do anything about the incoming attack?

A black light gushed forth in front of Mu Chen's body as a black pagoda surfaced, before enveloping Mu Chen within it.

The Nine-layered Pagoda possessed extremely strong defensive capabilities, and was considered the strongest defense Mu Chen had. If its defensive capabilities were genuinely discussed, even Mu Fengyang's Spiritual Armor would be inferior to it.


As the Nine-layered Pagoda enveloped Mu Chen within it, the Spiritual King's gigantic palm had violently patted down. A metallic sound rang out, as the two of them were immediately patted into the ground, violently piercing through the earth. A deep and gigantic pit was formed from their impact.


In a sorrowful state, Mu Fengyang crawled out from the gigantic pit. Spitting out a mouthful of fresh blood, he lowered his head to look at the Spiritual armor on his body. There were some cracks on its surface. This filled his heart with pain. Turning his head, he proceeded to look at the deep pit not far from him. Dust and smoke had filled the air there. Under that sudden attack, it looked like that fellow had definitely suffered serious injuries.

"Let's see how you're gonna snatch the Spiritual Lights from us." sneered Mu Fengyang coldly. Suppressing the injuries within his body, he rushed towards the horizon once again.

The attack from the Spiritual King towards the two of them was seen by everyone. When Xu Huang and the rest saw only Mu Fengyang flying towards them, they felt slightly shocked. Looks like Mu Chen had suffered injuries that were not light this time.

The actions that Mu Fengyang made were ambiguous, and no one had imagined that he would actually lure trouble towards Mu Chen.

"Mu Chen!" the facial expression of the three Wang brothers changed. They proceeded to shoot a suspicious look at the innocent-looking Mu Fengyang. However, since they did not have any evidence, it would not be good to speak up now.

Everyone shook their heads in regret. However, the present situation did not allow for them to be distracted. Therefore, they had quickly refocused their minds on launching their assault on the gradually weakening Spiritual King.

" Mu Chen's been hit!" From a distance away, upon seeing this play out in front of their eyes, the beautiful faces of An Ran and the girls instantly changed.

Luo Li's brows faintly bunched up. Her pupils shot a cold look at the floating Mu Fengyang; however, she did not overly panic. Saying in a soft voice, " Relax, that Mu Fengyang had only received light injuries. Mu Chen isn't that frail."

Seeing that Luo Li had not a single trace of panic, An Ran and the girls were able to quickly calm down, before faintly nodding their heads.

As the crowd of people in the air continued to encircle and launch their assault on the Spiritual King, no one had yet discovered Mu Chen's figure appearing beside the black pagoda within the deep, dust-filled pit. He looked up towards the intense battle, before looking at the stretch of earth with sparkling eyes. Sending his fist rumbling out, he created another deep pit and jumped within it. Next, he proceeded to continue his onslaught towards the ground.

Very quickly, a deep hole was dug up by him. Mu Chen's figure vanished into the hole. As he vanished, the black pagoda started to revolve, covering the hole up. This way, even if the dust that filled the air had dissipated, no would would be able to discover Mu Chen's disappearance. They would only assume that he had hid within the black pagoda to recuperate.

Bang! Bang!

Underground, Mu Chen's body was covered with rippling black flames akin to armor as he continued to dig deeper into the ground. The thick earth and rocks were roasted and burnt away by the black flames.

From the start, he had already discovered that something was slightly not right about this gathering point. Those Spiritual Knights would not vanish for no apparent reason. Furthermore, that Spiritual King wasn't as strong as he had expected.

Regardless of how they attack, that Spiritual King would not leave a hundred feet from it’s location.

From the looks of it, it seemed that it was guarding over something.

Since there was nothing above the ground for it to defend, Mu Chen had decided to search below the ground.

With a low roar, Mu Chen revolved his Spiritual Energy, increasing the speed at which he penetrated the earth. After approximately a minute or so, something flashed past his mind. The ground below his hand, unexpectedly, disappeared as his figure dropped down.

Mu Chen hurriedly stabilised his figure. Spiritual Energy enveloped his body as he peered vigilantly at this subterranean space. As his vision looked over, the expression on his face started to freeze little by little.

"This is…"

Mu Chen took a deep breath of this subterranean air that was filled with the smell of the earth as thick shock and astonishment erupted forth from his heart.

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