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Chapter 303 – Divine Forging Stone

On the stone platform, the youth was still hurling saliva around as he presented the “Divine Forging Stone” within his hand. However, this item was comparatively too poor when compared to everything else that he had auctioned. Therefore, there were a lot of people who held suspicions in their hearts, and there was not a single person that showed much interest in it.

“What exactly is this item going for?”

While the youth was feeling somewhat crestfallen, someone finally casually asked. This caused a tremor within his mind as he replied, “It’s priced at 5,000 strands of Spiritual Pawn Spiritual Lights or 20 strands of Spirit Knight Spiritual Lights.”

Instantly, the surroundings turned quieter as the majority of the people present spat out and choked. Looking at the youth as if he was stupid, they thought, ‘Had this fellow gone crazy after thinking about the Spiritual Lights?’

Seeing the majority of the people looking at him with gazes of contempt, the youth’s face instantly turned slightly red. Feeling indignant, he said, “If no one’s buying it, then let’s forget about it.”

It’s obvious that he didn’t have the material for being a salesperson, as he wasn’t able to garner any interest for the objects he was auctioning out. Furiously snorting, he started to turn around and walk away. He thought, ‘These people truly didn’t have an eye for treasure. There will come a time where they will feel regret.’


Just as he was able to turn and leave, a voice finally rang out. Pausing his steps, he turned around with some suspicion, only to see a handsome and outstanding youth smiling towards him from under the stone platform. Standing behind the youth was a beautiful girl that would make people feel absolutely astonished.

“I’ll buy that stone,” said Mu Chen while smiling towards the youth.

His total harvest for the past two days was 25 strands of Spirit Knight Spiritual Lights. This had Luo Li’s portion already added to it. However, since Luo Li needed that unknown stone, he would, naturally, not be stingy about it.


The moment Mu Chen said those words, the various sounds of an uproar rang across the entire area. Gaze after gaze of astonishments converged on him. Spending 20 strands of Spirit Knight Spiritual Lights to buy some unknown stone. What was this fellow thinking?

“You want to buy it?” asked the youth after quite some time, while looking doubtfully at Mu Chen. 20 strands of Spirit Knight Spiritual Lights was absolutely not something that anyone could easily take out.

“Are you still selling it?” Sensing the gazes coming from the surroundings, Mu Chen faintly wrinkled his forehead and asked.

“I’m selling!” replied the youth hurriedly with a conditioned reflex. It was already so hard just to find an interested buyer. If he was to let Mu Chen go, it might be possible that he truly wouldn’t think about ever selling it again.

Just as the youth shouted, he immediately tossed the black stone towards Mu Chen. From the looks of it, it seemed that he was afraid that Mu Chen might feel regret.

Giving a smile, Mu Chen extended his hands to catch it.


Just as Mu Chen was able to catch the black stone, a gale suddenly rushed and erupted out, shooting directly towards Mu Chen’s palm.

Feeling the incoming gale, a chilling glint flashed past Mu Chen’s eyes. With a back-handed slap, pitch black Spiritual Energy burning with black flames erupted out, slapping towards the incoming gale.


A metallic sound rang out as a dagger was sent flying by his slap. Finally, with a buzz, it smashed into a gigantic boulder, which was crushed and thoroughly shattered. At the same time, it was smashed into dust by the slap.

Due to this sudden change of events, everyone present was in shock. Hurriedly, they turned their sights towards the origin of the dagger, only to see a group of people rushing up from there. It was a group of youths wearing black robes, while the lead youth was playing with a dagger in his palm. Sparkling with a cold glint, the dagger nimbly spun around within his hand.

“What does the Dark Society’s Xu Bin want?” Astonished voices rang out as people recognised the youth with a single look. It seemed that this youth had quite a reputation in this area.

“Ha ha, good skill.” Clapping his hands, the youth dressed in black by the name of Xu Bin grinned as he stared at Mu Chen.

Chilling intent appeared in Mu Chen’s eyes as he stared at the fellow, while an unhappy expression surfaced on his face. Facing this kind of person, who had attacked him for some unfathomable reason, Mu Chen did not have any good impression of him.

“This brother, we’ve taken fancy of this stone. Please make things easy and give it to us.”

That Xu Qin did not care about Mu Chen’s darkened face. With a faint smile, he said, “Naturally, since you all have bidded first, we’ll give you suitable compensation. Is that alright?”

Although he had said ‘compensation,’ there wasn’t a slightest amount of pity for Mu Chen in his gaze, as if what he had done was to give in to the poor.

“Alright, compensate me a thousand Spirit Knight grade Spiritual Lights.” replied Mu Chen indifferently.

Hearing his reply, everyone in the surroundings instantly grinned. A thousand Spirit Knight Spiritual Lights. Even if the Spirit Knight Spiritual Lights possessed by everyone within this camping grounds were to be added together, would it even be that many as that?

Xu Qin’s face twitched before replying, “Ha ha, please stop joking, little brother. I’m Xu Qin, a member of the Dark Society. Please make things easy, brother. We’ve been paying attention to this item for quite a long time already.”

Mu Chen did not continue to care about him. Looking towards the auctioning youth, he extended his hand, signalling that he wanted to receive the black stone again.

“Ha ha, since this brother isn’t willing to give it to us, the only thing we can do is to compete in the normal way. The auctioned price is 20 Spirit Knight Spiritual Lights, right? I’ll offer 22 strands.” upon seeing the current situation, Xu Qin started to smile again and spoke out.

Hearing that, the mind of the youth auctioning the black stone shook. Feeling the difficulty, due to being pressed between two sides, why not give it to the person that bids the highest? This way, he wouldn’t be considered as offending either one of them.

“This brother…” looking slightly guilty, he spoke while looking at Mu Chen.

Mu Chen faintly frowned. He never imagined that this kind of change would occur when he wanted to buy the stone. These few fellows truly made people feel loathsome.

“25 strands.” said Mu Chen indifferent.

The moment his words appeared, it attracted quite a few whispers from the surroundings. After all, it wasn’t easy to obtain Spiritual Lights at a Spirit Knight’s level. 25 strands, that means that one had to kill 25 Spirit Knight at the Heavenly Transformation Stage. That wasn’t an easy task to accomplish.

With Mu Chen being able to bring out 25 Spirit Knight’s Spiritual Lights in one setting, it was obvious that he was not someone that was easy to deal with.

“30 strands.” A trace of darkness finally flashed past Xu Qin’s eyes as he spoke his bid. 30 Spirit Knight’s Spiritual Lights. This could be considered over half of what they had obtained over the past two days.

“Forget about it, I don’t want it.” said Luo Li while gently tugging at Mu Chen’s sleeve. She knew about their bottom line. 25 Spirit Knight’s Spiritual Lights was already their limit.

A sliver of fury flashed past Mu Chen’s eyes. Within his heart, he did not have the slight traces of a favorable impression for the Dark Society.

“Xu Qin, after so long, you still have the temper that makes people loathe you.” While a dangerous glint flashed past Mu Chen’s eyes, a mocking voice rang from behind him. He turned around, only to see Wang Tong, An Ran and the rest appearing, unknowingly behind him. As for the one who said those words, it was Wang Tong.

“Wang Tong?”

Looking at the Wang brothers, Xu Qin started to frown. It was obvious that he knew them. Proceeding to twitch his mouth, he replied, “What? You wish to insert your foot into the bid?”

“However, don’t blame me for not reminding you. It is not I who has his eyes on this ‘Divine Forging Stone’. It’s big brother Mu Fengyang. If you feel that you have the adequate guts, you can give it a try.” Sending a meaningful glance at Mu Chen and Wang Tong, Xu Qin continued to speak with a mocking tone.

“Mu Fengyang? That dark horse that defeated the ninth-placed Jiang Tai?” hearing the name, the faces of the trio slightly changed.

“Hehe, although we don’t have any interest in sticking our necks into this, we have a debt to Mu Chen from some time ago.” replied the trio. They seemed to have some previous grievances with this Xu Qin. However they also dreaded that Mu Fengyang and did not dare to overly provoke him. With a move of his eyes and a clench of his hand, a crystal ball that seemed to be ignited with a blazing fire appeared in Wang Tong’s hand. An astonishing Spiritual Energy fluctuation started to radiate from within it, looking rather substantial.

The interior of this crystal ball was obviously filled with Spiritual Lights. Furthermore, it was all at the Spirit Knight’s level!

“There’s a total of 30 Spirit Knight Spiritual Lights within it. I’ll lend it to you, for now. Remember that this is a loan and you’ll to return them to us!” said Wang Tong in a low voice, feeling somewhat painful. This was the complete harvest of the brothers.

Being together with Mu Chen for the past two days, they had, naturally, known that due to them hoarding all of the food, Mu Chen and the girls harvest wasn’t especially large. If they had wanted to participate in the bidding, it was obvious that they would not be able to compete with the other party.

“Thanks, it can be consider that I owe you guys a favor.”

Mu Chen gawked slightly before smiling. In his heart, his favorable impression towards the trio had grown greater to some level. Patting the shoulder of Wang Tong, he said those words.

“That Mu Fengyang might be be here, as well. Be careful.” Sweeping every direction with his gaze, Wang Tong replied with dread brimming in his eyes.

Mu Chen faintly nodded his head. He already did not have a single shred of favorable impression towards this Dark Society. Today, he wanted to see exactly who would dare to prevent them from getting his hands on this “Divine Forging Stone”.

“35 strands.” Tossing and catching the blazing crystal ball in his hand, Mu Chen said towards Xu Qin with a single trace of warmth in his gaze.


Xu Qin finally turned furious. He never thought that after saying Mu Fengyang’s name, Mu Chen and his group would actually dare to continue to interfere with his bid. 35 strands of Spiritual Lights. This had, similarly, exceeded their limit.

Although the “Divine Forging Stone” was indeed somewhat miraculous, it did not have that high of a value.

See that Xu Qin was no longer contesting, with a flick of his fingers Mu Chen sent 35 Spirit Knight’s Spiritual Lights towards the auctioning youth. The latter hurriedly received it. Carefully shooting a glance at both parties, he threw the black stone over to Mu Chen.

Both parties weren’t people he could provoke. Taking the Spiritual Lights, he quickly ran away in fear of being engulfed in their fury.

Receiving the black “Divine Forging Stone”, he turned around and handed it to Luo Li. The girl gave a shallow smile. That touchingly beautiful appearance made quite a few people stare fixedly at her.

“Mu Chen, are you truly going to make things difficult for us?” Looking at the object landing in Luo Li’s hands, Xu Qin instantaneously threatened Mu Chen with fury.

“I dared to smash the headquarters of the Demon’s Gate in the face of He Yao. Therefore, you better shut your mouth for this kind of threat.”

Staring emotionlessly at Xu Qin, Mu Chen said in a cold and severe voice, “Do not provoke me, or there will be consequences you are unable to pay.”

Xu Qin gritted and clenched his teeth. The Dark Society’s gazes turned sinister, as vigorous Spiritual Energy erupted from their bodies.

Seeing this change, Wang Tong and the rest stood beside Mu Chen. Circulating their Spiritual Energies, they focused their gazes on Xu Qin and his group.

Due to both parties, the atmosphere instantly turned into a state of mutual hostility.

Seeing the change, the surrounding crowd hurriedly retreated in fear of being implicated.

However, just as the hostile atmosphere was about to ignite, a gentle clapping sound suddenly rang out. At the same time, a soft laughing voice followed and rang out.

“Ha ha, you’re truly, with a doubt, the most outstanding person within this batch of freshmen. However, I would like to know about what price would Xu Qin be unable to pay, and what price I, Mu Fengyang, can’t pay?”

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