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Chapter 302 – Campgrounds

Mu Chen stood on the mountain peak and looked at the valley below, where the Spiritual Lights had thinned out. After being harvested by An Ran and the girls, there wasn’t any need to continue staying at that place. Waving his hands, he said towards the trio, “Let’s go. How far are we from the gathering point on the map?”

“According to our speed, we’ll reach it by tomorrow.”

Thinking awhile, Wang Tong continued speaking, “However, as I’ve said earlier, it’s not only us who knows about this. Everyone who got their hands on such information would try their best to keep this a secret. So, we would definitely not be only ones that are eyeing that newly born Spirit King.”

Mu Chen faintly nodded his head in approval. A big cake like this would definitely be targeted by many people; however, he did not wish for them to have such ambitions.

“According to our route, we should be able to reach a hunting campgrounds by the afternoon. There should be quite a few students stopping at that place, and there would be an abundant flow of information. We could try asking around for some information about exactly what formidable groups are present in that area. If their routes are similar to ours, we should be able to guess who our next opponents will be.” The trio’s familiarity with the Spiritual Light World was obviously much higher than Mu Chen’s. These few arrangements were extremely appropriate.

Therefore, Mu Chen did not oppose them and nodded his head. If they were able to get their hands on all of this information, they would, indeed, be quite helpful to them.

“Let’s go.”

Mu Chen did not continue procrastinating. Taking the initiative, he shot forward. Transforming into a ray of light, he swept towards the northwest direction. At his back, Luo Li, Wang Tong and the rest proceeded to closely follow him.

During the following journey, the group did not stop again, as all of them travelled at full speed. Once it was sunset, they finally saw a few gigantic camping groups on the vast, flat plains.

The area of the campgrounds wasn’t small; however, they looked somewhat simple from afar, and the atmosphere within was rather fiery and lively. From a distance, there would constantly be whizzing noises ringing out, as figure after figure would sweep across before finally landing within the campgrounds.

This place could already be considered as the start of the Northern Spirit World depths. After two days into the hunt, there were more and more students entering here. Therefore, these hunting campgrounds had no lack of people and a lively atmosphere.

“There are a few hunting campgrounds within the depths of the Northern Spirit World. These places are, after all, more safe than the other places, as one wouldn’t be met with wandering Spirit Pawns. When resting, one could completely feel relieved.” said Wang Tong while sending a smile towards Mu Chen as they neared the gigantic campgrounds.

“In addition to allowing one to rest and organize, the hunting campgrounds still have other purposes. For example, if some of the groups did not have sufficient strength, or they wanted to recruit new members to increase their group, they could find them within the hunting campgrounds. Naturally, this is on the pretense that there is mutual agreement.”

“Other than that, there are some deals and trades that could be completed here. For example, using Spiritual Value Points to change for Spiritual Lights.”

“Using Spiritual Value Points to change for Spiritual Lights? Is that possible?” asked Mu Chen, somewhat astonished, after gawking.

“Ha ha, Spiritual Value Points are very important to us. This kind of exchange can be considered mutually beneficial. That’s why the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy would not prohibit this.” replied Wang Tong with a smile.

Mu Chen nodded his head; however, he did not have much interest in these kinds of trades. He had an abundance of Spiritual Lights in his hands and did not need to trade with people. At the same time, there was no need for him to sell of the Spiritual Lights he had. The more Spiritual Lights he had, the greater the results of the Spiritual Light Empowerment. Mu Chen was still counting on the benefits of the Spiritual Light Empowerment to help him break into the Heavenly Completion Stage. Thus, naturally, he would not sell any of the Spiritual Lights in his possession.

“Leave the matter of collecting information to us brothers. Brother Mu and the rest can just wait for our good news.” Looking at the gigantic campgrounds filled with exuberant vitality, Wang Tong took charge and said to the rest.

“Thanks for the trouble.” said Mu Chen with a smile. With the trio in the group, it had saved him quite a bit of trouble.

“Ha ha, this is nothing. Perhaps we might have to rely on brother Mu in the future.” replied Wang Tong with a mischievous smile. The tone of his speech did not have the arrogance that he had during the last confrontation. Obviously, after crossing hands with Mu Chen, he had suppressed his arrogance and haughtiness.

Hearing his reply, Mu Chen smiled and shook his head. Although the three brothers were somewhat arrogant, and loved to sneakily hoard food, their characters were considered not bad. In the short span of two days, Mu Chen’s thoughts about them had been changed by quite a bit.

The group moved closer to the gigantic campgrounds, before descending down. As they entered the grounds, sounds of clamoring and racketing that soared throughout the skies came to meet them, causing them to feel as if their ears were buzzing and ringing.

Mu Chen and the rest looked towards the bustling and lively crowd within the campgrounds and exclaimed in astonishment. Perhaps, there was already close to ten thousand students that had gathered on these campgrounds.

Entering the grounds as a group, they swept their surroundings with faint curiosity, before proceeding towards its depths. Along the way, they could see quite a few erected crystal signboards. There were even people who were putting energy into shouting out advertisements.

“We have currently 12 people in our squad and are looking for 8 members! Strength must be Heavenly Transformation Late Stage and above!”

“I’m ranked 98th on the Heavenly Ranking and I’m looking for a strong group to hunt the Spiritual Spawns!”

“Buying Spiritual Lights for 50 Spiritual Value Points per strand! Anyone interested should quickly contact me!”

As they walked along, Mu Chen looked at the myriad of advertisements all around him. Unable to bear it any longer, he started to smile. Only in a place like this would he be able to see such a marvelous scene.

It was a walk in the park for the Wang brothers. They would start a discussion with people from time to time, while secretly handing them some Spiritual Lights, and gathered various kinds of information.

The trio handled the matter nimbly, saving Mu Chen quite a bit of effort. Being free as a result, Mu Chen started to stroll leisurely across the campgrounds, feeling carefree and relaxed.

Luo Li followed beside him. Wearing a black dress, the soft clothing accentuated her slender and exquisitely beautiful body, emphasising her alluring curves. Her long hair, which was akin to silver, was hanging down from her head, look as bright and resplendent as the Milky Way. She had, undoubtedly, become a sight to see for all the eyes within the campgrounds, as quite a few people had astonishment within their eyes after seeing her. However, they had quickly recognised her; after all, Luo Li’s ranking within the Heavenly Ranking was higher than Mu Chen’s. Ranked fifteen, she could be considered as being rather ahead of the rest.

After recognising Luo Li, they had, naturally, recognised Mu Chen. There wasn’t any student within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy that did not know about this pair of absolutely astonishing young lovers. Other than Mu Chen, there might not be a second male student who was able to safely and quietly walk beside Luo Li.

Sensing the fiery and blazing gazes coming from the surroundings, a grin appeared on Mu Chen’s face. Extending his hands, he grabbed onto Luo Li’s small and jade-like hand. He wanted to make all of them jealous, they should go and continue being bachelors.

Luo Li could feel the thoughts of Mu Chen. Unable to help it, she unhappily shot a look at Mu Chen. However, contrary to her thoughts, her coquettish and absolutely beautiful appearance made quite a few people’s gazes turn blazing hot.

Mu Chen smiled mischievously, before drawing Luo Li in and quickly walked for quite a while. Raising his head to look ahead, there were quite a few people forming a crowd in front of them. A platform stood there, where a youth was raising an object high up in the air, while shouting towards the crowd.

“Everyone, the thing in my hands isn’t any ordinary item. It’s said that it’s known as the ‘Forging God Stone’. This stone can be called a miracle stone, as it possesses a miraculous power, which is that it could forge and temper a Spiritual Artifact. Regardless of what kind of Spiritual Artifact yours is, as long as you use it to temper by absorbing the stone’s godly power, your Spiritual Artifact will definitely rise to the next level!”

The item lifted high by the youth was a pitch-black stone. On the surface, it looked bumpy and full of holes and was totally unassuming. Furthermore, it did not have any appearance of being mysterious and strange. Although there was quite a number of people crowding around him, a majority of them were staring at him with look as if he was stupid. He actually dared to use a broken stone that he had picked up from god-knows-where and treated it as a treasure. Did he think that everyone here was stupid?

“If I used a High Grade Spiritual Artifact and used the item in your hand to temper it, would it turn into an Absolute Grade Spiritual Artifact?” asked someone with a mocking tone, resulting in some people breaking out into laughter. By itself, a High Grade Spiritual Artifact was worth a million Spiritual Value Points within the Spiritual Value Hall. If it was a Peerless Rank Spiritual Artifact, its value would reach a terrifying amount of tens of millions. If the item in that fellow’s hand was that miraculous, why would he be willing to sell it away?

On the stone platform, the youth gave a guilty smile and replied, “Of course there is a failure rate. If it fails, there’s a possibility that the Spiritual Artifact will be slightly damaged.”

“%[email protected]!”

Countless people in the crowd cursed a single word. A failure rate and slightly damaged? It’s obvious that this fellow’s words couldn’t be trusted.

Even Mu Chen could not bear it and gave a laugh. With a single look he could tell that the so-called “Divine Forging Stone” did not have a trace of fluctuations emitting from it. More or less, this fellow was trying to trick people.

Shaking his head, he planned to draw Luo Li to leave. However, after a tug, he did not receive an appropriate response from her. Feeling slightly surprised, he turned his head and looked at her. What he saw was Luo Li’s glass-like eyes staring closely at the black stone within the youth’s hand.

“What’s the matter?” asked Mu Chen in a low voice. He felt slightly surprised, as this was the first time he had seen Luo Li react like that to an item. “I need that stone. It can help me resolved a layer of the seal on the Luo Shen Sword.” Moving closer to Mu Chen, Luo Li replied to him in a voice that only the two of them could hear.

“Luo Shen Sword?” muttered Mu Chen with slight shock. He proceeded to turn his gaze towards the black-coloured longsword that was always held by Luo Li, no matter where she went. Ever since the first time he had seen Luo Li, he had always saw her with that sword. Although there were a few times that Luo Li had truly drawn that mysterious sword, Mu Chen had never dared to doubt its might. This was due to the fact that there were some situations where even he would feel his life being threatened by the sensation he got from that mysterious sword.

“Yup, this is the most valuable Divine Artifact of our Luo Shen Clan.” replied Luo Li softly. “Grandfather had given it to me; however, due to my strength, I’m unable to control it. Therefore, grandfather had set up three seals. In the past few years I’ve still been unable to open a single seal. If I could obtain that rock, perhaps I’ll be able to achieve that goal.”

“A Divine Artifact?!” muttered Mu Chen in total shock. These simple two words represented power that could shatter the heavens and crush the earth. Mu Chen believed that even a Sovereign level expert would turn completely greedy upon hearing those two words. Who would have thought that the longsword that was carried by Luo Li was actually a genuine Divine Artifact?

Giving a faint smile, Luo Li extended her hand and passed the black longsword covered in mysterious runes over to Mu Chen. This divine object that would cause a Sovereign level expert to turn completely greedy was passed over to Mu Chen by her without any vigilance. Obviously, Mu Chen’s place within her heart was higher than this so-called ‘Divine Artifact’.

With slight curiosity, Mu Chen received it. In the instant the longsword touched his hand, he felt a stabbing pain coming from his palm. Although the sword had yet to be drawn, the sword qi that radiated out from it was capable of making Mu Chen instantly feel as if his entire arm had turned cold and numb. Furthermore, he could faintly feel the meridians within his body starting to ache.

This sword was too overbearing.

Mu Chen did not hold on to it for too long and quickly returned it to Luo Li. In the next moment, he looked towards the stone platform with his eyes slightly narrowed. Since this stone had such an important use for Luo Li, no matter what, he had to get it into his hands!

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