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Chapter 301 – Dark Society

In the next day, due to the addition of the Wang brothers mixed into their small group, their collection had increased by a minute portion. Although they could be considered as collaborating, it was natural that the Wang brothered did not have the notion of immediately treating Mu Chen as their boss. It was only a collaboration due to mutual benefit.

Mu Chen was extremely clear about this, and that was why he did not have the extravagant thought about making the trio listen to and obey his orders. As long as they could contribute during their times of need, this collaboration could continue to persist.

Similarly, the trio was also very clear about this collaboration. Therefore, they had provided some information of gathering points along the way, while providing a helping hand in encircling and destroying them, and gained some Spiritual Lights in the process. Overall, it could be considered that everyone got what they wanted to everyone’s delight and satisfaction.

Naturally, it was obvious that the trio did not report all of the information that they possessed. Occasionally, they would leave to group and head out on their own for periods of time. When they returned, they would be in a sorrowful state, but excitement would always be present in their eyes. Obviously, they had left to devour some points by themselves.

With regards to their actions, Mu Chen could only twitch his mouth, as there was nothing he could say. Their collaboration was only for the gathering point that was graded as Extremely Dangerous. Before that happened, as long as they did not hinder him, nothing could be said about their independent actions.

After all, he could not force the trio to be magnanimous and provide all the information they had obtained. If that was the case, the trio might even consider leaving the Spiritual Light World than fulfilling his wish.

Under this form of collaboration where everyone did not interfere with each other and got what they wished for, two somewhat peaceful and harmonious days passed by. The trio gradually put their grudge about being defeated by Mu Chen down. When they were together, it was even possible to have conversations going, although their relationship wasn’t that intimate. However, this was naturally much better than before.

Two days had passed.

Mu Chen and the rest continued on the path towards the extremely dangerous region marked on the map. After two days, the Spiritual Light World became all the more lively. Along the way, Mu Chen and the rest would frequently meet with various large crowds of students who had formed groups to search for gathering points.

At this moment, the hunt could be said to have truly entered its exciting phase.

As everyone gradually travelled to the depths of the Spiritual Light World, various kinds of conflicts were starting to erupt. Various dark horses that had hibernated for a very long time had also started to display their astonishing strength in succession. Within this Spiritual Light World, they had suddenly magnified their previously obscure reputation to everyone.

Within the Spiritual Light World, the standard strength of the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy had rapidly risen higher. Before entering, one with the strength of a Heavenly Transformation Stage Initial Phase was able to enter the top 20 in the Heavenly Rankings. However, even if one had the strength of Heavenly Transformation Stage, it was hard to say if one might even be able to enter the top 20 at this very moment.

Even Mu Chen felt some what speechless at this development. This hunt was undoubtedly the most lively activity of the year within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Just solely on the number of dark horses that surfaced, it was more than enough to churn up huge waves within the academy.

Furthermore, it was obvious that this was just the beginning. As time continued to pass by, there would be more and more hibernating dark horses revealing themselves. As for those previously influential figures, there would be quite a few amongst them who would feel uneasy due to the surge created by those dark horses. This would depend on whether their arrogance and hot temperedness would still be present after becoming influential figures.

At a gathering point that was not considered excessively large. Mu Chen stood on the peak of a mountain. In the valley below, there was a large amount of Spiritual Lights rippling and fluctuating. However, there wasn’t much vigorous spiritual fluctuations radiating from them. This place was weaker than the gathering point they had first come across.

“Those three bastards.”

Helplessly twitching his mouth, Mu Chen cursed out.

This gathering point was provided by the trio. However, it was indeed hard for this gathering point grade to enter Mu Chen’s eye. Therefore, he was simply too lazy to take action, and had allowed An Ran and the girls to hunt them.

Standing behind Mu Chen, Luo Li gave a faint smile and consoled him. “Although there’s little meat here, all in all, it’s still considered as some Spiritual Lights. At least it provides a better result than us recklessly searching.”

“How much information did the trio obtain before entering the Spiritual Light World? They didn’t even give me some tidbits for our collaboration, and instead provided these small gathering points to con me.” replied Mu Chen as he clenched his teeth. Those three bastards would head out every time to eat their fill by themselves. Upon coming back, they would still incessantly yell and shout, as if he was forcing them to hand over their Spiritual Lights.

Although Mu Chen knew that the trio did not have any obligation to hand over all their information to him, he would feel slightly unhappy and unfair every time he saw those three fellows glowing with radiance and satisfaction when they returned.

However, regardless of whether it was fair or not, Mu Chen did not hate the trio in his heart. Although they had some grudges between them, following the interaction with them over these past two days, it had completely dissipated. After all, if they had not provided any information over the past two days, Mu Chen and the rest would not be able to obtain these gains.


Whizzing sounds rang across the valley, before a few figures shot across. An Ran and the girls descended on the mountain peak with happiness brimming on their beautiful faces. Mu Chen had a high criteria and did not hold any interest in this gathering point grade. However, for them, it was already very satisfying.

The Wang brothers had closely followed behind them. While following behind them, the trio had appeared extremely polite. Facing their solicitous behaviour, the girls replied with faint smiles. Although their relationship had gotten slightly better over the past two days, it was clear that they were still closer to Mu Chen.

“A total of 600 Spiritual Lights.” reported An Ran after sending a smile towards Mu Chen.

“You all should store them first.” replied Mu Chen while nodding his head. Spiritual Pawn grade Spiritual Lights didn’t enter his eyes anymore. Furthermore, An Ran and the girls had spent quite the effort to collect all of them. Being a gentleman, he did not have the nerve to use such a shortcut to gain benefits.

“Brother Mu sure is magnanimous.” said Wang Tong instantly upon seeing Mu Chen’s reply.

Mu Chen shot a glance at him and said, “I’ll trouble you to find us a gathering point that gives more Spiritual Lights. Then, you’ll be more magnanimous than me.”

Upon hearing that, Wang Tong gave a sheepish laugh while feeling slightly embarrassed. In the past two days, they had been hoarding slightly too much food.

“Is there any fresh news?” Not caring much about it, Mu Chen turned around and asked him.

Wang Tong promptly nodded his head and smiled while replying, “We’ve previously met with a group and heard a few stories. They had said that there are many dark horses that are starting to erupt. A few of the influential figures in top ten of the Heavenly Rankings had started to fall from their ranks.”


Mu Chen faintly narrowed his eyes. The influential figures in the top ten had been overtaken by some dark horses in such a short frame of time? Who were the dark horses? Are they that dark?

“Yesterday, the 9th place, Jiang Tai, was challenged by someone. After an intense battle, this influential figure of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy had suffered a complete defeat.” replied Wang Tong with some graveness in his gaze.

Mu Chen faintly nodded his head. Looks like these few dark horses have finally started to reveal their hidden strength.

“In addition, half a day ago, the 7th place, Gu Yuan, was challenged by someone. After an intense ten bouts, he suffered a crushing defeat.” added Wang Tong with a more serious tone.

“Ten bouts…” muttered Mu Chen as his mouth twitched. He was faintly moved. These few dark horses were too formidable. He was unsure if a person at the extreme front like Su Xuan would meet the challenges sent by the dark horses. However Mu Chen wasn’t especially worried about her. While entering the Spiritual Light World, he had sense that Su Xuan’s strength had a dramatic increase. Furthermore she doesn’t incite a strong combative response, thinking about this, there should not be that many people specifically finding trouble with her.

As for Su Xuan, Mu Chen still had a favorable impression about her, thus he had naturally not wished for her to meet any trouble.

“The person that had challenged Jiang Tai is called Mu Fengyang. He’s also a senior of the Northern Heavens Spirit Academy, but isn’t consider famous. During the year when he had entered the academy, he was once beaten and humiliated by a student, and was beaten soundly after he tried to resist. From then on, there was no other news about him. After such a long time, he had spent all of his time on bitter training. It can be considered that he had finally erupted today.” continued Wang Tong.

“The person that challenged Gu Yuan is called Zhao Qingshan. In actual fact, he can’t be considered as an obscure and unknown person. He had always been holding onto the 51st place in the Heavenly Rankings. He had never stepped across that boundary; however, it is obvious that his strength is frightening. One would wonder exactly what step he had finally reached in this hunt.”

With a tremor in his voice, Wang Tong said, “In addition, they are all members of the ‘Dark Society’.”

“Dark Society?” asked Mu Chen while gawking. Wrinkling his brows, it was obvious that he had never heard of this kind of influence within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

“Their full name is the Society of the Dark Horses. If we’re going to truly talk about them, they might be the longest surviving student influences that exists within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. It is because they had always existed, and had never disappeared before.”

Wang Tong faintly curled his mouth and continued, “There will always be freshmen that would enter the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. At the same time, there would be quite a few existing talents. Due to various reasons, they would enter the Dark Society. As this cycle continues, the Dark Society would never disappear. Every year, during the hunt, an absolutely large majority of the dark horses that appear would be from the ‘Dark Society’.”

Mu Chen was slightly shock. He never thought that the so-called “Dark Society” would actually be able to possess such tyrannical hidden strength. If one wanted to truly judge it, perhaps only Shen Cangshen’s “Judgment Brotherhood” or Li Xuantong’s “Xuan Clan” would be able to compare with it.

“You three should also be considered as dark horses. Is it possible that you three are members of the “Dark Society”?” asked Mu Chen as he looked towards the trio.

Hearing his question, Wang Tong shook his head and replied, “They had once extended their invitation to us brothers; however, we rejected them. Although we had, indeed, suffered a defeat by Li Xuan Tong’s hands, we did not have any grudges against him. We only wanted to put our best effort into training. Of course, being able to defeat him would, naturally, be the best. However, if we can’t accomplish that, there’s no need to warp and twist ourselves.”

Hearing his reply, Mu Chen felt slightly shocked and had a feeling of a whole new level of respect for them. He never imagined that the trio would have such a level of comprehension. However, what he said was also correct. That Dark Society seemed to always gather students that were humiliated and had talent to join their ranks. Although this might be a motivational factor to training, it would, indeed, be easy to warp and twist someone.

“The goal of the challenges sent out by the Dark Society are to defeat all the influential figures in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Therefore, you have to be slightly careful. Although you’re a freshman, your fame and reputation in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy has been increasing extremely rapidly, thus you’ve no choice but to guard against them.” continued Wang Tong.

Hearing that, Mu Chen gave a faint smile. He did not wish to incite trouble. However, if those so-called ‘dark horses’ assumed that they could establish themselves by stepping on his head, Mu Chen did not mind letting them know that there was one that was darker than them!

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