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Chapter 290 – Begin

"They're the Three Great Generals of the Punishment Hall?"

Mu Chen's gaze was grave as he looked at the direction of the cloudy mist that was vaguely being shown. Those three majestic figures were extremely powerful.

"It is indeed them, they are the final Guardians." Li Xuantong muttered. Even he felt some pressure when facing those three, who were once the top 3 of the Heavenly Ranking.

"Furthermore, it is three people that are the Guardians. This round's final Guardians are simply too hard." Li Xuantong slightly frowned his brows. Although he was confident in his own strength, he wasn't arrogant to the point that he would claim that he could confront those three all by himself. After all, those three weren't ordinary figures. Back then, when he entered the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, those three were figures that he could only looked at from below.

According to the rules of the Hunting War, no matter how much Spiritual Light they obtained in this Hunting War, if they could not pass through the final round, everyone's hard work would all be in vain. And all the Spiritual Light that they worked so hard to obtain would all be useless.

And, naturally, they would lose the benefits from the Spiritual Empowerment.

This was the crucial point to every student's benefits that participated in the Hunting War.

Evidently, many students had thought of this and, instantly, the atmosphere in the field was a little stiff. Many people had their brows furrowed as they swept their gazes, searching for the figures that could ease their hearts.

"Why isn't Shen Cangsheng here in this year's Hunting War?"

"If he's not here, I'm afraid that it would not be easy to get through the final test."

"Yeah. Just relying on Li Xuantong, I'm afraid that it won't be sufficient to deal with those three Generals."

Those whispers started to spread out in this field and quite a few people were searching for that peak existence on the Heavenly Ranking. Only with him, would they have a guarantee to be able to obtain the Spiritual Empowerment without a hitch.

Compared to them, Mu Chen did not look around. In this view, he would rather depend on himself, rather than others. It was a downside to depend on others. Although Shen Cangsheng was indeed powerful. If he managed to return in time for the hunting War, it would be a matter that could stir people's heart. However, Mu Chen wasn't used to placing his hopes in others.

Li Xuantong's face maintained indifference. His expression was calm and tranquil, without any change, as he allowed the whispers to spread out on the field.

On the azure bird, Dean Tai Cang smiled as he looked at the stirred field, "Do you guys have any objections regarding this Hunting War? If there aren't any, then, let's open up the Spiritual Light Realm."

The Spiritual Light Realm was the Hunting War. It was a small realm that was established by the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy and, every single year, the Spiritual Light Realm would be opened for the Hunting War.

Countless students exchanged glances and could only nod their heads helplessly. From the looks of it, it seemed that Shen Cangsheng would not turn up. If that's the case, then they wouldn't have any odds of success in the final test.

Those three Great Generals possessed high fame that was not only limited to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Even in the Northern Heavens Continent, they possessed some fame, as well. Although, it wasn't for certain that they would be able to pass through the final test if Shen Cangsheng was here, at least their odds of success would be higher when he joined hands with Li Xuantong.

Dean Tai Cang lightly smiled as he looked at the situation. He waved his sleeve and the space before him started to twist. As the light wiggled, a huge spatial door slowly took form as boundless Spiritual Energy ripples rippled out.

"It's almost time, so let’s begin this year's Hunting War!" Dean Tai Cang saw the opened spatial door and laughed so clear and bright that it resounded within everyone's ears.

The countless students all nodded their heads as smears of blazing intent flashed across their eyes shortly after. No matter what, admitting defeat before reaching the final test wasn't the style of Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy's students. Even if this year's Hunting War didn't have powerful figures like Shen Cangsheng, they would still attempt to challenge the final test!

However, just when the countless students were about to soar up and enter the Spiritual Light Realm, there was a hurried break of wind that suddenly sounded from far away.

Astonishing Spiritual Energy ripples soared up into the heavens.

"Haha, how can I be left out of this Hunting War?" When the astonishing Spiritual Energy ripples appeared, his laughter was like thunder as it resounded above the field.

"Senior Apprentice Shen Cangsheng?!"

"He's finally back!"

The entire field instantly exploded as countless students had excitement on their faces as they couldn't help cheering. At the final moment, the tyrant of the Heavenly Ranking had returned!

Under the loud cheers, a streak of light flew over from far away and appeared in the sky. As the light dispersed, that black-clothed youth stood on the air with a disdainful demeanor that was like a goshawk in the air, the focus of everyone's attention.

Countless gazes were looking at that figure with revere. Among this batch's students, Shen Cangsheng was undoubtedly the tyrant among everyone.

His ranking on the Heavenly Ranking was something that no one could surpass.

"Finally appeared?" Li Xuantong stared at that black-clothed figure up in the sky as he lightly smiled, along with a dense fighting intent surging out of his eyes.

If Shen Cangsheng was not in this year's Hunting War, then it would have been a little too boring.

"He's Senior Apprentice Shen Cangsheng?" Zhou Ling, Ye Qingling and the rest were looking at that figure with curiosity and revere. After coming to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, they had clearly heard too much in regards to the fame of the Heavenly Ranking's Tyrant.

Mu Chen lightly nodded his head as he looked at that figure. Looking again at the boiling atmosphere, Shen Cangsheng was, indeed, the only flag-like figure that could have the power to rally supporters of such great numbers.

At this point, even a god-favoured person like Li Xuantong was inferior to him.

"Dean, am I too late?" Shen Cangsheng stood in the air as he smiled, looking towards Dean Tai Cang, who was on the azure bird.

Dean Tai Cang smiled as he looked at Shen Cangsheng. He was, naturally, familiar with the most outstanding student in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, "Aren't you engaged with the Bounty Mission to hunt Mo Longzi? Could it be that your mission has been completed, now that you're back?"

When Dean Tai Cang said those words, it caused the hearts of many students to tremble. Mo Longzi? The ranked 2 of the Bounty Board?

When Shen Cangsheng heard Dean Tai Cang's words, he helplessly smiled, "I fought several rounds with him, but he still managed to escape. Wait until I finish this year's Hunting War and accept the Spiritual Empowerment, I should be able to kill him."

Although his words were calm, they made the faces of many outstanding students in the academy to change. Unconsciously, Shen Cangsheng had already reached that level? How were they going to catch up to him? Heavenly Ranking's Tyrant, this name was, indeed, not in vain.

Li Xuantong narrowed his eyes. The fighting intent within his eyes did not fall weak, but turned denser.

"Li Xuantong, it's been a long time since we've met, can you not look at me like that?" Sensing Li Xuantong's gaze, Shen Cangsheng turned around and smiled.

"I just want to see how much you've improved in this period of time. Beware being surpassed by me." Li Xuantong faintly smiled.

"Haha, I also wish to see if you have any improvement in your Profound Sky Divine Technique." Shen Cangsheng nodded with a smile. Among the Heavenly Ranking, Shen Cangsheng was the only person that could be placed in his eyes. As for others, like He Yao, he didn't even consider them much.

Shen Cangsheng smiled as he lightly swept his glance towards He Yao, Xu Huang and the rest that were in the top 10 of the Heavenly Ranking. When his gaze fell onto Mu Chen, he was slightly startled and, shortly after, he gave a deeply meaningful look towards him.

Regarding Mu Chen, Shen Cangsheng clearly had quite a bit of an impression about him. Back then, Mu Chen had relied on his cultivation as a Heavenly Fusion Stage to kill Bai Xuan. Furthermore, even before Mo Longzi, Mu Chen was calm and composed. Such a state of mind wasn't something that an ordinary youth could possess.

When Mu Chen saw Shen Cangsheng's gaze, he also lightly smiled and did not say anything else.

"Since the person that all of you have been waiting for is here, then, let's begin!"

Dean Tai Cang smiled as he looked at the students that was clearly at ease. Evidently, Shen Cangsheng's arrival had given confidence to many of the students.

When he finished his speech, the spatial door instantly burst forth with a brilliant light.

"Haha, let's go everyone. Li Xuantong, let us meet again in the Spiritual Light Stage!" Shen Cangsheng laughed as he stepped forth and turned into a stream of light as he charged into the huge spatial door. Only his laughter remained, resounding in the sky of this field.


When Shen Cangsheng moved, he had, undoubtedly, instantly caused an explosion on the entire field. Countless figures flew up and were like locusts as they streaked across the horizon, into the huge spatial door.

Li Xuantong also immediately moved as he brought a group of people with him into the huge door that was emitting the brilliant light.

"Let's go, as well." Mu Chen looked at Luo Li, which the latter nodded her head in response.

"Brother Mu, go for it!" Behind him, the various students of the Goddess Luo Association waved their fists as they yelled.

Mu Chen waved his hand towards them, before holding onto Luo Li's jade-like hands and flew away, joining the stream of people into the Spiritual Light Realm.

Up on the azure bird, Dean Tai Cang was smiling as he watched the spectacular scene. Shortly after, he shifted his line-of-sight onto the light screen that was illuminating the final point of the Spiritual Light Realm, which was the so-called Spiritual Light Stage where the Three Great Generals were standing guard.

"Haha, this year's Hunting War is a little interesting. I wonder, would the former top 3 of the Heavenly Ranking be more formidable, or the current top 3 of the Heavenly Ranking?"

When the few elders that stood behind him heard his words, they lightly smiled. Although the demeanor of those students were brilliant and, by adding geniuses like Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong, they'd still a bit lacking if they wanted to challenge the spot of the Three Great Generals.

Who knows? If things didn't work out, everyone might return empty-handed during this year's Hunting War.

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