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Chapter 283 – 13,000 beads

Mu Chen's intent drifted in this darkness. He was so dizzy, it felt like it was never-ending.

Within the darkness, there seemed to be a black light surging and took form beneath Mu Chen. It seemed to be a fuzzy image of a girl and her palm gently caressed Mu Chen's intent.

Under her gentle touch, there was an indescribable softness that fluctuated in Mu Chen's heart. That sensation was similar to a mother's embrace.

The warmth made him unable to struggle free.

Under the warmth, there was a stream flowing within Mu Chen's body, as though it had soothed the injuries within him.

A trace of soberness surged up in his fuzzy state. Mu Chen tried his utmost to widen his eyes and look at that fuzzy and warm figure. However, he still couldn't get a clear glimpse of it.

However, the bizarre sensation of a blood-bond made him understand that he had some kind of relationship with that warm figure. In his childhood dreams, it was that figure that guarded him.


Mu Chen tried his best to struggle and shortly after, he widened both of his eyes. His palm clawed towards that figure, but grabbed nothing but air.


He opened both of his eyes and what he saw was a bright silvery light. Mu Chen still couldn't even react to the situation but bore the urge to scream. The violent lightning energy was like steel barbs as it flowed over him. Thereafter, it flocked into his body.

The lightning energy was way too violent and, therefore, as it rushed in, it had directly caused intense pain to Mu Chen. His muscles around his body started to twitch.

Just when Mu Chen was at loss because of this, there was a faint silvery light being emitted from within his body. Under the shine of the silver light, Mu Chen's body was like a starving person seeing food, and started to violently devour the lightning energy.

That intense pain instantly surged in a violent manner.

Mu Chen clenched his teeth as a trace of blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth. There was something that had suddenly appeared in his heart. It seemed to be a Thunder God Physique Deity Tier Spiritual Art.

"Was it left behind by that bald old man?"

The thought flashed through Mu Chen's heart and shortly after, he started to train under the influence of the Deity Tier Spiritual Art. When he circulated that art, he saw the insides of his body turning silver. As lightning flickered, his entire body, including his muscles, internal organs, meridians and bones, was endlessly devouring the lightning energy within his body.

And under the frantic devouring process, although Mu Chen still felt intense pain within his body, the fulfilling feeling of energy had surged up. The pain was comfortable and the feeling was bizarre.

Mu Chen didn't know how powerful the Thunder God Physique that was left behind by the bald old man was, but he could clearly sense his physique becoming more and more powerful.

It seemed to be a Physique Cultivating Deity Tier Spiritual Art.

This made Mu Chen a little surprised. Among Spiritual Arts, Physique Cultivating were the rarest. And, right now, the reward that was given by the bald old man wasn't just any Physique Cultivating Spiritual Art, but a Deity Tier one at that!

A Spiritual Art that could absorb lightning energy to refine one's body.

"Although that old man's methods are ruthless, he wasn't petty." Mu Chen muttered to himself. Shortly after, he didn't dare to be distracted and cultivated this Physique Cultivating Deity Art with all his heart.

This cultivation continued for an entire three days of time. Within these three days of time, Mu Chen's body was soaked in the depths of the lightning river, endlessly refining himself, again and again, with the lightning energy.

Furthermore, while Mu Chen was being refined by the lightning energy, the Thunder God Physique was constantly gathering the lightning energy around him and formed into a lightning ball.

Mu Chen did not absorb this lightning ball, but allowed it to circulate within his meridians, refining his meridians bit by bit, causing his meridians to be tougher.

This bizarre cultivation technique made Mu Chen feel a bit surprised. Shortly after, he could sense how extraordinary this Thunder God Physique was. However, when he was practicing the art, he could feel a flaw. Clearly, this Thunder God Physique must be an incomplete Spiritual Art.

That bald old man did not gift him the entire cultivation technique of the Thunder God Physique.

Although this made Mu Chen feel a little regret, he wasn't too disappointed. It was already out of his expectations to acquire such a good harvest.

Three days later.

At the edge of the lightning river, the black flames that had covered the horizon were withdrawing. The Nine Netherbird issued a clear cry and drew them back into its body. On top of its head, the silvery river flowed as it floated. Within the powerful current, there was a large amount of Divine Lightning Beads flickering with lightning energy.

From just looking at it, there was at least more than ten thousand!

After refining all of these Divine Lightning beads, the Nine Netherbird looked towards the river with concern. However, it did not spot anything unusual.

It was a little anxious and, shortly after, it flapped it’s wings, and rushed into the river to search for Mu Chen.


However, just when it was about to charge in, a surge of lightning soared up into the heavens, sweeping out with a tyrannical Spiritual Energy. The Lightning river exploded and a figure appeared on the horizon.

For a brief moment, lightning was flickering on that figure before it started to gradually disappear. In the end, Mu Chen's figure appeared.

The current Mu Chen's skin had a faint silver colour. On his body, there was an explosive energy that was contained that could not be underestimated.

Mu Chen clenched his fist before throwing two fists out. Instantly, the air exploded. This caused joy to fill his eyes. Compared to several days before, he had indeed grown much stronger.

"Not bad."

Mu Chen praised. After the lightning dissipated from his body and he was restored to normal, he smiled with his eyes narrowed, while landing towards the direction that the Nine Netherbird was at.

"Are you alright?" when the Nine Netherbird saw Mu Chen come out, it also felt relieved.

Mu Chen shook his head, then was looking around, searching for the bald old man.

"He's long gone." when the Nine Netherbird saw Mu Chen's gaze, it spoke out.

"I wonder who that senior was, to have such ability. Even in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, he should be among the top levels, right?" Mu Chen muttered.

"Who knows?" The Nine Netherbird, however, wasn't bothered about that matter.

"Forget it." Having no answers, Mu Chen tossed that thought to the back of his head. He looked at the tens of thousands of Divine Lightning Beads that were hovering in the sky and a smear of shock flashed across his eyes, "With so many Divine Lightning Beads, it should be enough."

His hand swept and all of the Divine Lightning Beads were stored by him.

"Let's go, we should get going as well." Mu Chen stretched his body. The harvest that he had obtained on this trip to the Lightning Territory had far surpassed his expectations. Not only did his cultivation grow to Quasi-Heavenly Transformation Stage, he even obtained Spiritual Arts like the Dragon Soaring Art and the Thunder God Physique, which gave great perks to his combat abilities.

Right now, no matter how thorny the opponents that he will encounter in the Hunting War, he was confident in confronting them.

"Li Xuantong, we if meet again, perhaps the Pact of Three Moves will no longer be of any use."

Mu Chen smiled. Several months ago, Li Xuantong was an opponent that was tough for him to win against. But now, Mu Chen no longer feared him.

"Let's go and get your Northern Sea Dragon's Blood Essence. Your wish can finally be fulfilled." Mu Chen waved his hand as he smiled.

"Thanks." the Nine Netherbird looked at Mu Chen and said with a low voice. Unconcealable joy was showing in his eyes. The Nine Netherbird had finally waited for this day.

"This relationship of ours…"

Mu Chen smiled with his eyes narrowed as he looked at the Nine Netherbird, sizing it up as he rubbed his chin, "If your evolution succeeds and you transform into a Divine Beast, you should possess the ability to take human form, right?"

At that time, he should be able to finally differentiate it’s gender, right? And Mu Chen had always maintained his curiosity on this point.

The Nine Netherbird rolled it’s eyes at him and no longer paid any attention to him. The Nine Netherbird turned into a black light and burrowed into Mu Chen's body.

Mu Chen smiled as his figure moved, turning into a light image as he flew towards the exit of the Lightning Territory at lightning speed.

After half an hour, Mu Chen returned to the First Level and exited the Lightning Territory. After coming out of the Lightning Territory, he stood on the air and looked at the lively Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. His tensed-up body also gradually relaxed.

When Mu Chen exited the Lightning Territory, he did not head for the Freshman Area, but to the Spiritual Value Hall. He could sense the excitement within the Nine Netherbird. Since that's the case, then Mu Chen had decided to fulfill his promise.

The Spiritual Value Hall had the highest popularity in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. The frightening amount of people was like ants, constantly coming out and going in of the hall.

When Mu Chen entered the Spiritual Value Hall, he headed towards the center of the main hall, where the trading of Divine Lightning Beads was held.

Behind the huge crystal counter, there was a beautiful lady whose age should be roughly the same as the students of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. However, helping out here can also obtain Spiritual Value Points as payment.

There was a decent amount of people purchasing Divine Lightning Beads. After queuing up for more than ten minutes, it was finally his turn. The beautiful girl looked at Mu Chen as she sweetly smiled, "Hi there, are you buying Divine Lightning Beads?"

"Nope, I'm here to sell them." Mu Chen shook his head.

When the lady heard his declaration, she couldn't help feeling curious. However, there were many students that condensed Divine Lightning Beads to exchange for Spiritual Value Points. Shortly after, she faintly smiled as she enquired, "The trading price of Divine Lightning Beads is 200 Spiritual Value Points for one, how many are you selling?"

She took up a brush and was prepared to record it down.

"13,000." Mu Chen smiled brilliantly.


The brush in the lady's hand fell as her beautiful face was filled with astonishment. All of the students that were queuing up for their turn to purchase Divine Lightning Beads were also dumbfounded as they looked at Mu Chen.

13,000 Divine Lightning Beads? Was this kid's head clamped by a door? Were Divine Lightning Beads so easy to condense? 13,000 was an amount that not even Shen Cangsheng could condense!

When Mu Chen saw the doubts in the eyes of the lady, he did not bother to explain any further, but made a simple action of flicking his fingers. A brilliant silvery light started to flow out and instantly filled the surrounding counters.

"Senior Sister, 13,000 Divine Lightning Beads for a total of 2,600,000 Spiritual Value Points. Thanks."

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