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Chapter 274 – Entering the Lightning Territory Once Again

Night engulfed the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy as Mu Chen quietly sat on his bed. Within his hand, a white light was flowing within a smooth pearl. There was also the sound of a dragon roaring, it’s deep dragon roar caused even the air to tremble.

Mu Chen stared at the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl in his hand as doubt flashed across his eyes. Within the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl, there was a boundless amount of Spiritual Energy. He could use a small portion of the Spiritual Energy within. However, he could vaguely feel that that shouldn't be the full extent of the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl. However, every single time he attempted to enter the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl, he was rejected. The power within was rejecting his entry.

The rejection appeared weak, but it was extremely frightening to the point that Mu Chen didn't dare to forcefully barge in. Otherwise, the rejection would make him suffer.

"There seems to be a seal set within the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl." Mu Chen tightened his brows together as he muttered.

"You didn't guess wrong." The Nine Netherbird's intent suddenly resounded within his heart.

"You know what's wrong?" Mu Chen was slightly happy as he immediately enquired within his heart.

"This White Dragon Spiritual Pearl should be an inheritance object that was left behind by the White Dragon Sovereign. Except that there's a seal within it and, with your current ability, it is impossible for you to break it." said the Nine Netherbird.

"Are you able to break it?" Mu Chen immediately asked.

"As of right now, I'm afraid that it will be a little difficult." Nine Netherbird said, sounding a little helpless. After all, she still hasn't fully recovered.

"Then, what should we do?" Mu Chen was a little flabbergasted. If he could not break the seal, doesn't it mean that he could only stare at it?

"To break this kind of seal, perhaps we can use an external force to aid us." said the Nine Netherbird solemnly.

"An external power? What does that mean?" Mu Chen was a little astonished. Where can he borrow such a powerful external power?

"The place that you're intending to go to tomorrow."

A thought flashed in Mu Chen's heart, "You're talking about the Lightning Territory?"

His eyes lit up. Within the Lightning Territory, there was powerful and frightening external power. If he could borrow it, perhaps he'd be able to break through the seal of this White Dragon Spiritual Pearl.


Mu Chen lightly nodded as he tightly grasped the White Dragon Spiritual Peal. A smear of blaze flashed across his eyes. He wished he could enter the Lightning Territory now and borrow it’s power to break the seal on the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl.

"Okay, I'll head for the Lightning Territory tomorrow!"

Hearing Mu Chen's words, the Nine Netherbird's intent also appeared to be excited, "This time, I want to refine a sufficient amount of Divine Lightning Beads. We're still lacking more than 2,000,000 Spiritual Value Points before we're able to purchase the Blood Essence of the Northern Sea Dragon, right?"

Mu Chen smiled as he nodded. In this Heaven Rank Mission, he obtained a total of 4,500,000 Spiritual Value Points, with only 2,500,000 Spiritual Value Points to go before he reached 7,000,000 Spiritual Value Points, the price for the Northern Sea Dragon's Blood Essence.

Although it was not a small amount, at least they're a step closer to it.

Mu Chen's hand gently caressed the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl as expectation roused within his heart. If the Nine Netherbird obtained the Northern Sea Dragon's Blood Essence, then it'll be able to fully recover and surpass the shackles of a Spiritual Beast, and become a genuine Divine Beast, right?

At that time, how powerful will it become? That was something that Mu Chen couldn't wait to see.

The next day, Mu Chen immediately headed out, after bidding farewell to Luo Li, early in the morning and immediately headed towards the direction of the Lightning Territory.

Outside the twisted space of the Lightning Territory, there were countless students rushing in. Among them, Mu Chen sensed a few with powerful Spiritual Energy ripples. On the spot, he inwardly smacked his lips. It seemed like many people were doing everything they could to make preparations for the Hunting War next month.

Outside the twisted space, there was a huge floating stone platform with a frightening amount of people arriving from several different directions. Thereafter, from this stone platform, they would enter the Lightning Territory.

Mu Chen landed on a platform and swept his eyes around. Thereafter, his gaze stopped at the edge of the platform, there was a huge silver tablet. It looked as though lightning was flickering on the huge tablet.

Around the huge platform, it was filled with many people. However, they were all pointing towards the huge silver tablet. Occasionally, there would be names flickering on top, and, from the looks of it, it was clearly not simple.

"What's that?" Mu Chen was a little astonished as he did not notice any silver tablets of that sort previously.

"This is the Lightning Territory Tablet, it's used to record the achievements of those outstanding students that went into the Lightning Territory." Someone that appeared to be a upperclassman smiled as he said.

Mu Chen looked over and swept his eyes over it, absorbing the information on the silver tablet with his eyes. At the top of it, he saw several familiar names.

Shen Cangsheng, Lightning Territory's Highest Level, Ninth Level

Li Xuantong, Lightning Territory's Highest Level, Eighth Level

Su Xuan, Lightning Territory's Highest Level, Seventh Level

He Yao, Lightning Territory's Highest Level, Seventh Level

Li Peng, Lightning Territory's Highest Level, Seventh Level

The densely packed lightning names flickered. Every name represented powerful achievements. Within the Lightning Territory, there was a total of ten levels. The further you go, the more fearsome the lightning power becomes. Those who are slightly weaker wouldn't even dare to remain in it for long.

The Lightning Territory Tablet was also an aspect to see how many students have concealed their strength in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. On the silver tablet, aside from Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong, who were able to pull some distance between the rest, the next ten were closely packed behind Su Xuan, as well as He Yao. There were some whose names have never appeared on the Heavenly Ranking before. Clearly, the strength that they possessed wasn't something that could be underestimated.

"As expected of Shen Cangsheng."

Mu Chen sighed. Previously, he was only able to reach the fourth level, but Shen Cangsheng had already reached the ninth level. If he took another step forward, he'd probably be able to reach the last level of the Lightning Territory.

This strength was, indeed, something that left others stunned.

Li Xuantong wasn't weak, either. He had reached the eighth floor, which made him just behind Shen Cangsheng. No wonder that person was a formidable figure that could challenge Shen Cangsheng.

"This time, I'll see how high I can ascend." Mu Chen's eyes flashed with the desire to test himself. The last time he visited the Lightning Territory, he was only at the strength of Spirit Realm. But right now, his cultivation was at the Heavenly Fusion Stage and the methods that he possessed was also so much stronger.

Mu Chen glanced at the Lightning Territory Tablet and no longer made any stops as he charged into the twisted space. Lightning flickered and he appeared within the Lightning Territory as the lighting wreaked havoc.

Within the Lightning Territory, the sky was dark with lightning shooting down from every direction. The thunderous sound resounded in this entire space, causing even the heavens and earth to tremble.

This wasn't the first time Mu Chen visited the Lightning Territory. Therefore, he was quite familiar with this place. The first level of the Lightning Territory was too weak and wasn't suitable for him. Therefore, he did not make the slightest hesitation as he sped up and headed further into the depths.

The current Mu Chen was clearly much stronger than his first visit. Therefore, he already charged into the fourth level well before ten minutes.

However, he only made a slight stop in the fourth level and felt that the lightning power wasn't suitable for him. Therefore, he made a firm decision, gave up, and headed towards the fifth level.

In the Lightning Territory, the cultivation of Heavenly Fusion Stage was required to enter the fourth floor. As for the fifth level, it was a huge increase and the minimum requirement would be Heavenly Fusion Stage Late Phase or even Quasi-Heavenly Transformation Stage strength.

The further levels required even stricter requirements in cultivation.

Naturally, this level wasn't the only standard of judgement. Those with powerful means could also pass through.

With Mu Chen's current strength, charging into the fifth floor wasn't that difficult. When he entered the fifth floor, he only made a slight pause and shook his head again.

The lightning power wasn't sufficient to break the seal of the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl.

He, once again, pressed onwards.

In a short dozen, or so, minutes, he had already reached the protective screen of the sixth floor. However, all he did was throw a punch out and the violent Spiritual Energy instantly broke the protective screen.

His figure flashed and passed through the crack that lead to the sixth level of the Lightning Territory.


When Mu Chen entered the sixth level of the Lightning Territory, an alarming thunderous roar instantly resounded within his ears, as if it even made the blood within his body to start boiling.

He raised his head. This was the sixth level of the Lightning Territory, which was even darker. The thunderclouds up in the sky were so huge that the end of it could not be seen. They huge python-like lightning pierced through the heavens and earth. This scene looked as if Judgement Day had arrived.

Mu Chen sensed the violent Spiritual Energy within the heavens and earth. After a moment, he lightly shook his head, "Still not enough!"

Mu Chen muttered to himself. Thereafter, he raised his head towards the depths of the Lightning Territory. If he went in even further, it would be the seventh level of the Lightning Territory. Over there, not even a Heavenly Transformation Stage Initial Phase could withstand the impact of the lightning.

"It requires the strength of Heavenly Transformation Stage Middle Phase…"

Mu Chen narrowed his eyes. Shortly after, his figure flew out. He wanted to break the seal of the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl as soon as possible and he could only rely on the powerful lightning of the Lightning Territory. Therefore, he had to do his best and go further in.

Although a Heavenly Transformation Stage Middle Phase's strength was powerful, it wasn't easy to obstruct Mu Chen.

Mu Chen's hands tightly clenched as his black pupils reflected the lightning world. It was especially ferocious.

Mu Chen rapidly flew past the sixth floor of the Lightning Territory. After a long time, his speed began to slow down as a twisted space appeared before him. A lightning screen pierced the heavens and earth and was blocking him.

Outside the lightning screen, there were many stone platforms with quite a few figures. Everyone that had reached this place wasn't any nameless figure. Even within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, they also possessed some fame. They were bitterly training here so that they could break through the screen and enter into the seventh floor of the Lightning Territory.

When Mu Chen arrived, he attracted quite a bit of attention. Especially when these people sensed Mu Chen's strength, they revealed faces of shock. With the strength of a Heavenly Fusion Stage, Mu Chen was actually able to reach the sixth floor?

Mu Chen did not care about everyone's gazes. He approached the huge lightning screen as he tightly clenched his fist. He had to charge through from here.

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