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Chapter 273 – Hidden

On their way back, the members of the Goddess Luo Association were extremely excited to the point that their faces were red. Earlier on, because of the Demon's Gate, everyone was tense and, at the same time, felt like they had a guilty conscience. Although Luo Li's strength was indeed the strongest among them, no matter what, she was, after all, only a girl. There were so many of them, but, in the end, they had to let a girl to stand up for them. Furthermore, Luo Li was injured by the wheeling fighting tactics that the other party had used. This made them feel extremely guilty.

Luckily, Mu Chen returned. Even when he faced the shameless and powerful Demon's Gate, he did not choose to swallow the grudge and, unexpectedly, he descended onto the Demon's Gate headquarters with a shocking appearance and returned everything that the other party had done to them.

The earlier scene filled everyone's hearts with excitement, even now. Even someone as powerful as He Yao still chose not to move in the end and could only watch the ten Spiritual Arrays wreak havoc.

There wasn't that many people that could force He Yao into such a spot, but to achieve that as a freshman, only Mu Chen could do it.

This accomplishment wasn't any inferior to his Pact of Three Moves with Li Xuantong.

When Mu Chen saw how excited everyone was, he only smiled in return and turned his sights towards the black-clothed girl that was following him. Luo Li was staring at him with a tranquil and soft gaze as her eyes rippled with emotion.

Noticing that he was watching her, Luo Li also gave him a light smile. Her smile was soft and clear, which softened Mu Chen's heart.

"Are you injured?" Luo Li asked in a soft voice. She naturally knew that it wasn't easy for Mu Chen in today's fight. It definitely wasn't inferior to his fight with Li Xuantong. However, compared to back then, the current Mu Chen was also much more powerful.

Mu Chen shook his head. Earlier on, they majority of the energy he used was from the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl. However, once he was in the Heart Array State, he acquired some exhaustion. But in terms of fatigue, it was naturally uncomparable to back then.

However, today's events made him go beyond his own expectations. At the beginning, he really did prepare ten Rank 3 Spiritual Arrays. However, he did not have the confidence to activate all of them at once, since the difficulty to do so was extremely high. But, when he entered the Heart Array State, he was immersed in a state of fine and exquisite control, which allowed him to control the ten Spiritual Arrays as he wished.

'It seems like my control over the Heart Array State has deepened.' Mu Chen thought to himself. Currently, the familiarity of his control over the Heart Array State had far surpassed that of what it was in the past.

He really did display a shocking talent in his path of Spiritual Array cultivation.

However, even though the power and might unleashed of what he did today was out of the ordinary, it required long and meticulous preparations. All of the Spiritual Arrays had to be engraved beforehand. Not to mention that the slightest mistake would put all of his efforts to waste.

"Mu Chen!"

A voice called out from behind him. Mu Chen paused as he turned around and saw Su Xuan's group rushing towards him.

"Senior Sister Su Xuan." when Mu Chen saw them, he immediately smiled in reply, "Many thanks for your earlier action."

Although Mu Chen wasn't afraid of He Yao flipping out, Su Xuan's earlier help still made him feel grateful for her actions.

"So you do know how to thank people… you left after we helped you." Su Ling'er snorted.

Mu Chen awkwardly smiled. He just didn't want to remain in that location any longer. The surrounding gazes made him feel uncomfortable. Shortly after, he softly coughed and introduced Luo Li.

"Haha, Luo Li long, we've heard of you before. Little Sister Luo Li currently holds Rank 15 in the Heavenly Ranking, her fame within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy is even higher than yours." Su Xuan smiled as she looked at Luo Li with a smear of shock flashing across her eyes.

Back then, Chen Hou and his group came to the Goddess Luo Association to cause trouble, but were defeated by Luo Li, causing her rank in the Heavenly Ranking to rise to Rank 15. However, Luo Li didn't have any feelings for this as she wasn't that strongly attached to the rankings on the Heavenly Ranking. All of this happened because others were knocking on their door and, therefore, she fought.

Luo Li was a little embarrassed, "Senior Sister Su Xuan is flattering me."

The friendship between the girls grew very quickly and when facing with Luo Li with such outstanding temperament, even the ice-cold Li Qing revealed a smile and they rapidly got familiar with one another.

"You have to be cautious of He Yao." Su Xuan looked at Mu Chen as her gaze suddenly turned a little grave, "He Yao's always scheming and if I didn't sense incorrectly, he should have hidden his strength."

Mu Chen was stunned, but shortly after, he restored himself back to his previous state as he nodded his head. Not only did Su Xuan sense that, even he sensed that there were some dangerous ripples coming from He Yao. That fellow was rather dangerous.

"However, even after being forced to that point, he still refused to reveal his true strength." Mu Chen narrowed his eyes. What exactly was that fellow trying to do?

"Next month will be the Hunting War." Su Xuan lightly smiled.

"What you're trying to say is that he's planning to show his true strength at the Hunting War?" Mu Chen was shocked. Shortly after, a flash of light went past his eyes and he continued, "He's planning to surpass you on the Hunting War, right?"

"I'm probably not his true target." said Su Xuan.

"Then his target is Li Xuantong?" Mu Chen was stunned. So it turned out that He Yao was going after Li Xuantong. No wonder he refused to reveal his strength to him, no matter what. It seemed that Li Xuantong was already making some preparations.

"He Yao's ambitions are high and he's not content with being behind someone. The Hunting War is a distinguished meeting of our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. If he manages to surpass Li Xuantong on it, then his fame within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy will surpass the latter and he'll chase after Shen Cangsheng." said Su Xuan.

Mu Chen's expression was a little solemn. He fought with Li Xuantong before and naturally knew how powerful that fellow was. If He Yao does have the confidence to fight with Li Xuantong, then he naturally had his own powerful trump cards that couldn't be underestimated.

And, right now, the situation between him and He Yao was like ice and fire. The instant the Hunting War was opened, he would definitely be listed in He Yao's prey list and, at that time, the latter clearly won't conceal himself.

In the Hunting War, everyone had to rely on their true abilities. And if Su Xuan helped them at that time, he would be mocked and ridiculed instead.

Mu Chen narrowed his eyes as he thought of He Yao's dark gaze. Shortly after, he smiled, "Senior Sister Su Xuan, I know."

Since he had already done those things, he would certainly not regret his actions. No matter how much He Yao had hidden his ability, if the latter thought that he could be easily suppressed, it would definitely not go so easily.

Su Xuan lightly nodded. Regarding this matter, a reminder would be enough. Although He Yao was really powerful, this youth that stood before her wasn't any normal person, either. As for the results between them, it will only be known after they've clashed.

The group of people talked for a moment before Su Xuan's party left. Mu Chen looked at their back figures and fell deep into his thoughts.

"What are you planning? Are you going to participate in the Hunting War?" Luo Li looked at Mu Chen as she asked.

"Since there are so many benefits in the Hunting War, I naturally have to participate in it." Mu Chen smiled. The Spiritual Light Empowerment would clearly benefit one's cultivation greatly. If he were to give it up, then the loss would be too great.

"Then, He Yao…" Luo Li slightly hesitated. If he participated in the Hunting War, then there wouldn't be that many rules and regulations. Aside from not being able to kill, even if they were to heavily injure the other party, there wouldn't be the slightest punishment.

He Yao's schemes were deep and, clearly, he wasn't a simple fellow to deal with. Facing this kind of opponent, one would have to maintain their vigilance and guard. Otherwise, who knew when he would be fatally wounded by the vicious vemon that was hiding in the dark.

"Rest assured, although He Yao has concealed a portion of his strength, I'm not someone that's easy to deal with, either." Mu Chen smiled, "Furthermore, don't we have a month's time? In this one month, I intend on entering the Lightning Territory to cultivate and make preparations for the Hunting War."

Although he managed to obtain the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl, he hadn't been able to fully grasp its profound intent. And since he had time right now, it’s best that he studied it a little bit. Who knows, it might be able to enhance his strength.

There would definitely be many dark horses in this Hunting War and by adding powerful opponents like He Yao, if he were to slack a even little bit, he might be thrown far away. And clearly, this situation wasn't something that he's willing to see.

"Then, I'll accompany you." Luo Li lightly smiled.

When Mu Chen heard what she said, he couldn't stop smiling, "This is like the 'Husband wielding the sword, facing all of the enemies, as the wife plays the zither, and follows the wave'."

A smear of redness appeared on Luo Li's face as she stared at Mu Chen. Thereafter, she quickened her steps towards Ye Qingling.

Mu Chen let out a huge laugh and quickly chased after the members of the Goddess Luo Association.

When Mu Chen's group left, the Demon's Gate headquarters was in ruins. He Yao, however, was solemnly looking at the headquarters that was left in ruins.

"Boss." behind him, the faces of Chen Hou and the rest were ugly. Being beaten by Mu Chen today was a huge loss of face for them, the Demon's Gate.

"Boss, if you were to take action, would that brat act so arrogantly?" Chen Hou said with a low voice. After all, he's a core member of the Demon's Gate, so, naturally, he knew some of He Yao's secrets.

He Yao indifferently threw a glance at him, then coldly said, "My opponent is Li Xuantong. A freshman is still not worthy enough for me to reveal my strength."

"But, you're just going to let that brat go?" Chen Hou unwillingly said.


When he finished speaking, a smear of viciousness flashed across He Yao's eyes as he threw a palm out. Rolls of Spiritual Energy turned into a huge force as it instantly swept the ruined headquarters. All of the huge stones were turned into dust.

This scene made the members of the Demon's Gate silent out of fear.

"Rest assured, in the Hunting War, I will make that brat kneel and beg forgiveness for the things that he has done today. A small freshman really thinks that he can stand on top of my, He Yao's, head? What a reckless idiot!"

"For now, I'll allow him to live for another month."

He indifferently swept his sleeve as he turned around and left. His cold voice, however, spiraled around the ears of Chen Hou and the rest with a cold killing intent.

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