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Chapter 272 – The Might of Ten Spiritual Arrays


The violent energy was like a tidal wave as it spread throughout the region. Ten huge Rank 3 Spiritual Arrays were completely activated. Looking from afar, those Spiritual Arrays looked like ten blazing suns shrouding the headquarters of the Demon's Gate.

Chen Hou and the rest's faces turned green at the sight of this. If it was just a Rank 3 Spiritual Array, then naturally, there's nothing to fear. However, there were ten right before them. Furthermore, the combined power wasn't as simple as one plus one.

However, at this point in time, there wasn't any paths of retreat for them. Looking at He Yao's solemn face, he clearly wasn't willing to admit defeat. Therefore, they had to join hands and withstand the ten Rank 3 Spiritual Arrays.

If they're able to withstand them, then Mu Chen would lose his trump card. At that time, they'll be able to stage a comeback.

"Everyone gather together. We'll all attack at once, I don't believe that we won't be able to handle these ten Rank 3 Spiritual Arrays!" Chen Hou gritted his teeth and barked.

When the other members of the Demon's Gate heard his order, they rapidly gathered around. If they were separated right now, they'd probably suffer the consequences.

Yang Hong also clenched his teeth as he stared at the skinny figure that was seated on a pavilion with hatred and fear. He never imagined that in just several months, the latter's strength would actually be so shocking to such a degree.

On the pavilion, Mu Chen's eyes were indifferent as he watched those Spiritual Arrays soar into the sky from the plaza. Shortly after, his hand signs changed and the ten Rank 3 Spiritual Arrays up in the sky abruptly changed. The violent Spiritual Energy rapidly gathered together.



The Spiritual Energy gathered and, in the next instant, ten light pillars tore through the sky and burst out with a shocking demeanor and shot towards the Demon's Gate without any restraint.

"Let's go together!"

The faces of Chen Hou and the rest drastically changed as they watched the ten huge light pillars shoot towards their direction. With a bark, the Spiritual Energy within their bodies also burst out and formed a Spiritual Energy screen up into the sky.

Onom! Onom!

The rest of the Demon's Gate also quickly circulated their Spiritual Energies. Different colours of Spiritual Energy continued to spread out and, one after another, magnificent light screens appeared. The scene was extremely spectacular.

Up in the sky above the plaza, countless gazes were nervously directed towards the magnificent plaza. They wondered which side would be even more fierce in the clash of power.


Under everyone's nervous gaze, ten light beams continued to charge down.

Up on the pavilion, Mu Chen's gaze was icy-cold and his palm suddenly clenched. Suddenly, the ten light beams spiraled together under everyone's astonished gaze. As they madly spiraled, they turned into a single spiraling light beam.


As the huge spiraling light beam streaked across, even the air issued fragile noises.

"What fine control!"

Someone cried out. Who would've expected that not only could Mu Chen control ten Rank 3 Spiritual Arrays, he could even make them to merge together.

Since that's the case, they'd be even more fierce and fearsome.


As this train of thought flashed across their hearts, it was like ten enraged dragons were shooting down and heavily clashed against the Spiritual Energy light screens.

Bang! Bang!

The instant they came in contact, everyone could hear each light screen shatter in an instant, one after another. The ten spiraling light beams swept past the defences like a hot knife through butter. On the plaza, huge cracks appeared from the Spiritual Energy.


Multiple figures flew out, one after another, vomiting blood and were in terrible states. When Chen Hou and the rest that were at the rear saw how fierce those ten light pillars were, their facial expressions underwent a huge change.


The Ten Spiritual Energy light pillars that swept over had, once again, charged towards the Spiritual Energy light screens that they formed before them. Suddenly, the light screens violently trembled as ripples rapidly spread out.

"We can't withstand them!" beside Chen Hou was a person that had also reached Heavenly Transformation Stage Initial Phase in his cultivation. That person's face was flushed red as he barked.


A smear of fear also flashed across Chen Hou's eyes as the ten light beams combined into one. The impact caused by them was extremely frightening. Although they had combined their strength into one, it was still impossible for them to truly merge their power together. Therefore, it was impossible for them to withstand the fearsome impact.

When the remaining members of the Demon's Gate heard Chen Hou's bark, they could only grit their teeth and immediately retreated at the same time.


As they retreated, the Spiritual Energy light screens instantly shattered. The huge light beams were like enraged dragons as they roared and shot past them from the middle of the formation. Everyone that was affected by the impact flew out in an extremely terrible state as they spewed fresh blood.


As the light beams whistled past, the earth cracked. Thereafter, they charged past the plaza and heavily clashed against the Demon's Gate headquarters.

Even the earth violently trembled. The Demon's Gate headquarters was smashed into pieces from the impact as the huge pavilion was instantly turned into ruins.

After the light beams charged on without restraints for a period of time, the energy was gradually exhausted as it dulled down, bit by bit, and, ultimately, dispersed.

Smoke continued to spread throughout the entire plaza and it was in complete disorder.

Everyone's gaze looked at the scene before them with astonishment. In the vast plaza, there was roughly a huge and deep ravine that was roughly a dozen feet deep. The ravine swept past and went through the plaza, destroying the Demon's Gate headquarters.

On the plaza, there were many members of the Demon's Gate howling in grief. Only Chen Hou and a small minority with some powerful strength could stand on their feet. However, their faces were filled with fear. Clearly, the frightening attack of the ten combined Spiritual Arrays made them feel fear.

"Those ten Spiritual Arrays were extremely powerful!"

Everyone looked at the slightly shocked and completely disordered members of the Demon's Gate. The power of those Spiritual Arrays was clearly powerful. If they were to fight normally, it would definitely not be so easy to defeat so many opponents at once.

After the frightening power was unleashed by the ten Spiritual Arrays, which caused even the sky gradually turn dull, it dispersed completely.

As the Spiritual Arrays dispersed, the pressure that enveloped the area also disappeared. Chen Hou and the rest who still had some fighting strength left directed their ferocious glares towards Mu Chen.

Mu Chen, however, ignored their gazes and directed his towards He Yao, instead. Along with the Demon's Gate headquarters being destroyed, the latter's face was also especially dark.

"You actually dared to wreck my Demon's Gate headquarters?!" He Yao's body was trembling. Clearly, he was enraged. He stared at Mu Chen with a vicious dark aura emitting from his eyes.

"Being treated like this, isn't it bad?"

Mu Chen lightly stared at him as his gaze became as sharp as blades. His face was also dark, "But when you bullied and humiliated my Goddess Luo Association's members, did you think of the consequences? The grand Demon's Gate actually used a wheeling fighting technique on a girl. Since you guys no longer wanted your face, then why should I leave such useless things to you guys?"

He Yao's gaze was dark. The reason why Chen Hou did all of that was he ordered him to. And him doing all of that was just to vent out the anger he had towards Mu Chen for not giving him any face. But who would've expected that Mu Chen would actually be so ruthless and did not spare any face for him?

"Boss, we'll help you capture that brat! We'll see what else can he do!" Chen Hou barked. Shortly after, him and the other two Heavenly Transformation Stage Initial Phase experts flew out as well and went directly towards Mu Chen.

"Get lost!!"

However, when they moved their bodies, Luo Li's figure appeared before them. The young girl had her jade-like hands on the hilt of her black longsword. Luo Li's pupils were ice-cold at this moment. A sharp sword aura swept out, causing cracks on the ground as she threw enraged slashes towards Chen Hou and the other two without the slightest show of mercy.


The faces of Chen Hou and the other two drastically changed. They tasted how formidable Luo Li was so, naturally, they wouldn't be slow. The three of them acted together as their three Spiritual Energies clashed against the sword aura.


The earth cracked and the bodies of Chen Hou and the other two trembled. They were sent flying back.

"You dare!" He Yao's gaze was cold as Spiritual Energy swept out from his body and he was about to take action against Luo Li.

"Same goes for you!" Mu Chen also issued a cold bark as he tightened his grab on the Spiritual Array Seed. The huge Spiritual Array that was above him slowly revolved.

Sensing the huge Spiritual Array emitting violent Spiritual Energy ripples, He Yao's eyes turned even darker as he fixed his eyes on Mu Chen, "Did you really think that you can deal with me by just relying on this Spiritual Array?!"

"Then come and try it!"

Mu Chen didn't yield in the slightest as he coldly stared at He Yao.

"Okay, then today, I'll see how formidable you are!" He Yao laughed with anger as he took a step forth. Spiritual Energy rolled like huge waves.

However, just when He Yao was about to act, a figure flashed over and stood before Mu Chen. That figure gently smiled, "He Yao, this issue was created by your side. Why are you being so overbearing?"

"Su Xuan!"

When He Yao saw the girl that appeared before Mu Chen, his eyes instantly turned dark, "You're trying to help him?"

"I just don't wish to see the both of you fight and cause such unpleasantness." Su Xuan lightly smiled.

The corner of He Yao's eyes twitched from Su Xuan's words. They'd already gone this far and what was this unpleasantness that she spoke of? Su Xuan was good with her words but, clearly, she was siding with Mu Chen.

"What if I refuse?" He Yao said with his eyes darkening.

"Mu Chen has saved the life of us, the two sisters, at least. Therefore, I can't stand by and watch as he's being bullied, so I'll have to apologise." Su Xuan said lightly. However, her words were clear that if He Yao wanted to touch Mu Chen, then she would definitely act as well.

He Yao's gaze was dark as it became filled with an enraged blaze. Both of his fists were tightly clenched. This was the first time that he saw Su Xuan stand out to protect a guy. This made him feel jealousy in his heart and he was nearly set aflame by the jealousy.

He Yao's palms were tightly clenched to the point that creaking sounds came from his fists. However, he chose not to act in the end, as it's still not the time for him to show his cards.

He deeply inhaled a mouthful of air as the rage within his eyes slowly dulled down. However, he directed his vicious eyes towards Mu Chen and said coldly, "Mu Chen, don't think that you won this time. I still have not treated you as a genuine opponent. But rest assured, in the Hunting War, I will set you as my prey. At that time, you'll pay back everything that you've done today!"

"At that time…"

His dark eyes were, once again, directed towards Su Xuan, "No one will be able to save you!"

When Mu Chen heard his words, he lightly smiled. He slightly tightened his grip and the Spiritual Array Seed settled down and was restored its original rusty state, thereafter, he stored it.

"Senior Brother He Yao, no matter what you're intending to do…"

He stood up on the pavilion and looked at He Yao. Thereafter, he waved his hand towards Luo Li and the rest who were below and turned around. There wasn't that many ripples in his voice, but it resounded throughout the plaza.

"I, Mu Chen, will always accept your challenge."

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