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Chapter 271 – Taking the Arrays

"I wonder, does the current me possess the qualifications to pay a visit and seek some guidance from you?"

When the youth spoke with an indifferent voice that was spreading throughout this region, everyone felt as though the air had stopped moving. The youth appeared to be skinny, but he possessed an indescribable pressure. That was the power formed from the surrounding ten Rank 3 Spiritual Arrays and, right now, there wasn't anyone that would laugh at his so-called "visit".

In the plaza, the members of the Demon's Gate were speechless as the ridicule on their faces vanished. They exchanged looks and their expressions were filled with horror.

"Boss." Chen Hou and the rest directed their gazes towards He Yao, who had no expression on his face.

Under the countless gazes, He Yao also slowly placed his hand down on the armrest. Except, the armrest had already been turned into dust as it fell. He lightly tapped the dust and as he raised his head, there was a frightening cold gathering in his eyes, "Mu Chen. I have to say, you have indeed made me feel unexpected."

Mu Chen smiled noncommittally as he stared at He Yao, "If you've done something wrong, then there's a price that you have to pay, right?"

"Did you really think that these ten Rank 3 Spiritual Arrays would make me feel helpless?" He Yao's voice sounded as though it was turning colder with each word.

If the ten Rank 3 Spiritual Arrays were to be activated at the same time, even a Heavenly Transformation Stage Initial Phase expert would be instantly killed. However, if He Yao only had that much ability, then he wouldn't be able to sit firmly at the Rank 4 of the Heavenly Ranking.

Everyone looked at the two who opposed one another and inwardly smacked their lips. This confrontation seemed to be even more fierce compared to Mu Chen and Li Xuantong's Pact of Three Moves.

"These Spiritual Arrays have wasted quite a bit of time for you, right? It seems like I've belittled you. I never thought that you would actually hide yourself within the our Demon's Gate headquarters during these last few days." He Yao gradually stood up. There wasn't any emotion rippling within his voice.

"But, after you've used up these Spiritual Arrays, what other methods do you have up your sleeves?"

His eyes were dark as he stared at Mu Chen. The current card that Mu Chen possessed was clearly the ten Rank 3 Spiritual Arrays. Facing those Rank 3 Spiritual Arrays, not to mention a Heavenly Transformation Stage Initial Phase, even those of the Middle Phase would hide from it’s cutting blade. However, just because someone else was unable to withstand it, that doesn't mean that he, He Yao won't be able to.

He Yao straightened his body as a frightening Spiritual Energy rippled like a tidal wave that was sweeping out from his body. The slab beneath his feet quietly shattered as a crack rapidly extended out.

Everyone was instantly shocked as they watched his actions. Was He Yao going to take action and withstand those ten Rank 3 Spiritual Arrays?

"Chen Hou, after I've withstood those ten Rank 3 Spiritual Arrays, you'll lead a group of people and act. Since the other party is acting so atrociously in Demon's Gate headquarters, there's no need to be polite to them." He Yao slowly stepped forth as he spoke with indifference.

"Yes!" Chen Hou and the rest instantly agreed. Shortly after, they ferociously directed their gazes towards those of the Goddess Luo Association. If the threat of those Rank 3 Spiritual Arrays were removed, then there's nothing to fear from those freshmen. Although Luo Li was also formidable, it was, after all, impossible for her to deal with so many of them at one time. After giving these freshmen a rough beating, they believe that the freshmen will no longer have the guts to stay there.

When Ye Qingling and the rest saw the ferocious lights in the eyes of Chen Hou and those of the Demon's Gate, their faces slightly changed. However, there wasn't any intention to cower back from them.

A cold light flickered in Luo Li's eyes. Shortly after, she extended her slender jade-like hands out and lightly held onto the hilt of her longsword. Vaguely, a sharp sword aura gathered around her.

The atmosphere turned hostile in that instant as multiple gazes fixed onto He Yao, who was slowly moving forth.

As the atmosphere froze, Mu Chen's face still didn't show any ripples as he looked at the approaching He Yao. Shortly thereafter, he smiled, "Senior Brother He Yao, these ten Rank 3 Spiritual Arrays weren't prepared for you."

He Yao's steps paused as he looked at Mu Chen. He wore a cold smile on his face, "Oh? Could the current you still have any ability to do something else?"

He Yao wasn't some normal person, after all. Although they didn't know what methods Mu Chen used to arrange the ten Rank 3 Spiritual Arrays, he could see that Mu Chen was already at his limit. It's not possible for the latter to separate his attention elsewhere to do anything else.

Not only could he see that, even Su Xuan, Xu Huang and the rest had the same feeling as they lightly nodded their heads at that moment. It was already formidable that the current Mu Chen could reach to such an extent. It was basically impossible for the latter to still be able to separate his attention to do anything else.

Mu Chen did not bother with those numerous doubting gazes, but only replied with a smile, "Senior Brother He Yao, these Spiritual Arrays are prepared for those people that came to my Goddess Luo Association. Therefore, I feel that you should let them to be the ones to take these Spiritual Arrays."

As he spoke, his blade-like cold gaze fell on Chen Hou, Yang Hong and the rest. When they saw his gaze, all of them trembled a little.

"Wait until I take your Spiritual Arrays, they'll naturally be the ones to test your ability!" He Yao coldly smiled. He did not pay any attention to Mu Chen as he stomped on the ground and shot up. Majestic Spiritual Energy spread out as he flew towards Mu Chen.

"Since that's the case, I can only use something else to entertain Senior Brother He Yao."

Mu Chen indifferently smiled. Shortly after, he clenched his hand as a light flickered. A metallic rust-stained ball appeared in his hand. When the golden metallic ball appeared, Mu Chen instantly poured some Spiritual Energy into it.


The metallic ball instantly burst forth with tens of thousands of golden lights. Thereafter, as the light swept out, extremely frightening Spiritual Energy ripples started to spread out.

As the Spiritual Energy rippled, everyone could see an extremely huge Spiritual Array rapidly forming in the sky.

That Spiritual Array was extremely huge, greatly surpassing those Rank 3 Spiritual Arrays. As the complicated Spiritual Energy lights intersected, they formed into a cryptic and profound Spiritual Array.

*Woooosh!* *Wooooooooooosh!*

A hurricane was formed between the heavens and earth from the ripples of Spiritual Energy. A complicated light Spiritual Array that was toughly a thousand feet in diameter appeared and floated above Mu Chen's head. It was extremely dreadful.

Everyone had shock on their faces as they looked at the Spiritual Array above Mu Chen's head that had instantly appeared. Everyone could tell that the Spiritual Array before them had far surpassed the boundaries of the Rank 3 Spiritual Arrays.

From the looks of the ripples, even among Rank 4 Spiritual Arrays, this Spiritual Array before them wasn't simple.

"How is that possible?" shortly after, they were at a loss for words. They refused to believe that Mu Chen could arrange a Rank 4 Spiritual Array at such a rapid speed on top of those ten.

From Mu Chen's earlier actions, this Rank 4 Spiritual Array was clearly not engraved beforehand, but was instantly arranged and activated at that moment.

"It's the Spiritual Array Seed."

Su Xuan's charming eyes flickered as she spoke in soft voice that was filled with astonishment, "It’s the Spiritual Array Seed from the auction back at White Dragon City. Mu Chen actually managed to thoroughly study it!"

On one side, the face of Su Ling'er and the rest was also filled with shock. They naturally knew about the Spiritual Array Seed. Furthermore, it was a gift that Su Ling'er bidded for Mu Chen. Back then, from its rusty appearance, they thought that it had already lost its effect. However, they never imagined in their wildest imaginations that it could display so much power in the hands of Mu Chen.

"No wonder he wasn't afraid of He Yao, so he had this hidden card." Su Ling'er said with joy. The Spiritual Array that was hidden within the Spiritual Array Seed wasn't weak. Facing a Spiritual Array of such a level, even He Yao would be afraid. Now, how will He Yao be so arrogant before Mu Chen?

"Mu Chen won't do anything that he doesn't have confidence in. Since he actually dared to visit the Demon's Gate, how would he not have any methods to deal with He Yao?" Su Xuan lightly smiled as her gaze watched the figure of that youth with a peculiar look.

The countless gazes from the surrounding area froze at the sight of the Spiritual Spiritual Array that suddenly appeared. Even He Yao, who was about to charge towards Mu Chen, abruptly stopped moving as his face flickered with doubt.

From the huge Spiritual Array, he could sense a strong amount of danger. This made them understand that he didn't have the confidence to take it.

"What formidable means." He Yao's gaze flickered with a cold light as he stared at Mu Chen, along with a smear of darkness as he said with his teeth tightly clenched.

"Senior Brother He Yao, you're flattering me."

Mu Chen faintly smiled, "Now, I'll have to trouble you to keep silent. Otherwise, I won't mind activating this Spiritual Array Seed. But if I were to activate it, then I won't be able to stop it. At that time, I won't take any responsible for any consequences."

"You dare to threaten me?!" He Yao's hands were tightly clenched as his tone turned cold.

"Senior Brother He Yao, if that's what you think, then I have no other opinion." Mu Chen's hand tightly held onto the rust-filled Spiritual Spiritual Array Seed.

He Yao fixedly stared at Mu Chen as the veins in his hand twitched. However, he still did not take any action in the end. If Mu Chen only had those ten Rank 3 Spiritual Arrays, then he wouldn't have anything to fear. But if there's an additional Rank 4 Spiritual Array, then even he wouldn't entirely be the same. Not even he had the confidence to withstand that.

"Ten Rank 3 Spiritual Arrays, you think that it's sufficient to deal with my Demon's Gate?!"

He Yao clenched his teeth. As long as he stood there, Mu Chen wouldn't dare to activate the Rank 4 Spiritual Array. Aside from him, there were also three Heavenly Transformation Stage Initial Phase experts. Add the fact that they possess so many people, they can't be belittled if they combined their strength.

"It seems that Senior Brother He Yao still refuses to agree to my request from before." Mu Chen stared at He Yao as he spoke.

"If you want my Demon's Gate to apologise to freshmen like you, I'm afraid that you guys don't possess that capability!" He Yao coldly laughed. If they were to apologise, then what face do they, the Demon's Gate, have?

"Since that's the case…"

Mu Chen faintly smiled. Except that his smile suddenly turned cold as his hand signs suddenly changed. The surrounding ten Rank 3 Spiritual Arrays instantly burst forth with dazzling lights and violent Spiritual Energy ripples swept out.

Everyone felt their hearts trembling. This Mu Chen had really managed to activate the ten Rank 3 Spiritual Arrays.

"Then I'll have to ask those of the Demon's Gate to take the Spiritual Arrays."


When Mu Chen finished his last word, a violent Spiritual Energy instantly started to wreak havoc.

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