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Chapter 265 – Handing Over the Mission Report

In the sky of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, several lights were flying over from far away. They looked at the training grounds below as the numerous light images streaked across the sky. Their tightly tense emotions finally eased down.

After experiencing those killings, they were only able to feel at ease when they reached the gentle atmosphere within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Over here, they they were able to put down their worries as students of Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Over here, they would receive the protection from those colossal figures.

Mu Chen’s party entered the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy and made their way towards the Mission Hall. Now that they’ve successfully completed their mission, it’s better for them to hand their mission report over first and receive their rewards.

The Mission Hall sat at the northwest corner of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Within the crowd, a towering majestic huge hall stood to one side. On the sides of the huge hall, there was a frightening amount of people flowing in and out.

In the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, the Mission Hall was the most well-loved location. However, all of the students that could come here to accept the mission were those with the ability to. Especially the missions that required them to head towards the Northern Heavens Continent, those missions have strict requirements.

Mu Chen and his group landed in the Mission Hall under Su Xuan’s lead.

Inside the Mission Hall, it was abnormally lit up. Along the walls, there were many crystal screens, and on those screens, there were various missions that constantly changed.

Mu Chen’s line-of-sight swept around and landed on the middle of the Mission Hall. There was a blood-red crystal pillar and on the pillar, there were names carved on it.

The ghastly colour caused this crystal pillar to attract the most attention in this vast hall. Every student that came here would look at those names on the blood-red crystal pillar with fear.

“Bounty Board”

Mu Chen focused his attention towards the top of the crystal pillar. There were three blood-red names flickering there that were dazzling to the eyes. This was the Bounty Board that he had heard so much about along his way here.

Mu Chen looked up on the crystal pillar and several familiar names entered into his eyes.

“Rank 1 of the Bounty Board, Mo Xingtian. Reward – 10,000,000 Spiritual Value Points, 1 Supreme Spiritual Artifact, 1 Deity Tier Spiritual Art.”

“Rank 2 of the Bounty Board, Mo Longzi. Reward – 8,000,000 Spiritual Value Points, 1 Deity Tier Spiritual Art.”

“Rank 3 of the Bounty Board, Blood Dragon – Mu Gu. Reward – 5,000,000.”

“Rank 4 of the Bounty Board, Guo Xiong . Reward – 3,000,000.”

The scarlet letters showed the danger that those names posed. The sky-high rewards would make the eyelids of others jump. However, everyone understood that not everyone could enjoy the sky-high rewards.

“Mo Xingtian’s reward actually reached 10,000,000 Spiritual Value Points.” Mu Chen couldn’t help letting out a sigh. Ten million, he could basically buy anything he wanted. Even the Blood Essence of the Northern Sea Dragon, he could get two of those.

“Up till today, no one has succeeded in obtaining his reward.” Su Xuan helplessly smiled as she continued, “That kind of figure is no longer someone that we, students, could handle. Even Shen Cangsheng could only go for Mo Longzi.”

Mu Chen lightly nodded. He encountered Mo Longzi before and understood the latter’s formidability. But that Mo Xingtian was even more powerful than Mo Longzi. According to his intuition, that fellow had probably stepped into the Heavenly Completion Stage cultivation long ago.

Even in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, being at the Heavenly Transformation Stage would allow someone to obtain an Elder rank. In those slightly weaker continents, they could basically proclaim them as Small Sovereigns.

“Let’s go and hand over our mission report. Furthermore, we also have to inform the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy about the emerged Demonic Dragon Palace.” Su Xuan said lightly. Thereafter, she took several steps towards the center of the Mission Hall. Over there, there was a huge crystal screen with students arriving and handing over their mission reports.

However, in that kind of place, the difficulty of mission had different rewards. Su Xuan walked straight towards the middle of the huge crystal screen, there was a white-haired elder that was snoring away. His thunder-like wheezing sounded out, but no student dared to bother him.

When Su Xuan saw him, she lightly smiled as she walked up. Her jade-like hands grabbed the elder’s beard and lightly pulled.

“Ah! Who?!” the elder that was in the middle of his beauty sleep instantly jumped up as he grabbed onto his beard and snarled in anger. But when he saw the smiling Su Xuan, he only snorted, “It’s you again. If you’re handing over your mission report, then hand it over. Why are you treating an old man so crudely?”

“Hmph, you’re always goofing off. I say, maybe I should pluck your beard off.” Su Ling’er also walked up and snorted tenderly.

“You two brats.”

Elder Liu helplessly rolled his eyes and directed his line-of-sight towards them, “You’ve completed the Heaven Rank Mission? So quickly? Why is there a Heavenly Fusion Stage brat, as well?!” his line-of-sight suddenly fell onto Mu Chen and was stunned. Thereafter, he said in a grave voice, “Girl, you actually brought that brat to the Northern Heavens Continent? Nonsense, what if something happened? Could it be that you sisters are fond of him?”

His words were decent, to those in front. But when he saw the person in the back, his words changed and instantly caused Su Xuan and Su Ling’er’s faces to flush red.

“Damnable old fart, what nonsense are you speaking?!” Su Ling’er’s face was boiling.

“Hehe.” Elder Liu chuckled and continued, “What a joke. However, this complacency is against the rules. This brat’s reward will be cut by half. Don’t stare at me, this is only because we’re familiar with each other. Otherwise, he would only dream on getting a single Spiritual Value Point.”

Mu Chen was shocked, his Spiritual Value Points will be cut by half?

Their location was the Heaven Rank Mission’s counter. Therefore, when Su Xuan and her party came, they attracted quite a bit of attention from their surroundings. The Su sisters possessed quite a bit of fame in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Naturally, it was easy to recognise them.

Elder Liu’s voice also attracted a lot of attention. Everyone’s gaze was staring weirdly at Mu Chen. That brat only possessed Heavenly Fusion Stage strength, he shouldn’t have the qualifications to accept a Heaven Rank Mission, right? Why did Su Xuan bring him along? Could it be that between them, there was some kind of relationship?

“Oi, old fart. Stop speaking such nonsense. The information said that it was a Wealthy Spirit Treasury when we accepted the mission. But when we arrived at the White Dragon Hillock, it was clearly a Sovereign Spirit Treasury. So what if Mu Chen’s cultivation is only at the Heavenly Fusion Stage? The City Lord of White Dragon City, Bai Xuan, still die by Mu Chen’s hands. If it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t have been able to come back!” when Su Ling’er heard that Elder Liu was about to cut Mu Chen’s Spiritual Value Points, she instantly became anxious and furiously barked.

When her words were spoken, there was a moment of silence in the surroundings. Even Elder Liu was slightly stunned. Clearly, he had yet to digest the information from Su Ling’er’s words.

“Sovereign Spirit Treasury?”

“You’re saying that this brat killed the City Lord of White Dragon City? How is that possible? I’ve gone to the White Dragon Hillocks for a mission once before. The City Lord of White Dragon City has cultivated to the Heavenly Transformation Stage!”

“It must be fake, right?”

The surrounding people exchanged glances as whispers broke out from them.

“Sovereign Spirit Treasury?” Elder Liu also recovered and carried on with some astonishment, “Isn’t that impossible? From the news that we’ve investigated, it was just an ordinary Wealthy Spirit Treasury.”

“Nonsense, the Sovereign Spirit Treasury was clearly left behind by the White Dragon Sovereign who fell in that place a few hundred years ago. The City Lord of White Dragon City was also a chess piece from the Demonic Dragon Palace. Their aim was to obtain the Supreme Treasure left behind by the White Dragon Sovereign.” Su Ling’er snorted.

“White Dragon Sovereign?! Demonic Dragon Palace? Are you guys speaking the truth?” when Elder Liu heard those two names, his face changed as he abruptly stood up. His face was filled with bewilderment.

“Hmph, how could it be fake? In the end, that bastard, Mo Longzi, had also arrived. If it wasn’t for Senior Brother Shen Cangsheng, who arrived just in time, we wouldn’t have been able to return anymore!”

Anger was struggling within Su Ling’er’s charming eyes, “We struggled with our lives to get back. In the end, the fault was on your side, since the information wasn’t accurate. If it wasn’t for Mu Chen, none of us would have been able to return. If you dare to cut his Spiritual Value Points by half, I won’t let you off!”

“Mo Longzi?!”

When the surrounding students heard that name, they instantly felt a chill in their bodies. A dense shock rushed from their eyes. Su Xuan and her party actually encountered Mo Longzi?

Elder Liu’s face was filled with dread. His face no longer had any laziness as his line-of-sight was directed towards Mu Chen. Thereafter, he asked Su Xuan, “Was what she said the truth?”

“Correct, what Ling’er said was the entire truth. Elder Liu, if you don’t believe us, you can question Guo Xiong and Li Qing, as well. Or, perhaps when Shen Cangsheng returns in the future, you can question him, yourself.” Su Xuan lightly nodded as she continued, “Bai Xuan was someone from the Demonic Dragon Palace. His strength had reached Heavenly Transformation Stage Late Phase. Furthermore, it really was Mu Chen who killed him. In this mission, his credit was enormous. Therefore, Elder Liu can’t be confused.”

Next to her, Li Qing and Guo Xiong heavily nodded their heads.

Their surroundings were in complete silence, even Elder Liu was looking at Mu Chen with disbelief. He actually killed Bai Xuan, who was at the Heavenly Transformation Stage Late Phase with just his Heavenly Fusion Stage strength? How is that possible?!

Mu Chen was stared at by those gazes and felt unease. He helplessly spoke up, “Elder Liu, it was only due to some special means that I was able to kill Bai Xuan. It wasn’t my genuine strength.”

Hearing his words, shock filled the eyes of the surrounding people. They could care less about the means that Mu Chen used. They only knew that this brat, whose cultivation was only at the Heavenly Fusion Stage Middle Phase, actually killed an expert with Heavenly Transformation Stage Late Phase cultivation.

Heavenly Transformation Stage Late Phase, even in the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, the number of students that reached that height could be counted on one’s fingers, right?

Elder Liu’s eyes looked at Mu Chen and only after a brief moment, did he retract his gaze. He extended his hands.

“Pass me all your Spiritual Value Point Cards. The reward will be as usual; however, you guys have to clearly tell me everything you learned on this mission. I have to report this to the Elders Regiment.”

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