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Chapter 264 – Returning

With a bodyguard as powerful as Shen Cangsheng seeing them back, of course they wouldn’t meet any trouble. In only two short days, they’d already closed in on the border of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Over those two days, Mu Chen recovered a lot from the ominous energy, thanks to the medicinal pellet that Shen Cangsheng had given him. Furthermore, the strength of his Spiritual Energy had also risen.

Although the ominous energy was a dark and foreboding existence, it could also be considered a form of power. Mu Chen had exhausted most of the ominous energy during his battle with Bai Xuan, but he still had a little left over. He could benefit from absorbing those remains.

Mu Chen was elated at his quick recovery and felt even more grateful towards Shen Cangsheng. If it hadn’t been for his medicinal pellet, then Mu Chen’s wounds would’ve taken even longer to heal.

In the sky outside the Northern Heavens City, several light figures flew overhead and landed on a nearby mountain peak. It was Mu Chen’s group, rushing back to the Academy.

“Senior Brother Shen Cangsheng, are you not following us back to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy?” Mu Chen enquired as he looked at the black-clothed youth.

Shen Cangsheng smiled and shook his head. “I accepted Mo Longzi’s bounty mission, but I haven’t completed it yet. So, I won’t return for now.”

Guo Xiong smacked his lips when he heard that. No wonder Shen Cangsheng was Ranked 1 of the Heavenly Ranking. He actually dared to pursue the savage Mo Longzi. He was probably the only one in the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy who would dare to do such a thing.

“Then, we’ll part here. I hope you’ll successfully accomplish your mission. By the way, our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy will be hosting the annual Hunting War next month. Will you be back for it?” Su Xuan smiled.

“Hunting War…” Shen Cangsheng narrowed his eyes.

“This year’s Hunting War will be especially challenging. According to my sources, the Guardians will be the three great generals of the Punishment Hall,” Su Xuan explained.

“The three great generals of the Punishment Hall? Those three? They’re actually coming out this year?” Shen Cangsheng was shortly taken aback, and a look of shock flashed across his eyes.

Su Xuan shrugged and nodded. “Those three were the top students of our seniors’ class. Even though they graduated, they still stayed to cultivate in the Punishment Hall. So if you don’t come back, then I’m afraid we might end up losing this year’s Hunting War.”

Shen Cangsheng knitted his brows, “I never thought they’d come out. Well, in that case, I’ll try my best to rush back in the time. Those three aren’t easy to deal with, and I also wish to spar with them.”

Su Xuan nodded with a light smile as she continued, “Since you’re willing to come back, then we might have a chance at the last stage. With you and Li Xuantong.”

Shen Cangsheng smiled and stayed briefly to make some more light conversation before he left in a streak of light and rapidly disappeared over the horizon.

“Haha, if Senior Brother Shen Cangsheng comes back for the Hunting War, then we might have a chance of winning.” Guo Xiong smiled as he looked in the direction that Shen Cangsheng had disappeared to.

“Hunting War? What’s that?” Mu Chen asked in confusion.

“The Hunting War is an event that our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy hosts every year. It’s a grand occasion where almost every single student participates in an intense battle. Who knows how much unexpected geniuses might appear?”

“Don’t make a mistake by thinking that all the formidables figures are already listed in the Heavenly Ranking. Some people are really good at enduring and hiding their presence.”

Mu Chen sighed and nodded. With so many students, there was no way all of them could be listed in the Heavenly Ranking. There were still more formidable figures hiding away.

“Shen Cangsheng was a dark horse. He used to be relatively unknown in our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. But his fame shot through the roof during one particular Hunting War — he defeated the Heavenly Ranking’s Rank 1, as well as the Guardian of the event. Since then, his name has spread far and wide throughout the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Even today, his position as the Rank 1 of the Heavenly Ranking is unshakable,” Guo Xiong said with adoration.

Mu Chen lightly nodded. Shen Cangsheng clearly wasn’t an ordinary guy.

“Then, who are these Guardians?” Mu Chen asked again. He realised that didn’t know a thing about these huge events in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

“There are Guardians in every Hunting War. They’re never current students — instead, they’re from the Punishment Hall. Most of them are graduated students who didn’t want to leave the Academy, and simply stayed here to cultivate, instead. All of them are extremely powerful.”

Su Xuan lightly continued, “I heard that they’re sending out three Guardians this time — the Three Great Generals of the Punishment Hall.”

“Three Great Generals of the Punishment Hall?”

Mu Chen blankly repeated those words.

“Haha. Back in the days, the three of them were famed throughout our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. They still possess such fame within the Punishment Hall. Rumors say that a year ago, the three of them set out together on a mission to hunt down the Rank 1 on the Bounty Board, Mo Xingtian.”

“Mo Xingtian?”

Mu Chen was stirred by that. Mo Xingtian topped the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy’s Bounty Board. He was rumored to be the youngest Elder in the history of the Demonic Dragon Palace, and possessed monstrous talent and tremendous strength. He was far more powerful than Mo Longzi, who they’d encountered a few days before.

If the Three Great Generals were strong enough to chase after someone like that, then their strength must be extremely frightening.

“What was the outcome of that chase?” Mu Chen couldn’t help asking.

“Outcome?” Su Xuan said helplessly with a smile. “How could it be easy to deal with Mo Xingtian? Even the Three Great Generals together returned empty-handed. However, the fact that they were able to make a full escape from Mo Xingtian was already a considerable feat.”

Mu Chen also nodded. Mo Longzi alone was already very powerful, so the the Ranked 1 of the Bounty Board, Mo Xingtian should be even more fearsome. He wouldn’t be ranked so highly if he could be easily killed.

“For this Hunting War, the Three Great Generals will be the students’ common enemy. You can only claim victory by defeating them. Afterwards, you can exchange your Spiritual Light for mouthwatering rewards.” Su Xuan paused as her charming eyes lit up, “That would be the Spiritual Light Empowerment.”

The moment she mentioned this Spiritual Light Empowerment, Mu Chen clearly noticed a burning desire flash across Li Qing’s frosty face. He only smiled in confusion.

“This ‘Spiritual Light’ is formed from the purest Spiritual Aura. It’ll be one of our objectives during the Hunting War. The more Spiritual Lights we collect, the more rewards we’ll receive from the Spiritual Light Empowerment.”

Su Xuan saw the blank expression on Mu Chen’s face — he clearly hadn’t followed her explanation, so she smiled and tried again. “I heard that you participated in the Spiritual Road before, so you should know about the Spiritual Road Empowerment, right? This Spiritual Light Empowerment is roughly equivalent to the Spiritual Road Empowerment. Both can greatly unleash your potential and enhance your strength.”


Now Mu Chen understood. His heart trembled. No wonder the Hunting War often allowed students who’d been in hiding to expose themselves. So, there were such great rewards at stake.

Mu Chen had participated in the Spiritual Road before, so he knew about the importance of the Spiritual Road Empowerment. If he hadn’t possessed those means, then it would’ve been hard for him to catch up to the Kings of the Spiritual Road.

If the Spiritual Light Empowerment really had such miraculous abilities, then he definitely couldn’t afford to miss out.

“But, in order to obtain the Spiritual Light Empowerment, you’ll have to defeat the final Guardian, of course. That’s where the Three Great Generals of the Punishment Hall come in — they will definitely be our opponents.”

Su Xuan gently smiled, “Otherwise, why would I remind Shen Cangsheng to come back for the Hunting War? Wouldn’t I be finding more formidable opponents for myself?”

Guo Xiong sighed. “That’s right. In the past, there’s always been only one Guardian. But this time, there are three, and they’re the renowned Three Great Generals of the Punishment Hall. Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong are probably the only ones who can contend against such formidable figures.”

Mu Chen lightly nodded. Right now, you could say that Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong were the most powerful two in the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. If the two of them weren’t enough, then none of the students would win much from this Hunting War.

“Alright, we’re almost there. Let’s visit the Northern Heavens City to turn in our report and get the invitation to the Academy.” Su Xuan said as she pointed towards the grand city — the Northern Heavens City, one of the external defenses of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

Everyone else nodded in agreement to her words. Then, they moved and streaked across the sky, and entered the majestic Northern Heavens City.

They didn’t stay for long in the Northern Heavens city. They quickly found an Academy mansion to make their report and successfully obtained an invitation. Soon, they were passing through the vast borderlands of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Within two hours, they were within sight of the endlessly imposing Academy itself.

They stared at the vast Academy grounds and couldn’t help their sighs of relief. Smiles appeared on their faces. Their mission was complete.

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