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Chapter 259 – Won’t Die


A violent Spiritual Energy swept over the forest like a storm, leveling the trees with its sheer force.


A bloody Spiritual Energy violently tore at the sky. Whenever one of his opponents — the azure wave or the scarlet dragons — charged at it, they were thrown back. Neither of them could match its might.

Su Xuan and Li Qing were pale — especially Li Qing, whose heavy chest was heaving. Even though she owned the High Rank Spiritual Artifact — Draconic Spirit Bracelets, she was still only at the Quasi-Heavenly Transformation Stage. There was simply too much of a distance between herself and Bai Xuan. If Su Xuan hadn’t been pressuring him, she probably would’ve lost by now.

Even so, the situation wasn’t encouraging.

“How long can you guys hold on?”

The bloody spear in Bai Xuan’s hand trembled and a razor-sharp bloodlust swept around him. He coldly smiled at the two young women who were backing off.

Su Xuan ground her teeth as she continued to circulate the Dense Water Spiritual Pearl to resist Bai Xuan’s incoming attacks.

“I’m done playing around. I’m not wasting any more time on you!” Bai Xuan announced as his eyes turned cold. The longer this dragged on, the thinner his patience wore. Even though he still controlled the situation, he still had to deal with them quickly to avoid unnecessary trouble.


The moment his words landed, he tightened his grip on his bloody spear and his eyes turned cold. A boundless Spiritual Energy swept out, and the sky seemed to darken in response.

Lines of blood-red light illuminated the sky behind him, surged, and took the shape of a massive bloody python. Its pupils were scarlet-red and filled with deep animosity.

“Soul of the Blood Python!”

Bai Xuan’s expression was cold. Then, the spear in his hands exploded forward in a dazzling scarlet light. The Blood Python struck out from behind him, so swiftly that it whipped up a wind as strong as roaring thunder. The serpent swung its tail, coiled around the spear, and soared towards Su Xuan and her allies in a sea of blood-red light.

The sheer oppressiveness shocked them.

“Mountain of Dense Water!”

Su Xuan’s expression turned exceptionally grave as she moved the Spiritual Energy within her body and growled. A massive azure wave rose into the air like a solid mountain of blue water, gathering and twisting, until even the space around it seemed to bow before its frightening weight.

“Draconic Spirit Bracelet, Dragon-Flood Dragon Massacre!”

Li Qing also circulated her Spiritual Energy through the Draconic Spirit Bracelets as much as she could. Two spiritual loops erupted with whistles of spiritual light as the scarlet dragon and flood-dragon intertwined in a red spiral. The pressure of this display was impressive, to say the least.


The frightening attacks clashed again and again. Surges of Spiritual Energy rippled out and created a berserk hurricane that ravaged everything in this land. The wind howled.

“You guys want to defeat me, just by yourselves?” Bai Xuan questioned as he watched their attacks meet with a cold smile in his eyes. He clenched his fist and the massive python darted away, emanating a baleful aura.


The Blood Python crashed into the azure mountain of water. The frightening impact forced the mountain of water to give in, until finally, the entire wave exploded.

The azure water mountain had been dissipated and the Blood Python hadn’t been injured. It charged forward with its dense, baleful aura, and met the scarlet dragons again.


An earth-shattering impact rang out, and the two dragons mournfully cried. The Spirit Bracelets dimmed and flew backwards, landing in Li Qing’s hand.


Li Qing and Su Xuan both turned pale and coughed up mouthfuls of fresh blood. Their auras dimmed as the attack sent them flying backwards. It was clear that they’d suffered heavy injuries.

The Blood Python continued its charge towards them, with whatever strength it had left.

“Mountain Shield!”

Guo Xiong shouted as he took a step forward. His yellow shield exploded with a blinding light and a mountain of runes materialised on its surface, giving it a deep sense of profound intent and stability.


The Blood Python hit the light shield with a loud noise, and Guo Xiong was nearly jolted off his feet. He took a few steps back as fresh blood flowed between the fingers of his shield hand.

But Guo Xiong was a strong-willed warrior. Even if he bled in rivers, he’d still hold on to his shield of light. Like Su Xuan and Li Qing, he was also sent flying by several metres before he managed to catch himself with a roar of frustration. Only now did the Blood Python run out of Spiritual Energy and disperse.

Guo Xiong heaved for air as he caught his footing. His arm was still trembling as he turned his sweat-filled face towards the pale-faced Su Xuan and Li Qing and asked through his teeth, “Are you alright?”

Su Xuan and Li Qing bitterly smiled. Bai Xuan was way too powerful. There was no way they could defeat him, even if they worked together.

Guo Xiong ground his teeth as he solemnly declared, “You two go ahead. I’ll keep him.”

“You can’t do that alone.”

Su Xuan clenched her fists, ground her teeth, then suddenly turned around to face the mountain peak that Su Ling’er perched on. She was still watching them with a face full of anxiety. Su Xuan growled, “Take Mu Chen with you and leave!”

“Big Sister!”

Su Ling’er was so anxious and upset that her eyes had turned bloodshot. She stomped her feet in frustration and the unwillingness to abandon them and escape.

“Don’t let us die in vain!” Su Xuan sternly retorted.

This was the first time Su Ling’er had seen such a stern expression on her sister’s face. Tears flowed down her face as she ground her teeth and picked Mu Chen off the ground, preparing to escape.

“Haha, what a righteousness act to abandon yourself and save others. But it’s pointless.” Bai Xuan coldly stated as he watched them. “Do you really think you can block my way?”

Guo Xiong coldly smiled back. “You’re welcome to try!”

Bai Xuan’s eyes turned cold. Without warning, he moved like a ghost and appeared right in front of Guo Xiong. The scarlet spear thrust forward, overflowing with a baleful aura.

Guo Xiong was caught off guard; however, his powerful light shield managed to form again, just in time.


Sparks flickered and Guo Xiong was overwhelmed with shock as he watched a series of cracks rapidly crawl over the surface of his shield.

“Break!” Bai Xuan’s arm trembled and the light shield exploded. The spear whipped towards Guo Xiong’s chest like a dragon flying at lightning speed.


An azure wave rose between them and caught the spear, causing it to veer off course just enough so that the spear tip pierced through Guo Xiong’s shoulder.

Guo Xiong howled in pain as he drew back. Blood gushed from the hole in his shoulder — the wound had rendered his entire arm useless.

Su Xuan and Li Qing immediately took defensive positions in front of Guo Xiong. They glared at Bai Xuan, who looked back at them with the mocking expression of a cat toying with a mouse.

“Little miss, if you try to run, your Big Sister and your friends might die by my hands.” Bai Xuan threatened as he smiled at Su Ling’er. She was still holding onto Mu Chen and was prepared to escape.

She paused her steps as she bit her rosy lips so hard that a thin line of blood trickled down. Her lovely face was filled with glistening tears and desperation. But finally, she made her decision. She wiped those tears from her face and raced away with Mu Chen in tow. She knew that staying any longer would only make all their sacrifices be in vain.

Bai Xuan smiled at that. There was a vicious glint in his eyes as the bloody spear trembled, then burst towards Su Xuan’s party in a powerful attack.

Su Xuan’s party was suddenly surrounded by the dangers of Bai Xuan’s sudden outburst. That blood-red spear could pierce through any one of them.

“Haha! Your Big Sister won’t be able to hold on for much longer.”

Bai Xuan ferociously rained attacks on them, all the while taunting the small trembling figures with a cold, distant, and demonic voice.

Su Ling’er covered her rosy mouth with a small hand, then clumsily wiped away her tears. Finally, she recovered enough of her composure to declare, “Bai Xuan, I definitely won’t let you go!”

Bai Xuan coldly smiled. “Really? Then let’s wait until I kill your sister and your friends. Then, I’ll get rid of you.” He turned to the three, whose offense was steadily growing weaker. Suddenly, his eyes took on a chilly expression and he launched the bloody spear with a powerful energy, heavily smashing it into all three of them.


The three of them coughed up mouthfuls of blood as their bodies flew backwards. Their faces were as white as paper.

“Take another step, and your Big Sister is really going to die!” Bai Xuan threatened with a smile as he moved to stand right over Su Xuan. The bloody spear in his hand stabbed towards her slender snow-white neck with enough force that a gale whipped up around them.

Without turning around, Su Ling’er imagined the scene that was occurring behind her back. She paused and her shoulders trembled. More blood spread over her rosy lips.

But just as Bai Xuan expected Su Ling’er to turn around and attack him, she spoke in a low, hoarse voice. “Bai Xuan, I will definitely find you. And when I do, I will definitely kill you.”

Then, the whites of her eyes flushed red and she flashed away.


But before she could get too far, a firm arm suddenly stopped her. Su Ling’er was startled by the touch and looked down to see Mu Chen slowly raise his head from her arms.

His face was flushed and his pitch-black pupils were now scarlet-red. Veins stood out from under his skin, and fresh blood oozed from his skin. All this, coupled with the indescribably baleful aura in his eyes, gave him a horrifying appearance.

Mu Chen was like a bloodthirsty Asura who’d just climbed out from Purgatory.

Others felt stabs fear from the mere sight of him.

“Mu Chen…you…”

Su Ling’er was also frightened by Mu Chen’s appearance. She found herself overwhelmed by her emotions and broke down sobbing. “I was supposed to make sure that nothing happened to you. Otherwise, Big Sister and the others would’ve died in vain. Hurry up and leave me.”

A boundless baleful aura rippled through Mu Chen, and he slowly raised a bloody, veined hand to wipe the tears from the young woman’s cheek.

His face — that made others cower in fear — brightened with a smile that Su Ling’er was so familiar with.

A soft voice soothed her emotions. “Don’t worry. I promise that not a single one of them will die.”

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