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Chapter 258 – Suppressed

Su Xuan, Guo Xiong, and Li Qing stood in the mountain forest. A majestic Spiritual Energy swept over them like a hurricane. Even the sea of trees stirred and bent under its pressure.

Su Xuan was the most powerful among them; she was already a Heavenly Transform Stage Middle Phase. She also owned the High Rank Spiritual Artifact Dense Water Spiritual Pearl, so her fighting strength was far greater than ordinary. Li Qing was useful if she borrowed the power of the Draconic Spirit Bracelets. That meant that Guo Xiong was the weakest among them; however, his cultivation technique focused on defense, so he made an extremely tough shield. If the three of them put their strengths together, they could be a force to be reckoned with.

But even then, the three of them had no confidence that they could defeat Bai Xuan. But given their circumstances, they couldn’t resign to their fates, either. They had to put up a fight, even if they knew that they were going to die.

“A bunch of ignorant brats.”

Bai Xuan’s eyes were cold as he appraised the three of them. Then, flashed a cold smile as he gripped his scarlet spear. His eyes turned sharp and red as he stepped forward and a frightening wave of Spiritual Energy erupted like a volcano.

The frightening Spiritual Energy pressure washed over them.


Su Xuan’s charming eyes focused as she shouted. She was the first to burst forward with a jade hand in the air. The glowing Dense Water Spiritual Pearl shot forward and raised a mountainous azure wave that swept towards Bai Xuan.


Li Qing circulated her energy through one of the Draconic Spirit Bracelets, which swiftly turned into a huge scarlet flood dragon. It roared with a frightening Spiritual Energy and charged towards Bai Xuan.

Guo Xiong also snarled and a dark yellow Spiritual Energy swept out. He tightened his fingers and a similar-coloured shield appeared, engraved with heavy mountains, and giving off an aura of infinite weight and steadiness.


Bai Xuan’s cold smile only grew broader as he watched them launch their terrifying offensive towards him. His form burst forward and the scarlet spear trembled as a majestic Spiritual Energy surged like rivers of blood to meet their attacks.


A frightening gale of Spiritual Energy whipped up and wrecked havoc on the forest below.

Everything exploded into battle.


Like a supreme ominous beast from ancient times, the black demonic pillar tore into Mu Chen’s aura sea with its baleful aura.

The moment the demonic pillar crashed into Mu Chen’s aura sea, he was instantly overtaken by an intense sense of pain. It felt like his aura sea was going to shatter.

The baleful aura flowed into him like bloody rivers. The black demonic pillar buzzed, as if it was celebrating the fact that it’d conquered him.

Mu Chen’s spirit stood up from its place on the Spiritual Energy wheel. His small face was grave as he watched the baleful aura. Behind him on the mandala, the Nine Netherbird also stood up, flapped its flame-clad wings, and hovered. Together, they cautiously watched the black demonic pillar.

“You activate the mandala flower. I’ll keep it busy,” said the Nine Netherbird.


Mu Chen nodded and his spirit moved towards the top of the mandala flower and sat down. At his current stage, he couldn’t control the mandala flower growing from the black paper; however, it’d been inside of him for years, so he was familiar with it. He could at least slightly activate it.


The Nine Netherbird flapped its wings and cried loudly. A baleful aura and an earth-shattering sea of black flames swept towards the black demonic pillar.

Onom! Onom!

The black demonic pillar sensed the attack and immediately countered. The buzzing rang louder as its bloody aura grew denser and crashed into the black flames like two waves colliding and destroying each other.

Even though the Nine Netherbird wasn’t at full strength, it seemed that the black demonic pillar wasn’t either. The two fell into a deadlock when neither managed to gain the upperhand.

However, that still wasn’t good news to Mu Chen. The baleful aura was simply too oppressive — it would damage his body if it stayed here for too long. He had to settle this as soon as possible.

Mu Chen’s spirit quietly sat on the mandala flower. Even though he understood the urgency of the situation in front of him, he wasn’t panicking. He knew that panicking wouldn’t help him solve his problems.

His mind gradually quieted down as he blocked off all external senses and immersed his state of mind into the mandala flower he sat on.

As Mu Chen’s mind sank into the mandala flower, his tightened facial muscles gradually loosened, and a look of peace took its place. An indescribable sense of vigor and boundless profound intent rippled through his heart.

The mandala beneath him began emitting a faint, dark purple glow, and its beautiful petals slowly blossomed open. However, there was also a frightening power within its beauty.

The violet light rippled and collected into a sphere of light around the mandala flower. Mu Chen had the vague sensation of an ancient Sanskrit chant echoing and buzzing through his aura sea.

When the sound reached the baleful bloody aura, a ripple spread over its savage surface and pacified it.

The black demonic pillar within the bloody sea flickered with scarlet runes. The ancient Sanskrit resounding across Mu Chen’s aura sea made it feel dangerously uneasy.

However, the feeling only provoked its anger and it exploded with an undeniable rage, breaking through the Nine Netherbird’s sea of black flames.

“Let it through.”

Just when the Nine Netherbird was preparing to re-engage, it was startled by the voice from behind. The creature turned to face Mu Chen, who was still sitting on his flower. His eyes were already open, but they were a strange, dark violet hue.

The moment Mu Chen’s spirit leapt from the mandala flower, the flower exploded with beams of dark purple light. The rays intertwined with each other and formed a net of purple light.


The net woven of light sailed through the air and landed perfectly on the black demonic pillar. The moment the pillar was captured by the net, its bloody baleful aura dispersed.

Onom! Onom!

Bloody runes appeared on the surface of the black demonic pillar as it shifted into various shapes in an attempt to escape the net. Eventually, it realised that there was something strange with the light net.

This purple light net wasn’t as simple as it seemed. It appeared as only beams of light, but upon closer inspection, those lines were actually rivers of mystical runes. Those runes were the reason why the black demonic pillar couldn’t break free.

The violet mandala slowly circulated and tugged on the black demonic pillar, just like a venus flytrap that’d caught its prey.

Boom! Boom!

The pillar’s bloody sea surged as it desperately struggled. Slowly, the ancient baleful aura even managed to stop the mandala’s pull.

The mandala flower was a mysterious existence, but the black demonic pillar was just as strong.

“Nine Netherbird, attack it!” Mu Chen urged when he saw the pillar’s crazed struggle.

The Nine Netherbird nodded and snapped its wings. Black flames gathered and turned into a pair of formless black wings that burned with a dark light; however, there were no flames blazing from its surface. Even so, Mu Chen could sense the frightening energy gathered there.


The black wings carried their owner forward in a streak of light, right into the demonic pillar at lightning speed. The pillar shook at the force of the impact and was sent flying. The mandala flower wasted no opportunity to pull it forward.

The moment the black demonic pillar was pulled into the mandala flower, those beautiful petals rose and closed the flower into a tight bud. Glowing runes floated over the petals and turned into violet shackles, binding the black demonic pillar.


The black demonic pillar continued to struggle and the chains clinked and clanged in response. However, the number of shackles only increased, until the black demonic pillar was thoroughly sealed.

Mu Chen and the Nine Netherbird suddenly felt as if a heavy weight had been lifted off their shoulders.

Mu Chen’s spirit carefully approached the mandala flower. The black demonic pillar still towered, even though it was now tangled in countless violet shackles and its powerful energy had been suppressed.

“I’ve finally dealt with the big guy.”

Mu Chen smiled as he looked over the tattered black pillar. His eyes suddenly focused on something and said in astonishment, “There seems to be name inscribed on it…”

He studied the ancient characters and knitted his brows. Words this old were quite hard to recognize.

“Great…Meru……Demonic Pillar?”

Mu Chen muttered, “Is ‘Great Meru Demonic Pillar’ the name of this item?”

He turned back to the Nine Netherbird. “You should know something about it, right? Since you’ve lived for so long.” If they were to speak of knowledge and experience, the Nine Netherbird clearly possessed more than him.

The Nine Netherbird stared at him for a moment, then glared and flapped its wings. “Among the Nine Netherbirds, I’ve only just reached adulthood!”

Mu Chen was startled, “You’re already so powerful, even though you’ve just reached adulthood?”

The Nine Netherbird proudly raised its slender and graceful neck. “Did you think that absolute geniuses only existed among your human race?”

Mu Chen rubbed his nose.

The Nine Netherbird lazily peered down at Mu Chen, “Anyways, you’d better think about how to deal with the aftermath of what just happened. Even though the black demonic pillar has been sealed, it has still left a large amount of baleful aura inside your body. If you don’t get rid of it soon, your body will be corroded.”

Mu Chen smiled and narrowed his eyes, as an eager smile rose at the corner of his mouth. He wasn’t surprised. Of course he already knew that.

“This baleful aura is also a form of energy… I got it. I’ll need to use them next.”

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