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Chapter 255 – Bai Xuan’s True Strength

The grey-robed elder and the Heavenly Transform Stage Initial Phase guard slowly stepped forward, their cold, snake-like eyes fixed on Mu Chen.

The supreme treasure was right before them. If they could just get rid of Mu Chen, they’d be able to safely seize their prize. Therefore, this obstacle before them had to be dealt with.

“Brat, since you don’t want to get lost on your own, then you can leave your puny little life right here.” The grey-robe elder threatened. They had two Heavenly Transform Stage Initial Phases on their side. With power like that, he could kill Mu Chen as easily as he could turn his palm.

Mu Chen was expressionless as he slowly spread his hands. Even he found it difficult to fight two opponents of this level — however, he had no other choice. But if these guys really wanted a fight, then he wouldn’t mind letting them know that this so-called “pushover” wouldn’t be that easy to deal with.


The grey-robed elder was done with this nonsense. They wrapped their fingers around the empty air, and black spears materialised on cue. Then, the two of them acted at the same time and rushed towards Mu Chen at lightning speed.

Mu Chen quickly retreated from their powerful attacks. With a twitch of his own fingers, the Nine-Layered Pagoda appeared and expanded in a flash, becoming a solid defense between them.

Clang! Claaang!

However, the grey-robed elder and the guard weren’t intending to be merciful. They circulated their Spiritual Energies to the limits and whipped their spear images on the pagoda like raging vipers. The force of the attack even shoved the structure back.

Mu Chen’s emotions were rolling, but there was no panic in his eyes. He made use of the precious time that the Nine-Layered Pagoda had bought him, and quickly formed a series of confusing hand seals while circulating his Spiritual Energy.

Faced with such an opponent, of course Mu Chen had to get serious.

He formed the seals with both hands and a wave of majestic Spiritual Energy washed over them. The natural Spiritual Aura around them was also rapidly gathering towards him.

“Be careful! That kid is going to unleash some Spiritual Art!”

The grey-robed elder and the guard both noticed the intense ripple in the natural Spiritual Energy around them. The grey-robed elder icily glared at Mu Chen as he barked, “Get rid of him!”

They thrusted the long spears in bursts of Spiritual Energy, jolting the Nine-Layered Pagoda and knocking it back. Then they burst towards Mu Chen like lightning.


Mu Chen’s pitch-black eyes turned into a pair of deep black pools and he coldly snorted as he formed more hand seals. A torrential Spiritual Energy swept out like waves of the great seas.


The skies above Mu Chen became starry and a colossal white tiger formed from their light. It crouched upon the sky as a deep, baleful aura swept out.

“Four Gods Constellation Scripture, Divine Seal of the White Tiger!”

Mu Chen furiously glared at his opponents, just like the roaring white tiger above him. He formed the last seal with both hands and set it out.


The White Tiger Divine Beast stepped on the starry sky and roared, shaking the heavens and earth. The starry light responded to its call and slammed down upon the grey-robed elder and the guard.

“It’s Deity-Tier Spiritual Art!”

Their expressions changed and their voices grew shriller. They hadn’t expected such a Spiritual Art from Mu Chen — and he was able to fully exert it!

Their faces turned grave and their postures showed that they weren’t affording the slightest negligence. They circulated their Spiritual Energies without the slightest bit of restraint. They immediately joined their efforts and threw out a palm. The turbulent Spiritual Energy surged into a Spiritual Energy light barrier a hundred feet tall, solid and firm as any wall.


The starry light struck the light barrier with a thunderous Spiritual Energy. Violent shockwaves swept out. The huge, messily scattered stones were instantly ground to dust.


The light barrier shattered under the force of the attack and the grey-robed elder was sent flying several hundred feet back. He groaned as a scarlet line appeared on his lips.

Mu Chen’s Divine Seal of the White Tiger had injured both opponents with that attack. But instead of continuing the barrage, he paused his offense and turned to Bai Dong.

Bai Dong was stunned into silence by Mu Chen’s fearsome might. He couldn’t understand it. Why was this Heavenly Fusion Stage Middle Phase youth so hard to deal with?

His two Heavenly Transform Stage Initial Phase experts should’ve easily killed him. However, they’d been wounded by him instead. The methods that Mu Chen had used to accomplished this alarmed Bai Dong.

So when he saw Mu Chen suddenly burst towards him, his expression drastically changed. All thoughts of stealing the treasure had been banished from his mind as he rapidly retreated.

“You want to leave?”

Mu Chen coldly smiled as he circulated his Spiritual Energy and chased after Bai Dong.


Bai Dong took the full attack; however, he could only guard against Mu Chen’s six Limitless Death Seals. Blood trailed from his mouth as his torn body flew backwards. But before he could regain his bearings, a chilly sword ray stopped at this throat. He froze in place, not daring to move.

“Brat, you dare!”

The grey-robed elder and the guard had recovered by now, only to see Bai Dong fall into Mu Chen’s hands. Their faces twisted in rage.

“Turn around and leave this place.” Mu Chen slowly said with an indifferent expression.

No one moved as they glared at Mu Chen with ferocious expressions. If they did that, wouldn’t they be leaving the supreme treasure to Mu Chen? That was something they weren’t willing to let happen. They couldn’t afford to pay the consequences.

Mu Chen held their eyes and frowned. It looked like they considered this supreme treasure to be far more important than Bai Dong.

Even though Bai Dong was terrified, he still managed to spit out vicious threats. “Piece of shit! The supreme treasure is what we value most. You can kill me, but my father will definitely shred you to pieces! Your companions won’t escape either!”

“Yeah, I know.”

Mu Chen lightly smiled. Bai Dong was startled by the expression, and Mu Chen took advantage of that to throw out a palm. Bai Dong flew backwards with a face full of disbelief and fresh blood. Mu Chen’s palm had nearly severed his life — he clung to life by only a hair-thin thread.

The grey-robed elder and the guard rushed forward to catch Bai Dong. Their expressions grew grave as they evaluated his condition.

“He still has some breath left. If you don’t do anything, he won’t hold on for much longer,” Mu Chen sighed to them.

The two of them understood Mu Chen’s intentions — he wanted to use Bai Dong’s heavy injuries against them.


The grey-robed elder was furious as he snarled that word. Suddenly, a thunderous boom echoed from somewhere outside their pocket dimension and an indescribable Spiritual Energy swept over them.

Bang! Bang!

The remaining stone pillars in the black basin instantly shattered and the dark sky once again regained its light. Outside, the White Dragon Sovereign’s powerful light barrier had finally collapsed.

The violently attacking Stone Guardians had shattered to pieces.

A light bathed over them and they blankly raised their heads towards the source. The black and white dragons had slowly lost their glow from the long battle and the frightening might that’d engulfed the space slowly started to disperse.

The two Sovereign Clones had exhausted their Spiritual Energies.

The light screen that’d shrouded the black basin had disappeared. The stone statues had also lost their fighting strength.

All the challenges that’d stood in their way were now gone.

The other experts that were still engaged in a battle stopped their fighting and blankly evaluated the situation in their heads. Then, the expressions rushed back to their faces as they burst forward at the same time, and the basin was drowned out by the howl of wind as they rushed towards the depths.

Mu Chen had lost his indifferent expression as well. He never thought that the two great Sovereign Clones would disperse just like that. Once the White Dragon Sovereign’s Clone dispersed, the place would become a free-for-all.


Mu Chen immediately stood up and headed towards the white spiritual pearl resting atop the black demonic pillar.


But just as he reached the top of the pillar, a cold snort cracked like lightning from somewhere above.

Mu Chen immediately looked up to find Bai Xuan glaring down at him with a chilly face. When Bai Xuan saw that Mu Chen was about to make a dive for the pearl, he narrowed his eyes and threw out a punch. The Spiritual Energy surged with the weight of a tsunami as it crashed down on Mu Chen.

At just the right moment, Mu Chen’s body flickered with a black light and the Nine-Layered Pagoda appeared around him.


The Nine-Layered Pagoda suffered the heavy attack and its black light instantly dimmed. Even inside, Mu Chen felt the blast from Bai Xuan’s fist and his face turned ashen as he coughed up red blood. He staggered and flew out, colliding with the black demonic pillar. With a twist of his wrist, he steadied himself using the pillar.

“Brat, hand it over!”

Bai Xuan’s eyes were like a cold blade. With a shout, he rushed at Mu Chen with bloodlust in his aura.


But just as Bai Xuan initiated his charge, a brilliantly glowing jade pearl cut between the two and exploded with waves of water, shrouding Mu Chen within a protective barrier.


Bai Xuan’s sharp attacks clashed with the azure waves; however, his attacks were only pushed back by the protective water.

Bai Xuan’s expression dropped a few degrees in temperature when he glanced towards the source of the attack and found Su Xuan. She appeared right in front of Mu Chen, cautiously affording him protection.

“Brat, hand it over. Or don’t blame me for starting a massacre.” Bai Xuan’s eyes were savage as he glared at Mu Chen like a venomous snake.

Mu Chen wiped away the trickle of blood at the corner of his mouth. With a flick of his wrist, he picked up the pearl that rippled with frightening Spiritual Energy and stowed it away. But as he did so, he failed to notice that a drop of blood from his hand had landed upon the black demonic pillar. The drop seeped into the pillar and didn’t even leave a trace behind.

“So, you think she can keep up with me.” Bai Xuan studied Mu Chen and Su Xuan and the corner of his mouth slowly turned into a mocking smile.

Mu Chen’s pupils shrank as he looked at the darkened Bai Xuan. Something wasn’t right.

“Did you really think I was only this strong?”

Bai Xuan took a step forward with eyes like icy frost. A black bracelet on his arm suddenly crumbled to dust. Mu Chen and Su Xuan’s faces both changed.

They felt the surge of oppressive Spiritual Energy sweeping out from Bai Xuan’s body.

This strength — he’d already reached the Heavenly Transform Stage Late Phase!

Bai Xuan had actually been hiding his strength this entire time!

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