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Chapter 242 – Refining the Lotus Seed

It really is the Fire Celestial Lotus.

Mu Chen’s eyes were blazing as he stared at the rainbow-coloured lotus submerged in the magma lake. Joy had settled within him as his plan bore fruit, as expected. The Fire Spiritual Energy around here was so strong that it could support many Fire Spirit Lotuses at once, so there simply had to be one that’d managed to evolve. The only difference in his plans was that the treasure hadn’t been floating on the surface; instead, it’d been hidden deep in the magma.

The magma was boiling so hot that it could melt metal. Even Heavenly Transform Stage experts wouldn’t dare to dive into it. If the Nine Netherflames hadn’t been protecting Mu Chen’s body, then he wouldn’t have been able to obtain the Fire Celestial Lotus, even if he knew where it’d been hidden. The only thing he could’ve done was sigh and leave with depressed spirits.

Mu Chen licked his lips as he continued his pace towards the Fire Celestial Lotus.

But, the moment before Mu Chen reached the Fire Celestial Lotus, he sensed a sudden ripple through the magma. A scarlet light pierced through the lake and was headed towards him at a startling speed.

Mu Chen was temporarily caught off guard by the sudden attack, but he still managed to shroud his body within the Nine-layered Pagoda with a wave of his hand.


The scarlet light collided with the Nine-layered Pagoda, causing it to shake violently. The dark light flickered, then rapidly faded away, before re-entering Mu Chen’s body.


Mu Chen’s face turned pale as the Nine-Layered Pagoda dulled and returned to him as he spat out a mouthful of blood. His eyes glazed over in shock as he barely managed to turn his head towards the right.

A scarlet snake slithered through the magma. It was covered in scarlet scales and had flaming horns. Other than that, it didn’t look to be all that powerful. The only thing that was unique about it was the fact that its horns were burning with dark-gold flames and flowed with fiery-red magma.

In fact, this scarlet snake was actually far smaller than the Flame-Eating Pythons that Mu Chen had seen from the surface. However, the strength that flowed from this one was far greater. Mu Chen felt much more power emanating from it than from even that grey-clothed elder.

Mu Chen’s skin turned scarlet red and the Spiritual Energy within his body boiled vigorously and blazed with astonishing energy!

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