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Chapter 241 – Fire Celestial Lotus

The moment the cold laugh and bloodthirst started from the grey-robed elder, several white-robed men darted out from behind him. With a quick flick of their hands, several black spears swung and created multiple spear images that were hurled towards Mu Chen.

The cyan longsword flashed and a pitch-black Spiritual Energy burst outwards from Mu Chen’s body. The sword flickered with black flames and blocked all of the spear images that rained down on him.

Claang! Claaang!

The sword collided with the spears and burned them away with its black flames. These white-robed individuals weren’t as strong as the four from before — they should be somewhere in the Heavenly Fusion Stage Middle Phase. However, their actions were extremely well coordinated. Even a Heavenly Fusion Stage Late Phase might get killed in a fight against them.

Mu Chen looked up at the grey-robed elder, who was staring back at him with the eyes of a venomous snake. This Heavenly Transform Stage Initial Phase old bat was the one Mu Chen truly feared. Such power was quite overbearing with his current cultivation. This old man would be a great threat, if he decided to move against him.

Mu Chen had no backup, at present, and it was unlikely that he’d be able to carve an escape route out, like last time. His situation was especially un-reassuring.

Several others nearby had noticed the confrontation between Mu Chen and the members of White Dragon City. However, they only afforded a cursory glance, before they took the initiative to leave the area. It was clear that they didn’t want to get themselves involved.

“I must find an opportunity to escape.” Mu Chen frowned. They should be within the vicinity of the Sovereign Spirit Treasury, so, if he started a fight with Bai Dong right now, there would be too many unstable factors. He couldn’t tell if there were going to be more reinforcements from White Dragon City. On top of that, he had to stay wary of the others, who were eyeing him like tigers watching their prey.

“Trying to escape?”

Mu Chen flicked his eyes towards the grey-robed elder, who darkly smiled back at him. Then, something flashed in the elder’s eyes. He clenched his dried-up fists as a powerful Spiritual Energy surged into an arc of light and formed into a long spear. The Spiritual Energy of the arc throbbed and gave it an astonishing might.

“The old fellow is about to act!”

Mu Chen’s face couldn’t help to changed as he retreated.

Mu Chen studied the rainbow lotus that was deep in the magma with an expression of exhilaration. This was the Fire Celestial Lotus that he’d been searching for!

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