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Chapter 235 – None Left

“You damned brat!”

Night covered the forest. The two black shadows ground their teeth as they watched the bloodied Mu Chen eerily smile at them. His eyes were filled with dense bloodlust.

They never imagined that things would turn out like this!

Shouldn’t they be able to easily dispatch a Heavenly Fusion Initial Phase brat? How did the situation progress to this point? The four of them were Demonic Dragon Guards with a rich amount of experience under their belts. Who knows how much blood was stained on their hands? But, during tonight’s pursuit of this youth, two of them had been slain, and one had been heavily injured.

Even if they’d been sent to take down a Heavenly Transform Stage expert, they wouldn’t have paid such a miserable price, right?


Mu Chen pick up his cyan longsword. A pitch-black Spiritual Energy flared and formed irregular sword lights at the blade’s tip. He smiled. With his entire body drenched in blood, it was a frightening spectacle.

“The number of people I killed on the Spirit Road alone is more than the total you’ve killed between all of you.” Mu Chen smiled and pointed the longsword towards the two as he continued his speech. “Now, shall we end this comedy of a pursuit?”

“Yes, it’s about time to end this. We won’t give you another chance to flee!”

The two black shadows eerily replied. Then, one shadow ducked left, while the other went right, sealing off Mu Chen’s path of retreat. They’d already had a taste of Mu Chen’s many tricks during their earlier pursuit. In order to guard against that, they couldn’t be careless and give him another chance. Otherwise, they could fall into his traps at any moment.

“Really?” Mu Chen smiled. He tightened his grip on the longsword as a majestic Spiritual Energy poured out like black smoke and surged towards the sky.

“Kill him!”

The two black shadows went silent as their eyes turned cold. They burst forward simultaneously. The two black spears in their hands were venomous snakes darting from their nests, sweeping towards Mu Chen in a violent gale.

Mu Chen also flew forward in the same instant. The light of the sword surged as the black flames ascended. Even though he faced two attackers, he didn’t show the slightest hesitation.

Dang! Daaaang!

As the three of them intertwined, a violent Spiritual Energy burst outwards. Dried leaves swept over the ground and turned into dust. One large tree collapsed after another.

Mu Chen’s attacks were ruthless. He’d gone with full force, straight towards the unharmed black shadow. He paid no attention to the one with the crippled hand. It looked like Mu Chen planned to exert all his power to kill the unharmed black shadow.

However, the latter clearly wasn’t someone who was easy to deal with. The shadow released his Heavenly Fusion Stage Late Phase strength, without restraint. His attacks were sharp and all aimed at Mu Chen’s vitals.

The sword light and spear image whistled through the air. Frightening Spiritual Energies collided and dispersed multiple times.


Mu Chen’s expression was indifferent as he thrust his sword forward, bringing the surges of Spiritual Energy and flaring black flames with it. The blade was like a black horse, running as fast as lightning towards the black shadow’s chest. However, the latter had already swept up his spear to block Mu Chen’s attack.

“A Heavenly Fusion Stage Initial Phase wants to fight me head-on? What wishful thinking!” That black shadow coldly smiled.

Mu Chen’s expression was as placid as ever as he pulled back the sword and then dived forward, like an eagle. His fingers clenched as he threw out a punch.


Spiritual Energies fluctuated. Mu Chen’s pitch-black Spiritual Energy was like a storm as it rapidly gathered around his fist. Six Limitless Death Seals seemed to have formed in an instant.

As the six Limitless Death Seal appeared, the natural Spiritual Energies from the forest grew more chaotic. A black-coloured light seal flew out, like a black comet, as it streaked across the night sky towards the black shadow.


Cracks appeared in the ground, forming a huge ravine.

Shock appeared in the eyes of the black shadow. He’d sensed a fatal amount of danger from that attack.

“Black Dragon Fiend Spear!”

Spiritual Energy swept out from the body of that black shadow. His hand trembled as the black-coloured spear flew from his hand. The energy went wild, turning into a black dragon a few dozen feet long. It bared its fangs, brandished its claws, and charged.


The comet formed from the Limitless Death Seals didn’t give the slightest pause as it mercilessly collided with the black light dragon, causing a huge crash to resound. The black shadow watched as the black comet sailed on like an irresistible force, instantly destroying his black dragon. Even the black spear that’d formed the dragon’s core had been sent flying.


The comet pierced through the dragon and whistled towards the shadow, as the shadow, himself, watched with an expression of fear plastered all over his face.


A miserable shriek shook the earth as a huge crater appeared on the ground. In the center of the crater was the black shadow’s corpse, now more of an indistinct mess than a human being. He’d died instantly.

Mu Chen’s six Limitless Death Seals had been enough to withstand one of Li Xuantong’s attacks. Now, the execution of it had instantly killed a Heavenly Fusion Stage Late Phase expert.


Mu Chen also deeply exhaled a deep breath. His aura was slightly sluggish. That attack had drained a lot from him.

Mu Chen stood high up in the air. With a flick of his wrist, the Nine-layered Pagoda appeared in his palm, then flew behind him to block the attack of the remaining black shadow with the crippled arm.

Mu Chen slowly turned around to face the frightened black shadow and lightly smiled, “It seems like you’ve have chosen the wrong target.”

“So, do you still want to resist?”

The black shadow slightly trembled. The eyes that’d been filled with a sinister aura were now filled with fear. Today’s events were truly too horrifying to speak of.

“Who are you?! You name wasn’t in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy’s Heavenly Ranking!” the black shadow severely retorted.

When Mu Chen heard that, he furrowed his brows. He coldly stared at the person before him. “I take it that you’re familiar with what goes on in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy? I wonder, who are you?”

The black shadow was shocked. He never thought that his simple remark would raise the suspicions of this youth before him. This fellow was simply too hard to deal with.

“No. It’s impossible to complete tonight’s mission. I can only return and report that we made a mistake in estimating our target’s strength!” The shadow ground his teeth. The black spear in his hand shot towards Mu Chen as the shadow, himself, took the opportunity and flew away.

The pagoda in Mu Chen’s hand expanded and blocked spear like a huge shield. He watched the black shadow escape towards the forest with a blank expression. With a flick of his finger, the Nine-layered Pagoda expanded, again. The first layer exploded with golden lights. A roar sounded as the light turned into a golden dragon that tore through the forest. The black shadow couldn’t dodge in time as the dragon collided with him.


A violent shock wave leveled the surrounding trees. That black shadow coughed up fresh blood as his wretched figure flew backwards and landed at Mu Chen’s feet.


The cyan longsword stopped at the shadow’s throat. Mu Chen lightly smiled and said, “Now, will you tell me where you’re from?”

“You must be dreaming, if you think you’re going to get anything out of me!” The shadow’s eyes were dark as he laughed. “Brat, don’t be complacent. None of you will escape!”

Mu Chen looked uninterested as he drove the longsword through the shadow’s throat. He’d decided that he couldn’t extract any more information from the shadow. In that case, there wasn’t any point in keeping him alive.


Mu Chen straightforwardly killed the last person, then sat down and panted heavily. He felt a little beaten after the night’s battle of wits and merciless wills.


After he got rid of the last person, a series of sonic booms echoed from the distance. Mu Chen looked up in surprise and clutched the longsword in his hand. But loosened his grip when he realised that it was Su Ling’er.

“Mu Chen!”

Su Ling’er landed on a patch of empty ground and took in Mu Chen’s bloodied state with a single glance. She was instantly startled and her charming face lost its color as she anxiously hurried over to him.

“I’m fine.”

Mu Chen waved his hand towards her.

Su Xuan, Guo Xiong and Li Qing followed after Su Ling’er, their faces were also filled with anxiety. They let out relieved sighs when they confirmed for themselves that Mu Chen was still alive.

They looked at the two corpses with blank expressions, then back at Mu Chen with confusion in their eyes. “You killed these two? What about the other two? Didn’t Ling’er say that there were four?”

“All dead.”

Mu Chen was a little shaky as he stood up. He looked over his own blood-soaked body and gave them a helpless smile.

“All dead?”

Su Xuan, Su Ling’er, Guo Xiong and Li Qing’s faces changed as they looked at Mu Chen in disbelief. “You did this?”

Mu Chen looked around and replied, “Is there anyone else here?”

Su Xuan and the other three were speechless as they watched Mu Chen with strange expressions. According to Su Ling’er, those four should’ve been Heavenly Fusion Stage Late Phase killers with extremely cruel and rich experiences. Su Xuan could’ve killed them straightforwardly, but even Guo Xiong and Li Qing, who were Quasi-Heavenly Transform Stages, would’ve withdrew back. There was no way they could’ve killed the assassins.

But Mu Chen had accomplished it?

“Formidable!” Guo Xiong exclaimed in admiration as he gave Mu Chen a thumbs up. Mu Chen had clearly gained his respect by accomplishing such a feat as only a Heavenly Fusion Stage Initial Phase.

Li Qing’s eyes were also filled with amazement as she looked at Mu Chen.

“Haha, it looks like I truly made the right choice in choosing you as our companion.” Su Xuan sweetly smiled. However, her charming eyes still held a peculiar expression as she looked at Mu Chen.

“Stop teasing me. I only fought for my life, nothing particularly amazing. I was just a little more ruthless than they were.”

Mu Chen shook his head, then asked, “Do you know who they are? Why would they attack us? Such formations probably don’t belong to an ordinary force, right?”

The longsword in Su Xuan’s hands tore open the shirt of a black shadow’s corpse, revealing a tattoo on his chest — a palace carried on the backs of dragons. A baleful aura slowly emanated from it.

Su Xuan stared at that tattoo as a cold light flashed across her eyes.

“They’re from the Demonic Dragon Palace.”

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