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Chapter 229 – White Dragon Jade Pillar


When the white-clothed youth announced his price, a commotion broke out in the auction house. Such a sum clearly surpassed the estimated price of the Spiritual Array Seed by a long shot.

Eyes shifted between the white-clothed youth and Mu Chen, then to Su Xuan and the other two girls, who currently had angry wolf-like expressions. Then, they understood what was going on.

Most of the people in this auction hall had lived in White Dragon Hillock for quite some time. Of course, they knew that the Young City Lord was very lustful. Who knows how many girls had fallen into his hands over the years? From the looks of it, these three unfamiliar, but beautiful, girls had caught his attention, so he’d purposely stirred matters up.

Mu Chen slightly furrowed his brows. He never thought that the smooth auction might be interrupted by this guy. Mu Chen, himself, also didn’t possess much wealth; even if he tried to compete, he knew he wasn’t going to win.

The white-clothed youth laughed at Mu Chen’s frown, showing off his status as a hedonistic rich-kid.

Su Ling’er’s shapely brows lightly moved. She saw the proud look from that youth. A little Young City Lord of White Dragon City dared to put on an act before her?

“150,000.” Su Ling’er coldly said.

A commotion broke out in the auction house again. Quite a few people were looking over in interest. From the looks of it, this pampered-looking young miss wasn’t someone easy to deal with.

Those from the Heavenly Dipper Sword Faction and the Earthen Way Sect also looked over at Mu Chen’s group and showed surprise. Then, the middle-aged man of the Heavenly Dipper Sword Faction and skinny old man from the Earthen Way Sect stopped their eyes on Su Xuan. They’d clearly sensed her strength.

A trace of astonishment flashed across their eyes. This girl was clearly quite young, but she was already so powerful? These youths definitely weren’t simple.

That white-clothed youth was also dazed for a moment. The eyes that’d been watching the exchange with amusement suddenly flashed with gloom. No one in White Dragon City would dare to go against the Young City Master like that.

“200,000.” He said after glancing back at Su Ling’er.

“250,000.” Su Ling’er added. Her charming eyes were filled with mockery. Now, she’d put him on the stage where he couldn’t back down.

“YOU…!” The youth raged. The moment he let out that furious bark, the grey-clothed elder pressed him on the shoulder.

The grey-clothed elder opened his eyes and said, “Young City Lord, there’s no need to make trouble. They aren’t ordinary people. That girl in white is so powerful that even I might not win. Just let it go. Our target isn’t this Spiritual Array Seed, so, please, don’t make unnecessary trouble; otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to face the City Lord.”

When the white-clothed youth heard the elder’s words, his face changed through several shades of green and red. He never expected to embarrass himself in front of so many people. However, he only nodded, as he didn’t dare to ignore this elder. He then threw a ruthless glance towards Mu Chen’s group, before looking away.

“Hmph, a little Young City Lord of White Dragon City dared to be arrogant before me?” Su Ling’er snorted as she saw how suffocating that youth was acting.

“This price is already a little high.” Mu Chen helplessly smiled. The information on the Spiritual Array Seed wasn’t complete, after all. By spending 250,000 Spirit Coins, he felt like they’d lost a little.

“It’s his fault for having such dirty eyes.” Su Ling’er twisted her lips into a pout, but then smiled, “I’ll gift this Spiritual Array Seed to you. I’m not a Spiritual Array Master, so I won’t have a use for it.”

“Then, you have my thanks. I don’t have the money right now, but I’ll return it to you next time.” Mu Chen didn’t reject the offer as he was still rather interested in this Spiritual Array Seed. He only thought of oweing a favour this time.

“Who asked you to return it? We’re companions, right now, so helping each other is natural.” Su Ling’er said as she rolled her eyes at him.

“What Ling’er said is correct. This Spiritual Array Seed shouldn’t be ordinary. If you can study it, who knows? It might be of huge help to us.” Su Xuan lightly smiled. Her gentle smile moved many hearts around them. A woman like her was considerably outstanding. No wonder even Bai Dong couldn’t endure it.

Mu Chen smiled, nodded, and stayed silent.

The auction continued, but Mu Chen didn’t find anything else interesting after his Spiritual Array Seed, and was slightly disappointed. The three major forces sitting in front of them didn’t buy anything, either. It was clear that they’d each come for a specific target, and it seemed that their targets lied in a similar direction.

The auction gradually wound towards its end; however the atmosphere became increasingly excited. Bi Sheng stood onstage with a full smile on his face as he swept an eye over the three major forces without making it clear that he was looking at them. Then, he retrieved an object from his sleeve with exasperating slowness.

The moment that object came out, Mu Chen felt brilliant rays of light as they rushed forth in the eyes of the three major forces. The grey-robed elder next to the white-robed youth hadn’t moved at all, until this point, but now, even he was tightly focused.

Mu Chen followed their eyes back to the stage and saw a jade rod appear in Bi Sheng’s hand, roughly 2 inches long. The surface of the rod seemed to be decorated with a barely visible engraving of a white dragon in flight. On the head of that dragon was the vague impression of a person sitting cross-legged.

The moment this White Dragon Jade Dowel appeared, it started to vibrate. As powerful lights were emitted, what seemed to be the mournful cries of a dragon tore through the hall. It was a misery too strong for words, like a tsunami bearing down upon them.

The misery quickly permeated the hall. Within a few moments, everyone’s faces were white, as if their Spiritual Energies had stopped flowing. The pressure was filling them with a dread born from the pits of their hearts.

What is this?!

What terrifying pressure!

Cries of alarm rose and fell. Everyone eyed the White Dragon Jade Dowel with shaken hearts. Was this the last item left for the end of the auction?

“What is that?” Su Ling’er also watched with curiosity. Something that surprised her had finally appeared in this auction.

Under such spiritual pressure, Su Xuan’s lovely eyes also stared at the White Dragon Jade Dowel. She lightly said, “I’m afraid this item probably belonged to a Sovereign.”

“A Sovereign?!”

Mu Chen, Guo Xiong, and Li Qing felt light jolts in their hearts upon hearing those words. An item left behind by a Sovereign? Such a treasure actually made its appearance here?

“Haha. Ladies and Gentlemen, this White Dragon Jade Dowel was discovered in the depths of White Dragon Hillock. We have concluded that this White Dragon Jade Dowel was most probably left behind by the White Dragon Sovereign who fell several hundred years ago in White Dragon Hillock.” Bi Sheng said as he lifted the White Dragon Jade Dowel with great caution.

“The White Dragon Sovereign?!”

The entire auction was shocked. Countless eyes had turned red. As everyone knew, among the experts who’d fallen in the White Dragon Hillock, the White Dragon Sovereign was the most famous. Back then, the White Dragon Sovereign was an extremely powerful existence, even for the entire Northern Heavens Continent. However, no one had ever managed to obtain his inheritance after his death. But now, it’s finally been discovered?

An item left behind by a Sovereign was more than enough to make them go crazy with greed.

Recently, there had been a rise in the level of abnormal activity in the depths of White Dragon Hillock. It only took a little thinking for everyone to understand that these were signs that a Spirit Treasury was emerging. Furthermore, the White Dragon Dowel had appeared with amazing timing. It was highly likely that this new Spirit Treasury might be the one left behind by the White Dragon Sovereign. The information bomb that Bi Sheng had tossed instantly exploded in the auction house. Countless breaths grew heavier.

A lot of people had already noticed the abnormalities in the depths of White Dragon Hillock; however, even if they knew that a Spirit Treasury was about to appear, most of them thought it would only be an ordinary Spirit Treasury. Therefore, most people didn’t think too much about it and only focused on trying their luck out there. After all, there were many Spiritual Treasuries that would periodically emerge in White Dragon Hillock. Most of those were ordinary, anyways. However, now, it looked like this new Spirit Treasury might be the one left behind by the White Dragon Sovereign. Wouldn’t that be a Sovereign Spirit Treasury?

There were huge differences between Spirit Treasury of that level and ordinary ones. It was enough to shake the entire White Dragon Hillock.

Mu Chen’s group also exchanged looks as chaos broke out around them.

“Didn’t the information say it’d be a Wealthy Spirit Treasury? How’d it turn into a Sovereign Spirit Treasury?” Guo Xiong asked blankly.

Su Xuan also slightly knitted her brows. “It seems that there was a mistake in our information. It’ll be troublesome this time. If it’d been only a Wealthy Spirit Treasury, then our mission would’ve been a smooth one. But, since it’s a Sovereign Spirit Treasury, it’ll probably attract more experts, or even the three major forces. When the time comes, a great battle will be unavoidable.”

Even though their party wasn’t weak, they were still low in numbers. Trying to confront the powerful local forces with only the five of them would be rather difficult. Furthermore, there were still many powerful adventurer teams in White Dragon Hillock. Those people weren’t easy to deal with, either.

“It might not be a genuine Sovereign Spirit Treasury. Who knows, that fat-ass probably just said that to drive up the price,” Su Ling’er muttered.

“That’s possible,” Su Xuan lightly nodded. Then, her charming eyes focused on the White Dragon Jade Dowel on the stage. “We’ll wait and see how the situation plays out.”

Guo Xiong and the rest of them nodded. Right now, that was the only thing they could do.

Mu Chen also directed his attention towards the White Dragon Jade Dowel on the stage and noticed the nervous expression coming from the three major forces. His heart, however, sensed Bi Sheng’s words were probably all true. The Spirit Treasury that’d emerged this time might really be the one left behind by that White Dragon Sovereign.

“It looks like our mission just gained a lot more twists and turns.”

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