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Chapter 227 – White Dragon City

The White Dragon Hillock was located slightly west of the center of the Northern Heavens Continent. This was a rather unusual place with some decent fame throughout the Northern Heavens Continent; it’s rumored that countless experts once fell here during a centuries-old, earth-shaking battle. These rumors also claimed that the fallen included a Sovereign level expert.

When those experts fell, they left everything they had buried within this place. Since then, countless treasure hunters have gathered there, endlessly searching the White Dragon Hillock. There have actually been a lucky few who’ve managed to discover rather ample rewards. Some even managed to win those fallen experts’ inheritances. From that point on, they soared from their former status as nameless nobodies, gaining some amount of renown within the Northern Heavens Continent.

When people heard that, the White Dragon Hillock’s fame suddenly surged. In addition to the vastness and strangeness of the White Dragon Hillock, there were also many Spiritual Beasts wandering the area. That’s why even though the White Dragon Hillock wasn’t extremely famous, it still had quite a local reputation.

Not far from White Dragon Hillock, several lights suddenly streaked across the horizon. The outlines of a massive city could be seen in the distance.

“We’ll reach White Dragon City next. It’s the largest city in White Dragon Hillock. Everything in this area is controlled by White Dragon City Lord. Rumor has it that this person possesses the strength of a Heavenly Transform Stage. He’s certainly not weak. You could say he’s a small overlord of this territory.”

As they flew on, Su Xuan’s soft voice sounded in their ears.

“We’ll first find lodging in White Dragon City and gather information. Usually, there are some abnormalities when a Spirit Treasury emerges. It’d definitely attract a lot of people. We’ll have to take note of which forces we need to be careful of.”

Su Xuan was evidently experienced with these sort of missions; she was especially thorough with her plans. Mu Chen heard her and formed no opinions, of course. He nodded his head.

Su Xuan lightly smiled at that. Her figure moved and descended, landing outside the city.

Mu Chen followed. As he approached, he sensed just how majestic this city was. The city walls were built from Black Stones and were several hundred feet tall. It was a towering structure, giving off an impenetrable feeling.

In terms of both scale and name, this city was several dozen times greater than their Mu Territory’s city. Mu Chen couldn’t help sighing. Compared to the Northern Heavens Continent, not to mention a small Northern Spiritual Realm, the Hundred Spirit Continent could only be considered ordinary.

After all, even if the Mu Territory did control a decent-sized territory, Mu Feng was still only at the Spirit Stage Late Phase. However, even the City Lord of White Dragon City already possessed the strength of a Heavenly Transform Stage. If this lord had lived on the Hundred Spirit Continent, he would’ve already become the Lord of several Realms.

Streams of people constantly flowed throughout the city entrance. The bustling noise informed them of the character of the city.

“Let’s enter the city as well.”

Su Xuan lightly waved her jade hands as she led Mu Chen and the rest of the group into the city. As they walked in, the air became even more vigorous.

“We’ll search for a place to lodge and then head for the trading sector of the city. It’s the area with the most information flow, as well as the largest auction house. That’s where we’ll make our preparations for this spirit treasury hunt.”

First, Su Xuan led her team in search of an inn. Then, they headed towards the trading sector that was located at the heart of the city. This should be the most flourishing part of White Dragon City. All sorts of Spiritual Artifacts, Soul Essences, Spiritual Arts, and various other treasures were on sale. As long as you could afford it, it was yours.

Su Ling’er’s feminine side was excited and enamoured with the dazzling pieces on display. However, Su Xuan pulled her back with a helpless smile. “Most of these are just ordinary things. There’s an auction house in the deepest part of the trading sector; that’s where you’ll find the good stuff. In a while, we’ll also head over there for a look. We’ll also be able to see which forces and experts have gathered here.”

Su Ling’er nodded with reluctance and let Su Xuan pull her away, deeper into the trading sector.

As they walked, their group gathered quite a bit of attention. It had nothing to do with Mu Chen or Guo Xiong; it was solely because of Su Xuan, Su Ling’er, and Li Qing. Their characters were entirely different; sweet-tempered, pampered and charming, and ice-cold. Anyone would be dazzled with just a look.

Mu Chen and Guo Xiong followed behind them, feeling the glares of heated from all around. They helplessly exchanged looks and smiled. No matter where they were, beautiful girls always attracted attention.

The five of them quickly moved through the trading sector, only slowing once they reached the heart of it. Here stood a majestic hall, with endless streams of people moving about. At the entrance stood fully-equipped guards. Anyone who wanted to enter the auction house would have to pay 10,000 Spirit Coins. This standard was clearly different from any other auction house they’d known before.

Su Xuan paid the entrance fee for five people with a wave of her hand, then led the four of them into the huge hall. As they entered the hall, their lines of sight expanded. They could see a vast auction hall at the end of the other passage. Currently, the auction hall was filled with people, clearly showing how popular the place was.

The party moved towards the front and found seats. Mu Chen swept his eyes around. Usually, you’d have to possess quite a bit of power and status to sit in these kinds of seats.

As of now, there were already people lazily slouching or idly staring at nothing, waiting for the auction to begin.

Mu Chen swept his sharp eyes towards the front, quickly finding a white-clothed youth, who was seated in front, towards the left. He was leisurely fanning himself. Beside him were two very sexily-dressed ladies, who were snuggling up to him, lightly smiling as they teased.

Next to that white-clothed youth, sat a withered grey-robed old man. His eyes were shut as though he was blind and deaf as he sat beside that youth. From the looks of it, he seemed to be in-charge of protecting that youth.

“That should be the Young City Master of White Dragon City.” Su Xuan said suddenly clarified in a soft voice.

“Senior Sister Su Xuan knows him?”

“His sleeves have white dragons embroidered on them. That’s the symbol of White Dragon City. Furthermore, the old man next to him is a Heavenly Transform Stage Initial Phase. Aside from the Young City Master, I’m afraid no one else in this city could get such treatment.” Li Qing lightly explained. Her voice was light but cold, filled with dense loathing. It wasn’t directed at Mu Chen, but at that youth who had two girls snuggling up to him with their ample figures. It was clear that she was disgusted by such a lecher.

Only after that did Mu Chen get it. He’d already noticed that the grey-robed elder wasn’t quite ordinary. However, this was his first time here. Of course, he didn’t know about the symbol of White Dragon City.

Su Xuan’s expression quivered as she looked ahead, towards the right. “Even the Heavenly Dipper Sword Sect’s members are here.” She was looking at several figures, the leader of whom wore yellow clothes. He was thin, but had especially sharp eyes. Based on the faintly discernible Spiritual Energy ripples he was giving off, he wasn’t any weaker than that grey-robed old man. Next to him were several young girls and boys. Each of them wore the symbol of a golden sword on their chest.

“The Heavenly Dipper Sword Sect?” Mu Chen followed Su Xuan’s gaze. But since this was his first in the Northern Heavens Continent, he was clearly unfamiliar with other forces’ symbols.

“Within a thousand miles of White Dragon Hillock, there are three forces that are considered the strongest. White Dragon City, the Heavenly Dipper Sword Faction, and the Earthen Way Sect. Usually, they’d be guarding their own territories and wouldn’t bother showing up in each other’s territories. But now, they’ve actually gathered here. I wonder if they’re also here due to the appearance of the Spirit Treasury.” said Su Xuan.

“Can’t be helped. The appearance of a Spirit Treasury usually attracts some abnormal movements. They’re also locals of the White Dragon Hillock. How could they let themselves miss out on such a good opportunity?” Guo Xiong helplessly replied. If the Spirit Treasury attracted too much attention, then their harvest would naturally decrease.

“Now, let’s see if the Earthen Way Sect shows up.”

Su Xuan lightly nodded. However, before she could finish her words, her expression changed. Mu Chen noticed the change and turned to look. Not far away, there was a group of people wearing earth-yellow clothes approaching. The one leading them was a skinny old man with sunken eyes. He slowly strolled towards the auction house and sat down in the frontmost seats.

Mu Chen understood just by looking. Those people should be from the Earthen Way Sect that Su Xuan had just been talking about.

This time, all three major forces within a thousand miles had gathered in White Dragon City.

Xu Suan, Guo Xiong and Li Qing exchanged glances and slightly frowned their brows. It seemed that the difficulty of their mission had just increased.

Mu Chen also stared at the three forces; he noticed that the moment all three leaders arrived, everyone suddenly started staring straight ahead at the auction stage. Rays of light flashed in the depths of their eyes.

“These guys…”

Mu Chen knitted his brows and also looked towards the auction stage as rays of light flashed through his mind.

“Are we waiting for the auction to start? What’s caught everyone’s attention?”

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