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Chapter 225 – Spirit Treasury Hunting

“You want another spot?”

Su Xuan was rather surprised by the request. She hesitated for a brief moment before replying, “There is only one spot left and the candidates have already been determined.”

She spoke in a somewhat apologetic tone as she looked at Mu Chen.

There was nothing Mu Chen could do. He originally wanted to recommend Luo Li, but since the team was already full, the only thing he could do was forget it. He was only worried that if he left Luo Li alone in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, she wouldn’t have him to distract her anymore; she’d definitely enter an intense cultivating state. Mu Chen didn’t know whether that was good or bad.

“Aside from from the two of us who are on this mission, there’s also Senior Sister Li Qing, Rank 23 of the Heavenly Rank. She’s the famed ice beauty of our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.”

“The other is Guo Xiong, Rank 20 of the Heavenly Rank. I already chose them a while ago, so it wouldn’t be nice to change it now.” Su Ling’er said.

“Then, it seems I’ve been rude.” Mu Chen smiled.

“Since you don’t seem to have a problem with it, then our teammates are settled. We’ll head out in three days. When the time comes, we’ll gather back here,” Su Xuan said with a nod.

Mu Chen nodded back. It seemed like he’d have to leave the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy for a while. Mu Chen was also curious about the Northern Heavens Continent that laid outside the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. How could he possibly reject such a good opportunity to go outside?

He continued chatting with Su Xuan, until both sides became a little more familiar with each other. Since this seemed to be the sisters’ home, at last, Mu Chen decided to end his stay andwas about to leave after cupping his hands.

However, a sonic boom sounded, forcing him to stop in his tracks. The boom turned into a figure and landed on the small island; it was a slender youth with green hair and a rather demonic facial feature.

This greened hair youth was the Rank 4 of the Heavenly Ranking, He Yao. When he appeared, he only glanced at Mu Chen with a smile on his face. However, there was also a trace of cryptic brilliance hidden deep within his eyes.

“Haha, Su Xuan, how’s the matters from before?” He Yao looked at Su Xuan as he smiled.

When Su Xuan saw He Yao, her sweet-tempered face still had a smile on it, but Mu Chen could tell that there was definitely a rather disaffected courtesy. She smiled and replied, “I apologize, but the members for this mission have already been determined. He Yao, you are too strong for this mission to be a challenge to you. If you joined, how could it possibly have any effects to train?”

Mu Chen understood the situation. It looked like this He Yao wanted to join the mission; however, Su Xuan was rather skilled with her words. She was clearly rejecting him, but she was putting it in such a nice way.

But, He Yao wasn’t a nobody, either. Of course, he wouldn’t lose his temper over such a simple sentence from Su Xuan. He lightly smiled and said, “Don’t put it like that. Even though this spirit treasure mission is better suited for profits than training, the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy only provides you with the most basic amount of information. No one knows how difficult the mission might actually be. Besides, if some other powerful experts find out about the treasure, things might get dangerous. If it ended up in a fight, wouldn’t it be safer with a second guard?”

Su Xuan’s pupils slightly focused as she faintly smiled, “I doubt we’d have the fortune to find a spirit treasure valuable enough to warrant such a situation.”

“Everything begs for stability.” He Yao smiled. His line of sight shifted towards Mu Chen. A trace of brilliant light flashed through his eyes as he recognized Mu Chen. After all, the battle that day left him with a deep impression.

“Haha! This must be Junior Brother Mu Chen. I’m He Yao.”

He Yao approached Mu Chen with a gentle smile. Su Xuan’s expression slightly changed as she saw him shift his attention towards Mu Chen.

“So, you’re Senior Brother He Yao.”

Mu Chen glanced at Su Xuan and noticed the changes in her face. However, he showed a light smile and cupped his hands politely. So, this guy was the Rank 4 of the Heavenly Ranking, He Yao. An influential figure of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

“I won’t beat around the bush.” He Yao showed a full smile and politely said, “I wish to join Su Xuan’s team on this mission. I believe Junior Brother Mu Chen has a spot. I hope Junior Brother Mu Chen could let me have it. I’d definitely repay you greatly for this favor.”

Mu Chen frowned. He Yao had indeed targeted him for the position.

He Yao smiled again when he saw Mu Chen furrow his brows. “Junior Brother Mu Chen, I’m well aware that this mission has a reward of 1,500,000 Spiritual Value Points. You can rest assured. If this mission is successful, I’ll share half of the Spiritual Value Points with you. That way, you’d be able to obtain 750,000 Spiritual Value Points without having to do anything. I believe that’s not a bad deal, right?”

“How generous.”

Mu Chen inwardly smiled. He Yao really seemed to want this spot. Too bad. Mu Chen absent-mindedly looked at the lake, but in reality, he was paying attention to the sisters. He could tell that Su Xuan couldn’t stand He Yao. It’d be inappropriate for him to give the spot to him.

“I apologize, Senior Brother He Yao. This spot was given to me by Senior Sister Su Xuan and I do not possess the rights to give it to someone else. If Senior Brother He Yao can convince Senior Sister Su Xuan, then I can give it to you without any conditions. I have no need for that half of the Spiritual Value Points.” Mu Chen lightly smiled.

Mu Chen hadn’t been very polite about it, he’d blatantly refused the request without leaving He Yao with any face, and he’d thrown the issue back at Su Xuan. But with Su Xuan’s personality, He Yao definitely wasn’t getting that spot.

“Cunning.” Su Xuan’s lips slightly curved uprwards. Her charming eyes glanced at Mu Chen, filled with an extremely charming smile.

Of course, He Yao could tell that Mu Chen was only giving excuses. Although He Yao had smile on his face, his eyes flashed with a chill deep down. “Junior Brother Mu Chen should give me some face. In the future, if you need any help in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, I’ll definitely do my best to help you.”

Mu Chen lightly shook his head while keeping his attention. He could sense the darkness deep within He Yao’s eyes. Then, he understood why Su Xuan didn’t like him. This person’s scheming heart ran deep. Even though he seemed easy to get along with, he actually had a rather dark character. He wasn’t someone who was easy to deal with.

He Yao’s smile disappeared a bit at Mu Chen’s continued rejection. However, he was still courteous as ever. He didn’t flare as he replied, “If that’s the case, it seems like I was being pushy.”

He Yao turned back to Su Xuan and said, “Su Xuan, I will not go this time around. I hope that you all will return safely. If there’s a chance next time, please inform me. With me around, I’ll definitely be able to protect you.”

His facial features were excellent and rather charming when he cared to be gentle. However, none of them were fooled. Of course, they wouldn’t fall for his theatrics.

Su Xuan lightly nodded but said nothing.

“Then, I’ll take my leave first.”

He Yao smiled towards Su Xuan and gave a meaningful look at Mu Chen before, cupping his hands and leaving.

Mu Chen looked into He Yao’s slightly dark eyes and lightly shook his head. It seemed like he’d offended someone, again. Aside from Su Xuan of the top five of the Heavenly Ranking, he’d already fought with Li Xuantong and never even seen Shen Cangsheng. As for Rank 4 He Yao and Rank 5 Xu Huang, they weren’t on good terms with him.

“An unexpected calamity has descended from the heavens.” Mu Chen said helplessly as he sighed.

Su Xuan covered her mouth as she lightly laughed, “Of course, you’d be the one who could challenge Li Xuantong. I was worried that you might let him have the spot.”

“I risked my life just to exchange three blows with Li Xuantong. I don’t consider this a challenge at all.” Mu Chen shook his head and continued with a small amount of doubt in his voice. “Senior Sister Su Xuan, He Yao is much stronger than me. If he went, then the success rate of this mission would be increased by many folds. Why did you reject him? Furthermore, he seems to be interested in Senior Sister Su Xuan, as well.”

“In the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, there are way many people who are fond of my sister. Should she accept them all?” Su Ling’er snorted.

“At least there aren’t many who can compare to He Yao.” Mu Chen smiled.

Su Xuan lightly shook her head and lightly replied, “He Yao’s scheming runs too deep. I don’t like it. That kind of person isn’t suitable as a trustable companion.”

“Then, it sounds like I’m worth trusting,” Mu Chen smiled. “I’m overwhelmed by the favor.”

Su Xuan laughed and gently said, “You’re still under observation. As for trust, we’ll have to see.”

Mu Chen laughed and said no more. Then, he waved his hand and flew off. Since he might leave the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, he’d have to let Luo Li know about it.

In the forest outside the lake, He Yao’s face was cold as he watched Mu Chen flying overhead. His eyes were filled with a chill and darkness.

“Boss, that Su Xuan didn’t let you join the mission?”

The voice came from a skinny youth next to He Yao. “That woman really doesn’t know how to be tactful. With boss’ help, what kind of mission wouldn’t be easy? But boss, that Heaven Rank mission wasn’t terribly uncommon. I heard that it’s just a spirit treasury hunting mission. Just an ordinary spirit treasury.”

“What do you know?!”

He Yao waved his sleeves and coldly barked, “Su Xuan’s mission is in the White Dragon Hillock. Even though the mission’s description only mentioned “a wealthy Spirit Treasury”, I’ve secretly checked. A few hundred years ago, there was a pinnacle expert who appeared in the White Dragon Hillock. His name was Sovereign White Dragon. He also fell in the White Dragon Hillock. However, his gravesite has never been found. With the spirit treasury appearing now, there’s a possibility that it was left behind by this Sovereign White Dragon.”

“Wouldn’t that be a Sovereign Spirit Treasury then?!” The skinny youth was shocked.

A spirit treasury of this level wasn’t ordinary; it’d be enough to to make many forces drool. It was far from being a Low Grade Heaven Rank mission.

He Yao sneered and directed his gaze back to the lake. In his eyes flashed a trace of ruthlessness.

“If it really is a Sovereign Spirit Treasury, then Su Xuan’s team isn’t going to have it easy. I’ll see how many of them can come back alive! Hmph! Not knowing how to appreciate favors!”

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